Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fountain Ink

The joy of being in the witness of Humanity is to be the person capable to state the word at worth,
in the cup of measure to a pleasant trip on the journey of lives is in residence a perfection to time,
as the minute to the hand in a palm of said read it is the bearings of structure to design,
the path of simplicity to a taste of the sight is at the marker of knowing life has loved price.

Trust not your failings as Civil Authority promotes only the gun not holstered,
to be familiar with Serve & Protect it is those constant standings that once is a love,
providing the safety and the rest for exhaustion on the city streets of San Francisco's push,
is the streamline on bellow to the World as it Marches over the deaths to explain the bullet.

Each of the Walls telling Tent to the Pole that a place cannot stay while killing the sound,
as the best of My Grandfather taught in a rule I embrace what he held as the total of Voice.

Learning from the Base of strength by example, not some Television advising me the latest in the handle,
that is the disgusting sorting of this globe, believing that some Spirit fly`s in from a dove,
that coffee by the Mug in the steam of the Kettle is not advised to be more than a Tell,
so as the water readies and the Pot is ready stand the understanding pour is the bean of fraction land.

Now on this Hour of the clock within the Dot zero is a Numbers chapter text and book,
to clamber with the Oyster without the clam at Sea is to test the Sands of bedrock beaches on the deed.

So be that foundation of nothing in the Real and the Mind of funny times will scribble cheese a line,
milk is great to dunking Cookies full of sign, I love the chocolate chips and the Macaroon.

Noodles for the spag. or Chinese to the egg, in the Italian sausage its the tell of Deviled eggs,
as the submarine is Saucy to the balls in the best of Wrap its a picnic by the jaws,
a tongue that can both be the system of control, not only digesting food for plate but speaking as a tool.

Enunciate the vowel in bound Noun atop the stool, in the Adjective the pronoun is a lay,
invite the Predicate to be an Advance upon the stream, for in the balance of the gift a Sentence with a lean.

True to character of the lisp Language gone to throws, creative with the line^able to tender on the side,
this World is the Full to brim that fire on the Die, it is the matter of the fact the walk is all but lied,
down to the tub and groove a dig or in the spit, for as the honest belt should be a notch is but a grave.