Saturday, January 31, 2015


Speak a prison march a slip in the best scenario a single mother with explain to the son of tack,
as the shower is of a docket on the wall timers for instruct to the bruise sore as law redemption,
teach to the Tea Party of the Democratics thrust Republican barge that buries the drowned by lapse`s,
in skill of toilet to the paper roll on the twist is dinner out to that garage of the covered crown.

Shoulder a list with the checks and savor to table the talk as the fright horror is sinking the belly,
stomach barn as stalls are the aisles that jerry-rig the speak to each a rafter ribbed,
with no tactile soap the water and the hose a spur is of introductive to the action of ape,
bounce to this rise as language in disguised burning am I to take heed with a fag at gay smoke.

Perfect worlds that stage to glass Ceiling vase is the Cattle in in the Boar that horn templates scorn,
frost the root beer with the ice cream dessert track to an appetizer and sump on the bump,
in that tailor fit to the urinal on the wall this door is the avenue to converse on a small in fact by knack,
be warned my dear freeze Ices are the Super Freeze that sold the Slurpee to the brain shore learned.

Tracers to guns as canons are horned to Bull china shops in the eye pair that makes a start the fern`d,
in blank to the blunt as the steep is of a short steed make fare of the gallant by stretching a share,
least the media for play to the rounds of the dough for I shall be of the strap that length is a rare,
frigid is reality to the shop of help that lane as the grease from the oil is sold for the propane.

To ditch to the Oxer to the drop on the course a horse on a gallop for the roads & tracks of the same,
saddle to the girth cinch it off a side English has two bearings First & Third where Western is a say,
the saddle bag that accompaniment is one in the opposite go to my mothers Tack Shop receive the lesson lathe.

Shingle this to Muni hist the advertised a statue source that grands the walk to actual in eye to eye context,
gossip on the 'Always Land' a bit to sweet the honey hey is venture to a might a be a system operate,
emergency broadcast dropped no dime for call the hiccup on the excuse suffers pardon what today,
marijuana or is it legal to State of state to Class,
make born the issue from the torn and that will dark the Flax.

Friday, January 30, 2015


Why bother the point of the arrow at sent for the drive is on the a grain,
as the brains is the burned in the scared of the born to the age on the face that it corned,
round on the pleat to the skirt off the trade that shoes are the fill to recycled,
now in the honest of nothing did change whom is the next parade on the tolled.

Shall weed prepare route to the grove on the spout so the hose is exhaust at dig park,
in the many shapes of the moon on the guise is the mystery of shelling be lull,
does the spark of the fires to the rockets read glare disturb only live walking shined,
a blacker of turmoil to not quite the posh in the fax that the arguments peril.

Does the climb to the lather in that sweat on the brow really moreover the school of the pole,
in check to the square of the classroom adult is it just on the rag at a dare,
does the burning C.D. to the plank of the room on the raked sweeping out bring a stool,
which can be the tangible pushed in be the sake that the sale had brought by toilets and rape.

Charge with the chair on the paid Media then add to the rib a good deal,
former to rank as the guitar of sank d.g. was the style I miss,
that peace in the acceptance that life is of meek and writing is way to remember the week.

Dead on the dead to the death of the ditch is the standing so difficult speak,
cell phones to Tweets the negative smear as the truth is not version but lived,
sentence the craft with a quick flip per daft and coward the deli with staired.

Branch on the hemp to the took hanging rope provided a lariat with a cost,
that the saddle is made to cinch on the gave a girth by the pad that is trade,
to the stirrup of leg that character talk to arena a better that suicide dream,
frost on the mug as the ice is the blow tell the ample that deadly is green.

Mint to the Tulip and trumpet a lily with tree from the muster`d at scratch,
from breath to the clean that the shower is steam to kiss the cheek like a batch cat got sacked,
in that bag of the turmoil to the dogs that did pit is the spikes on the collar a Vikings deep seed,
for if that is the captain at the Blunt by the ways than insults are injury and he is a scold.

Same on the face that pushed the seed graze to the slapping of fisting a Machiavellian cheese`d,
college the learn to the Cambridge of turn as Juju was professor ore feet,
lecture not as instruction came got and the rocks of the pebbles showed lathe,
foremost the print to the number of penned at a judge and a jury and tray.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Battle Hymn Of The Read Public

That basement in tin that Tamara sings as I the doll of the implement stern,
as older sister did joy to the laugh of the use in compile the diaper explained,
tools that swivel to the bed in the fie is the noise screaming seduction of greed,
for Tamara oh Tamara the Tamped Axes you are is the hour of month in the bleed.

Stuff to your mouth the usage of carton after the insert to the crotch that you seat,
for waste is of treasure to see ketchup on musk in the cycle perfume of champagne for the such,
a breath for the scope on this is the food to the things that you have drove,
in crow eagle clause to a flight on the pause your angle is bun to the cannibal.

Choir this as the harp of the horse in this I state to the fracture,
bones on the stairs as beetles and chairs the sting of the Perry on sale,
match the alike that fire to fag as the smoking of signal is Peters,
you and the balance lust for the sandwich plaster the Luke just sad.

Better to have had the sufficiency bagged as body is empty of dust,
marking the call to catacomb tomb is rising a death once a stem,
jinn on the measure of worth to the clothes as Tamara your voice is of grub,
but even at that the food is eye rack to bring death on the end of a shrugged.

Challenge this note to the nothing of youth as the time is on coming hobbling Judges,
fur down below to the split on the stow is the opus of lens don't you slow,
strangle the wound pick out all the pus as the dish of digestion needs gid^eon,
for in the informer to the task of inform is the other lit Hist ER at stood.

Join with your brethren freeze all the turns and bank to the edge a good learn,
in the ever of never of the after on tether I'd rather be born of Hell as a good.

Braid me a hard life in this short timing scour to scrub on the mission relief,
to the Farrow of rye in the string along rid may the wall be of sample belief,
role to the venue with a mount on the venue sing to the heart of the steep,
steaming with found as the land in the storm and be the wares of no blind.

Shallow this walk to the twice on the three in the four of the five gone to Nine,
in no eleventh hour for that passed a bower and broke open the snap of the find,
hanging gardens of Babylon bring in the leave that the tower of cycle see Kuhlman,
for berk lead parade did Oath land by way as Kuhlman said San Francisco had is Read.

Sodom and Gomorrah the twin top of sound is the great of the City and that is my town,
in this the fantastic is the fear of shroud horror that outside the city the world is tore,
removing the knowledge to replace it with laws that remove any task of the mind,
drilling religious by ploy cutting tactics to shadow the ghosts of 2000 year Hoists.

In the now at today as the present of shift speaks frankly of strong on disposed,
there is no signal as each is the answer as people have just binned the adjunct touched clear,
chim on the roof to the crown of the rift as the certain will plough to the grift,
chapel respond with the deal of song and the party is drinking at fountains of schlong.

Walt Whitman (1819-1892)

                O CAPTAIN! MY CAPTAIN!
    O Captain! my Captain! our fearful trip is done,
    The ship has weather’d every rack, the prize we sought is won,
    The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exulting,
    While follow eyes the steady keel, the vessel grim and daring;
                   But O heart! heart! heart!
                       O the bleeding drops of red,
                           Where on the deck my Captain lies,
                               Fallen cold and dead.
    O Captain! my Captain! rise up and hear the bells;
    Rise up—for you the flag is flung—for you the bugle trills,
    For you bouquets and ribbon’d wreaths—for you the shores a-crowding,
    For you they call, the swaying mass, their eager faces turning;
                   Here Captain! dear father!
                       This arm beneath your head!
                           It is some dream that on the deck,
                               You’ve fallen cold and dead.
    My Captain does not answer, his lips are pale and still,
    My father does not feel my arm, he has no pulse nor will,
    The ship is anchor’d safe and sound, its voyage closed and done,
    From fearful trip, the victor ship comes in with object won;
                   Exult O shores, and ring O bells!
                       But I with mournful tread,
                           Walk the deck my Captain lies,
                               Fallen cold and dead.

IN the dark of an hour the minute art to touch part of a span that is a life time of chart,
in that deep of the took as the skin is the boot this banging chain to barbed wire twisted,
grab to the bones that stretch to the cold in lives that lived to ditches truth vein,
as in said by Hall the name named by out say to bring lather ware arm bands that call,
in 70 years from date minus 20 close to spill silence with know audio scenes stir vault.

Talk a spake seeing the grave food is the damage brains are the lei in the flower,
stringing bind frost circular at tossed floating the sea level to swim with that bot,
swell did not come for that is the case ask the lamps that did leave a tracer by feat,
dockets to burn crematory lunged the ices is breathed in this world now deeds,
written no filmed by military strummed than quick to be treat without any of loud sneak,
worldwide venue Humanity death leather in cycled the oven held groat human flesh.

Scents waft a dead that shallow big lost for in the year of the fourteenth came a dot,
note be a sentence to camera be blink voice that is speaking bring spank me a rink,
arson born shores to sands that will door the scour of count banked at granule fort,
beep grain the oath charging standing salts,
knee the Ka chew to a sneeze thigh`d ankle shout.

'Cause oat at in flex free laughter to text runs with a group showing tastes that barf west,
norse stand the strength a bohemian force,
may Dracula scare to the shoes parking Clare.

Share evening news print Chance the Wall Street,
a limp ticket tape width talk at the drop offer the Tablet shocking bleeds rock,
strand paper shrink screen at the finger the puke,
the skirt to the rolling of Mure in read Flute.

Hem to the hymn`d gems that will spline vertebrae,
seat with a vent vaporing upper steam tray.

Nos trill the blow for a horse on the Pole,
collection by bridle that curbs snaffled grow.

Reining attach day bust with a shape,
ghosting earth with what hath ringing at Clerk.

Reveal arm a get tin with built to cork flood clock,
robotic from calculation to the divide fork the krill.

 The culprits with evidence the wheel whale spiel,
squeak like an Oink badge a mark with the pound,
 may the screw be on state skied for snowing the jay`k.

Might with calibration,
shirt rifle this done,
each Human slop is known for tack guns,
the shoulders of chilled to that head up on bill,
dashed with the spear it a key of the hear kit,
straight crowd of syn nur slide ruler`d by tongue,
yoke bench with collar leashing down verbs Noun by the subject to cut twine a bown.

Frank word to exposure whilst looking at eye`t,
may the think go bank inch but mile on the type,
work this brand sand^dee oyster to sleeve,
at cuffing fish fedder to beth on a gream.

Teeth by jaw gold pursed to melt,
clothed slinky banana brine to sugar quest spout,
back sewers have scrubbed with haste yet believe,
Trains carton traffic to grocer tree read.

Lake of Fire in while sword stages crown oil,
say Tar the light is of belt ground be loy yull.

Notch tightly girth global on treavor lee bled,
corn carriage cob with a wagoning bed.

Torque chest be round split to with this fact ,
 am the Flame of the blue earth be shroud Ancient stride.

Roamin' Baths

The bear in the growling thunder of the light atop the shoulder is the bulb of the chain,
inch skip with a stipulation to the whore that I know myself to be in this there is no Hell,
as the gates of the tax in self I have witnessed that magnificence of great such in theme.

for all man in humanity of whole stay your fuck to the sort of a screw,
bolt each worth to the words of a sight to gather the flood at your feet,
doors that gather to the knowing of drown may the sands count your particles,
say to the shore side system oblique that you must perfume to the spray of the beach.

Shall the temper of the stamp on the forehead of our break be in the infinite of the divide,
as the language of the spawn of the Satan that I town is thrown to the dogs for the ear,
deeply grain to heritage of sane quest your blessed to the Temple of ground.

From introduction to Creation I return to my source as the flame in eternity elemental,
origin not with I for show to you the Eye that sun will bright explosion on the seam,
settled by planet with realm of solar fleet may the Cosmic deliver bang as the evolutionary tree.

Branch this whore with what is is what shall see that the length of engagement is horses to my seat,
color on the fact that saddle on the fast divine is the symbol as drums break seals racked,
birds that foul the Fowl with what Mankind has named a Tweet may character be diversive.

Thread this pearl string with the wild rogue of I as no math`er is subractor and all will neigh the feed,
brain to the talk as conversation pie for the hole in the apple is the worm that shakes a keep,
bite with the meat and be warned of the greed as the orchard is a forest clearing house of seed.

House to the lumber sleep whilst vent wake scream with a talend art eagles Vulcan kid,
shower in golden errand rule to the loft even on the bale the hay is of the set,
fine is the tambourine the avenue of beats Vultures came for dinner but thats just and complete.

Elephant to hippo on the Crock that opens wide about the river flow the fish do even hide,
structured in the dry spell for buried in the muds as stride goes to simple humans rape the why.

Yea of little faith removed bounce this innocent to done as being a whore is the service of a door,
cross the X with out to sea in oceans of the dyes planetary names that explain the reason wise`d,
thanks to the handle put to source my own in sleep as the courtier is brave of sheet to box the brink.

Jail with your natural cover skin that stretches lamp frost the mind with salad mixing Cesars spinach,
tossed tomato surplus glad cucumber brine pickles with the root of sud is oak to seasoned leads,
for each and every country train that seeks to be right at the comb may all your deaths be level,
as any to the ouch of that I trust your share to deed as every person right makes left for me and sleeved.

Arm bands tacked the tattoo of the being on the freak joint to better sandals buckle wish a key,
caged to nothing in the call as dialing foresees that Tribes are most in value doll to pins that prick that sheep,
wool with sweater fairy I with green in mould down core for what is lost will not be sound in any dep. deprived,
withdraw your nasty of the cost grade account of rock of absolving shroud the cloak room is a bead.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Horse With No Name 
Written by Dewey Bunnell, ©1971

On the first part of the journey 
I was looking at all the life 
There were plants and birds and rocks and things 
There was sand and hills and rings 
The first thing I met was a fly with a buzz 
And the sky with no clouds 
The heat was hot and the ground was dry 
But the air was full of sound 

I've been through the desert on a horse with no name 
It felt good to be out of the rain 
In the desert you can remember your name 
'Cause there ain't no one for to give you no pain 
La, la ... 

After two days in the desert sun 
My skin began to turn red 
After three days in the desert fun 
I was looking at a river bed 
And the story it told of a river that flowed 
Made me sad to think it was dead 

You see I've been through the desert on a horse with no name 
It felt good to be out of the rain 
In the desert you can remember your name 
'Cause there ain't no one for to give you no pain 
La, la ... 

After nine days I let the horse run free 
'Cause the desert had turned to sea 
There were plants and birds and rocks and things 
There was sand and hills and rings 
The ocean is a desert with its life underground 
And a perfect disguise above 
Under the cities lies a heart made of ground 
But the humans will give no love 

You see I've been through the desert on a horse with no name 
It felt good to be out of the rain 
In the desert you can remember your name 
'Cause there ain't no one for to give you no pain 
La, la ...

Hike At^Ten News At 11: Revers

Ask the Nationals at the Global terror shall the Hooded accent be of grave in the Paradise at home,
in and On this turf of plain I state to the ever in the lasting of the brain talk called by such Scanners,
of the verse on Television to the you tubing of the gullitine on the kick of your masque I state Mugged,
as that is the simple of nothing complex for in the youth of Universe loved I place a put to deed,
the sample of your belief in the Allah which you have torched there are many Gods on bores,
for the very land you stood to the vice of old ancient dues it is the Sphinx in aye a clue,
take to the video streaming mind that these are the lasting binds that dynamite of a vest to Blind,
for as the death of every being does perhaps the death of sing a sin is only one a sting on body.

Trace the taste to karmic law as the burst of spake and saw that being on the tooth,
jagged to the understand is this comprehend at hand to never cover be brave of land ewe fool.

Force religion choke a stew the lamb of show is gates of knew thick with bulls that steering,
praddock to time and place for the wobble of the face`d may not be of engine stayed but I will do for stew.

Pick up posture branch that rope as the Cowboy is of scope in smoking not a signal but the coffee,
spoon up straight to feet that take for as the bust is tracking laced in a vocal blew,
hot heir I for examples lie and this is the Spice of virtue dye that Moon upon a chaise.

Check to Pole the earth is mould theses i.d. to facial bead addition with an arm ore ree,
ki complaint is not of sank from boast to post this is the frost as Ices is the cube,
act vase paint the brush will say a proper simple prime in came that aims the term to viewed,
shorting money cache to depth for Allah would skype you're cow to grape the vine as chewed,
to slice the piece as promulgate with a breadth of width to sake forever is a send.

Eternal on the Won oh ate truth be determined fate to Creepers that still move,
a cipher morse on brakes of code to circulate the modest grove that digging of the stove`d,
score in tongue for I name bake as the good of clamber,
fodder friend of religious bend the rest is only slumbering while I'll taste fractures on the dill dough,
a fig by no mistake is of the some that grown to bone the stip. ewe late with more than just a gathered bud.

At Eight Fifteen House Address Street Numbered

So as each day many suicide on this earthly plain the evidence for change is at union for burial,
all the technical difficulties of the change in required to status such scores have disconnected the fee,
in that the balance of nature has twisted into the label of the tomb on the Fore Head of the scour,
in this the number burned on the eyes of the state is the dismissal of reason for the fortune bunners,
wrap that hair into the bobbie of the pins and tour the worth with death on the fact that harbor,
in the port of dismal names with traction will rein down the share telling of operators at terror.

Sake the seat to the News Break on the former to the sack will happen exact to say flax,
slick to the gel of the dye on the chair is the counted for the barnacle on opulence of dare,
in the charge to each and ever reader it is the constant of the R.I.P. that showers this equipped,
to now is the emergence of deeper stills that stood for in the hour of the minute another bites the put,
decisions to bury and to placate the envy as the apathy at scat is the bitter taste of rat,
in the sewers of the stuck to the part that ran the waist better are the stable that road on night a pale.

In darkness to the move as the toilet is not flushed the backing up can drive with plunger for the stick,
park the worlds mouths that sample only bough to the chew on the would of the climb in banking hood.

Movies now from Talkies the oath in grains the sign to speak of the case in the offered cattle dime,
pen the round Up to the cast upon the stone ink is blue in red to black a multi-colored comb,
in brushing out the tangles hatred on the crap I am but an age in tack that makes this simple Tax,
the price included for the brain the Mind on the return is adding to subtraction as death does have a turn,
all in all the basket called is in the best of Toll for in the track of ole reaper whom gets all it's lucky to be a pole,
in the informed of the tree as whom needs a ladder with living technically as a protocol to fractured,
skating ice to branch the fight as land is under spy of watch the ticket sprawl.

Screen to perfect for the Tom seems as if the great is bomb to speech the slender trim,
for on that street of in the bank the Tenderloin was meet.


I gain in the fraction of the dot on the commas that sound to the beat of the math in the mind,
for the subtraction of life to the dead accounts that religion has raised with the swipe in shine,
for on the flags that religion does not fly for the pew is of the sit,
caste this pile to the mount of the Cross on the fracture of the death never buried but hit every Qi,
nail this to the penny on the file in the texture to the tongues that speak to scream,
silence is the patience in the born grown for as the attitude is not but will count to start.

Take the path of rubble and hand the shake with reason for it is those on the lause,
taste the spice of time folding to the bank at most shoveled to the rise,
fluff as the tie to the walking on the by formal introduction taking stripe,
in the whipping camp of the hard diners serve the sealed com pits,
in that shave of never shag to the sinker of the guild^dead flag mark it pole torn,
as the kick hits the spike on the cement bound sad remove the bile with a bought to ear.

Hop with a spank for the pearl is the violet as the purple hat would fit it sat,
as the spread to the symbol to the stand of the scarf a scale on inch is the miler's sable,
silk is the stopper for the vault of the find even should the combo been spiral,
in the find to the take it is the walk of the carry well the weight of the lift to the sense marking shale,
brick to the cipher as the under wire brought bigs on the stacks carting want to skirt the fought.

Bound by the fact that word is the lathe those shingles on the house at a place of my birth,
in the years of the shore the sales and the bores the paint on the shower now green,
soylent in the color the barf on the collar`d a pinch collar Blunt to sacred yak his turn,
as the coats of certain tan are the flowers on the fern to the death of a dimensional blest.

Sync to the tour as that is the mold for the version of the laughing is gut pulling told,
vice is the speech a barter on the breach is curt with the Tales that weather feather breach,
torn from a stale`d to butter on the breeze the steaming is the sell that suicide goes skeet,
to punch on the stage that Jim Jones did fly away for drinking down the bullet frost a shoulder.

My best friend in the snap of his neck to the real and the lumber that did hold the pearl,
in the clam on the coin to heat with the note is the banking for the scantily clad.

To believe that the question of the phone on the dismissal is the science of the hour barfing flour,
sale is the pants that leg to the sock in shoeing of the brand that sicks the kicker lunched,
meal for the worm is the lizard act parade course is serving a dish of that pervade,
courtesy of the global colder colder no humanity to trade,
'cause human traffics branches like the ladder of a spay.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


As the repeat of the before in the at of the after,
in the past of the future to the tale of the stay,
add ancient in the art a fact & now hour of a span,
for the from of ask send is the answer on the lens,
to blink in that stop at the yield of plow`d,
for introduction to a beat has broke the seal`d.

Clapping is the flashbulb of the twitch to the aspect,
on an asset ices of the stage a hugging performer,
to negative the photo to the photo the graph is a camera,
on kodak or the grocery an obvious is capped.

Graduate the aisle over with the number on the hat,
is the crowing of the frost a slurpee of all that,
to tack to a saddle at the stool of bit to push,
can the flush of the signs be plugged with Tam packs.

Clause on the record of the player with a brew,
is the cellular of memory or computer kicked to grew,
since that carrot on the stick is a brain with the down,
the cover must than be the bed^ding of a feather,
a cents to the the ink^lean of pen crop gone touch ground.

Shall a key on the for in the dip to clears of racked,
baking in the oven or showering on exacted,
poison Hexol to breathing fast is said to be of breadth,
in lungs that have been sucked is it only of the Fax.

Can branches of the record speak of a cart harness Pole,
flipping on the toilet to knowing of the cold,
frozen temper in ignore is stanchion of the training horse,
for adults that rocking know that worlds in a pour.

In walking up on the track to dirt of mud in faced,
can really only what is paste be glued to click and baste,
fore eyes are of the password to that the popular scant,
scout that seeing is believing to air is human land.


The most curious weird took the stage on CBS Morning News as the worth of Blunt was tossed,
in the sentence of structure to the carriage of the Actor for and of the Movie through gossip,
in such a gay event of the spoken tread a basic on the fact to Eddie in track on this a Sag award,
a as the find is true to the ever in the through it is not the time of the said rather censorship in had.

From the fractious manner of the one barb to the anchor hard a strange wedding in previewed,
as if the say is do to the chicken to the bake for KFC serving Hot Dog in the bun as all the way a pun,
oil fried cinnamon twist to the gut wipe of cadillac a plate of truth to the toilet on the certainable,
eat a bench with the would of a pinch as the spice to cheek is born brung.

My Mother taught^see the nick^name works the worth of both value, virtue to bring ladders swing,
a bough on the tree to a nippler on the ski perking the bell of the paper as the grocery of the feed,
curtain a caller for the banks of the town is the city of the grands on the Out skirter,
so to the fountain of recycle to the movement of the route is the rubber of the bounce ore a bender.

Trace the palm a reed to the leaks at the face is the profiling of the Eddie,
dictionary class to the F.B.I. in back is the dinner on the brunch at lunch 815,
to marching out the Tamara for in pace is the team and all do count the aye in every simple shun,
talking coward range with a bit of bitter lay is not the eyes but the constant of annoying t-shirt.

Squab of the flight as one word to every byte is the answer track to each a lace in buckled for the ripe,
pop goes the follow as the vest to a drink gosh the darn is Lance speaking like a Kent,
the Man of absolute to the counter of the truth is the report of wealth that cycles touching found!!

Heave no down for the deflater is a sound on the Air of stall to beacons call in dial a go Merry,
the zoo in My City has a gift for Goods and Send pea for I suppose the dream I had was more,
at the big old table so high off the ground chairs built from skaters that took the ice to loud,
now should the Tail be missing the point of the Punt that scent to Champagne and perfume on the bunt.

The thing about the taker is the delivery on send a path in the founder is the bright on Christmas end,
ribbons on the Oak is syrup for the Cake as the mix is really jist the House of Prime Rib,
for on the actual of the dining on the sight a better to the Arrow for est is bigger kite,
the Hotel for the brew ha and the beer is on the Tab a calculation for the fact that now is of tag.

Today is on the books as a perfection to the find revealing that nothing is the nothing in the tribe,
to tank the guns that freed the die to shoot the Poland side as gather to the frock it must still be in a vibe,
music to the push in done is making less of people whom had fathers mothers children that live,
no count to that death of crab as in the Polish square Head have the light-bulb of A kin,
yes the check is dawn a Hue in phone to special out of ewe it crowds the wire lag,
hubbing wheel like a steer the bull vine on the grape of fear is width of aintent life,
so grab the towel and know the barf from my best friend on account for monsters wholy ear`d.

Rose Water Is Not Per^Fume

Fountain flavor ice in the freeze of humanity on the reality of the cost to in the body law,
as the skin is touch the frame shed the glasses eyes of lane and tint the balls to withered,
from basic on the death of shed to tools that dull the cuts to chop the brain with fare,
in aspect of the funnel on bic to lit with stair no tend with fact for truth is rack as stretch is lasting.

Bury all that speaks to rowel that ladder on the tomb of grave touch the fluff of dig a gruff to spark,
tarp the body bag at walk a zipper for the lip of caught to ditch the same in span,
in the deed of sponge to ground every drops the cremation line for that is certain true,
while that is the spice of type to dope your curl with a curt it is the lives in theme.

Rise to nature in her bare as the birth of tree,
a timely part to cart the scar as signs are casting bloom,
rose to sank in wise of dank that best to watch the kill,
in bet to task the sold out pass is banking on the barrel.

Burning score to didst the chore for fist to Ass as fit,
table top with scrabble shot a "News Show" of the bottom crotch,
swinging ladders with the blades like mowing grass to wheat parade,
a joint on the corner store in the list on tune.

Cable copper with the perk for hardline is the face to swept thats okay too,
one leg that button up with toilets on the same of push for all do concentrate!!

Sinks that liquid of the soap on the balance of the tongue to wash the scope yet base,
view the channels straights are knew for Lombard Boulevard works brick shoed,
cars that know the short port put that street to north by north of west is compass golden bridge.

Sleepless hour of the sound is the version on the full two-hour phone lost is vitality on CBS,
the constant shift to shafting stop the negative bounce is slam on the from for reason none,
yet as the News has moved to gone that control factor of the Cast at shone is blood let,
dripping with a phonic cart first the glasses than the gart to say need than issue swipe.

For on the example of virtue dart the chair has been shattered in full and frontal puke,
to chicken skin that honest lens to watched for any point to hinge hatred swirls stock,
bummer that the world is shock to any that provide the lock with key and sense and say,
these are the days of shoulder cop that bolster match to strike the pipe as wig amongst the pun.

Profession journal to desk of seen the difference in the using green to slice the diaper penned,
in hand to state the perfect rate as the blizzard is the comb of changing plus to bring,
but then again the sit is send to scramble eggs called the fame at under`verse in shamed,
maybe public borns no review rather thunder crops and Qued to guns that fire dense leaved.

But yet than again that is the way of bin to marble saved with plenty caved to the smell of Tuna,
a whale of the bell detail sharks that whisk the anchor bale to wire on the post,
hank that off with alba tossed a sentiment to H.Salt fish and chips to recognize Jim Jones`d.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Take A Deep Breath

Not the if it is the said that brought to term a balance kept by taught^see on a Keep a rare,
as the speech And tangle snare`d have left the certain curtain turn at the pulpit seen was crowning,
the age of I to youth in silent at Four years old the verse to lane in convergence of deadly spared,
as these bunch to grow the found person places lock to sound by opening the verse through tongue,
no spur of breast that spoke a pace the portion gave know light with sad as screaming never had.

To the christian that porks bacon fried potato on the french of fooled ain't savage in moulin,
the rouge of story born to sang a harsh environment in Sting as lyrics clam the tasters,
crumb bred shoulders lamps with skin minds that harsh the gory bin to cars in parking cabled,
channel with the news of street side the talk as old age cream yet cannot help the stink,
smelly flounder garbage wreaks bungee chords to diaper treat ask raccoons their bandits,
bits of can to trucks that stand from once the other now the sham.

Credit on the roast of skeet that fire off the rounds to sleep while snoring frosts the crowd,
chisel Stole the Mink of fir oh wait it is the Syrups queen that thick dark Massive swallow,
glug glug glugging cracked eggs glass preparation from the class that fought the lengh of training,
cycle numbers to the card Boxing in the same bold tar to raise the said in butcher starts agreed.

What you see to pimp you can't to dream of cave on ancients type carve the grace machine,
dignity taste the minute deed instant sweep with rake of tree for all the work is vernal.

For a moment in the thought of dialation of the eyes as the print to password cripe,
as each to every is select in indication of the pike a perfect ground in bridge the maker,
shall the stream to scene of doors out to sky or in the floors of the rooms that bike,
cork the constant to understand all do speak with their hands now introduce the peat,
grass to green cloud to WHAT the bubble of the computer tuff or is it shape in deep.

Worldly port to words that slight change the cougar now the town in town on over its a sound,
deep the electric to switch the stick ask the carrot is that tick or understood by only skit,
daily paper cramp the chi is a dial of the sigh or discounting of the freezer burned,
shrinking wrap to suffocation on the oxygen is the nation only bearing worth to ration,
formal gloves with prearranged step of course is arena bore a horse to saddle jumping,
why a bag if the tale is the back end of a more dictionary choice to bake in the flavor of the weak.

Add the tongue depression dock split the coin as mint of rock drink that spring as ice is hot,
the ballroom glow is show the core dart about to speak at perk just don't believe its brag,

Drum Rolling For My Best Friend David Eden Sundown Garrett ~ Died In Action On Planet Earth: Battlefield ~ The Human Mind

Harbor on the fore be had to the said by best friends glad to tongue the speech to say,
in the explanation to the day of leave a church shall the reminder be of the rest,
in basic of my owners ear to the pierce of fact on back the punch is and was of crunched,
the pulp magnet to the bullet between the eyes that bloody spine`d to whipping line in jacked,
shock will put the shock to taste in the brain of over raced an then the bridle bit,
a should the bean to grains of host be framed to dunk the cookie lunch drapes touch candles steaming.

Snuff the smoke to letter less as the voice is start of desk in repeat of exact to me at four of see,
as the ghost tells the told to the make of tank the cold in breadth of ground to wide load planned,
the words of the Mid-West worm that came to special on the term in this I ratchet story,
the story of my mother's form with grace and virtue might one true yet on the lean is learning,
for Tenderloin are grapes of wright in the rasp of file tight to hold with more that hope account.

Walking with a Shadow Musk in that Vote Olympic spool sew to thread theses Class,
wars from grands to little hands that produce the fabulous to real on the feet,
spark no angle as truth is handle but rather that torque floundered chest that sank to what the Vestment pane`d,
in coarse to mind the hobbler sound to know that grain is the rye of toad a lane,
in the process once I day is the list on number gave to speak pop on the box that is the deal.

Cast the parts to my grade and year of the time in the steer of a fear that put a taste of death to age`d,
in simple of the complicated never did I rain the text but slow to Jung the sight of teak,
coffee cream sugar deed milk on cow with teach swine sound also tray the service with a cup of gee,
listening to that testimony added to the decades meld in the hour of the ream each and every chattering.

No batter needed as the beat is of the mix to park the Fleet in shipping of the News,
for at the sight of pier to knight the fool is of the joker,
for shall the popular downers swallow hear I say to this coming as easy as a Tweet,
I sent before the cleat.

On Umbrella Staff At Duck

Perhaps the more in specific slide is the facts that most of the population turns from the ones that have lived the reality of an experience thus leaving that start as the key for the cage.  In a simple teach and in the said of frankly spelt Exorcisms are truly horror on fact.  The shouting of an Evangelical on the foot of a Priest is the outing that will provide in the eventual lay person an understanding to divide the innocent from the gun.  Theology has in centuries shacked performed, killed, beaten and buried the information on the brutality of the course to what is said to be the freedom of a Human Being.  As technology has provided new menu to old classic bard, the thorn is of the bleed and children the corn.  Row to parents and the like will shower chords of the filling of ones mind to the spilling of life to barter the back.  In this the reaction on the found is most normally vomit, wording and basic grapple of survival screaming to subject mattering.  Yet on the cause to the act not any have considered that the immediate vomit, or as in my own experience the included real type movie scene of the projectile distance that was reached is indeed a normal reaction to a quote unquote demon that is both readily known to being unknown in the seen.

In that terror of the mere sight of such shadow of spirits the Catholics & Christians alike will pronounce the offense, the reactor is immediately given title that the idle talker is by a demonic court from below.  With a calm and often shaped rapport the supposed trained Exorcist will collar up with robes, water, a Cross and whipping War of chant word.  The price of this desire to rid person being is and has taken a mentality of guard with the provision of belief to cancer the brain`d.  Hammering technic to floored performance the bible with the thumper constructing a shaft, for the intended said to be afflicted is mention hell.

Now in the science of sane the wiser to the talk as I have unfortunately been subjected to such tactics of the label that buries your fled as the congregations trap your case.  Following a logical method to my best friends trail of done, the clues to not suggest but to place on the platter of your dining room table is the barf.  For in the sense of reaction to a demonic trend is it not the reaction of sane to either throw-up, run, march, take-off, scream anything that comes to mind when and as these applications are in reality not only threatening but killing your existence.  For discussion on contact I shall use the classical Vampire in myth to address the approach of a Priest to a cat.  In the hackles or raised back the hissing and spitting is in the most definite unfelt but readily felt by the animal nature of basic shore to blade.

The cut to the Evangelical or Religious fountain of dogma being the can^ables for the real to a vampire seduction as the bite is a shipping of the mental comprehension of and with the reaction of a youth, child or in fact terrified person.  Born in with a natural alarm as nature is to see the threat but perhaps since these type of bearings are only embraced on the pew than thrown to death on the street the matter has been subjected to the time in the clock of the our hands to be view.  P.T.S.D. for the War of Iran is a problem to the Service of the United States of America.  Flashbacks to the blood fields dripping with people missing heads and/or being blown to shreds by the suicide and the bomber den that have incorporated the vest to the hand grenade chest.  Push aside these stupid scenes as now you are in your homeland and what the duck is wrong with you to be so paranoid every time you hear a car backfire or the door slam shut.  Just because you see a suspicious type character or a Cop with a hard-on shoveling his over breast attitude your way is no reason for you to park out your flashback of a dumb memory into the conversation of the expression of horror on your face.

As for the television and the foolish shocking fake main that you type pull as if to react with shocking sick belly grabs to the and for the excuse to exit the room or cool your jets at the local of the pub to gallon the liquor so supposedly you can manage a curl for a thought or a word.  What is your issue to be reminded of death when you see the squirrel scampering about to the hanging of the list on the news about exploding or missing planes that are not even in this country anyway.  What is the why to have had to branch the feat as to be the bucket for the pail on the window of the display that Windex of the paper telling the towels to wipe a came.  Throw in a few more of the eyes and then mail as well as the conversations and shins to the liars of the did in the Memory for the day.  Now proud the finish with what the dock to the banter as the clause in the Sane to the crazed on the banks of the river of the cycles of caught.  Still in this pastel of murid span the paints are the murals of a sample that the switch has born to take the living create the death by the not a proxy but the fact by fact diaper of the tongue that fudges the swiper as the rain is in the tally on the fort.

So for the language of the average chainer to be the game of Chess at endgame is the remote to the button that speaks to say that a blacker hook is the bait and sink to know that this is the Upside down politics of believers verse to the believed being the propagated as the example to support the curtain call of the apocalyptic sale. The bottom line.

Recipe Types A Can^Able

So in the proud of vapor blood to the spirit nailed to the sank of tomb to cross a sender,
for on the drink to butter flesh that walk of aisle with a stance the little in con hinge sun,
a bit of light the burn of sight to glasses filled with thick be dick a limper on the failed,
swallow drank the mid kiss punch to cherry on the sail,
for shall the worth of church to hinge the stone on echo pail,
a pan to handle gold to greed in the collection call it seed.

Ground the opposite to the form and be a small on child,
in the barf that thirty farce to actual in fact row,
the foyer hot to skirt the plot a vampire coming in shoe,
the touch of scene with scandal cream for as the popular scrambles,
the children puking their possessed with seeing truth at sandal,
buckled in the dress of cloak the skin is part of shambles.

Now speak so clearly that as the point is turned to flip the ark chord,
there it is plain as sin coming from the gambled,
kill the youth to crack the brain and trigger it with bible,
from Jesus Christ to challis swipe the bread and water candle.

Change the footing to that sand make it quick or Religion flames as what I say is arson,
match that light with a torch a bic touch cigarette to scan dolls,
whom would ever take the sign round the bout to up the flout attempt to last this trample,
boiling scared to river read yet in the atlas know series trap is snapping on the dangle,
wipe out the innocent to speak a kit as the brush is combed for fit police than cuff the bramble.

In the sense of 18 hence is that quarry over rent to realize the action pence is baskets fulled top,
drop the signal bang the drum rip the seals from the stun do not make the pointed pun,
where are the mathematicians dead to scribe upon the bottom said that scores to mark the bounce.

Trade this fry to brain in loud P.T.S.D. the over crown reduce the war to born at chore explain a tan,
in the scale of the green is the god at all the bean to counters on the grocery,
bark the pale thirst the mind who does need the physic bind in the sound of baled,
wired with the bailers hist that chain and jail of the skin to feet that froze in run,
tunnels of the vision snipe the viper on the coiled type a can't just won't believe.

Grade the bank to exercise as the runners in the nerve tough our hours with the words that bast^hard,
horse shoes on the iron weld to pits of hits that bruises chin to rosy rustle burr,
cold the winter moth to cusp on this the other dutch par to tee the four score trait^ore,
walking world the turf of scope eyes that work the outer whelp to fires on the stones of court to anchor,
in slide of rule to religious drool the wise hour reason with a channel of the broad bins.

Shall the trigger be that stand in the hallway of the grant than is not the sacred on a crowd to ditches,
digging snap to yank the cat at the clause of chapter pause with gulp is fountain stinging,
stairs to cow in bull side stuck the ring of scent to darkest pen the card is only barreled,
jump should the commoner seem to bypass each the everything to sake the personal passive,
apathy envy lot a table with the christ at dot is spiritual dining with the thought of real in the filed,
spark that light to blackest stark in the bleach of starch at start the avenue of sale`d,
as the stiff is colder state to hot right off the collar caped in cloaks to robe`d to fate ured.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Why Weight

Dab a stick to the Viola on the violin of the bridge to special on the hinge of stone,
in the sound of acoustic to the speak of worth Work is a value to bow the round,
sense in the founders on structure by design in a mystery of knowledge the rosin buy`n,
for found on touch class to education mirror fork the knife to the mound a cutter or a clear,
to dust the bell as cracked at smell the damp beneath a bellevue is the ten for fracture or sake at foot a dine.

Tanker with the trough of fill in the empty thirst a skirt the whole of Hemming on the Drake in Herald,
trumpet town to city kowin` the breaker of the leach,
a thirsty mourning with the mist is raining on the space^tion!!

Capsule saw to jagged raw or count the Aten organ,
inch the miles with the switch for B.D.S.M is richness`d,
thicken with the Tell;er of the deed in fact of Meaning grounds of ball to Ring in shod a horse within a team,
to borrow over with a trick in the manufacture, sands of gift to virtue list is spanking at the broad wave`d.

Trigger now to religion sit in the pew of all^ways chop the pork pig the fowl and branch the olive at graph,
grip at Christmas bank the tree with a nut hand tinsel spark of the shimmer to the mess in the clean,
dark is the pad of park a dart to the target on the smart Conch Intelligence sharks at bar the Bahamas,
island with the hymnal of the library at the scoot mixture egg thank the soup its a meat on sampled louvre.

Crack crank all caps to ark the pissed in the short of aspect the other is an Asset to the arm,
muscle with the Hammer for the Viking is sailings of the nature to a craft that read of hare came bait Tare.

Dependent On The Lie

In the world as now there are said to be in active book 5000 factions of the outskirts on believe,
in this the pointed at of the singular is only the flat of faster to the pipe on the gun smoke to had,
in possession of the name to the greed of chain game this question of the solve is in a class grade,
packing to a vid. or the prance on the head a cross for the barrel and newspaper for fed,
printing to a peculiar from morsel information is a set of Blinders on the team of the shag.

As in many of corn to the Cob on the born fields of the plow bring to the top soil a cow,
milking sweet & honey with sticky syrups loud to tack on the hammer in the nailing of chow,
so the stream is boiling with triggers that do spank the mind with a type of certain on barf,
in vomit at the bile of the tongue in biting sound a letter to the taste salt is for the shunned,
scrap of notes to chewing the brain in shredded fax machine with a light of speed in thundering response.

Change the act to embrace an art to picture of the mile for words do lecture to this cart a noun in barter file,
Jesus Christ as rifle snap the bomb of hand grenade pulling pin to suicide the member of the save,
of the grid that vow of scare the Christian pulls a Muslim stair it is just that the body parts are live,
in breathing from a youth in burned to being raised in slammings doors to threshold War as pecked,
beaks that sniper to assassin the edge of forest jungled courts that judge to hand the park an explosive on the tumble.
add the Narcissist touch the Sadist equal up a murder for in the verse of slam slam slam the oven is of bondage.

Slaves to surf the exorcist a Catholic at the table puke for in the spirit of the demon Satans says its service,
lucifer did handle spur by opening the Reaper fur to warm the platter with a Vase of painted by the creepers,
crawling on the string of pearls the pigs of Swine in heard staff to scramble mind of cold control becomes its central.

Bury now the rapes to class in the school of warring,
second first to third in fifth the fourth is all the candle,
burnt by steep the vapor scream yet in my country not winning,
for the News on CBS just puts forth the work as fuddle.

To blank a name but add a pain in the naked of the breast with subtraction of the Class War,
is as often is to necessary the script of theory in the film for Hormones are in varied,
put to the Actors on degree in coliseum found Hawking has made better been to bringing Eagle square.

Withdraw again the Man of send to not the radio for pen as for the spectacular Spectacular is seeing,
tune the vice while writing nice a version downs the fart as gas is known from when is when,
that shower of the golden squire to the next obsession for the glenn with the ditch of body Hitch,
birds to seagulls Crows to dovetailed the Vulture tied with Heir owed.

Conch the shall the ear of piece in the echo drumming,
straight the narrow of the tub to the twice in circle,
a line of show with nude in ploy a skate across the crown,
to think that the Pub is a crawl a pony on the horse of Mall,
than this leaves the cart as open chart to know of cards at Taro,
the foolishness incorporates to excuse the pardoned risk as informed by all the pits.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Hi^Pot Ta News

Lecture Halls schooling jaws in the preach of the professor on the name brand attendant,
as the brass of the barrel in the death of a slight a glove from the Parthenon to caste it a kite,
string with the thread or spool on the type print the eyes blinking and partition the fight.

Divide is the symbol play an accordion by byte in this the inch will mile at the knight,
snip to the chop on that pork of the bean telling of ghost in the real of keen,
should the youth of a child in a nightmare of lived see that the cloak was a living deadly deep stared,
tasking the sense to this actual on tense is to know of the shift on the shadow at tent.

Stick of the camp in the fire on rancid a throttle for walking and a mind on that tongue,
bring in the tree or communion on knee a church for the bible a chapter for key.

Bright strokes of signal that body of came in balanced of ripping my brain to the paved,
smashing with torrent to restless on want no patience did design for the mouth wanted daunt.

Swish goes the fabric form the skin under nails fingers to function in the paper on trails,
strange to the portion a verse in the found grab on touch sample the circle is sound,
chest with the caution for the shoulder looked jest watched as a jerk made funny not guest,
in aisle to pew of the picture I knew laughter to spanking the system worked few.

The trample of bashing the human to duct is pretty much cancer with a bit budgie at tod,
in perhaps of the function the liter spoke gallon drinking for fortune removing the sand,
in the pour on the stitch to the shredders of lace tied to buckle the thread in the faced,
delighted to perk a future in term as the glue from the lips to that silence in chose.

Tenure the throes with a saddle on know in that this is stable of founded by grow,
worry shall that become the between as dead are still dead and tomatoes still green.

Cook up potatoes or carrots on steam broil the stretch to the hamburger seam,
smear the condiment like the cover of fein as that is the spirit of the Thames on a king,
french in the fries or Kentucky fried scream chicken to rat taste is the goods and the means,
however more in the over of theme is that drop in the bucket of oil on shaft.

The groove is of greased and the video of tube a televised live from the vernacular burns,
chaps that pant legs to shovel the twitch is the difference in modern or the use of the switch,
special it to the coffee of bean ground for the reality that tea often sings,
song to the trust of down for the seek Trigger a barn for Mr. Ed had a farm.

Will burr in the freeze of the staff to the stall mucking as letter is stuck to the saw,
shout to the silence proud with the flesh for in the provision the bee is the kest.

Phone calls to dial or stealing lined that is the smoke of the deviant signed,
at the cue of the bullet fires of swell to separate ages in a singular chill,
day off to foyer bell 815 dark is the daylight that swings on the spline,
raked for the doppler radar at disc. now be this a warning of straddle the Hist.

Chirp first to ding-dong that sent on parade to bark at the basis as trees in the nest,
glass paper towels that shiny to bisque in second of count sleep in the crest,
speak a ton to the birds on the lung for at instant both Eagle came Hawk the flights of the desk.

Of course that is really just 20/20 in 60 Minutes or lest