Friday, November 7, 2014

Dry Dock

Timely lines in the basic life of formula to the text of the Chapter per verse by Mouth,
the tongue on the last of expressive to taste the spill through the collect of the ears heart,
in midst of social scattering the deepest spine at tap is Inking broth to question crest,
in stage of venue sentence a shock to the logic in nostril education breathes Inhaling,
that gag on the grasp to recognition of the said repeats the procession form by Tweet,
chirps that squawk to bring reason gone reaction in actively arson is a shillings pence,
priced at the feed of the Cod a basket for the catch The Tube is the set on elevated redressed.

Always on the platter is either the Meal of done of the service of expectation,
the condiments Mint Jelly to the leg of Lamb roasting prepared is a suit of square,
as checkered flags to the full twist in saber tasted an addition of Horseradish to side,
tally on the Roast than missing the beef bye gravy for that would remain to be Meet based,
a chicken spelling pick the doe out by the frog on The Told is pots Whistle to pipe organs rifle,
the cross Hare in return fits to bellow an Arch to lather the deposit of the bread defense,
still soaking vin with a touch of Malt to the fishy by the pulling Toe.

Tanking the drink weathering the burn Wrist ankles spoken to the extreme in the Photo,
shopping the Out inking the spin particular aggression scenes produced an Odyssey of certain,
like the block was the treat to slam down the Flat as a bridge to the spoon in the knife shites,
target a symptom that is parking the Concert of the measure to 50 percent of the Pop culture rent,
the tunnel blinds vision with Head lights faced for the shoulder is a boulder of Concrete shock,
bump goes the Warning of the crunch for the space in oblong to the tie in the bank of Fill It Up.

A Gas Station on the Mobile is chief on the say should the brain go to print it is a state of Stay,
dog it to the Ear of the pig on the sweat prick upon the finger and a simple in effect,
the sparks of the brakes that pads have worn straight through to the method of the metal on it's shoe,
basic in the gear to keys that turn the Engine a dial for the Radio and a Turkey in the being,
the Farm of gathering flavor for the Feed has many years of leavings not so many in the clear,
from abandon all the Chaos to negating the furthered cross is Hammer on the nails in the Alba tossed!

Just Matter

Pay Phones

I love life it is excitingly the Aspect of delivery of the latest in the Classics,
as the massive Movement to the Polar Vortex to the Movie 'The Day After Tomorrow'
strange 'The Way' it is a booking of Modern anticipation to Reality.

The writing of A Scripted version to the Full Blown happening on The Tube,
a big & extreme Chill in the know version of Ancient explanations to Walls,
built construction touching the Poles by Means of Nature naturally Waking.

For the Path Finders should be Of Watch as to the Knots of the Storm incoming,
announcing that Truth over History can indeed change in it's Charge as a quick,
the shouldering of great responsibility to the Survival of an awkward strain.

Looking to the Future as Gore put forward a decade or so ago is challenging the unprepared,
the See walls to the board temples as the riding of the calls,
deep are the channels in the mention of a fragile environment on The Brink.

Rising oceans to falling glaciers Sheets that steep to slide the slippery detail of cut like shards,
stabbing the guts of Science with all the Bach of a Pianist in the mid Tale of a show,
staged to mach the odd & See to the brooming affect of Which hit First to bat second.

The Bunt is Who's on 1st What's on 2nd & the infamous I don't know on Third,
but with the Home Run at Three Strikes yore Out it's left to the about on the Actualised,
ask the clock that Auto digital stream with no ticking just the dot com application on deck.

The Head with nothing of a body is a picture of a Cyclone until it Hits,
than in the down draft of the onward break it just is the impact of the force to space on the Vistas,
soaring at the speed of Technology to the lives that have been blessed with ample warning.

The whether or not is no longer the question rather the done,
for according to the Satellite the eye of the birth is in growth,
circling in on the temper of the earths flow interrupting the High Pressure System.

Greater than known by each year the increasing of said records are not speculations,
seems worse than predicted and certainly more sudden,
shocking paddlers to deal the Overcoming bearings on the Compass of such stun.

Makes you wonder about the Film and it's reporting on the severity to come,
'cause people always say 'That could never happen' then it does,
like your Computer switching to play on a page that it popped up without clicking.

Brake Downs

Laying Wrought^End Eggs

The 'Jive' in the base of Tone is a sample by written examples that 'Live' wire in my life,
adventures to the connection of the first expression that Elementals Rule the Technic of School,
in advance of The Earth to the tone touching skirt The Outer Realms of dimensional booms,
the eyes in ever lastingly to bear countenance to the explosions of warnings that Creation bangs,
in spacial recognition of only the skin to the flesh of bones on the Rack of societies combs,
a tangle in never for the best is the launch of Understanding the Blind.

As tooth is to marrow the filling to cavity the drill to clean the brush to cater,
forward action is not passing the Facts to Orders on the bagged,
as death in this realm is shedding the part to the energy that free flows,
from The Sky tasking Moon shining the Blue in reflection the Keys to evidence of character.

The stormy whether is not question for Clouds are answer to Twisters that dance with collection,
swinging on the arms of that breadth of Cyclone to comprehend that Nature is original Wind send,
preparations by Cellar the basement or a Friend comes from the Siren that state of Alarm,
with wax the plugs hear nothing but see the mouth piece moving and the body of the language speaking.

From Centuries past the Viking or the Mass in Seas to discovery it's just a Science in the brass,
on the plank walking fold the sink of the gold Coins minted to introduction sitting by grains of sand,
the floation of bouy in radar technology Photographs from Space maps that are swarmy,
hidden inking wealth in Scrolls on the bells Mountains that snow Caps with method of Tell.

Singing on the Prairie to cross the Great Plains add a bit of desert the Grand Canyon has a Name,
tracing out the land by valley and by hand The Moving of the center is the Earth on a spinner,
wobbles can be disease that a Horse does suffer be the cures are often held by dishes in the Fell,
origin to a produce the Seed or apple spell Johnny was picker and the Devil deals Hell.

Check that golden in fiddle mold for the bow strings are a wire,
tuned to pitch the Metro Hitch a word to that desire,
sparks of ignitions the key to turn the Vehicle,
engines now fuel gasoline The Oil is the Means.

Track to global Admissions and Watch the bearers News for in that state of Treason the laws are obtuse,
speak to cater Time in rolls the unexpected ask the Tunnel Vision the part is in division,
know conquer comes from Toiling with actual in done for Envelopes are sealed with sticky sorts of gum.

Chewing on the cud of digestion is for Humans throwing-Up,
the bile of the stomach is green with fluids stuck,
pucking barf to buckets in handles that do keep,
is really the difference of Toilet needs as Flush is on the pump.

Sumps to septic Systematics the seasoned box of buried land is also built right in,
the plastic replacement of the Tube a cannister by jinn,
the drink is known to Creeks and stone an Ocean of the ship,
as the bite between the Working Zones is lumbering to Men.

Trucks with horns that travel down the Mountainside contain,
gravel in the quarry side that dynamite begin,
dams on lakes of Merit ropes to concrete by the block,
settling for Years to make the pour in crock.

The heat that tums the Mixing Vats the cools to decades burned,
a minute timer on the stove reminders of the Hour,
the bell of binging lets the egg shell steady to whole before it cracks,
the toast so buttered the plate does cutter to know the spoon at got.


It's The Green Beret

Feathers on the Chicken with dawn of the Rooster Crowing the rise of the Age of Iron,
in the boots worn to Barn spurs in Hand the britches are the pants that breach the span,
from before the Age of Man to the dust of the sputter The Animals do Hunt a Scene,
in The World filled with dread the proper of said has drawn the relief to death by a song.

Ripples are guest bye the life of long inking youth to the aspect of The Strong,
ladder touch the beat of ryhming on the Feat to be sure that Infinity is The Continue in a deed,
spreading news to Lot in the park of Concert stop makes more for the Few and less to catch the view,
desires for the arson in flaming Fires lit delivers with The Cold hotter to a Trip.

Smashing down the torrent of rocks that prison Minds with nothing more but greater less,
scrambles are Hours that Time delivered cowards to preach the same odd script to jigg,
dancing for the Shades inking Titan Raids location is The Hell that every station plays,
tuning with a Fork to stab the steady Meet in setting Horizon on dusk that powders leak.

Spouts that turn the Valve to gage the stamp a Port conscious to the Heel in awkward is the Fink,
liars cannot be the original of lost for that storms the barrier of each the burning read,
charge the Walls to Thankful crawls to The Wad of actually for Spits are kilns of dressers Clay,
mud soaking stick to know the worth of pick does not look to the grounds as dirt is often sound.

Darker places laughter in the chortle of the guts length of real barter is known by proxies Cuts,
stable to the Stall is yet another Fall in the season of the doe Antlers are know show,
shedded makes the obvious a better in the Forest the trees are musk in scents of Sage the plants,
toss is more to Islands bogs that Moor of logging laid deeply seated in The lath is old.

Figurines match to Humanity in breaking shatters of the brought drop so quick its a Cliff,
notes that Wares of blinders harnessed to the start have thereby witnessed Testimony by cart,
wheels of the Rounds in rails that go straight Each method of the Ties with a Sledgehammer buys,
more purchase to the Engine to anchor the caboose across The Plains of The Barney grating sleigh.

Shipping freight is loaded on Oceans of the brine the Spice of salts and lavendar a pirate for the sign,
as docks come from the built construction of receptions with The Gear,
a swing to Boom the weight of broom from Overseas the Fates,
yet on the real of the work it places to the Train an opportunity to move the product to the peoples soon.

Dues by letter with Order systems that count The Inventory have interest in One thing,
the Goods upon delivery for thats the bank of Pong,
paddles with no boat to charge or Tugs that push along,
Captains in the Major Chord just send the Equators songed,
for Sale of the lair is not at all the same,
for in the walk to Bannister the wheels float the Came,
in the owners manuals its The Charts that Name the Games not the Dry Heaves.