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How To Read Emotions And Influence People ~ Future ~ BBC Psychology

BBC Future reviews some of the simple tricks you can use to assert your influence on your unwitting friends and colleagues.

Human behaviours are governed by superstition, repetition and cliches, which makes us easy targets for mind tricks. If you know the secrets, you could use them to your advantage. For example, we recently told you that the best way to detect a liar is to trick them into giving away too much information, rather than focus on their body language.
There are other ways to keep ahead of the curve. Here are some more surprising facts about reading human behaviours and influencing people’s decisions, plucked from the BBC Future archive and elsewhere:
1. Simply tapping someone on the shoulder, and looking him or her in the eye, means they are far more open to suggestion.
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2. Pupil dilation is linked to the degree of uncertainty during decision-making: if somebody is less sure about their decision, they feel heightened arousal, which causes the pupils to dilate.
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3. A trick used by pickpockets on drunken targets is to start gently rocking from side to side as they talk to them. The drunk person thinks that they are rocking and so will try to compensate, but will be unbalanced and fall over. As they’re helped up by their assailant, they have their possessions taken.
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4. People with higher levels of testosterone tend to be wider-faced with bigger cheekbones, and they are also more likely to have more assertive, and sometimes aggressive, personalities.
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5. Associating the colour red with dominance and aggression is hard-wired into our brains. For example, boxers assigned red kits were about 5% more likely to win their bout than the blues.
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6. In Rock, Paper, Scissors, men are most likely to throw the more “macho” choice of a rock – while scissors are least popular with both men and women. For these reasons, you are safest choosing paper – you’ll either win or draw. Another cunning trick is to say your choice out loud; your opponent will think you are bluffing and therefore choose a less wise option.
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7. Salesmen have mastered the art of controlling our thoughts. A classic trick used in showrooms is to overprice one product among a series of other very similar products. For example, if four similar espresso machine were on a shelf next to each other, but three were priced at $200 and one at $400, the overpriced one makes the other three look good value for money. The reality is, this shows how little we know about how much an espresso machine should cost.
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8. Laughter is a “social emotion” that brings us together and helps us to bond, whether or not something is actually funny. When you laugh with people, you show them that you like them, you agree with them, or that you are in same group as them. Studies have found that it also makes them more candid about their secrets later on. So if you want to suck up to someone and get them to tell you what they’re thinking, laughing at their bad jokes is a sure fire way of doing it.
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9. The perceived attractiveness of a woman’s voice varies during their menstrual cycle. Their voice reaches peak attractiveness as the chances of conception increases. This shows how our underlying biology reveals itself in subtle behavioural differences.
Browse the data: “Women's voice attractiveness varies across the menstrual cycle
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Germany Houses Asylum Seekers in Buchenwald Nazi Concentration Camp


Scores of refugees are staying at the former Nazi concentration camp while authorities process their request for asylum.

German authorities are housing asylum seekers in the Buchenwald former Nazi concentration camp, while their applications for asylum are being processed, according to the Weekend Australian.
According to reports 21 male asylum seekers are currently staying at the site, where thousands of slave laborers were imprisoned and killed during the Nazi era. 
The labor buildings of Buchenwald where the inmates were forced to work have since been demolished, and the current occupants, some of whom have been staying there for months, are housed in the site's former barracks.
Between July 1937 and April 1945 the SS imprisoned around 250,000 persons from all over Europe, and at least 56,000 people are believed to have been killed at the concentration camp.
The use of Buchenwald is one of the answers to the pressing problem for the German authorities on where to house the quota of 800,000 asylum seekers Germany has agreed to take this year. 
At the end of August the authorities in Berlin announced they were making plans to use the city's closed Tempelhof airport, which spans more than 300,000 square meters, to provide accommodation for some of those seeking refuge. 
"It is an emergency solution, but it is unavoidable. There is a lot of room in the hangars," the Mayor of Berlin's Mitte district, Christian Hanke, explained the decision to use the airport, which was built in the 1920s, but is now an abandoned listed building.

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Lossless Or Lossy Compression

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