Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Earl Exchange Traits Lane

This world has a choice in a decide,
each day passing is a yet link chain melting,
with every namely brinking debt backed,
for a Two Thousand Year dinner Billed,
I Bet The Blunt for I have Know Choice!!

As a Card in the Wild a Returner Rapids,
the global popular is a deadly game of bitten eats,
The Blunt can & will make a decision,
back to the Basics of a Singular Thought driven,
The Continue crates Darlings to Stand & Speak!!

For Chance is a Mirror of Completion to Dear,
hank the offer as no doubt to the End Game Queers,
not a Tent nor a Pharaoh escapes the Marrow of Bone Risings,
in the Kiln of a Skulling to the Staff of Denial,
I rise to the Dawn of the Ages in Ironing outs!!

Too feel the heat of the boiling pottery Statutes,
cleave as the pay back is living accounters,
watching listen to the Screams of the Mound,
keeping that Vice as Creation has Niced the Icing,
a slick worm to dividing the Sharks from the Knives bred.

Star light Moon Red Sun White burstings fever,
run the popular it becomes all ready vacant,
for Retirement Sanctioned the Closure,
this is merely borrowed time scribbling, 
a Language earthing the Sterns of Reality in learn!!

Credit does go to James Blunt and his Show,
for at lever of Gear the Ape is a steer,
extinctive plateaus to Mirror the monkey barred,
Hi from the Mountainous Tribe arching the dew stride,
in trouble this Human Lane for the Race got Flagged by a Tagger spat!! 

Yorkshire Pudding Takes The Butter Spreads Riped 'Hunger Games' Real Dow

Ask Time the World Tabulation fork this Grifting,
the proof of life delivered Full-Bore in Reality breathing,
upon the Term of Earth groundings Humanity dires,
nothing worked nor grained in the pluto ghostings,
not a footing for the Echo can't Stand as Cruelty banded this Planet Lands!!

Breaking the stride of Tolling Here the Eleventh 22nd Clears,
writing in the Keep of the Rares to a counted presents,
gifts versing Classical never Written on walls of Cheaters nor Thief!!

Groats as the grinding of a Kenning in the lining of a grown,
hear the bear of a Grizzly mired with dates of Extincting by,
laid on Reel Film dunks drowning in Cum thrushed dicked,
stick the Lolly Pop Lickers to a Stamping of Bin Trashed,
what a Wasteful type to Ignore and push Isolation knocking Doored!!

An Island within a Country that has no Humanity,
the Intellectuals Study the Burns red wic minds,
delve deep my Friend for a Quit is not an End,
but a Beginning too Two Taker Blending Complete Whole,
by the Force of the Lacking in a Meet never Dole!!

An Airplane seats a Cross would Nail Steel,
but as James Blunt sings in Repeat of Die,
I do not ascribe to such ridiculous drinks,
I fly the Oxygen of Hyper Mach to Scribe Yorkings!!

Traits to the World for not Humane but I like the Truth,
for in One Single Name the barrel of a Spear dags,
the Lung of the Range in leaves braked changing dollared,
additional stipulates that stepping on the braids enhanced a Brig.

Prison the People with Thought of Mind Fulling brings,
death is just a Night heir dream of lava Reamed,
a punking from the Fist of a Carrow psaltery,
I record for the Out as I have been a Prisoner of Warred!!

Proof to the way the United States of America treats the Cake,
a diagnosised Genius Savant cannot eat for the money takings,
the Reads that People Enjoy Merc. pennies of nothing ate,
starvation anchors date as well as the Stars drake in Recompense to a Job Well Done!!

Tender Roastings Bloody Drips

The Basic Dappers Dodder

In sake of compilation the bite of My Sites,
I speak with a confirm to broth,
a skull with the maker in creations design,
evolution brings the Laddering Kinds,
tune the Trouble witness I as Rumbles!!

A low noise as the Hand Print of wrinkle lines,
the evidence of forced isolation constance harass,
brought forward a Relief of a Twin Flame,
James Blunt a Captain of Poetry,
singer of His Rite to Tanks Front War!!

Certain beer froth to the Drafts,
a Mug shot in the Write,
a pen in and upon a life,
craft to the never known friend,
arch the ability to just a Creek Swim.


Rolled my bankers lot to Zero dot,
wealth in aspect is proof of catch,
as Rye may Wheat so shall the Corn Patty,
blanket 'Morrow as Sheets to a Storkings,
no father in my life puts Clapper dyed bites.

I do not feed the improper for lickered,
that is a contrite bitter worm splint duckering,
quits are kickers riders of rogue horses for ticker talking,
a thumbs up approach to the negative of Societies lousing.

By luck my Mother Melba Mauda Meakin married her Lover,
credit goes to the Hand Holds of awkward but never denied,
for MY mother had had difficult Crops applied by a World in lies,
navigating the beatings I watched from her former were sample pied.

Her hair ripped from her scalp as she was drug up the stairs,
separating from her skull hair follicles in a 2 inch spackling,
all while phones replaced hard wire with coin digging days,
laughter too mockery gathered more than I will spit at the Worlds roup today.

Que the Thought of Cake while the Batter is an Egg,
add a bit of Milk and Butter is on it's Way,
spreading Toast to Marmalade is like a darling Duke,
from the Address I play I'd say that Meakin gave Prince to Lored,
by simply keeping MY mother safe from more than I could ever have stopped on ANY GIVEN Bay!!

As the Roller coasts deeply to the Loaner,
I bust at the Britches for every has a Stoner,
origin in a lame flipped the dapple or the Gray,
a mere to exportation's been,
the Portals of the Larry Denned.  

Good Air to the Earth in what Ever lasting Carts,
fruits too Vegetables I like Beef a la Guard,
it places at a Setting Table the Plates of Proper Cored,
not discounting the Candelabras for Bill's Place I adored,
born and bred in the City of San Francisco a Rainbows Treat to Be.  

Pick A Pocket Explain Blunt

Savant syndrome

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Society and culture[edit]

Prodigious savants[edit]

A prodigious savant is someone with a skill level equivalent to or greater than that of a prodigy, regardless of any cognitive disability. The most common trait of prodigious savants is their seemingly limitless mnemonic skills, with many having eidetic or photographic memories. Prodigious savants are extremely rare, with fewer than one hundred noted in more than a century of literature on the subject. Treffert estimates that fewer than fifty or so such individuals are alive today.
Prodigious Godly Savants were mentioned in both The Arabic Infancy Gospel [23]> and The Infancy Gospel of Thomas [24] which were a lager part of The Apocryphal New Testament,[25] and which describe the Savant life of Jesus as a child. In other religious writings, these gifted individuals were called Godly Savants or Spiritual Geniuses and were described in The Second Coming of Christ by Paramahansa Yogananda.[26] Godly Savant references to Jesus,[27] Shukadeva (compiler of the Vedas and composer of the Mahabharata) and the Hindu Saint Swami Shankara can also be found here. Prodigious Savants were widely written about in India as a part of their spiritual lore and writings in the Bhagavad Gita [28]

Spot Eventers Ion Candered

The Barn Chaplains this girl I of which I speak,
not for the hay to be a burning deed,
not for counting beads on forwardings spun,
know the Less is already Done.

Charge the Cell phone Days to the thumb swiping,
neither Up nor Down just plainly erase the bounds,
check that Ticket Rider to a balancing of Time Age,
it is All in the Balance of an Ion Balled.

Swinging to the Lullaby of never did hear,
songs in the Pram were quiet different cheers,
to the Man of be Men as B.D.S.M. clears,
a Path is Vie Trail jumps Our dear!!

Sew World your Venue to a Touring torc,
wrench that handle for the bolts warped,
strength Pails mucking not additional plots,
it remained in a Choice to Decide the broughts!!

Ra my Self to the Sun should Pop please,
break the Champagne I like Martinelli's,
glass Society behind a Barred due,
from the Basic of Principles in the Actual of Shoot.

Wild Nature as the Watch for the Wristings,
torch the Flame as a Fire of listing,
sail a Vat looming with boiled,
the Round is a Beacon to this Dragon of Dau!!

Wall the Fence Higher for that is your Require,
Namesake Me Zeus from the Number of Lyre,
instrumental in Virtue crate the Christian Cod,
bred is Most Better as the Ace in the Shod!!

Irons of strappings while writing the Saps,
maple that Treacle to a Favorite lap,
swim thou Mind crispy Crops,
get off you're Knees that simply Forgot!!

Try on a Value and Measure a Dock,
ports of the progression in labial for stopped,
  ally the bridged as a Colorful ski,
for Aye the Blacker of the much it's a Caught.

Fence Tack

I raw the Variable too the Temper of the Shine Sunned,
sky the blue ask the bookings for thy Question Tau,
pave the Chords brothing a Well-Sing Curt Claw,
as the Cat of the Snapper is not the Me in abrupting,
for that is the basis of a backer to the braces.

B.D.S.M. bleak the barrow a Two Hand 'morrow,
stead todays' wild Cresting Mind barks the Climbed,
take you're Time be that Prime in the Altering Glides,
fork been Set licking Lot brackish barred the bitter Crop,
beating to the Rhythm of a Nautical bourne Pea Cubed.

Prattings show the burp only hiccup scotch,
adenine the Ice perfectives ink the Vug,
transference packs that Status not a Quote wrapper Cocker,
binging all the carpers to the Woolly Mammoth Tusker tsking,
matter the Lam Yammer in a Taught Lur bowled,
spoon the brickings to the mortared digest done!!

Value the Famine of the Worth to the letter,
it remains with the Law of the Jungle to sordid,
rather breathing recklessly or doings up in Cost crossings Dead,
perk full Fold that Origami Scrolls rounds are a Bite,
baskets have a Handle made Proper by the Swinging mechanisms Rite.

Ancient Arch examples the Start of a Brain in Charge,
the firing sparks to engage the darkest of Matter to bark,
scrub the surface the Face remains for the Nose is the Profiles Center piece,
balancing the cheek too cheek brought gnashing to it's Feet,
a Crowd to the Brick Layers stills a Quarry Porter beaked.,


Width the Ink Can no Rehearse Ankh Nature,
the Face of the Suite in an Up Ping of Lands,
vast to the Orb to the Equaling ran a Vat Lats,
trued to the last Find I am the fore Heads Aye!!

Trappings of a Glow World asking Worm~whole,
the skirt to Value know basic in Route Fulled,
witness Creation Evolve mirror to Reflective Vike,
clearings tubular Tar O Bar Wilds Beau.

Constance broke a Uruk counter a Wall ept class,
darts are the points of the Vig Compass Magged,
magnetic Provisions to Origin the Flames,
cryst AL brights in the pin pricked Sky!!

Latter in a Blastings birth a Squirt,
youth to the Solar in the Lanker,
wright a Swing to a Rock a Bay Lulled,
embracing the Bear as a grizzled Cache'.

This demurer to the Course in Tramming literals,
back in the bathe of an Art to a Hold,
Initialed the Hem of thou Infantries Keep,
lined to the Wood as a Bannister Depth borrowing Draked.

The Sill in the Built strewn the Tipped Vaults,
ceilings to Signal the out Reached in balked,
stride as a Natural in the Mind Folds of Circuitry,
treading the Land liken a Grey as Mercury Veers!!

Water take Oil in a Vat Vinegar Warred,
change not dee Creed Law forced Be leave,
tract the Archer in the Raw Otter lobos,
barking a shore to Collar the Key coasts.

Lost Our Rites to no more than Denial of Carp per Diem,
a World rather fake to the Real in Leam,
entombing a Ajar fork the Earth as a Lards,
fat to the Tithes of Think Waves Zee lored.

Detract current Text cause this to cisterns,
tunneling traced to a barrel of goad,
Horns to the Staffed Society Classics Felled,
enter Truth Reality que birthed a Beal Uhr!!