Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Fire it up,
burn it in.
Flame within
the heart of me.

Is it Hot?
I think not
just a glow,
that's melting me.

Where is  the gold?
There is no mold,
the melting pot,
seems part of me.

I just arrived.
I now have hives.
It's so much heat
inside of me.

Please get back,
don't do that
you're touching
all thats part of me.

I was not there
I had to stare
It did not seem
a part of me.

I stepped outside,
so you won't ride
and I can't hide.
The heart of me.



My mind is split.
It just might rip.
I'm on the tit,
can you get the milk for me?

I just got born,
it was my birth,
did you crack my egg for me?

You freak me out.
There is no doubt.
I want out.
There seems to be no good side of me.

Why or what.
You say shut-up.
I was a nut, you left a rut.
You just won't stop until you fuck.

You crack.
You creak.
You're not so neat.
So, please just get away from me!!

I hatched,
I held,
I heard no sound.
Oh, Wait, it's all because you're down on me.

Get up!
Get off!
Don't mind me.
It's just the would (wood) inside of me.



Leave it be,
it's stirring me,
to be the one
I want to be.

I don't know you,
you don't know me,
and yet you come
and fail me.

I say to you
that I am me
and yet you won't
let me be.

You're asking me
not to be
the mold that I cannot see.

I need to be.
I need to go
I need for you
to stop the flow.

Your words to me
are worse you know
for you should see
the heart of me.

You do, you don't
you'll always know ("no")
your words just cannot flow for me.

They're deep, they're dark.
They are your Heart.



My brain hurts bad,
it might go splat.

I can't do that
I'm so fat!

Please, get back
It's fact, Four Fact

It is my Lap.
 That I might back.

It's all of that,
the thing to do,
just don't say..

BOO! Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!

Then I'll have too
feel for you
it's not something
I want to do.

My brain hurts bad
How do you do?

It's not all that
just fact for fact.

The thing to do
Is Who boo's Who?

Please, don't go
Please, come back

It's me and you
that gets us through!!!


I cannot see what I don't know,
it seems to be the Heart of me.
It's such a Show, I just don't know.
It seems to be the heart of me.
The World below might explode,
it seems to be the Heart of me.
The Bombs give way, duck down low.
It seems to be the heart of me.
When you get up don't get wet,
it seems to be the Heart of me.
Life can be such a Net, just a bet.
It seems to be the heart of me.
It's very clear why I'm here,
it seems to be the Heart of me.
I fill with Fear when I here.
It seems to be the heart of me.

The Mother Earth, she is so Dear, 
it seems to be the Heart of me.
No one seems to want her near.
It seems to be the heart of me.
Know Fear, it's like a mirror,
I seem to be the Heart of me.


Parking Lot

I cannot stare,
it's such a dare
to bring out,
the worst of you.

To look upon
the things that dawn;
They seem to come straight out of you!!

Please, don't think.
Just don't look.
That eye seems to be gearing you.
Is that hole daring you?

Jump in or not
You're at a trot
Blast a lot
It's all your snot.
It's the blaring part of you!

Blind yourself,
blot the sun
it's your moon.

My star, will follow you!!
I think it might be the heart of you.

I do believe,
you are in need
It's O.K.
I park a lot.
Do you park Two?



I wish I was the one I new.
I wish that I could go on through.
What stops me now is rather shrewd.
Becoming who and what I knew.
Can you help now,
can you do?
All the things that once were new.
The days when things came crashing through,
or are you only speaking true.

Can you get up,
can you move
to a place of the Gnu?
Where clovened hooves,
and pointed horns,
become the things we used to do.

Those things we see, are not so cool.
They rise up and pierce you through.
Those things,
they aren't so new.

Minds of theirs will often snare
to come and dare,
to eat you through
to get right down 
deep inside
into the wells,
where you might hide.
The truth of life you desire


Paint Cans

Paint Cans!!
Spread them out!!

I'm only Eight
and I can't take
all the weight
from their mistake.

Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange,
Nude, Not, Rot, Spot.

Keep them pure
it's a lot.

Lids go here,
cans go there.

They do not need any air!!

Make some space,
clear the waste.

It's my mind
Post Haste!!

I need to drain the fear from me,
to late, don't shed a tear, it's clear.

That can, that lid, it's over here.
Close one eye and do not steer.
The Hardware Store is almost here.

Paint Cans, Paint Cans,
the shelves are strong
I'm in first gear.

I might be slow
but, I am here.

Paint Cans, Paint Cans
They were clear!!



Two, Four, Six, Eight
A day,
A date,
that I can rate.

Two, Four, Six, Eight
I cannot stand,
because I ache.

Two, Four, Six, Eight
Get away,
they're on the take.

Two, Four, Six, Eight
It's not a date
for me to take.

Two, Four, Six, Eight
A time of cheer,
you're gonna tear.

Two, Four, Six, Eight
We'll go a year
before I smear.

Two, Four, Six, Eight
It was my birth,
I had no Date.

Two, Four, Six, Eight
What time tonight?
Will you rape?

Two, Four, Six, Eight
Give it hear,
I live in FEAR.


How old were you?
I was two.
I saw this thing,
it won't go through!
In and Out, Up and Down.
One in my mouth,
then I 'd frown.
So fast, So much,
I could not touch!
 It grossed me out.

Their fast, their quick,
they just don't quit!
Inflated will,
I'm just a till!
They come they go,
they come again.
It's sad to think,
I just can't be
Thank God that I'm not three.

I'm only one, when I was two.
I could not run, I had to do,
All the things to get me through.
A time and place,
when all I knew
was what I saw,
and what you do.



Prepared for this since I was Five.
See not my face, my eyes don't lie.
In time, through grace, in space, in sine.
Know where, know place, I do not waste.
Don't help, don't stare, don't scream, don't share!
Despair of mine is no disgrace.
Just a time, in such thin space.

Hello, it's Me

I'm in my Head,
but I'm not dead.
What comes instead may cause you dread.
Move on, move out, don't run about.
The stream of words you bleed are out.
Not red, not green, not blue, know doubt,
It's not the money when I shout.

Hello, it's ME
It's ME,
You see?

The sky goes dark when you remark,
the hatred must! hit its mark.
No eyes you need, I bring you Heed!
Go blind, go hate, but don't be late.
For I am here and very near.
the fear that comes into my feet,
will carry me across, it's neat.
The cost is high,
so please, don't sigh.

Hello, It's me,
it's me,
do you see?


Board Game

In guise and mystery,
I live, I lie.
While walking tall,
I often fall.
I know my sound,
I know my name.
Brick by brick,
I go the game.
Mortar dries.
While my tears cry.
The skies are dry,
and I am Blue.
Because of you,
I ask,
Who's, Who?
Check Mate


A House of Madness; what my mother did to me to gain favor at the church of satan, My Rembrance

Lend purchase to the Immortal Soul, do this before you offer up the Innocence of a child as the tranquility of your life. The simple sale of an offspring to obtain that which should naturally be unobtainable broke the Laws of the Land.  The reckless appeal of Humankind into the courts of the Lords of the Dark caused a riff in the tides of man, changing the Laws of the Divine. Thus, the rules of the darkest under-lords were known. The Laws that were broken, the laws that reach down into the midst of the ones that are better when not named, is where this small life was thrown. Tenderness was not known to this small being however it was found and given freely as if it were their own. Protection was not present from the maternal one but would be delivered by the Demons brought to life on that day. Knowledge was seen by this small life in the darkest prayer of night, just not understood. What should have been the terror of an innocent became the joy of the guilty, sending back not a small life, but, rather, a Child of the Guild.

The tones which drive the self-purchase of such a Soul straightened the view and the depth of sight.  Upon such value was placed a "Gift of Guise", this was put onto the small one.  The defilement of such a soulful site was transgressed by the fool hearty and ill-tongued foulness of man.

Discernment ruled in such accord.  The reckless arguments later in life will be determined and known "well-deep" to the "Ancient Ones" of the Unnamed.  Delivering the time between;  Hence! for the revival of such "Age in Wisdom" and "Understanding" of the "Child of the Guild" will enable all to converse with the Dead.