Thursday, June 12, 2014

Speaking Forwards Silence

If you sleep in the wake and you wake in the sleep,
the writings will same as the gentle is leading,
for farther and further than I've ever being,
to the rest in the blueing of the balance of steam.

Truth to the known of the places in shown,
the grand in the center is the human in loan,
the mortal of flesh in the blood of the vain,
simple to process the spill to the same.

Trusting the values of what is the brain,
belief in the facts that thinking does track,
the tracer in ridding the consequence knacks,
to the knocking of notes to find a way back.

The insider trades to the ignoring the caved,
as the complexity states that it seems a gave,
the gaming for braving the life with know name,
was just in the chance that touch had a dance.

To waltz with the wonder of many lives live,
to compress to the ration that asking is shived,
to honest appeals that face to face gives,
that bastering stream now seems just to sting.

The broader of tightening around in the ping,
the pong of the fracture is resting a pawning,
truth to the capture it would have proved long,
for in the ascension I see it's just gone.

The decides of the lefting to the better of brung,
a trail to the after in before it is done,
to find the staff that is still from the lung,
I'm guessing that final is just like me stuns.

The Being Eases

As a youth I would slip more to abrupts,
the slamming of real to the concretes in to much,
I'd sit astride ceiling and stare at the bust,
me on the ground with a terrible cusp.

The recent in handle missing the touch,
I've noticed that resting is simple to such,
the lift while not quiet asleep to the crutch,
no sound to the difference it seems just a cusp.

The solitude of the forced isolate,
I tripped to the recent to cope with the brush,
but to the delivery I still speak the crutch,
as reality is that keeps are for cusp.

The central to station is a body in cusp,
as if to say you slip without touch,
regarding the spread of the words in no heards,
the voice that does matter is the vocals in nerve.

The wander creates an understand to the feat,
to leaving a trail like a snail to leap,
for in the happening of just pressing tire,
I can comprehend now the entire in lensed.

The eyes that cant' be to the other in lead,
the hand to hand formal in meeting the Tea,
the cup of the coffee or coke to caffeine,
the eventual comes without even read.

While I am sleeping I write to this feed,
it's kind of sorted in a keep of the deep,
as if to say that the change won't know speak,
just become the grounds without bound.

Traits to the small within my own frame,
the try to the calling for life seemed like may,
be able to show that helpfuls can par,
to the travelers that go far away in the mar.

Trades to the profiles that seem so to be,
healthy in being on new to their spree,
to say that their head seems to wrap to the glee,
it's good to know that the invitation was beaved.

The honest deny to the scape of the sky,
the plane that would take in the simple of sake,
relieved for the instant as reality still slips,
liken to sliding through time in a jiff.

To each a delete the explicit of leek,
the grass or the moss of the bare in the feet,
will walk-on I'm guessing it did in the long,
but blessings are gone with every it's wrong.

To left of the right in the centered of song,
the fact that I'm treated like a curse for the strong,
just know that the barrel is a length to the reach,
for questions did save the ashen to grave.

The Human Touch Is Real

Yesterday Mouse nearly left this place dead,
I took him up in my arms to hold cries,
he could not walk on the floor he was died,
his head was a faltered you could still see his eyes!!

I spoke to him softly to hold my own tears,
the throws seemed to signal that death was so near,
but upon the walk from around the sad fears,
I decided I'd talk until the shakes cleared.

Holding him closely I went to the Porch,
so that he could see the beauty of look,
the chill in the air forced back in,
where I continued to hold his shrinking frame lend.

We cuddled together on the Couch to be let,
the final understanding that he was a rate,
that with his push on I'd remember his day,
where he would come wake me for early the cake!!

The Temptations he loves I freely do feed,
the memories seemed to overwhelm me,
the luck I did hope that Nine Lives are a slip,
to venture that death might just agree to the leave!!

So off I went to get him is fav.,
it's a coat that I wear when the weather is freeze,
I poured his Temptations upon the get to,
he ate like a tiger and than sat to through.

I put a small glass of water out too,
he took a small sip the stress was to less,
so I continued to speak in softly of peeps.

The exhaustion was measure for both of us tire,
but to the surprising of me in the breast,
he stopped with the flinging,
his eyes settled piece,
I think it was a quiet in stroke!!

He's happy today,
I love him to much,
for I think I might just speak out of touch,
for Nero is great by loss is a tell,
to the factuals of the life in these bells.


Curry the door the brushes are core to the box of the stance,
understand comprehend do not ignore as the most in the obvious buries the bore,
to sift to the shied in siding of why pluck in the Cryer a dimple reply,
oop's in the lip of the thin as a tipped or could be the hands are wrinkles to sit.

Perfect the lets to allow for the watch as the study be from the already Lots,
tread to the piping of the brochure in the Crane,
the feat is the aspect in shooting the strain.

Liken the prod to the stick of the knodding,
sealing the scalpel as the cuts are the prodding,
shucks with the shoulders as the boulder unmoves,
echo the never for the mirrors are just breathes!!

Check for the Nature in all around leads,
the signs should be signals to the green and the keeps,
double back amount to the clevered of loud,
fix the pupil to the Iris of blued!!

Puddle the prowess off like the shoulds,
the hooding is valence to the blinds of the panes,
climb in the holes dig like a bowl,
the deeper the channel the bigger the dole!!

Greek to the Temples as this will be next,
the built-in to sighing is the Roman to been,
trusting is whole as the only in fudge,
the emotional trades just like the touch!!

Hand to hand formal is loss to the Journal,
in admissions to public keep with the rub it,
Aesop's fabled to be justly stabled the bed is the snap,
don't pillow to cack it's a formalized rack!!

Troubles to come will basic in dumbed,
teaking for coffee in the ice cream of spun,
breath to the beating of the all ways in lung,
weight for the rhythm it's being in plumb!!

Abs Perk Thrusts

Streak to the grifted usage is Cored as the in different Spruce keep to spore,
the phish of the brought to top in the blinks,
damage the bell as the sleepers are linked,
to the chaining of Self in the deeps of the trots,
to Wares of the Accents hold to the Pel!!

Future forgets to memorize Lets thru the shreds of the beak,
nail these leaped to the fresh in the squeaks,
the bored of the intellectuals club as the briskings,
the roast fries the library as the tame is the shrine.

Shower the scraping as the dish of the ski,
deeding to Science the lapse of the spree,
counter the wealth to the deepest in skilled,
cover the barren whilst Birching to Stills!!

Ideas that faulter the road is tracked up,
with skids to the Minds of the all ready tubbed,
lean towards the sutures in skull of the sting,
as youth will gain growth the cling to the string.

Chase not the Rainbow the Colors are leaning,
to the already steadies that are the Jetti of kinged,
broach to the pins of the sealing lends,
for the verbs to the nouns are in league with the spends.

Brake to the quiet in silent rapport,
you'll hear the creative by designing a lore,
to the rig of the synapse the production will wire,
as the remote of the equal to squire!!

Sake in the Vastness from divide to the conquer,
balance the breadth in the written of lauders,
the verbaled reproach is the sync in the heards,
taughter the tetter as the brindled of roach!!

Crisp to the fringes the pickle bar lopes,
a flea bitten room as the teachered of cope,
granite the passing to the race of the dash,
a four-legged speed to the two arms of skeet!!

Rifle any and All of the other towarding the simple of complexity cage,
the notes in the files of the computers in sage,
will bury the after in be formalized craves,
to empty the process by spilling the proved,
hold in the charts to the welts of remove!!

Pressured Society will diet up on,
the letters of latter to division of Swan,
lake to the chisel in the form of the brill,
gets to the calculations of the universal in pill!!

Sigil invasive muscle the ashened,
the shipping to central will kill as a doss,
in well yip the staff as the body keeps knack,
tripping to dialing for the eaten is Fast!! 

Paper Macrame Thorp

Back Wares to Kick in the Wave of the Self,
to the Unicorn or Dragoning Shell,
base to the bottom of Ocean in Shells,
the Oyster of Pearls in grit theirs is Swell!!

Blot to the bloats it's a dead-end for health,
trip on the Verse to the Vocals of Bell,
journey to farthest in earlier skill,
if your a Kid on this Earth than span Kell.

Due to the process of unbelief well,
span in the weather of the Universe whelped,
lives to the the tether a Race with no delve,
jump to the galatical tick in the clock,
the hands are the hits that sync in the fell!!

Silence your Minds in the think of the grab,
do not dream in the loud or wish for a dell,
the computer will glisten to the thumbs that fist krill,
the whale of a bone to the roar of the surfed,
change the course to the innocent live!!

Here is the pouring of fractures and breaks,
speech goes to chaining for permanent milled,
the fodder for grains in the fields of NO,
foundlings don't que it's red to the zone!!

Yielding crops of mowed to the brains,
the intellects study the pour and the planes,
park to the stay in Wares of the trained,
staff to the creaking of their verse it's a drain!!

Plus to the quiet of dancing reports,
the measure is found in the ignorant scored,
the cell to the balance in the halt to appeal,
society countries a nations of worlds!!

Sperm to the Ancient in chisels of Stone,
hinge to the swing of the banner in fills,
the cards at the deal never spake of surreal,
timely to capture of the reaming arch speil.


I'm shivering from shaking the under the bed in the closet of sped,
the shoes are the clatter on the boards of the floors,
the woulds in the natures to pick thru the door'ed,
the scared of the venture to the journey of lepts,
the body does empty the fill of the dead.

The memories so scattered to three sheets the spend,
a lend to an after in the steady of been,
the rat that did walk the telephoned wire,
the lines that did run on the window akin!!

The disappearance of persons to the drugged and the skipped,
like blue stamping books to the tattoo's in a blink,
the number in answer to the questions rang bred,
a hard lining cycle to wheeling the lend!!

Character cartons to milk on the tables,
the pictures still missing but blaring in bled,
the fill to the grave in the leaping of sprawled,
heave forward freakish in the Mind spent to spell!!

Kinder the schooled to a well deepened plot,
the dank of the darkest in an affair of the read,
the clippings of houses as the hallways still crew,
the vasoline looking to the mirror of the rare!!

Vic the player to the racket of shine,
a level to field in the life of just rows,
down to the Hop Scotch to the Vodka in Coe,
the shot glasses worn for the sun will meet broke!!

The shelter from storms in the Muni of bused,
the electrical pipes to the underground vats,
the coffer of shifting from one to the facts,
the digs are just jars to the crowns of the smacked!!

Veer to the search for creation spoke true,
the measure of stars is the explosives of boothed,
as the motor of cycles presses to stoke,
the burns of the wristing are the same as the bloats!!

Kelp to the grass in the dry of the droughts,
hose to the tubs for the trough is a laked,
damned to the presence of cents verses tack,
the shop of the censure is the relief in a slapped!!

Cuff the chaining to a Life in the Prat,
the use of the service is the tin coin of clanking,
pile on the break in the flan,
a caramelized cooking to batter the brain.

Remember the gunney at the down of the case,
to the stairs that did carry the echo of self,
in the sake of confusion to the identity in place,
the turned of the lipping to the sense of the late.

Spin in the crater of the span of the breathe,
the lungs of appeal to the lost lug of gone,
trade it for styling in the jumping events,
to the V in the triple of banked to the tank.

Pebble the Beach to the Claiming of rode,
across the turmoil alone and on land,
to the Arena in Monterey and the Horse with a Name,
track to the speed in the eyes whipping streaks!!

Dune to the tunnel of the all most in head,
look to the rollers of the Waves at the Clam,
light posts to sat in the Muni that tracked,
to the sides of the barrel that advertised well!!

Guard to Hotel in the Car of the Tell,
brake lights will show if the foot does the know,
green is for gas and Hexol is sink,
pore in the bowl of the spooning in brink!!

Butcher the Meat to the Counter of Flowers,
watching the tale of the conversation set,
off to the Continent flown to the Cup,
crate the factual to the lunch at the fed!1

Shape the clouds to the brights of the stop,
the bridge to the gates that no longer will stand,
the thresholds to tarried have torn 'till the back,
guide the Self to the stance in at stacked.

Memory guise to the beginning of spine,
the critter to the puddle of the drink in a primal,
gather the venture to the logs of the grabs,
wake to the freeze as the oceans of dabbed.

Frank to the motion in the current of strobes,
sight to the Fire in the frames of the choke,
option for burned bye the flames in the Coke,
the burial of never to the balance of loped!!

Saddle the bearer with change in the float,
press to the hoofed in the opening vote,
the damas of hali to the candle of wic,
decide in advanced that the contract is speared!!

Stone in the Sword for the remembrance of rote,
remove it with calculation of the never return,
wisk to the trail in dust of the same,
credit the Sonar of the Sonic in sprains!!

Louds are the vocals burr to the Ear,
cover the shockings while brisked wheels gear,
tick to the taper in the masking of Lars,
move to the muciscal'ed like thee Crusting of Kier!!

Tier to the brine in the Vase to the Silkens,
string to the parts that the stung know the bark,
fitch while the keeper is asleep at the lights,
walk through the over the tunnel of Life!!

Chalk 'It' Cupping

I raise the Voice in Speaks to the Breed of the Keep,
croft you're their Value to the Treasure of the Beastly Leeks,
the hype Treed to Stage the Cruise over the Audience of Dones!!

Treated to the Ride of the Grace in the Nature of the Stand,
the stretch to the imaginable fair would be the Carnival in the tutor of the Accordion,
the musical Pan in the flute of the guitarist of the harp see chord!!

The pitch of the lyricist to the pinch of the breach in a hi,
search and destructions of any certainly claused in the score,
heavy marks not my door rather the turn of the backs as after before!!

Charge the crowded Venue with the Mic'd out Ulysses,
in the building of the chest storage for the lack of the bronze,
in the base of the Waterloo bust of the know named flushing!!

Denim-up to the bricked walls of the mortar cracking on the side shifting,
the photograph to exact the shadow of the same in the Hide,
a clothes worn to disguise the Mask of the prow!!

Learned from a many stuffings of the teddy bear tale,
the covers that smother the bringing of the steel to the breathe,
the difference so laid but screws just the sprain as the room of the News to the bed of just clue!!

Fodder the fed to chalk the board in a game of just when'ers as splinter's are knacked,
to the times of the tracks as sung and pass sack onto the bigger, the better,
the blasting of fracking of the drills to the brain in the intellectual lacks!!

Grand to the Piano of the sound it's just stouts,
announcements to finders and keepers of welts,
the amount of Pandora to Medusa in Danned,
the Lot to the Broil is the Stowed of the banned!!

Dug says to Wind Chimes that breezes to Plause,
a kick to the foot ball is the sock hear the came,
a dry stroke to soaping the anti-bacterial lames.

Fitter the scat to the Pigeon on the trier,
a philosophical society and the ribbon untouched,
the rubber of claiming justly will tip,
as in every downed Valley there is a Mountain of Grow!!

Sequels to Prequels in Be Endings begin steep,
as the thrifty due process for quitters can't rein,
the saddled of choiced is the wrangle of plains,
the run is the Rapture and the reveal is cane.

The sugared dunk of the C&H crops,
to the Palm in the Tree of the Hands that said Skate,
the ice in an obvious frig to the linked,
I trust the Lumber as it churned with a Style!!

Heady Proofs

Orbital Courts In Logistical Logic Smokes Blunt Fare Too Played


Appropriations to the Clears that Self can I the mead in drink for absolute in Spear,
to identify the semi-stuck to ventured for the journey luck that passing is a bier,
to the 'Continue' of freeing wreck from Plato in a philosophical cluck the flip of twitch,
an inch to scratch that facts are theory in the ducks that goose to raise a steer!!

The run of line to Circle Prime in numbering Climbs to furthered muck,
the shovel serves to clean the stall as horses are the Rogues in smalls,
that learn to Human loans of Calls that never answer a gain to chancer,
a choice in free to not account for any farther beep of heard,
the cup of challenge met with fulled to the brim of Intellect Him!!

So choke that yoke to leather irons the shorts in lifting to the jumps of Universal steering rumps,
around the base to back the race of birching swallows to empty trace in existence of the face,
as meetings met to visa lace the rig to right the lefting cased in blast of off to dear!!

Crater gifted to shift the echo to the shadow of the debt owed paid by processed stinks,
the smelling of the threatening shove to tell me what to do with stubs of anchors in the Mind,
it hooked to quick release in snapped the dungeon of the lairs on Earth so that the chained is skelped.

Great to trust the lust of mugged to handle all the frivolous shoves as limplessed bones,
the muscle tones to tool the broader opened combs in looks that wretch the joyful roam,
to ride the roads of qued in does that wonder of the drive through bucks,
the glance to thoughts of freely trots a grand to gander tonnes in breeze,
the thinking to the always keeps to balance my Mind with never chore,
to service of the usage score of speak of what is in the snore of any processed loar!!

The flipped broth of spiced the Lot to Man whom fell to Mooning shots as Boarding to the streak,
the training values to abashed as Clubs that bar the Notes of last in Out of Upping,
staging cast the push to knot the bride in cow the meet was just a sip,
to place upon this Earthly pawn the game of Chess in Cosmic longs,
to lengthen stride to straight tis ride of breaking proper Primes!!

Earnest in appeal seemed to be the best of what might real in chance that mis-stepped cause,
would create a destructive taste for I have learned of not placate as judgement can be rough,
to the rack of dungeoning back to memories of an Order that is obviously gone to days of lacking.

From learning taught in not this caught but the balance in made for talents to be of use,
I state that it's not just equipped but lost to Ages in the lists of never clept to Men in wrecked,
for Cats must pussy in Lions Velour the clods of Maut have just been rots that I did must to know.

Now the empties fired for rifling the barrel of the bullets word is worthed to lost in Walls of gone,
as cleaners sweep the cycled deeps to mindful Cells of grammared bells the pictures of the muraling.

As Painters fell and Poets Captain the Rank of takin' states the spake'n to scoot across,
a value tossed to the Wind of the Albatrossed an Egg of whole in goldened pole,
four corners builds a square to Pi the Math in adds to subtract that factual of steed!!

Valence done to shed the glum to a sentenced life of to long strung for laced in cuts,
the scissors ducks to while the body mortals yucked the ick is krilling bridges barred,
to cavalier in gallant geared to drive far from any Tar that captures any at the Par!!

Hardily a lesson in short of skate across the melting glacier lakes to plume the sight,
a frozened blight of Man in blast of botany mights to glad the plant to thanks I can't,
for proof is in the port of sneers that grains the wheat to grow complete,
and put aside the sickle sweep as trekked to done in a stung of be the barrow pry!!

To gloat would be the shall weed root to the treasure of the truths that boots are forms of lost,
in borns of Man whom steps upon the corns that stick of foot in up the Jack,
of the plaque of best in show the prime of proper says it's been blow!!  

The Elbow Greasing Pumps Too Sprung 'It's' Aft Clearing

Too laws that place a state to Self in soaring to the leap of deed in simple of the day,
to skip and scope to by-ways free I say that lives are keep,
in trades for clever in hinged to sever the cheer of never chored,
the usage wats to eclectic clause that lasting spin with gear!!

The straight and forwardness of live an example of the muscled subbed,
a spare just claims the steer to dove no capture means it's clear,
to run the gallop of the sky in weather of the blue in base,
an Elemental spake to Roar the Rings of Truth is released from debt,
Humanity is just divorced for further lifts to journey trips width understand the Kier!!

Lear the breech to comprehend that hands are built to wrinkle span,
a show of knowing thus it pours the pitcher of the stature bows to aim the breadth of mere,
to vastness as the passing frank to stand the jigg of dancing flights to stages 'till the mow,
a plow of over in on toppings of a very careful plan that released a can in dove!!

A piece to each the every spook is investment to the brain of luck a season,
the calm of wake in titled tucks the decide is taking off to Universal pier,
the jetti of the areos lands that each will performance plans,
to value up the measured of the won'ts in ample gloved!!

Crest this Mantle to the Earth or Sun in Cosmic rear,
the traits to trek to depth of floods still says built to veer,
the responsibility of such a World in taking all but skinning lends,
to dress the coastal brings hip skirt to product worth to even lipped,
accounting now pushed to the brows of no longer in my forth in bad,
the equip of message tipped without the worry of the grip of Men or Man in stay.

To envelope such the station of the switch to channel dips the inking leaf tattoo,
to the escape to better late than have kept it all in nape spake up to date the fan,
bye forts of grill to barbs of dares the ventured sped to get away,
from any and the All of skate the earths of any Spear to Sword,
ford the night to day of light in bulbs of challenged intellect.

Shove the brass to polished wrath of Century in singled shell the skeet of One to two a time,
a counting of the Mind in shot to empty out the threats of belts to bind the eyes of bead,
standing thru the calculate of thanks it's been so sheer to iced the death seems life of breed,
adore the view of the watch to testify to exacts whilst chains do clank to deepest lacks,
the sink is not the boating act for actions rate the pace of stacked to pilings of the lear!!

A product in the broth of sight to out and lasting sentenced dugs to evident the lies in bloats,
now a flee will know the patch as painted to the name exacts that basis of the school,
the multi colors of the facts to equate the gladder tracks as learning to the cottered cracked.

Since the land of this ran the spread of life in lived of span a traveler traits to cache,
the den of never in the brand will seep to matter at the tram in no of absolute in planned,
the keeper of the keys to loop around the scattered of the brook a river in the pram,
a delight to speak a deacon twist to point the compassed at the kissed,
the World in the who won't care that burning is the tasking dared in a final breath of bare!!

Shot to temples in the shouldered boulder of the gendered lead it's just the easy of the breeze,
to blow off the storm of deeds as xing'ing to the riteful zones of wants from childhood roams!!

A Big Banging Gong Showing Have A Beautiful Life In Grown!!  

In The Eyes Holting Breathe

If I said the World has history would you say it's past,
if I said the Proof was written would you say to burn it,
if I said the Art was a telling would you say you're deaf,
if I said that Words have meaning would you say the languages loss.

When you state that Laws have purpose,
I would say there built to employ,
when you state that People are free,
I would say there bound by Time,
when you state that the World is round,
I would say that is an introduction,
when you state that there is Purpose,
I would say that it must treat reason!!

The Origin of Factual understands in an unnaturally bothered hand,
ques to the Natural equator of Earth to comprehend the division at land.

Ever to all ways the pull of the Compass in a Magnetic iron of a Needle in a Haystack,
the require invited in a formula of study would address the Mind of the claim,
as a bank is sewn from the rush of the floods in a quick flash of thunder or the strain of lost love.

To have starts with a calculative creed in the wander shown other to same,
a knotted agreement to complete in extracting that spice is not salt nor pepper dore brain.

The Classical trite width to Computer the said doubt to Thomas of the hand to the felt,
evidence to accepted wood in the Nail verse placed for tread kept in a dead,
spearing to done on the walk of a lung while songs are still brung,
than products to hymns in the greats of the been!!

Performance wealths Thought to a thinking of brought as forward in taught,
tombs forthing raids that Sake the grading of burial taking more from the stuns.

As gold guilded masks and cloth wrapped the snap to jar an appeal the Organs shall veal,
a closure to preview in the digging of reads due the toasting of cheering a Pure sync to thy lashed,
in bindings of burlaped to slide down the time laps that create a preemptive in structures employed.

The chisel or Inking on Walls theirs are blinking with lights of in Journaled to tights of a kite,
announcing the guides through thorough fared Hides in obvious brights to Suns likened pause,
in consider of lines humanity primes these caverns or chimes to accordioned daws,
exacting a day too Centuries tarry beholding the back to the future in Varied.

Zephyr the spells to symbols and/or signs the signaled relief remains in the spine,
to attach in the growth of the threats of the bloat increases the broth to boiling crops.

Shall thus design a storming in blind as people brill scourers in why's of hour,
mechanics shoot leaks to the synapse in deeps of anciently blasting the fire of Bath!!

A tub of Xing's soak in steaming the coat likens to rotes in a Conscience occult,
yet today it's consider the length of the litter as trashed in post bitter the sweet smell of bets.

Tests of the cubicle width tubes of a cast breaks shattering past to the eye Wares of glass!!