Monday, March 31, 2014

Wide Open

The sculptured format posts,
the wholes of the verbal Coast,
the whipping of the lines,
digits Key stroke to find.

Value the primed as the constant dime,
the quarter of a call no longer stalls,
a growth in the percents,
caller I.D. delivers know cents.

Private matters behind close sets,
the echo of not a bet,
the cards Being dealt,
a tremendous wave to gamble,
the here would be the proof of ample.

Fast and never furious I accept what is as what was,
and what will be shall prove that in this write I know the move.

With clarity and too exact,
the creative places tact,
the life will have known a dual tone,
perfectly I straighten to be,
awakened by disturbing keeps,
to the facts of my destiny.

Gross Profit Verses Topic

Do not bark me out,
the reveal of the maximum ploy,
sold for or is it to,
whom will pay the highest soon?

Alive for another day I am,
not your purchasing dice,
thrown for the sight of what you did say,
living forever the Contracted Play?

Round this say in speech and seek,
the dollared valued adds to a past,
servitude of the sack,
the ayes' of the battled task,
send to speak,
the verse is well in spake and easy to take.

Crafty practice to spike the call,
will not matter if maternal falls,
the eldest sibling has different plans,
to sell that which provides a way,
for sake of the monies pay.

Life manifested a twisted fate,
the break in the private line,
to announce never whine,
it is the appendix of the seed,
also derived from original deed.

Introduction to the plotting,
never thought but it's been sought,
your psychotic phone call brought reality,
the tone was thrown to deliver the battering.

Eldest Sister oh please,
insist on the highest fee,
for Little Sister Sarah from your first lover,
is just behind your back,
seeking what?,
our Mother's contract?

You state an ever-lasting life promotion,
signed and sealed? such a lark,
the News of the Maternal Part?,
did you witness this in marked?

Proud you were of telling such much like another rut,
 I did listen as you paved,
the life that is not yours will say,
these our resights of what is,
 so grave.