Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mind Control Has A Toll

The Mind has sight of what we might,
 be capable to do at any time in our life,
I choose fight,
a choice for me made right.

Should you push or shove this gift
or seek the answer creating rift?

What will become of You,
should you chose to pursue,
health and freedom,

..they just kept beating.

Does such wealth contain a key,
which is the way to really See,
as my family continued to scream,
you are a Sin and you will end.

I've seen the sight of ugly acts.
Such things that people do.


 A Mindful Game, Mean-Spirited too,
a sorted way to deliver shame,
through Blame, Blame, Blame.

 A 'Known Game.'

Hours upon hours,
I heard my mother speak,
her Ministry went on Week after Week.

G_d and Sex ruled this Priestess,
and 'Her Speech,
it never ended or reached complete.

No confusion to this thought,
the truth is clear and she lied a lot.

You really had to be in this Ministry,
to understand debauchery has a Plan.

Difficulty always came,
the length of time in her church she reigned,
the hours did not ever wane,
I was so bored, woke if snored.

Sunday mornings, Sunday nights,
she would go on and on,
 for Eight, Nine, Ten hours a day.

This was an every week display,
with Wednesday evenings another day,
she'd fulfill her every say,
in demonstration I'd turn away.

But, it's better said this way,
"Hey, I'll have another Day!!"

Holding still I stare today,
wondering why these days did play,
in such a strange and compulsive way,
beating brains the constant strain.

Never did I understand,
how she related sex with stand,
behind the Pulpit, Bible in hand,
it only stopped when strangers came.

 Planned so there would be no exposure to this hand.

The topic of Sex was so popular,
the congregation never did stop her,
I know more of deviant Acts,
my eyes are sore from seeing that.

Upon completion of her speech,
the people whom in pews did seek,
even more time went all week,
 never did they miss a beat.

I'd would love to say a break gave way,
but upon each and every day,
the members of the congregation stayed,
always in place,
she preyed.

The conversations often seeped,
were so cruel and gave me the creeps,
one of which still blows my mind,
"You are a grown Man, get circumcised!!"

I guess that is how controls maintained,
screaming, yelling, telling profane,
consuming time with words malignant,
I believe he should have hid it.

Years upon Years subjected to ties,
as the congregation members continued to spy,
I never was able to go my own way,
those parishioners did Whatever she'd say.

Sometimes I wonder why I never spoke,
I guess the fear was a Hangman's Rope,
so snugly placed much like a Yoke,
I never thought this was joke.

I miss my friends whom took their life,
one jumped from the bridge,
the other hanged himself.

Maybe if I had spoken-up sooner,
we could have thrown-off what became their Ruler.

The guilt remains because it was my Mother,
the person whom did these awful things,
she held those deadly Reins.

 She spoke her druthers,
pointed at others,
suitable targets of whom she blamed,
this life she leads disturbs my brain.

I made it through this curse of words,
although I suffered with thoughts absurd,
sadly these plays upon your life,
really have an effect unlike,
any other that would cause such strife.

When acts complete,
a suicidal leap,
the words that seeped seemed stuck in see,
'cause they'd say these things in: Rings!!

"I didn't say anything on that day!! 
They're the Ones who kill themselves,
 all I said was that their family would be better off if they were dead.  
But everyone knows that's not what I meant, 
I was speaking figuratively not literally.  
He was an idiot if he took it that way."

My ears still bleed

Strangely, I was told a similar thing;

"You should take a gun and blow out your brain, 
it would be the best thing,
 for the Family!"

My little sister sang!!

I must admit I didn't expect,
that these words would hit like whip.

I thought myself to be fairly strong,
but words have power and suggest what's wrong,
I am fortunate, I am lucky,
I worked this Curse without submerse,
and now it's back on whom said that.

The two that fell I speak of here,
suffered for so many years,
I know that this seems absurd,
but I guess if you had been in this Church,
 if you had heard the daily words,
than you would know these beatings show.

Verbal abuse is really low,
beats your mind to be controlled,
mostly so you will not speak,
tell of ills and keeps you weak.

When will people realize,
that it's wrong to just take lives,
without a thought, without a care,
you speak with words in knowing verse,
to state a person's worth,
it's so much like 'A Curse.'


Dedicated to the Old Friends I've lost,
I miss you and I'm sorry for all that has been,
may Peace be with you and if it is not,
may it find you to relieve this Lot.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

I'm Building A Way

I used to fight this 'Given Life,'
but then these Flashbacks hit!!

Reminding me in 'Full-View,'
of what was, in all that's been.

For so long I thought I would not survive,
the Treachery of the time,
so much to suffer through the first time,
and now to re-live it again,
I wonder?

It does seem so unfair,
to see the Scenes from way back there,
however in this plight,
I accept what was, as a fight.

I seek the reason for my mind's movement,
to repeat the days that made me seethe,
sometimes I vomit from the constant,
my nerves are rattled by what I battled.

I Learn!!

A purchased life to use for strife,
to be taken for things not nice,
I press my Self to be patient with my Mind's record of Show.

Within the discomfort that these Memories bring,
I tend to believe that they're healing me.

It never occurred to me,
that I would re-live this tragedy,
I thought mistakenly,
that I could put it all behind me.

With deliberate actions,
I rehearsed.

Again and again I packed away all that had been,
I placed each day, matched each offense,
and put in place of mind an enormous fence.

Not to forget but attempt to mend,
a paint store so to speak,
separated out by color each horror.

Due to what would be considered fate I suppose,
my stored paints exploded in my minds thoughts,
once again I was faced with what was so very grim.

I now believe that it is best to speak at least for me,
if for nothing else than to learn why my mind is on repeat.

With a little luck and this Google Blog,
of which I am extremely grateful,
maybe healing through the Full-View of such gloom,
will finally bring an end so I may know a new begin,
without towing all that's been.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

What Was Done Creates A Sum

Beat with Words,
whipped with belts,
told possessed with demons delve,
my family left me with such welts.

Preached at Me;

"You are Satan's Spawn!!"

screamed with such hatred songs,
the repetition became my wrongs,
this is no game my family plays,
a life of pain they always hate,
as they continue to take and take.

Waked me in the dead of night,
placed on me a given plight,
spoke of death to suffer dread,
meant to separate me from my head.

Days of Thunder lightning strikes,
as those words seem absurd,
the sum of which is never heard.

My defense a silent rent,
does not last they still do blast,
with no brake I'm told my state;

"You are the birth of a blackened start, 
and in the end you're just a sin,
I was raped and here you are,
I am your mother she said to me,
 you're my scar and won't go far."

I did ask at one time,
very young concerned with lashed,

"How do I die? When is my Time?"

With no empty breath in spoke,
the reply did come,
I never broke
I listened to accept that life was a debt,
and I was told....

"Don't worry a Snuff will be, the way you go, the call from me."

I said "O.K." just stared at them,
I did believe and felt relief,
at least I had a sign, a lead,
of the date they said to me.

Now it's time to realize,
that they placed these triggers live,
to cause my mind to whirl in strife.

Instead I march out and ahead,
increase my stride to settle such bled.

I may not know when they'll show,
so I prepare for their tear,
it seemed no dare when I was told
that my life had a fare.

In each step I chose to take,
I am positive they meant this date,
seems that since this time of late,
my family wishes for my take.

In each statement that they've made,
I feel the words of what they say,
knocks the wind out of my day,
like a ball that's thrown to say.

To be told with frank repose,
in adulthood they still do hold,
said so boldly I gasp at told,

"Blow-off your head for the Family Stead, it is best if you're dead."
my sister shouts without a doubt,
and then to add to this load,
another time another foe,
my step-father blared without self-doubt,
"Leave it to me, I'll complete, what has failed I will deem a treat."

The pain becomes the belt, the girth,
to wrap up my life on earth,
to embrace and not forget,
this day they wish makes me upset.

So upon these days of cruel,
I still do find these times unkind,
no matter the circumstance of what they set,
I accept but still do fret.

On occasion I have expressed,
tried to speak without distress,
about my life and what was said,
but all I'm told is to go on, 
forgive and forget this horrible wrong.

As I still believe they will act,
try to take my life like that,
it's all perverse the calls are fact,
I do hold strong and fight the wrath,
an Aftermath.

To define and not to ask,
malignant narcissists love the bath,
behind closed doors there is always more,
so you may laugh at all my past,
but it's not an expression I've ever had.

I say with sadness that what they did, they also hid,
shut the doors and said so glib,

"You are the Spawn...Satan's kid."

Their barrage upon my life,
has never stopped the plot deranged,
it seems that it would have waned with age,
but still today they wish to play,
and such calls cause me dismay.

I do confess it bothers me,
I do attest you don't believe,
and so I stop to only heed,
that which plagues my very being.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Doors That Open A Conscious Find

I see confusion teams this Earth,
the Minds of Such,
do not touch reality today.

A Mindful Play!!

In past history it has been said,
that there will be a bloody day,
to steal away the soul of man,
to advantage a personal stand.

A known Reign.

It seems that this Prophetic End,
repeats itself again and again,
no matter which Religion bares,
it screams this message,
much like a dare.

Yet in spite of these warnings,
shots the same,
No-One takes heed to words that bleed,
instead it seems,
that People lean upon an ever-lasting.


Where is the fight that One must give,
to be part of this Plan without a Shive?

Do People just stand around while they wait?
Pointing fingers, discounting tongue's,
of other Men in Foreign Lands?

Is Humanity so lost with thirst,
that any other thought is said to be perverse?

To match up the Verse erupts,
the secrets of, show no love.

Does Peace become All Man?

Or does it state that they are few,
and acceptance becomes not you,
to bear witness to a Place,
to speak and not to say,
becoming judges turns away,
this cannot be the way to deed.

Yet in each strange and various stands,
not all gather to strengthen man,
instead division becomes the hand,
an incision to separate what seems planned.

Does this divisiveness of what is said,
reinterpretation, revised if dead,
take account for the difference that mounts,
each and every day?

Ancient Text passed down to bless,
shared in thought, full of wrought,
even appears to name the same,
persons, places, names and things.

There is no camaraderie between the men arguing,
just placating one another in stating,
you are not my brother, nor my mother.

Lacking compassion for the other,
placing blame accusing game,
their the anti-christ and we are the ones who hold the rites,
 throwing words in such protest,
does not seem to be what's best.

Although respect may not be had,
it is important to walk your path.
with conviction and not with wrath.

Anger kills,
  an influenced thought,
which is not good in any Lot.

Should you trust,
that your Text is 'Bust!"
then take your heed,
regard your need,
do not Kill as a plead.

Allow what is to find what will be,
without the force or what you feed,
in such an accord example right,
to bare witness the script repentance.

To witness the past without the blast,
to be a leader without the reap,
so we may see our future history.

In such a discovery of a Singular Mind,
 make a decision to lead not bind,
as a showing an Independent sign,
without the threat to cause a wreck.

 To benefit and advance a time,
 where such may be,
a difficult find.


To force upon a Man or Throng,
belief that one is wrong and the other goes long,
just creates One like Me that stands to say;

"I have no need."

The constant fight of Religious might,
produces nothing more than trite,
another stick of dynamite,
to abolish more and establish right.

As not to show your faith so low,
the difference will not just appear,
but clearly scream;

"I'm not from Here!!"

In this I stop myself to see,
that in the end the War has been,
as you begin to stand in haste,
to take the faith and beat the pace.

Do not Cannibalize, do not dine,
for in the symbolism of such a line,
you have drunk the blood and eaten flesh,
in such an act I must not touch,
for in the History Past erupt.

In the Ancient Times of Fight,
such an act caused a blight,
all did War in final Roar,
to declare their heritage bore.

The Place of Worship,
a Place of Store,
you hail the actions you should abhor.

Placed distractions to hide advancements,
taxed the people with announcements,
to state that which only enhances,
further guilt and future Bill's.

Respecting Old Ways of Bold in Days,
directions etched upon your soul,
meant to enlighten if you're sold,
not to accept mans word or told.

Within each being blessed with gifts,
should you confess I won't forget,
persist with purpose in destiny set,
allow all others to fester and fret.

In life there are these tests,
a sort of sign or guiding rhyme,
to confirm and not to burn,
the text of any man or berm.

Regard the difference respect the fact,
that each belief has a track.

 To compare one to the other,
is of interest the plot still censures,
to understand and not just read,
does seem impossible as the plead,
just seems to beat the person in need.

A Given Rite?

The Centuries Past have delivered wrath,
killed the persons whom ascribe to math,
all in fear of what seems is facts,
that some will heed a different path.

The Laws of Man do change in lands,
so in the end it will depend,
upon the stance which you  chose to dance.

The tune of what seems planned.

Independence, Confidence, Discovery is Wealth,
within your mind you may define,
retention of to protect your health,
to not engage with what is dealt.

To participate in what's not felt,
because of the pressure of words that pelt,
"You'll go to Hell should you delve,"
are just the threats that increase:  Till!!

Tithing 10%,
 I was told I must repent,
for I refused to pay a cent,
my mother spoke, 
said with hatred in her laughter,
"I am your Pastor and Mother after."

If Their true with words of due,
than what is said would prove correct,
and not make more dead,
that spend today at rest.

A Complication in loss.

Power in numbers is often said,
to influence each and every head,
but when it's death and you are dead,
The Day of Judgement : The Day of Said;
we are all accountable for the path we've lead.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

When The Music Plays I Turn Away

It is past time to face,
I will never be with you,
so I wish more than good,
to the girl that will be your true.

I still see a particular view,
when I close my eyes,
this Man is there in my mind's eye.

In silhouette of such a graceful rest,
strange to share,
for I have let go of this notion,

Even I dismissed this weird idea,
that we missed,
so I did persist and then let be,
 'cause this life for me is just not right,
it seems a blight.

As I move on,
accept this with all that's been,
all I can say is, "Thank you,"
this Man provided sight,
and with that as a light,
he gave me reason to fight.

Why I still see a quirky smile,
a friend for a while,
it makes laugh to relax,
in such a strange scene of that.

To think upon the pictures seen,
he is such a card and works so hard.

The special view of someone knew,
brings light to a life that has only known mean.

These rambling pictures,
shots of him,
as if I am standing listening,
I must admit it is so special,
he seems such a gift.

So as I go through this life I row,
I appreciate these moments so,
a picture show in the shadows know,
by simply closing my eyes,
Hello he speaks with muted tone.

I guess He still consumes the start I tow.

Better yet I do not fret,
for in such fate of lurid view,
I can still experience the magic of new.

The comfort drawn from what seems so long,
is so much more than grand,
it almost seems an unfair hand.

I do not understand why this difference shows,
for even I concede to never know,
this Man, a Band,
it just all seems too random for planned.

And still I see in guise,
the promise of such strange signs,
that I must once again resign,
for reality is for another time,
in this life I believe we will both be fine.

The laughter brought by such a funny Lot,
makes me wonder about the sense of humor,
in one mind's thought.

To cause no harm,
to present no alarm,
for here and now he just seems to charm,
so here is to the girl that is to come,
I hope your lives stay young,
and just know Love.

I wish for that Girl an open door,
to meet this Man and feel his lore,
in this I hope that love becomes adored.

May peace be showered upon this match,
may the flame burn bright and experience an everlasting rite.

A Beautiful Life

For this Man I see when I close my eyes,
deserves the wonders of this earth.

He has been so special to me,
that all I can say is,
there could not be a better way,
to know your loved,
without the worry of a shove.

Plainly Speaking of the Skeleton Key in Deed

Know not the suffering pain that has been laid at your feet,
for it is not ours to keep.

All we must do is never fall,
remember it all,
and speak with open review,
of this kind of child rearing, it's new.

We are what no one else can be, truly free. We earn our liberty every single day of our life. We earned what is taken for granted by every other human life. We are an example to the world about how resilience and perseverance will deliver to you the most valued gift of all; Independence. We were raised to never make mistakes, we were raised to be perfect, we were raised to smile through the pain that it takes to accomplish these goals. We were raised to be the adults and to be responsible for what is not ours to be responsible for in this life or any other. We were raised to be what only we can be, an example of everything you are not.

Taking care and not to hurt,
the ones who said that we were dirt,
it is O.K. 'cause on the way,
we learned to know what not to say.

Leave nothing behind, you are the miracle of life itself at its finest. You are shining through the generations that we have traveled. We are still so much more mature than the ones that babble.

Their words are useless but they travel,
into the lives that they unravel.

We must not do the things to you,
silence is our golden rule.

To always listen to what's not said,
to keep the secrets and not turn red,
from the embarrassment of all the dead.

To watch all you we must not change,
we are the only ones that claim,
nothing can be the same,
because you support the very insane.

To not grow-up and still throw fits,
to say to us that we must quit,
reminds me of this time in life,
where I must be so well equipped,
to deal with all your verbs,
and just to know that nouns don't quit.

Unfortunately, you raised us well.

We grew so fast, we couldn't tell,
that as an infant we lived in Hell.

Is it your shame that I raised you,
or should you change loving two.

Both are you and never me,
a twist of words that you do need.

As you wrinkle and as you ache,
as your bones begin to break.

Does your mind try to unwind?
To figure out what this is about?

Does your mirror say to itself,
that beauty has not changed?

Of course,it has not, it never will,
'cause that would take a Conscious till.

I have been taught to stay the same,
ever since my claim to fame,
it was my birth, I had no name.

Reality must begin to bake,
your mind so that you can take,
the words that I will share with you,
I'm fairly certain that you lose.

Ignorance is just so bliss,
unless you find you're changing this,
and you're the one that is so old,
that one day soon you will be cold.

Don't worry though I'll be the one,
to never say to anyone,
ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

The Image of your dream will be,
living on in me you see.

I think you need to Address yourself,
some change in life would bring you health.

Because I have to rear you still,
I must tell you that you are ill.

Here is your script, I wrote for you,
its just like mine.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Tiered State

Held in Bank of Memory mount,
a recorded 'Blind of Disguise' in Rite,
placed in the center for ritualized 'Sight',

Hooded Men encircled Star,
a pentagram made Red this night of Might.

Made for 'Purpose' to deliver the Knowledge held,
became delivered as I visit Hell.

Conspirators attempt,
Laymen try,
but until you experience to know the Sentence,
you should back-off,
ask repentance.

Many guess and proclaim to be,
however this still remains a Mystery.

At hand you mock the power of,
doubt the Act,
point the finger and now 'Just Dues,'
the Owl is Back and calls from you!!

To scoff at actions,
Ancient Ways,
I believe that most do not give 'Way'.

To much Info teams the Net,
but as you say you only bet,
possess no wisdom or,
'Know of Set!!'.

As Silence is Their gain,
the question of,
is no game.

In reality these things are done,
and 'The Serious' become the Gun.

Shots are Words,
spoken Fare,
to engage, to contact, proof in meant,
to 'Ask' the Demons,
many sent. 

An Allegiance!!

The deeper Tell to visit Hell,
takes no faith in Religious wares,
for the missing piece of need,
was the B.D.S.M Men to See.

So People sneak,
hide camera's as well,
to prove existence and to tell,
of what 'See's' best, in what invests,
as if exposing changes views,
in the end you'll just regret.

For in the truth,
which does lie,
deep beneath the earth at nite,
torches burn in candlelight,
fire churns, man out of sight.

In this Venue you would turn,
as if to say,
there are Degrees and Masters read,
and should you leave all will seethe.

Scores are written,
a registry, a lair,
the more you know,
the bigger the fare.

The interest great,
the purpose known,
'Why?' delve in when you're not shown.

The whole point is to restrict,
kept with men and secrets known,
in 'An Order' to advance 'The Take' in Sake.

So as you're placed in circle's face,
it is a race to hold the pace,
very few can return you,
from the deepest points of do.

To lose your 'Mind' insight of 'Times,'
is not good but considered sublime.

In ready mind,
'Sent' unkind,
'Show' develops where 'Hooded Men' stood.

In a slow and certain motion,
down you go and up 'they' come,
in the middle no-one runs.

To have 'Sight,'
understanding 'Therewit,'
it is the Men of B.D.S.M. that hold with 'Whips.'

As 'These' men did do 'No Deed,'
'They' were not the Ones I knew,
sunk inside this darkened tomb,
'They' tapped-in as I was 'Tell.'

Left in horror of this 'Plight,'
I still do venture,
in 'Third-Eye' right?

For 'They' just left me in this flight,
there I was in midst of 'Fight.'

Battled through for 'myself,'
in this gained freedom,
I found 'Well,'
the 'Deal' was hard,
the 'Cards' just dealt.

Retained the wisdom,
familiar words,
delivered 'Language' not understood.

Now a 'Two-Week' vacation,
a 'Retreat,'
delivers ceremony without relief.

In Centuries past,
this 'Path' of 'Use,'
has been blocked,
said uncouth.

As it seems practiced today,
although believed to be a 'Play,'
it is No-Game,
and yet some cry to be let in,
to testify or 'Show' what's been.

As does Innocence say to You,
'Why?' go see a Want or View,
if Faith in Such must be reviewed?

Is it to 'Out?'
state untrue?,
or to touch upon a morbid view?

Does it matter what Men do?,
if your blurbs answers knew?

Motives drive the silence true,
with this aspect you still pursue,
not for Knowledge,
not for Truth but to enhance a 'Point-of-View,'
of what you say is not new.

Does it matter,
I think so and in this 'Note' I do write,
what is sought is done at night,
it does remain in plain sight.

The trick is in the knowing of,
there's not just 'One,'
but many love,
this 'Order' of,

Friday, April 19, 2013

Left Empty

In Memory we hold 'A Keep'
in this we may find our home,
that which can make us whole!!

Encounters with this find,
a bank of accounts,
sometimes, often,
unkind in rewind,
a necessary time,
a refreshing when told.

A Basis, A Platform,
to make sound a life on a Merry-Go-'Round.

The story told,
releases hold,
the Truth spoken,
creates healing for broken.

Future view of more than lose,
relieves the pressure of just dues.

Reason in Challenges,
produces change in you,
clearing my plate in spite of fate,
issues destiny to take place,
without resistance,
a savory taste.

Purpose of Such,
deemed necessary to further growth,
wealth of mind,
Important, Sublime!!

Words state,
enhance your pace,
and at this rate,
eradicate hate.

For should you stand,
play your hand,
then look to see the deal of planned.

In those cards,
the ones you hold,
wisdom prevails if you're bold.

So I gambled,
and did not fold,
in spite of what had been sold;
my soul.

Still today, 
quite the load,
and now I'm told,

"It can't be so."

but it was,
and I felt cold.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Blackened Arts Candled Start

In my youth I was silenced,
a circumstantial grave.

As a young adult,
I thought I could forget,
maybe best a certain rest.

At a Mid-Point,
I lived in FEAR!!

I did hear,
and I had not even 'Said' what I have spelled out here.

Honesty, "A trust."

Lies become truth in the words spoken; Heard!!

I find the opposite to be,
for me,
represents what to do.

Looking at the maternal lead,
I was young probably still in need,
but this is a simple plead.

I halted Myself,
in this I was never stealth,
I have resisted their strange Plot,
I will make my stand,

Learned my first lesson in life,
in this thought I stood to never be bought,
in this, "It's best,"
do not take a life to increase Sight.

My Decide,
"they" do not jest!!

With the view of my family true,
I was small and told my Use,
stared at what said I'd die,
a precursor to my life.

Thought to myself,
it's You or I?

For in my young 'Book of Mind'
I did a simple find;

"I will do the absolute opposite of everything I see, to protect me."

I believe that to take a life to save a life,
is not a path at any time,
and most certainly is a deviant sign,
of nothing more than what was rhymed,
my 'Use' my 'Bind'!!

Should believed maintain a kill without a death,
than it is not for me to be what you said,
you were a Shill at best.

A proper thought,
of do not join regardless of fraught,
a stand made evident despite remand,
a birth to make bold.

To be beat down in any 'round,
to force participation in such a sorted art,
to deliver to another a new start,
without respect to the value of innocence in birth,
will issue a particular strife upon this Earth.

Therefore acceptance did put forth a resist,
my Soul was purchased,
bought for fact,
to seal that.

So in "Against" of "Accept"
a given threat without doubt or taken as bet,
I went against their given throne of G_d,
I chose best,
in opposite I will rest,
paternal blessed.

I would rather know "No good"
than to be willing to propagate should,
my birth is not your Hood.

To take a life in any form,
is the destruction of what was innocent,
and the delivery of what will be wise,
in action and in life.

Your Hoodoo Hell,
in this you do persist,
is still killing in the switch.

Trading places in a mortal exist,
represents a mind's darkest twist,
not to find but to know the Shill,
as this delivery to this place,
my birth, my race, my use in this life,
was only to end by them taking my place.

Never did I think I could witness this Rite,
before the night that it was made too late for me to right,
an extremely sorted plight.

Fate has made this date of interest,
more than difficult to explain,
to even begin a defense would be their win,
so I wait.

In a twist of this same strange fate,
I watched this movie,
unknowing of the plot,
I was shocked to witness,
as this act is truly sought.

Words cannot express in Verse,
the terror placed upon my life for "It's" Use.

Belief would have never sufficed any person,
for to disadvantage such an act,
I chose a silent path until I saw what created this Wrath.

A 'Practice' of such a disgust,
makes this Film a must,
in seeing there is believing,
what I was made to understand,
is my 'Use' in this Land.

When I heard what I thought absurd,
I said,

"What I am for?"

They me told once again,

in silence, I wept.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Who's Reign?

The underneath walks above,
as each will be an example of,
destructive creating free choice of will,
in a mindful conscious 'till.

This Earth upon the turf its chilled,
shakes with faith, no respect of billed,
a debt such owed accounts are full,
responsibility denied : duty scorned.

As if Sloth becomes Mankind,
humanity will not Post It's due.

Rocking Fires Comets glare,
elemental island sparred,
rites of reign ignite such blame.

The Mind does reach into Antiquity,
the Origin of the Men you see,
the Order of Writ much like whipped,
delivers Heaven with no lift.

Upon this ground kingdom found,
no guise of blind to hide,
the evidence of such is hence,
describes this every sigh.

Your 'Want' of obvious rule explained,
as the Instant took the King,
now this walk will cause disdain,
for what was in dimensions Seen,
now resides Inn complete.

So throne Yourself in plain sight,
the home of G_d fell in night,
but I guess it's prophesied,
as expected He did die.

For 'Why' would He chose to reside,
on this Earth or by Your side?

For faith in such delivers rough,
and in the Story I saw tough.

Are you prepared to example above?

To have what was walk with us,
as such does shed the obvious,
just to be as you and me,
will you see the pain or just plain seethe?

As I speak in Histories Keep,
demonstrates why G_d does leave,
in this instance of such horror,
of the logos which You bore.

Crucified a declare,
what will you do should difference stew,
expose itself as something true.

In this time of knowing Line,
more to come as a Fine,
Few will acknowledge a trying bind,
in this Era of Heavens decline.

Upon this Planet now sublime,
did you expect a glass of wine?

Will you celebrate and then just dine?
Who will Lead this troubling time?

Is a prophecy the Sum of mass,
a collective task,
to be accountable for..... Millenia's wrath?

Saturday, April 6, 2013

In The Stress of a Day, a Flashback gave Away...

The other day, last week in fact,
I went to the dentist, in chair I sat,
I began to shake as a rubber dam was placed,
inside my mouth for cavities sake.

Bluntly spoken with no repose,
I stated with no tact,
"I was killed as a kid, a plastic bag was wrapped over my head!"

In frankness I just said.

In such fright I must have turned white,
and their compassion won me out,
they continued with great care.

But as my fear did soak my being,
I closed my eyes to seek relief,
in this I was not scared.

Instantly without a pause,
thrown back to time,
a child I find,
it was me in state of See,
I stared in disbelief.

In this scene, of what was done,
I saw a missing piece,
like a Movie or a Film,
it played a brand new seen.

I stayed calm with eyes shut,
 I now do share this strange repair,
myself was back in that basement trap,
a total of recall.

There I was, cradled, love?,
 in the arms of this Man,
the One who did this true.

I waited with the patience in,
my self I did still shake,
I clamped my eyes till day was night,
in this I still had Sight,
the dental chair I held so tight.

There I stood, in close I could,
for my age has brought me height,
the difference understood.

I watched without such fear it's weird,
this Man drew my small frame endeared,
he kissed my cheek with tears it's clear,
my body was so still,
I seemed to be outside myself,
I stared for I seemed dead.

All too much, my mind did touch,
upon which was unfair,
this Crime of Love it seemed to be,
I still did die downstairs.

Why now do I close my eyes,
in a dental chair,
I was scared, I felt the fright,
creep up into my being.

My breath was hot,
I sucked no air,
did this act bring despair?

I guess good reason would so tell,
a flashback can be Hell,
but all this did was fill in rid,
the gap became the voiceless kid,
from action of, to when I froze,
and now I know 'The why.'

To think that this is remembered when,
my stress did heighten fear,
but life so strange,
I watched deranged,
and now I feel like I'm just here.

I guess no matter, this ensued,
the act of done, so near to sum,
the total of declared in wrung.

I now know,
 why the Cat,
did seem to have,
my tongue so young,
'because silenced has no scream.

I see my death as live record,
I do not question the answer;

"In death I see my life and life became my death to me."