Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Sound Of Busy

The story of the Holy Grail is a cup or the Anarchy of the box in that Said a third,
for on the count of Up side Down is the number of the crown inside the Mind I wind,
shaping for the Arch of found in voice of Nature the feet in sound a speaker of the wave,
threading to the silken worm by ways of the Snails tomb in that I state a shell of pearl by the roam`d.

Plant the field with the Waist in fertile are the Hours spread to water on the tears in Sheds,
hoses wick the candle light the lapping breeze is inking fright in put to under shed,
tools of finger in the key a digit by gorillas Sees that fog is in the midst of Humanity and bit.

Mouth of tongues in language stunned for as the words do flow touch tons the weight of packing savor,
in taste the bitter know the sweets a chocolate in candy melts making glacier sheet,
sled to ices on a block the Polar of the bear in Mark for on the Ax it speaks a Jude,
hey there long fellow stoop how does it seem to be the crate that tombs to colds and chills,
the goose respond to Crow on song spoke of the color that burned gold for it is the recipe`d.

Scry hot to method logic said that it is not the science read for that would be cauldron,
additional lumber people sunder it is the Apathetic rounds to doubt to be the facial flu`s,
plural in the singular Independent of the slough yet on the waterfall the Caves spoke of it too.

Scratch that itch it is the rich of the wealth of Mind in find of character in mid of kind,
but the rather is on purse the basket handles swing to church to lullaby the fear with fright, text & steer,
threats that have increased more the deaths of the sheets producing dead to deadly rates,
in drownings torture gasping air a blind in fold to cast despair by see that is the shrugged,
for if it were you whom had been on the Plank of that friend a different message truth,
for in that brain of wander bed the E vapor of the sucking dread would certain worth to poof!!

Bang goes the shelf to the sting of the snake in a coil on the Scorpion to sky the sting in Sale,
spinning location to the coin the Lightening strike to hit the groin of shock by Wake & beak,
bill the tally to a toil roll the mud in blister.

Needle pop the eyes in blue to green the brown of black into the dilation shoulder booth,
priest the blood to collar wrapped for animals are also sat with leash to stake the sits.

Now think to nowhere grow to ground drag the feet and make a movie in the film of lived,
a celebration to the desk in writing of the wither less is multitude of which in put to place the mark on stead,
it is the mint oh the melt of a factory on the said to tax the human corpse.

Isis in the brick chisel of the walls on egypts toll add to this the coal,
directions of the angle`ation to the shape of the spark the courtiers of plus,
in marriage of the word to bess a platter on the dinner fest lead the Prim of drink,
in the front of the lean Leonardo painted scene as the window is the simple of the look to kept.

Colors for the tablecloth the shall is in the robe a lot to discussion of the Still,
frost with cycles chance a Star in this but the smoke of truth for in the labyrinth,
rounding factor try the verse to placement of the ages monk as the work is inking,
trade this for that ending now add some whore with equal for to equate the mist,
now heat the fear to steam a lake take the sword for daggers course and wrap the ribbon reds,
still the list of blood on blood touching flesh to the gone in return the bones of frost,
a forest would in orchard keen to the fruit of Anut in smashing dignified by introducing debt.

Simple partly to the maze that Mankind is the treating fines that have drilled the peoples let,
to announce this day of pass in the over of the shed is know that Winter is the case in real,
not thesis of the day that some board came to said in the birth of all buy dead the easter of the raise.

Down for the sink in a Catholic up from the months on the fyord for in the Viking rage,
crashing seas tell well-built ships that even Noah had a grip on building to prepare,
hammer nail Cork and Vale the sync of listen to the laugh as people just prove mock.

Grand hours for the apex in the nth design of nice ask any other that trained as the rails scene,
those worker bees to bats in pleased the flight of egg a cracking breezed in how skaters know the ice,
blocks that jump to Mountains pump Tibet of fire so that used in China over the best of treed.

Junk that float to forward loose the composition by the sigh as Nature puts deserved,
her raising storms to down pouring reins that tornado in the tumble of the glacier lied,
up above the Stars are bright with the sun exploding beings to grid the constellations list.

No person as today roles some of many past in placed yet as the counter on the click counting only loot,
coins to present Gifts to leak the shake of box it is a kid inner of the circle stocking hanging Christmas tree,
tape by scotch the glued by phone is this a time that reams are needs or is the screen consuming,
at the fee of attentive anal is the foot of the tangle or the dress in eyes down press.

the media of information back and forth to What a nation all in the type that says busy,
on this day in history known the copper line that telephone to call the relative,
over again to busy spin the copy of the phone is dial on the repeat send.

In quiet excitement I got through to the voice of always true a pumping heart in say,
I heard you Papa here is my Mom did you know we miss your song for is Nana there today,
on that the phone was the key to connection of the need that familiar was the shown,
in the miss of these days the learn is of the stamping keys that worth is in the grown.

Picture Shock

Glass roof wide the skull in stitch to lineage the elbow of brain,
creation founded by the breeze of explosion bright stars to the spreading of rain dispose,
trample the flood mud in The Produce is fertilizer blood as the catholics anchor thumb,
down in the drown as the stake burned the shook Spake torn turning the baskets lung!!

Church on the mantra a Chant is the spell working for the Rib is the kneeling cow dumb,
hocks to the action A Haunch in the horse yet all the four leggers have a big balance on turf.

Circle to the star in the Five Point reverb that vibrations the spinning of Spirits on the curb,
bit to rein in ankle the heel forming brake tucking with at seat is the shoulders of the Vest,
drinking in the Air on the oxygen expensed Death is of the lives Living on the tech!!

Science mustard seeds rather the deed by deadly keys Proof of the dish is a plastic sterile dished,
mix the plaster with the mould an English Islands text, Monarchy with rule made evidence a led,
rolling worth to word in homes a booking of the last Latin tasted hobbles And bid at the addressed.

Chains on the guillotine, the tools of the Throne, trade in the Ax crank crossed at burning to the sewn,
threads now spider through the temple on the seam, trait this to human the brain is inking stone,
portal arc dimension the stature of the proof, Statues with the Carve show muscle on the boot!!

Granite by design to identify the Signs, temples with removal, A darkest stone on the Wall,
notes in rollers written jamming in to fold, read by the making of the posture on the phone,
heard to tax the marrow in today the simple sleeve, cannot the potty sitter be the better bone!!

Shake a earth to dirt a face with make Up got a cramp, tiles on the wares is dungeon read stair,
spiral entry with the touch, a Hug or Coffee Hutch, in either of the either it is the mortal crutch,
cane is a staff of scroll that pages into view, the eyes held in composure a photograph or Too,
add the vapor with the stream a natural bath at Panda, bamboo is for the whip at grass to sweep.

Suggest, suggest, Inch the meter to the bisque, Mark in the carrot as Potatoes field red,
standing on the Catholic is the Christian split at route, now subtract the exorcism what is the common cow.


A Traveling Sleep

In the library for the edition of understanding study of logic in the school of Humanity,
I walked the Halls of book to establish a recording to sound and acoustic speaker,
ground on the hard was in tax to the cause of a founding for the loss of morality,
inking Principle by note a sheet of pad in the cards of flipped shuffled the search to soot,
to a varied locale the column of the extreme wide birth not construction was a cream.

Trusting the Mind to spark the ignition to the answer I sought I worked the pursuit,
in walking the tower to the language of Latin on the heels of Sanskrit to hold the Egyptian review,
an ox by trade The Cow from sealed a monkey on the bard of the Elephant Mile!!

Seconds to the Watch on the Minute hour lock a cage to the Key of the thought,
sparking while B.D.S.M. listed that character was a should I traveled the stars on rock,
tracing a balance to the Constellation of Acura the mazda inched the port of a parent.

Paris by the still in the quiet of a rose A goat on the rack of these Lamb trails lot,
loud were the tangled as the crowds found no spot, The Tables with lamp and shoe.

Tie`Ing connection with a grid like to mapped I proceeded to sketch the slants of man,
fork to knife in the cutting dull a butcher on the block it was a building of Flower pots,
soil sidewalks with curb banks in concrete to remember the tar oiled beach, an Oyster sewage.

Furnace repercussions depth of a drum the consistent in beating a stand shower start,
reasonable lesson on the actual of Morsel the drop of candy on the peg was the clues,
people caustic the tongue asking body in a talk, the If's and the Buts for rebuke,
valley forging by Nature to process the evolving space Earth shakes to a loss of mortal plates.

Inside of the noun as the advertised shed armed the skin in a cover for the label of a head,
suites to describe the tight on the sign a stretch to fit by expand and the slip,
by death the energy of self-evident trick is a short store with a length in the scour of cork,
floating only theory in the collective to Ram a listed condition of the basic Animal spanned.

Crockery in dish, cups to up, the Chest on a bahut, comprehension expansion, its of the duck,
making a simple with shouting context the Holy Grail is not of making for it is a body sports,
not lost or hidden in the degree of the gold the pour is of words Riddled to read,
the sight on the impact of the honest at charge The Audience to scene an Oracle by seer.

How old the muster must be to contain that reincarnation is incarnation by Named,
scout on the planet to prove the Puff asking not the question by provision of the said,
in explanation of life itself the Ancient on the state a rise is the oblong to the certain of tooth.

Geared to match the library as the Quest is a slough slow in the undertaking as not all visit placed,
scouts on a road to science of the fair in park is the tree a fence to the spent,
fires to the chimney Votes in the chase a Catholic introduction to the Christians  by rust.

To have a production rented in the lust is seduction of the tale in the midst of all the Us,
heave never religion as the order is the trust that exposure fo the crashing happens by the suds,
washed in the footage held in the stank A Priest brought reformation the religion calked the jugs,
an organ junked a jar with the liquid of the pore a degree in the star is the evident repair.

A dream form came to this distribution of this say LOOK to the purse it is a magazine to bear,
friends do not join in conversations on the chair each person in denial and doubt becomes despair,
suicide brings murder the portion of the spoon to set the stable straw filled and empty by the Pool.


Today is a case of constant courts of translated yet on the day of seek fighting is the beast,
arrow gunned to silence Sheath at saber taunt glass to windows eye blinked tonsils on the sill,
a stomach in the bladder laughter choked the nail, hammering the crooked blood was thick droppings,
to place the person played cools for instant of the know was not in the knowing but by the active chore.