Tuesday, October 7, 2014


As I launch myself off to sleep the evening of feel complete in the voiceless call,
for in the Moon the Blood Red gem is the Only natural Satellite on a give of lights to small,
reflective of the Sun in dark showing grace the shining Might of how the Sphere does brights,
in the shall we go to see the Milky Way in outer Tree appreciate the active ground of Shade,
a certain day the Moon did spake to teach the Planet that a breeze can Move the biggest Magistrate,
the outline on the mere in Skate is the fact we all can Sake a beauty in the Spree,
the growth of Night to lead with change that will be for Us to gain the formula of a land in Spake,
as it has been recorded these Signs are Watch the fabric of the Universe stretching in the Say,
to cheer the dance of wild in Stance may the active be Romance for whom does beauty sight.

Holding eyes to gaze the sky with the hand held in a type I rave the people for the love of life,
while the arms wrap the waist of the friend you hold in grace don't forget to be a match in light,
the squeeze to know that all have show is the link Humanity in the instant of a Fate the World grows,
for as embrace goes to share remember that each persons care is on the point of do in stare,
ring the quiet to the link of a start that brings a blink to join together naturally what shapes our Crew,
the simple fact that You are You and I am I in every place a single try to be that Independent sky,
the Cause of affection makes the traction to a friend in the Rare you meet Unique for all can be a key,
to best of places that still have need to carry Us to fantastic faces smiling the grin of Natures Feat,
for the Moon is blushing.

It Only Takes A Spark To Get A Fire Going Backwards

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,bend the on river the in Creek the of flowing the vein is blood and body is flesh as
,kept in already the of pouring the in water the is swept down upside the in Cloud the from fall a

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,Type a with hoses that Sprinkler the with growing
,Bang Big clue the at ball the Fetch in galactical
.drawn Singing in spread that Lights brighter to dawn at Set a just really is Flame Fire Elemental an


The Verse & Text the Quantum thesis in the Production of a Feat on earthly Means,
the Scribe in Nature that Signed a Clause flew to Laptops that do Trade,
in the mass of chapel laid on the read of sever ray it is the crop of whipping trays,
with words and phrases in the Stance on the yards of inch long pranced,
favor for the bedknods Pant as the Toast of broomsticks lock.

Fort the fast & Fornicate in the bite on the Sake as the rumble of the blog in the days of at a Saw,
on these bays of Shine to stay very balance a Seat of clue,
ladder on the breathing glue limbs that Branch to library through,
rails on the eye drop times with layers in the brake for Kind,
always saying never Stein for in that drink life is climb.

Bercut Field round about on the fence in whats about,
riding Horses for the shout just to see the rubber loud,
in the feed of Oats on seed a bucket to the Basket Shroud.

Perfect temper for the YES as the written is a Stet,
on the birth of a new day take a Watch and Band touch lay,
for the further in the lawn go to the Barber it's a song,
treats of sandy Hair so long Mother Earth is in the Strong,
nautical on Shipping Lanes off to Iceland for the Shade.

Fork the roast in primordial Clay the mold of rib in on the Phone,
teak a tree with Oaks in beam the Armor of the ready send,
to the potter of Create cycles must be Bikes that say,
wheel Wheel molder play on the Hub of jump Ballet.

Pointed shoes with Toes in View the beach of Sand that washed in land,
higher Shores with glacier came on the Hill of Mountainous form,
in the sediment of the Silk nylon stockings with a tilt,
hanging from the Fireplace Sill father Christmas is the Stilt.

Month of May to June bugs fay in the glass the Sun must place,
shiny objects with a spot on the eye of Needle plot,
for look to Haystack in the lot there in plain Sight it is Hot,
ice that cubes does melt to sink in the Drink-me I have Got.

Jokers Card to wild in par a baggers Club with gallant strut,
for by grace the list in caught will be simple Context Mot,
sphinx my lister to the dot in the Aye of pyramid pot,
on the Walls that said a Bought right my sail to feel the Not.

Tie the bangle with the Care know Infinity and beacon stair,
as the smitten took from Stop the balance blowing will be my taught,
future look to backwards snot with that liberty release the balk,
preparation for not I sloth make the Mind a sticker Shock.

For upon arrival to the Guest spice the chair with leaping desk,
in the Side of channel Same fire the burning to the learn,
shrug the Folk that foster churn in the middle of a Perm,
on the fiddle with the ream no the Simple Complexed the Term.

In Sure Hints

'Cause It's Fun To Rewind And Remember Those Days That Fell With Most Desired


I growl to know the taste,
although, I halt to "No" the vow,
a show, a sin, I swoon for the zoom of lightning strikes to know!
From the depths of where I cannot stand,
I fall to see you are know Man.
I'm damned. Betwixt I am.

My being has been touched,
in imaginative thought,
 I rut, I furrow for a sexual plural.
I am struck by a sense of morality or is it mortality?

Each time I think on this Man,
a man that sings in the verse of a picture,
I hear and whoa! I halt myself to "No."

"Stop!", I say, I do cry,
not in tears, in loudness of, "Oh My!".
He complicates me with deviousness and sensuality,
I sigh to know from far below.
Feel between... the lie,
to know the desire comes from deep inside.

Moving in on such a sin,
I say, "Knot Too."
For in this simple, I complicate you, true?

Seduction demands a Man to press upon,
to work towards a Heavenly Degree,
but it is the Devil in me which grounds the Man I see!!

To be more thought and never bought,
to see a design towards what is hot,
you will be burnt into my mind,
the state you are, the very same kind.

I shall be the One of few who says to you,
"Yes Sir, No Sir, Three bags full Sir."
Surreal is the deal,
 you strike when you wheel,
 the mind of another and it is not hard, it's real.

I mine so deep,
it hardens, from thought to desire, I leap.
Not for me 'cause,
I trade up for simple sexual desire.

In a place that is not welcoming,
you must come to know release.
From Me? Know.
So, sweetly do I say,
"Oh Lord, dear Man, I watched your show, your band."

And in the end, Mr. James Blunt you are,
with such excitement, un-repressed and un-scarred,
on stage or in a car,
it is the Denims, it is the boots, the t-shirts are mean,
but you are the loot and you do declare,
"I'll be your Man!"

In excellence, I accept,
in greed of what I am lusting after.
I congratulate myself in sin and press towards you,
what you do, to declare War on Sensuality too!

As you stand, My Piano Man.
Arms outstretched is your plan,
acceptance of, is my command.

At the end of what you've done,
I will not wake, nor will I run!
I ride the Wave of what you've made,
my mind is complimenting in equal time
of what is so fine.

You on Stage.

I dream in reality and live in liberty,
to excite myself without delight,
but to achieve such heights,
I do; Just by what I like.

You dear Sir,
would be so tight,
I just might,
but prowess in such a Knight.
Mistakes the days for points of view,
instead of times to look for you.
I drink it in and gladly sin,
to know that to the avail of myself I am true.
Happily for you.

Raise the board,
for wanting more,
will come from "My Lord."
Deep from far, far from Me,
I fall back, I swoon for thee.
Reality catches myself in tune,
to finish what never starts,
with Concerts in the Park
that you delivered from the heart.

Appeasing, don't you think,
My dear Bluntie,
please blink.

 Never forget to be
who you are or what you chose,
for you will always have me.
Set Zero,
I never lose.

P.S. Why would you remember this? Why I kept it I will never know, but the passion still does flow when it comes to questions from others about you and what you do. I cannot help myself, it is what bothers me, as if I know you or you know me, it is in what is said that raises these verses from within.
Billy thought I deleted it all. Tell him or whomever runs your site of late, that I have not broken the rules to join and post, ever since I was kicked off by him after arguing over a Goose, and of course there must have been a Gander to fight over.

James Blunt music description from me to a person on his site; my name; set_zero;

Posted: Mon Nov 10, 2008 6:22 pm Post subject:

You seem to be asking a question that has been asked before but not answered. If this is true than I shall tell you the truth and nothing but the truth because I am no one at all and this music is played for everyone.

Understanding that the music you are hearing is the invitation to ALL and covers the genre of Time, in order to encompass the complexity of not just music but the actual soul itself, then you can begin to understand that this is not new my friend but the oldest of the most ancient tunes ever to be recorded in time. This is truly amazing!!

You are actually hearing the music of time calling all the religions of this earth and all the universe together, truly unheard of in any verse, anywhere. You are standing on an earth that is the most fortunate, most incredible, most well versed place ever to exist in this free state of mind.

His music is his own, coming from a source within himself, it is new, it is old, it is original, it is composition, it is artistic, it is a quantum ballet of the magnetic force that he actually is.

You should be truly knowing that this does not exist, this is played by no other than the man that he is, just like Mozart, just like Leonardo, just like ever other man in history that was before there time, this man is in his time and I am here to speak to you and absolutely everyone else on this earth and so is he.

We don't know one another, he and I, I am not sure why I feel that I can explain things that are truly not known but time is funny that way and so is the way this world does things.

Speak Into The Microphone Please

To odd the read from dates on Posts that said release was Breathe,
in month of April on the give to way the back of want a give,
on the strange in write the vulture of the road in flight,
to have the add-on from the exact in written along the example.

Often with these verse in hold the Tale of the weird in told,
the gentle Wind with a storm twisting gut the preview show,
on the basis of the School wonderment is the tool,
with a bit of Make on take the sat of Wares in shank of bank.

On the tender of the sea the Bay of natural speaks a read,
in that read of Shed on blog a bite to enter on the Fog,
sweatshirts that do pullover strong on the shoulders to waist in thought,
wrap the empty arms that held once upon a story 'till.

In the cool of bones with lake on the Pond of boat a sake,
chilly are the Tidal Waves over bridge with jet in brake,
for the Ships that wheel Tug no reality took best in fate,
the title with a shake in Milk in the crisp it's Apple baked.

Cruise the track go take a Bath on the suds soap the bug,
for the Banana at the peel is a Slug on limy trail,
in that berry for the top is the think a Sync a lot.

No word could bell to Horns of Blow for the Flute is Clarinets thrill,
the bass Guitar to string the bar in the Note of great in far,
text the fold of Folgers Cream as the sugar speaks like sting,
pitcher with the Vodka sing do you trait the tag a Long.

Just for measure just for cup in the bag of watch a stuck,
does this happen to Coincidence on the matrix of the rinse,
for the Washer dried for Chord as the throttle is a core,
deed of hard to heavy shore Sands that Hour the Minute floor.

Drink Mi glass on Alice fast band the cover to a had,
in the Had of Hard in scene the Brigade is ring the Team,
with the Band of brothers learn does the Circle sign the turn,
trouble with the Match up Match once it Happened than it Touched.

Just 'Cause


The story told is simply rolled,
to scribe for future past.

To believe in what is deed,
the release brought only breathe.

The latter of the after,
the facts have caused a stature,
to stand on bended plea,
to ask and not to answer.

Corrupted lives don't realize,
the watch begets the view,
the more of less in aspect,
developed to out the truth.

Click to each of every set,
the post that is a favorite best,
identifies the sides of whom,
would like the wish for dreams to boom.

Discount the hand that rights to shake,
the contact that we all must make,
politely done with pen as gun,
verifies that lives were spun.

The sting of any worthy cost,
is the patience to discover loss,
upon such anxious question asked,
the value turned to Shows and Stats.

Of course the plight of all in might,
is surprising upon invite,
the best of worst would be to see,
that acceptance is a read.

The Sound Of Mercury

As the sky is green and the ground is blue in the compression the cold is a shoe,
with the flu that caught chew is the cough of sound a sticker in the round,
on the sphere of dimension white the light of dew on the mists the ramble,
in a scrub of the jinn the brink forgot to drink the bin on the planet in the laugh a belly rolled,
on the latter of the sake to the growl of the know to the tangle from a gave the envelope of day,
on the calendar of Count the earth began in the Shade ask the sun for it's trait explosions done,
for if the but had a plan than bigger bangs would have Cane in the sugar beets of say,
so as the stick came to be in the branch of dignity the face just said a stun,
in that shock of trigger clock the Time shed with the type as the tightest fever crumb in Chaos.

Turning tables asked the debt do the gamble on the bloat for the oar of ever groats a reason,
in the reason onward Wise to the beach of sample line sand did speak to scratching feet,
as the inch be from the scratch the Ocean rose in waves of Tons than the flow a River,
on the river in the flows the Creek stood still and Mountains froze the fire on the land imposed.

Just then with the flame a match became the rig of sent with a Message in the bottle of the Mind,
as the Mind be for the brain in the Brain before the lane for the streaming conscious chained link,
with that link to sync the fact on the fact theirs was Verse in that read upon the stature of a stack,
on the stack of shelved for pray the kneel forgot that Tack in the tack at the ride the Saddle vibe,
on the ridden of the horse a bridle made to leather Royce in that Choice of speak a balance say,
it is the seat of legs on chore to the rein in buckled for the twist of brain on hem to Edition Train.

There the rail of All Time speaking Ages just like rhyme in the Rhythm of the page at stick,
on the stick the crop did Bat the millions spoke to Cave of shine in that Shine it showed,
in the Show of live T.V. the ankles all be forward lead on the press of shoes in Velcro,
with the Velcro on the Keds the mirror reflection shot the ball the hand in Ball to basket,
with the basket hanging Net entry to the club of set with the Set of locker play a Suite,
in the suite of helmet had a Helicopter spun that Bad back as the lift came with fuel of list,
in the lift upon the Pad the aero of the Nation grow as the grew behavior stowed the attic,
in the Attic on the cellar of the basement in a low the certain eyes be grown to see that even,
in the even of the rafter on the trip to left in stature the wires of the Courts at joe.

On the look begetting Watch the Nature spoke of Mooning lots with a Sun in vigil got,
in the got of Sun in talk the shining be grained to potted flock on the Flock the flower daisy,
with the Daisy in the draw a beam of right did make a Vote that the grass beneath the flowed,
in that deep of done on track the words were simple to the bump on the head of hair in bun,
with the bunt of pony Tale a circle all the trot detail with that bale wound so read circular art A Row.

The Barney Filed Ruff

The Month of October has a date in that day what is share on the front porch ding,
in the dress of bag in hand is the Apple on the stand for this is the candy land,
of the game in walking rain with Umbrella it's a game to task the Cost tune right,
on that Record of the stairs with the Pine in tree of stare as the speakers often share,
shall the Vinyl needle lair with the Herd in really dare up the talk and get a Pair,
of the grab of Whom is ware in the production of a chair sit the Arm on equal Fare,
it's the horse in orange of key as the color is the speed of the shack on up the Feat.

Now that cloak of time is chained to the Reaper in the came on to progress Pilgrim lane,
with the dash on road for Way in direction on a File is the bearings Compass mile,
check to Chart the radio start as the Shower of the mark in Shampoo of Braid a Count,
in the fancy of the Teeth upside down and on the Meet with that ankle buckle the treat,
scoot to temple on the Brain with that synapse feel the Crane on the flight get a Plane,
in that seat on the grain of the pot where pulls have same ask the dish to flush the stuck,
with the tissue on the part blow the bowl of ready cart in the trunk of dig a stump get Can.

Ask the can if would was luck or is the luck in wood of chuck,
with the Bird in chirp of sweet on the lines a Crimson week,
for the given to the cheek does the rub make soap a steep,
in that bathe of water leek is the Soup on Mind of Keep.

Answer with the dance of seek in the Find get a neat off the ringer for the bell it is on the trick&tell,
as the version comes to greet on the hallow of the Eve don't forget the registry as the party line is E,
basic day with grimm in tale on the Forest of the Male it is more to town of Rye ask the book it looks.

Reading at the Pāṇini style for the profile spoke of While to the Crowd of auld Lang syne a Choir,
ink the charming with the Tat that the letter is Exacts written times on Tribune facts,
trait the pile to a burn than ask the Match does it learn,
yes is the process on the latch in a Casper for that is track,
scooby doo the van a Clue on the whinny in the Pooh,
honey drips with I love you as the paper is the loo.

e p

Patch Adams

With a Song sing along,
with that sing see a Man,
with that man give a Hand,
with that hand get a Pan,
with that pan fry an egg,
with that egg read a book,
with that Book speak a ham,
with that Ham green is gong,
on the Gong know the Handle,
with that handle tree a wrong,
on that Wrong write a storm,
in that Storm the ride is Rite.

On that rite light a fire,
with that Fire flame is light,
on that light sync a flash,
with that Flash teach a bulb,
with that bulb know a Flower,
in that flour no a Sow,
look a sow say pen and stow,
with that Stow speech a row,
on that Row get a boat,
on that Boat beach can Knew,
in that New branch a fact,
with that Fact dance a track,
on that Track burn Compact,
with compact make Disc. a back,
on that Back carry sat,
on that Sat know the Cat.

With that cat chose Clause to grass,
in the Grass of pre dish Rose,
with that rose profess thee blow,
with that Blow the wind Tell watch,
with that Watch band the strong,
with that Strong know arms are Song,
in that song of sing along,
little is the best of the best in pong.

'Cause of Said

Epitaph ~ Eden Sundown Garrett Name Sake CoO

Put plate in the Fantasia silent of the movie on a grow as the cycle of the tiers burrow this to line,
in the vigil be a Dual on the fence of What is wood on the brain the groan of grain in the Rye,
as the pepper is a Sneeze do the saying to the read ask the quest on paper trail is the yield brisk,
on this range of field gain build the breathe to know the Scene a process on the potter brill,
in the O of that box scour with the Event of Task,
create the Clay to mind the Fair at the factor of their scare,
in this truth be that Bear with the grizzly Polar snare,
a trip to River with the fish that the eats behave to Reach.

Circle with no skirt to Hem with this teach needle Eye,
cork the bottle out to Sea as the Waves roll on sky,
in the pull of Charts to depth shoulder to the Clam in sight,
as the sand sows grit the grind tow the blanket beach the Fie,
in the fiddle of the dead Rosin with the bow of said,
broad the Case to show the Feed as the coin in Dollar shed,
spring the bubbles with the shot that the Oil is the stead.

With each a Priest to man in leach more to lice that spread decry,
on that alter of the boom crowd the audience with a Tree,
in that tree of the Deed make the walking just like Knee,
on the bend of the Scab picket fence with sticks of Strike,
match the mathematical spell to addition all the fell,
with the systematic gel slick the Hare to bounce Junk Hell.

On that boat of oar in carve look to the Ocean grave,
with the bridge in burning Cross poke thee found with Albatross,
on the serra of the climb lather sweat with brow of shine,
in the cheeks on the rouge make-up hidden by excused,
as the lips are read with blood bite the lipped and Show the jug,
in that drink of drink-mead glove leather tank as like the Pond.

In mist of mount on the Hammer in the nail of the slammer,
tool belts buckle as tie the Shoe in the belting deliver flu,
ask the Cough of banked to Crew does the answer say it's glue,
in the barter of the Street up toe Corner with the Vine,
piano playing with the Keys Carol Doda had a dream,
in that sign of spotting light sing a Song bring the Kite.

Smolder string at the shay in the which of broom a glow,
on the campfire stage the Mellow with the kick of marching Narrow,
watch the flames as flick a same in the black of Beauty train,
at the barn of pulling gone Harness Bind with girth of grain,
as the Oats that far in lap Coarse the Steeple chase to burn,
with the Rome in write of Wrong thank the barrel for the shank,
on the chain in Fable Tale bring the biblical Vials preen.

Fluff the feathers beacon stream in that Verse be pressure Clean,
a the Story on the robe Cloak the Teacup with no grudge,
push the Spare Owed to be Creed in that real light a Seed,
as the response to the Key lock the cackle with Permanency.


Ritual Abuse is the hards in life of Mind memory of body fight reals,
the blood in the Vein of the shock at done is tongue holds that shun,
in the speak of language on the talk in the exclaim of Horror the brain,
with each fire remind the lane is suffocating the hand reach,
to steal the verbal with silent in speech years will rake the psyche,
to steal the verbal with silent in speech years will rake the psyche,
at every variable of tangible explain the consider my friend is bled bane,
at every variable of tangible explain the consider my friend is bled bane,
as the surge through the maze is confessed with each frame a bedlam,
tall is the beach that drowns on the sketch to reason or Wisdom of grown,
in the leaping of Cherub to the task of forget a drink in the Marrow is came.

That burial of serial to the repeat on the News a butter in meld is character of kill,
bread that does toast to the 80's in choke the best of the seat is mouths that don't leak,
learning that signs are prepare for the deep I muscle the dance as the rub of a cob,
in the sample to trade for the jingle of gave boil the frogs for the Toad is a bong,
in the smoke of the gun to the trigger that line it's the change in the Tin that hear,
ask for nothing as the chisel Caboose will switch to a Track that cause of Contract,
say what to deal sharp the Card rack in the ace of the twenty fortitude crack,
build with the Mortar than be of the tack that rides on a Horse and saddles with knack,
upon the steal of the equal in show the Storm with then spotlight a Veal of doe.

Gain to the rifle with very firm blanks as the Humpty of Dumpty the walls of the breach,
in the fall of the egg on the shall of the break the yolk of the head in the spill of a lay,
hour of system with the glue to for Sake sketch on the Model and joint to the date,
as Pinocchio grew the Nose on the shim allow the Cobbler to clog at the heel,
carve on the cheeks the upside down hymn regard to the power each ankle on limb,
with trees in the face of the Oak on a Teak great the mahogany a Coffee in beak,
stilts to the at let barnacle Reef shoot off the bottom to walk in a beat.

With the Stage of the certain to the chord of the Pole in the cantilever saddle the Joel,
in the sing of the liar to the temper of geppeto formula hand to write with a skill,
mold in with tempo tambourine seal bark like a Tuna and eat with a King,
grind leaves into mud Flats where the Bog will just bring Logs to the surface a chance to the spring,
in the bubble of Oil on the shot of that Ring drive with the challenge and settle the Thing,
to trace in the the Sky on the clouds of the Scene rain down that shroud with a Thundering being,
crown with the heckle as the thumbs on a seek flip to the coin decisions for Tell,
creek at the position in the Pebble of Hell span to the vista that broke this a bell.

Ding/Dong The Which Is Dead