Monday, July 8, 2013

Eye, Like, Mind

In sudden Fact,
the reveal is Fight,
the Age of Knight,
the Sun shines White.

The blanket Sky,
the patch-work Star,
it's the station that turns,
the days trend.

Open door!!

The spouting blare of Human dare,
wakes to settle,
the mind Sees mettle.

The halting thought required bought,
but Free-to-Think,
paves new way.

No longer broken,
shards are pieces,
the broken Soul.

In the fragment of a moments take,
in the Heal you may find Sake.

With a gentle kind appeal,
the shattered Lives now see the deal.

The Strength to Stand,
complement Man,
comes from within,
the human brain.

The realization of regard,
the situation a Match, a Light,
to be and not to strike,
enjoying Sent,
the sum of Like!!