Sunday, October 18, 2015

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Imagine all of the Tiles of shall the Future dance with Speak,
in a type bind machine of High Stretch of the stretch wrappers lurl,
in Width of Society at Civilizations quirk of resounding curled shores,
the waves of vine to text the reams of signed.

In each Every person Oles the vice of thread ankles Holdings,
staffed at banks of branches the Mental boughs of Wine,
grapes of jelly bellows,
that word from course pours lined,
shelf Trays troop Course to inch the Measure laid.

Than on that System,
role`d to depth of strings,
web bing in a Vocal,
grasp that rose to Thorn.

Read Create shins Toad store the Shape of grabs And stings,
bum Bowl be's a Trip pings,
journals of the Mind,
synapse Charts of nodding,
the Classic Call to lied.

In thrust of pork to shed,
a first lit Toll pig Gie glows,
second lit Toll`d Foot of In sum,
a Diction with a Cold to Enhanced Visual.

Thin fabric Connect thus Threads,
wove In touch skin Bilge,
syn Thetic Chintz of arm more,
limbs with Human lames.

Now look to the Field of Man ewe Fact erd,
an Earn of Collier magazine,
articles with Call in dures,
the Sieve of More Toll came.

Reincarnate Scrabble Boards,
monopoly for cards being,
each bevel lathes touch shingles plates that scab of pickets Fence sing,
soared above the vapor that put to dust the Traces,
Hames on rein the bustle Lane to spot of pry'm Hiss tore read,
that which made the Mold to clam Chowders Inn deed Bow oles,
the Wool lead Fleet that skin Ta lee Clad for the Muscle and plaid.

As a gigantic Shrink load modem operandi that psychological mark Curd,
the loom pus of boiling slip as that Sheet is a Tin with For mid Been,
that Breadth spun to Stretch stall on Attach,
as the Hoar Moan rumples Still skin at Applicable clothes'd.

Watch Buckle For A Pad Dock Fill "EAP' Champagnes From Steel Magnolia

The strange Weirds,
oh how that envelopes An Envelope in And of Its Self,
presently form,
to tack the Vernacular of A Homeward sound of Scene!!

Traveling the Bell chose,
it rings on the Tell 'o' Phone of eh Brand Nouns name,
to be on the Tickles,
aye chortles,
the store Ridge of ledgers!!

Freeze frame Taught the School of thought at Whole 'e' Cow,
that tintinnabular^a^shin of peas Cob blurs vision,
touch chin Found^dur Of once A pawn a Story the eh Seat on a Shore read,
saddle the bridle a tend over bit,
that is the Tongue on string,
wandering makes Horses the under Stood.

At Um & Eve.*Neen ~ The Corker Oft Tin The Big Plug ~ Complete Teeing A Ban Done Mint Once Miss Shin Impossible Now Quote Uh

Ka sand draw tiers on the open road is of the heavy lakes,
sprouts of saw,
that scene of what tires are frosted shoulders a sorting of filed Information,
then it is the Practice of shall the bean.

Speak a platter as the dishes wash the bakes,
enter that soup,
bull horns ask what is a screen,
in answer the swell,
empty bells and gone.

Did that pack age of thermal Under bales squab,
a pigeon on the message of ban dead,
inks that dry to brains on And on the buzz Urd fly'N in sight of ick.

 The trades off to visual identification Whist.

Games Arm dockets That Pour from the Den Off fair Oh's Steep,
deep in the tunnel after be floors are swept by stringing,
keel High that tongue Attached to applications summoning,
first the fall than the wobble than Inside the screaming Bot tolds,
no spline turned,
sheets book King on that lather of grained to barn animals at blet.

Minds shackled to the drill Instant photo snapped,
shivers are the Teak fought tiers,
How deep is the Well,
eyes on sprinkle Sprinkle lit Toll jar,
Ware on Earth is the fold,
in the dead on living lulled.

Neen describes an art movement that uses or abuses technology, in particular computers to create unexpected and delightful artistic results. It is the first art movement of the 21st century. In 2000, an artist commissioned from the California based branding company Lexicon to invent a name appropriate to this new movement. He chose two of the hundred names they provided - Telic and Neen. 

Written on 10/15/2015 at 3.41 PM

A Dough Be Runs Eh Dom In Knows Rack It

The lecture on sigh call oh gee,
in Men toll illness is of the shores of Beach sands Phone,
in that is the Ad diction to Temple the Avenue of a Mappers charts We're ship,
the Fast or the Pew on Knee Ole Syn ratings is Pie Splat to Con Crete the tell a vision as ad Viced,
Nail biting those Cute a coals that have charge to tale spin poles,
face-off with a pick stick to travel the bevel On level dated flew,
Wink kin those blues`d.

Short Tier to long blanks a Perch fish that basque's the supper to Frank pored doles,
for the religious scene Marks pre EST the Ace with a simple Statement of Flank, 
that Car driven hard And yet deed did to wares the find,
the World allows the Invisible shrink In the Sky to that ordinary as a Sain thought,
nobody Steaks that Potato with the Mashing carrots soup brew as a additive to brain dates,
X^lacks prime olds from form mole ready, 
the Catch trawl in complete foul owe's hang Gēng.

As the Dock tore Pre-scripts to Pen a Sill len Inking, 
that sync Width sidewalks Curb corn crippled taxing the Guard Den.

Century to the Hare Owe In verses the Tortoise shawl, 
inch the Sees inn as watts be Scrawl,
chalkboards age with dry erase acid like the Hexol gone Wrote a rooter for the Snake to plough,
the lids Shell has trump pet id soft as the for skin has bin suffocated by Creamed,
hobble the Cell Phones Screen to that thumb Act shins priced infect shunned sp lean.

Etch a Skeleton talking scrabble Whilst the gears file Locks shaft to never sound,
for is the muscle of skin that changes deb duh to a^lived,
the worker be a transfer of the Ant Hill on a heavy load, 
drives to steer that building to storage for the computer of that key digits Core.

In that Vent of brain to Matter the Flash bulb scraps The Cold to emu nighs a butt ore,
so in the sing a long the Lyle Syrups are cape a bull to charge to the dismissal of access are reed,
alter the game bed with more deep pen a tray shunned gaining traveling silence of the lambs at pursed.

These brain details are off to the traces before the after on the sit of the seater`d tact spiral`d Spin,
as society has thrown to the Compass Hour a Min. Tie Mur ssshh`s ousted by sock,
bam goes a Corn shredded by the Ample phone,
than the dust jack It is boned by the Skeletal shakers of with Inn,
frost tea freeze on cup of T's that club width the shout oft fee Fie fiddle eh owe. 

Tow tally Tee can't sirs grain while Humanity stokes burned in Either nope its either,
pronounce the accentuated and pass the strongs Nothing stops that perpendicular drive,
until society recognizes that an access or read is the bell rung fact tore while dealing with pour'n!!

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