Monday, April 21, 2014

The Balance Of The Set


First a line moving very fast,
slowed to Circle in the delicacy of a wrap,
within in the width Letters streamed to map.

The shape continued gently as it was the last,
the symbol of infinity came to score in track,
an everlasting flow with graciousness slowing.

Connections not so fixed,
the loops were merely scene,
firstly in a whip,
than from bit to bit.

The addition of three signs,
all connected lines,
 in constants of the movement,
it sung as to improvement.

Regarding lettered streaming signed,
the works were artistically in prime
the prose in simplified of proper,
to understand the workings as an aughter.

Peacefully I watched,
this dream in simple locks,
the key in comprehending,
the patience in the branding.

Effortless in sight of mind,
the stream increased it's might,
the breadth of written language,
to engage it's every ride,
connecting in the pi.

Hypnotic Decides

Lost in spun to treasonous wrung,
service erupted volumes to tucked-end,
delivers a bottle corked to champagne.

The wrist in a time of keystrokes that line,
questions the glancing to stride in advancing,
hands to link examiner served.

The plenty versed symbolic returns,
board of appeal replies in a form,
to guide the Minds in ordinance Timed.

Causality remands to plentiful demand,
know redemption to people,
if twisted it's planned,
the throttled voice is dead land.

Response is no need should it's Citizens breath,
plotting the field of blood in a deal,
to bury the future in passed of surreal,
I.D.'s the Moon as a Star not so far.

Countered numerical venture in wealth,
upon such division the banking is tell,
absorbing the shock within such a well,
repeals a loss that adds to the skill.

A balancing rapture to swing on a whim,
so quick it is mere the after of been,
bravado belief to innocence fear,
albeit a chance the choice is it's clear,
deciding decision by eminent steer. 

The stanzas of late in click to a shake,
the blast of it's over topped too estate,
making the action to consequent take,
it always comes down to reducing a State. 

Handed Time

West to East in a Coast to Coast,
congruent pains the breach to panes,
a Variety in Shows.

Soaps to dish every lisp,
assailing to clevered crowed,
the wrinkle in a POE!!

Not the name in all capped,
the exit sign of greening spoof,
the soil inks to binded sync.

Speed to wind the blink in blind,
the a.m. hours to pottered towers,
planted at the nower,
butted to clept scoured.

Light is darned advancing time,
increased in moment as subbed limed,
the bitter taste of grapes in chimed,
the intro to the pare wars.

Catered To Spread Counter Fed

One Minute, Several Hours, 
Sunrise All so Sunset,
can rise on the other side.

Got to watch,
satellites set to buy give purchase to the bidder,
high `sight creative binds,
it's timing producing spined,
inside the day of most rhymed.

Ploying crowned reviving bound,
twisting taled in accurate pailed,
the trough of ample thirst,
developed by the pursed.

Dimes to drop,
quarters the slopped,
All in the moment to ventured Cropped,
the beat of the sealed chop,
a sending reveal forces the keel.

The rut pured in plot.

Operator Popcorn Please

The case of Society as it lies,
cold shoulders in the real,
hands of chill mitten-up,
exposure is a deadly deal.

People pass each in hasp,
bolting talk negating hinged,
covertly asking never mend,
a window dressing cover-up.

Rising freeze increased the please,
times expression certain leads,
base-meant lives for energy,
the battery of an enclaved read.

Death came to a Country whom,
ignored such finds to pale bind,
sentences of blooming array,
discovering accounts at cave.

Head the power of the state,
to identify the loss of take,
countered silence to invite,
introduction brought to light.

To the mattresses investing Site,
long before in after pour,
enticing Ones to bid their well,
should the stuck be in it still.

Yes agreement know One cares,
in the phew I'm shocked at shares,
random hits produce the stairs,
built to be a structured tree.

Nature of an individual,
patience hugs the decisional,
choice at none the growing stun,
a World poll of whom can't scum,
the end is when truths shows stung.

Rapid dissemination limited in relate tons,
massive missing cartons giving,
pictures to the names of proof,
left to clips to file as moved,
sadly most are buried loot.