Friday, April 24, 2015

Uncles Ants & Puppets Dance

So beautiful on the Nature of Rain,
the Creed of Mother Earth answering the Natural tears now,
 a real Spring shower to know May flowers,
the bundle of reason to The Seasons that harness that frigid Stair,
the spoiler on the Next of kindle on the bending of the Need to formalized Recipe of drop^lets Letter.

Tomorrow Morning

 Knot the day after Yesterday,
it is Rather the Foundation of the balance that Fields 'Time' to stills.

Forthwith the dial to a Send to Delivery and Bank,
this dirt as not Mud but the Soil of the pant a long,
short skirt to language cast joining the Sole`d out to rank the Crowd.

A Mister on the Hot Sum^Murrs,
just in the Knick of Shrined to barrel the Bull^it^Tons bottle,
as Cid to the Masses Sincerely yours by the cried.

Ladder Day Rein ~ Write Won

Dues are the Feats of the Mans Kind on the Twitch that Comes on the Grands,
at the bench of the Tomb touching the side Walls of this Mortal landing,
to talk And not to much of the Speaking people have Formalized the ridden Owe the dying!!

On that enter to this World the being fed to grasp that Oxide of principle to Say oh deer,
like Sheep on The Fleeced that skin to the dial of the Suns Patrol,
rounding the Sphere to lossed hours of the grandeur of the blast that Ships Were Fold,
folk Out to the Times on the Rat just to Mouse the lion on back,
that is the Creative Design to Evolutions Clear!!

Grant It the Learns and the Leans basking in the Moons great Shadow of a Knights pale,
cheeks to Rub on the twinge of that Fear to bring a laugh and not a grave Stead.

Towards the Civilizations that Have bin Killed by the Shredding bark to the Burning piered,
crate the Box a Televised life to bough this Kindness with the broth of the Flew,
on a whale of Tale to the crimson Read I shall not remember to Forget this bands light,
to dice the Gambler on the guitar of the Pew,
watch this Ticking On at the Talking for the Clue.

Rhythm treed to that Good Ole Oak of a Sang,
makin' the best of the bass be Bar,
gifts to Ka Boom the Bare A Ness to a Mon. stir of The Blues!!

Find Come Fort In Pane

Clear Round after Clear Round after Clear Round this Worlds a Filler plyer of the grounds,
as the Dirt is the steak of the Finest Hoof to that is the tackle of phishing bursting Rides,
touch the Smear of Facial muds that is the Tongues that Catch the flu beneath the barrier Crew`d,
this finite Example of a Define to Thesaurus the blind to Now the deaf & Mute combined!!

A Treasury of Coins to Printing the Spiel to Deals & Greek,
an ancient Pandora boxed with stork lens Ask the scatter does It squeak,
or is the Cancer on the thoughts drank The Spink to bladder the Slide a Grad.!!
for the Most to the Lease the Human born is a Storage Clique to nestle.

Candie locks with Switch a Roos from the Kanga to the When`ease to sigh the Grave a shovel,
as that is the Tattle on the tail of The Blank frost the Iced for the performance pestilence of skate,
central Ball with the sack on the Ole railed for the Money and the sale,
down on that Parade is the Seal that wax of the Siren to the For,
is the good Candle sketch to that Knew Rule dividing the Canopy bye Pressure lights,
Yep spoke the Wheel as Any Mercedes banks a B.M.W. on the Corvette of this Cry!!

Screaming the doubt to Smile the pain I simple the Delight to Cookies & cake,
a Cup that is pardon to the Me in the joke as Any reef Wills the choral to Diced.

Sledge Harbors feared to that Twilight of stem A Pea of the Nutella on the Trickle of keen,
mark that chapter Book to the verse & Anchor of the jail that Buds the ear to Corns of field,
bun Ox to cattle Boxed cars that Freight the Oil additional for Price and soil,
troughs Folk to Silence of the lamps from Sent to Scheme the are `k hay of Wrench & Swine!!

Five little Totes to swatch the Quilt with stitches from the Sign,
threading to the Need All as born to Untold is the cubicle on the Dead.

Pier the Steeping kettle Lime as the lemon is Squished to beat up The Bread,
spank a Sap to the B.D.S.M. on the Manhandle of a Pans brigade,
Marching with an Instrumental to Play death side duty to the Hover clouds Oh what a Waist,
in that the Decade would enhance to Timely Scat!!

As a Prosperity to the Happy on the sad I clearly Mean to the crooks on the Elbow room of chore,
to deck a Correlated Price to dock the Housed to comb that pretty brush with the Nettle.

Sting is the Best of Play to Carousel these Simple Notions on the Jade,
text Tile phones with Ice Creams wash on the last Ripe on porkers bay Con,
sew chalk the Coincidence to a stay date on the Sexual mitten I purr the sync,
may that Mar dur be a provision to the Dungeon of the floor of Ewe pickin's An toil,
blight Rinse with Super suds to Platter the under Shun to the Sum kinky Troubled.

Hours Of The Ears Bleeding To Sigh The Com

I propose a Visit to the Ole Site right now for what is written in a Post of display makes mention,
the always free reminds me to Note that James Blunt is Grand and I love that he's Poke,
he brings me such laughter as I profile a Way too Meet him at Central of a Station in Play,
as we approach is big Wedding Day how 'bout we early the Bachelor Party stay!!

One big Night for a time like a Swim all around in the Covers in the Sheets with just Him,
I know that it's hard for the brain in the Head to the Height of the same in a Hymnal of bites,
dear Mr. Blunt you are such a tough Nut I beseech you at Distance to teach me of Rites,
I have a double-bed it's bigger for fights for in your Single the visit is Might!!

Course your training to equal the rise in the depth of the difference it's a spanking to tie,
I rode a horse today at the barn and wondered if you were to busy to lope the pony of prized,
the tack is the Set up to Just fill your pledge in the brewing of plundered is the soap lead,
an elbow to rib you're the best in the stung the sting is the confident that states you're the lung!!

My lover of lust I speak of myself to communicate deeps in the trapezoid sneaks a well in healthy,
the perfective of treats as you're the door of the battle to Sensuality your jeans make the beep,
a zippered appeal to what is so real the measurement I heard is blowing the keeps of Interviewed leaks,
a paddle of barely to the lap of completes for the Top has now spoke to introduced neats!!

Braking to Value the Song of the Captain whom Ranks with the Wares of Position in Teaks,
a tank over here is known as a Pond for the Cattle do drink a Lot in the long,
one write for You an Aye for Me I switch to available you are so in breathe,
heavy to hand a right to the left the Dungeon of Dare says hay is the Fare owed as a Bare!!

Sense does speak rarely to be thee of Sphinx the Triangular proper is the Rectangle in deed,
the suite that now presents a sign to your Show is Odessey the Intro. to expose your chore,
a Moon is missing the Spooning  of Cuddle 'cause that's just another way to make puddles,
do not fret the door is a let the hinges of swing allow for these things in before the altered of terrifying.

Too Master Sir James Blunt Captain At Bay

Thanks to the Professional At Birth On The Evolution of Life Itself:

What The Plan^It Chanced On The Monopoly Bored

The Singer sewed a Cruise to Plate the Meant Shunned to the Towards of the Marching lives to Crate,
on the Nails of This Worlds punched 'Just Saying' that Crowds made the preViewed to rump a Crumb,
on the butchers Tablet as the Prey behaves to Times that have KILLED dreams for Drinking lathe,
on Pub scoots to Shovel the Liquids on the Barn of Tiles.

Stables to Empties the Mortality Rates to Pacers on The Steeplechase hoarse,
jump Aft stirred Stumpers to slammed Dunk as the Teabaggers cup of Steed.

Say Cinch to Hat the Crows on the More's time is Mirrorly a Moments barrel,
Monkeys with a joke on the Perhaps a Hand that Wills to the Limb of Rivaled,
to Heel an In Car Nations crumble is to Know that the doe`s Plural fork the Parades at a Door,
thrush to Frog on the Hoofs that shoed a Place to person The Theme`ing blanks,
Oh for the Festivals String!!

Threads of Rumpled to the Still Skin of delivery Just asking the journey of the Clump,
thereabouts to Farmers Almanac the Dates trouble the Prunes,
dried Upper Lips to Marbles on Microphones lens`d,
blink that My Score @James Blunt ore @Jblo the latest Issue of venue Prod Faxed.

Skinners on the Mule Trades to buffalo a Present all Wrapped in the Swaddling Screamers,
lights in the Knight of the sky that have smothered the voice to Grate the clasp of Cuffing,
spanked the Skill to dive a Monies pence Fold.

Owe clever Bell Throw bee the Stipulation that Progress to the Filming shive,
for on the Steam of the Kettles to the chase down Memorized bye the Famous chored,
tank that Captain a poets chlorine to Bank this stand with Harsh receipt to Report.

Founder on the Main frames short the Glasses driven by the Cycle of a Motor Engine on pet Trolls,
bridges that sync to Basque Meals on the buffet of Times Tabled at Mud&Cakes!!

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take that Cow Wards per Plane to Composition off the Steer Factor to enter the Spinning Webs of dued.

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stitch to the seaming a Cause to Effect that both the Molly and the Butt Err flies the Coup,
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all in the stolen to Prequel the Moons Landing on A Paul Owes less,
For the Might and the String beetle the Karmic detail to the Strike.

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on that whipping Carriage of Harness I stoke the burns as this is a Choking Story to be lived by Ways of the Toll,
North bye gone South that Announcement to The Kings of the Oldest Norse smoke Ewes to flock the Personal Grown.

People Hear Without Listening

In the House of this Worlds denial brights to the Futures of the Passing lance a lots,
to the parking of the scene on the streets of stones In the Carriage of the Feat a shining,
as the questions Tone touch the pitch of Reality on the Tunnels of lights.

Ask knot the deep for the Well is of the Buckets,
ladles on the Spoons of Roar a Lions perhaps,
tell the Eyes of a terrible jaw,
as that is the driver on the Crashing sounds,
in that echo of Ancient blare on the Times of silence!!

Travel the bells The Balls and An Opera rein,
as the dresses of the Museum are Screaming the Fare,
death by the Pictures of Photographs on Stills,
thee Impact of rivers growing touch the stand And read Frames.

Sun glasses Ceiled to that bearing of the Compass on the chase to death,
for the Familiar on the base of this is a Horror of Meanings,
trips to the Dish Net Works as that present of the Las Vegas door,
than on the Clique to chaired The Breast of the Swimming lair`d,
on the be Ki knee to a throwing of all the Crows,
a Raven Sleep!!

Shoulders to the Swords of a Strength a Can for Spinach and the Oil for a Wrench,
track this Pear to know Apple as the baskets are Treed to supply,
in the Gym 'Working It Out' or the Belly that runs to a set of Pact to Scene,
crowds of Horses on that are the Muskets firing The 5th of November Again!!

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tasting the Product Development for the Sir Planters of the Rancid combs,
passing in the Moon.

Sun be of Pyramids Star to the Ore I On subject the Trouble to a Cloud of sky Stone,
with the Handle on a Friend embrace the Hugs I send to the Thriced on a dial of charity to Home,
in the Ears of Herd brave the sense that sadness is a tone to the skipping of my pen Sills lead,
from in the Sent tell The From that Islands are a breadth to length on the Ankles chored,
in gift to Earth on cope and Mure.

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owe for the Elephants sloom!!

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envelope well my darling pen to Ride the saddles with the I love You's as the twinkle in the Twilights of Crossed,
for on the give of huge to sanction the breath to Breathe a training,
chillin' till the Told becomes the day a Man has hands to skin:

Every Tow has a Hitch too!!

The Clock Ringers

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Vast Replica Recreates Prehistoric Chauvet Cave ~ BBC News

Media captionBBC Newsnight was given rare access to the Chauvet cave and its remarkable art
In the Ardeche gorge in southern France lies one of the most important prehistoric sites ever discovered.
It's locked away behind a thick metal door, hidden halfway up a towering limestone cliff-face.
Few people have ever been allowed inside, but BBC Newsnight has been granted rare access by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication.
We slide through a metal passageway on our backsides, and then tentatively descend a ladder.
It takes a few moments to adjust to the darkness, but our head torches soon reveal that we've entered into a vast cave system of geological beauty.
We weave along the narrow metal walkways; stalactites and stalagmites glimmer in the light, sparkling curtains of calcite hang down from above and the floor is awash with the bones of long-dead animals.

Chauvet cave
The caverns are spectacular, home to stalagmites and stalactites that have formed over thousands of years

Until recently, the last people to set eyes on this place were our Palaeolithic ancestors, before a rock fall cut it off from the outside world.
This exquisitely preserved time-capsule was sealed shut for more than 20,000 years, until it was discovered by three cavers - Eliette Brunel-Deschamps, Christian Hillaire and Jean-Marie Chauvet, after whom it is now named - on the 18th December 1994.
At first they thought they had uncovered a network of spectacular caverns.
But as they ventured deeper inside, they realised this was the discovery of a lifetime - the cave held some of the oldest art ever found.
It's breathtaking when we get our first glimpse of it.
The walls are adorned with hundreds of paintings.
Most of them are animals - woolly rhinos, mammoths, lions and bears intermingle with horses, aurochs and ibex.
Some are isolated images: we wander past a small rhino, a single, lonely creature daubed on the rock. But there are also huge, complex compositions, a menagerie of beasts jostling for space on great swathes of the cavern wall.

Chauvet cave
Some of the compositions are complex scenes showing many different animals
The art provides a snapshot of the beasts that roamed Ice Age Europe 35,000 years ago
Chauvet cave
The artists worked with the contours of the rock to create these images

Painted in charcoal and red ochre, or etched into the limestone, careful shading and skilful technique bring the animals to life, revealing movement and depth.
"They are very sophisticated," says Marie Bardisa, the head curator at the Chauvet Cave - which is also known as the Decorated Cave of Pont d'Arc. She delights in this rare chance to show off the art.
"They used the relief of the rock to give the forms, to give the shadows, to express so many things.
"They saw the animals in the rock," she adds.
"More than 400 animals have been painted here, there are still lots of things to discover."
The paintings are so well preserved, they look as if they were drawn yesterday. But while there has been some debate over their age, the most recent radiocarbon dating suggests this work is more than 35,000 years old.
The rock drawings offer a rare glimpse into the lives of our early human ancestors and the Ice Age world they inhabited.
But few will ever have the chance to see it.
As soon as the cave was discovered, on the advice of scientists, the French authorities closed it off to visitors.
"If the public came into this cave, first of all, we risk contamination," explains Marie Bardisa.
"The temperature can grow very quickly, the balance of the climate would be disturbed so much we could have alteration of the paintings - we don't want to take this risk."

Fungi and bacteria were introduced to the Lascaux caves after they were opened to the public
Lascaux cave
Some fear the art of the Lascaux caves is damaged beyond repair

Archaeologists know this from bitter experience.
In 1940, the Lascaux cave system was discovered in southwest France.
For more than 20 years, millions of visitors flocked to see its stunning paintings, until visible damage from mould and bacteria forced the cave to be shut down.
Even today, scientists are still struggling to save the paintings, which may have been damaged beyond repair.
With the Chauvet cave, the French authorities have had to find a way to both preserve and promote this precious heritage.
This big problem required a big solution.

Chauvet cave replica
The reconstruction covers 3,500sq m and is housed in a huge concrete-clad building
Chauvet cave replica
It accurately replicates the most important features of the Chauvet cave

A few kilometres away, on a pine covered hill, sits a stadium-sized concrete hanger.
Inside is a recreation of some of the Chauvet cave's most important features, reproduced to scale.
It's cost 55m euros to build, has taken eight years from inception to completion and has involved hundreds of people.
Hi-tech scans, 3D-modelling and digital images of the original cave were used to create the copy.
Layered over a huge metal scaffold, the limestone walls have been reproduced in concrete, the stalagmites and stalactites have been remade in resin.
Even the temperature has been set to match that of the original.

A metal scaffold provides a framework for the illusion
Chauvet cave
The walls of the replica are made from concrete instead of resin
Chauvet cave replica
Finer geological features have been crafted from resin

If you ignore the hordes of visitors who have come to press day, you do get the sense of being in a real cave.
The paintings, though, are the main attraction.
"The process is very complex. You have to be very respectful to the original," says Gilles Tosello, who spent six months reproducing some of the Chauvet cave's most impressive compositions.
The art was recreated offsite. Digital images of the paintings were projected onto canvasses of fake rock to guide the artists.
"Our raw material is resin, and it is completely different to limestone, mud and clay in the original cave," explains Mr Tosello.
"But that was part of the challenge - we are using illusions to recreate the original compositions."

Chauvet cave replica
Gilles Tosello spent months in his Toulouse studio recreating some of the caves most complex murals
Chauvet cave replica
Scientists say the paintings are faithful to those found in the original cave

He says the process brought him closer to the original artists.
"If you spend hours and days and weeks, and you are trying to translate or imitate the gesture or work of another artist, you become more or less a part of him."
At the replica, Palaeolithic art specialist Jean Clottes stands surveying the work.
He was the first scientist to enter the cave, and has been president of the replica's scientific committee.
"I think the public are going to be very pleased with it because the quality is great and it is scientifically correct," he tells us.

Chauvet cave
More than 400 animals are painted in the original Chauvet cave

He says a replica is the best way to tell the modern masses about our prehistoric ancestors.
"They are not primitive people, they are people like us," he explains.
"Modern humans are 200,000 years old, at least, so 35,000 years ago was not such a long distance away."
He believes the cave was a spiritual place for these hunter gatherers, and the Ice Age animals represented on the rocks had a form of ritual or magic associated with them.
"(These people) had short lives that were quite different from ours, but from their art, we can see they were as intelligent as we are, that they had great artists and they had religion. They were close to us."
It's hoped that the replica will bring these ancient artists closer still, as their testimony to human culture and creativity opens to the crowds.
Or, at least, a copy of that testimony.
With so few people privileged enough to experience the real thing, prehistoric art must reach its audience through modern means.