Sunday, March 6, 2016

All Hint Cha!!

Daniel Craig would be a great write in for Jon Voight to counter as the book on The Shelf,
good in Public Review as the bond,
raises the Cue Card to that Star Quest Walk in And on Hollywood Boulevard by Ways of that Oscar car pet,
Ray Donovan the Producers as that is the Interview of Live on ka Billions of Watching that read,
it is the Toll of the Bridge.

Make a Class Act for the Job,
returns at 20 per Cent,
make to the Times,
returns at to per cent.

Squab is a Wonder dish as the Opera of LA on the Saline in eyes,
Canals and purchase,
the Lot for those Masque a Raids??,

the Hour touch Chin HBO had to have lost at least less viewers for the sku,
as what is the Look! of Metro! on the E! stud of clam Chowder,
the sourdough bread with Jimmy Kim Ole??,
breast Turk key to Puppets and Strings.

Lease to the Doppler ray Dare to that is the Crimson Red Tie Dull of WoW its a LIVE,
invasion to that is the Glass Google to Picture,
what return is that to the Imagine the Ate tour??,
dinner out??,
break Fast trots??,
dye a Reed??,

writers at the Lamp post??,
oh Weight it must be Word of mouth to the Gag show of the Stare Case of shatter,
the Men It to the Part is the shoulder of the package,
take To,
the charts of the Maps to Sell the Cereal as Cool Tore tusk.

Simply put,
jib and rank,
the cent of a whoa man,
honest to E! kits,
speak and that just is the trues,
place on the blink and its called Real a Tea. 

Double^You Double^You Double^You Sure>Shot>Dot>Com!! I Want To Know Are You Tie^Heard????????????????????????????

I have scene to Hugh Meakin a Theme of Tam a Raw at the Building got that stall Lens glass is pour`EAN,
the price Fix of the Method to the Phone call lathe on Jewel lee ARDs realm of John Senior torque,
at the Staffordshire of Crock it to the Rack Coon of pronounce MacKenzie Warehouse in the Begin kneeing,
a state of Computer to the Monitor on the garage parts,
inventory to that FACT Michelle Trialed opportunity and stepped Shout off,
Michelle had a Brother in the Fire Department of San Francisco once close to Burn Knoll heights.

There on the streets of San Francisco round the Fountain of the Mounted knowing,
guns and Rose is the tractor Store Ridge of Ice A Coma Farm,
in that Large Letter Tour Ring.

Nan profits to Straight boxes the Goats on the Trail of Toads on the grown,
I require note to touch Chin nothing on the Watch,
valley to Mountain the pile of Rocks at the radio of Shasta to the lake,
chart the Tenderloin of the Word to A Count on Name Noun to Mi sing a Kong,
Fill Lip is the verse to Sarah at the Tums be that Brave on this and the Sib Bling to wink this Patch,
fork on the guise is the Traveling of Mayor Brown to the Governors Office at the Gavin Newson of Massage.

Should this Union Square not Knock Twine than Down to the Dee Lore Ree In at the Pass Owe Robe Lest,
conversation on the Tims to Marge on that Ringer of Horse for the Brady chance,
board games to Tic Tax,
May Len Duh row meet to Pay Roo on the Cache!!

Post Boar across this Nation on the Pep see to UPS is the Mist Tee on the Groom,
Ponds and Buses in the Neigh Key Awe,
training on the Nines in the Store of Fifty Three call Lean to that blast of Combs and treats,
from the Boxer to the clay of Ceiling on the Fifty tent stair,
stride as the Ear on the Brock a Way to that robbery of Henry Favro of the job on the Mastery stead,
as the Peddle is on the Cats Food ole is the Knows,
Dave from the Northern California PetsMart District Proper for the California Rock^Ease to this brew^lay!!

Uncle to the Jennifer family on the Hoover in the Dams,
vacate is the Harbor as the speech is Clear,
valley More's is a Waltzing to a Dance on the Chord Duh Ma Dare Eh,
while A Task a Dare Owe is Flawless with the Road to Copper Talks at Cardiff Stud Farm,
call Ledge on the Chirp is being to the Wells of Commerce as the Extension Chord of Voice vernacular Binder,
the Lei Bull is the Grasp and that is the Perpendicular of the Under standing Be Fore,
as this Country loves the digs I shovel the Field to Monopoly the buy of lather.

This World has strummed to the Aft Take keel on a Hollywood stile of should be Stale,
but as the Loaf Firs pine and Redwood Courts it is the Tricks that horror to those Flick a Films,
as the Come to the 'How Too' is a Dye An Fine Stein to Nan See Pole lo Sea the Bridge ask the Toll,
Convent of the Sacred Heart 6th Grade,
graduates made the Cloak Room in a Science Class of the Library by just the Clock,
Eddie Money!!

Belt Buckles and the Mosh Pit,
sew on the threads and the Seventh Grades said to Ate,
clouds of Cumulus are the Stratus Sphere to gauge the leak??,
nigh the Hour on a clock of disappear for Marshall grained a Much,
does the M&M's skittle your Margo for the Theater or does Her Fathers Flag remind your Heart of a . . . .???