Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Minds Eye! The Soul Shatterer! Sight, is a Gift of Fright.

A Soul Shatterer, the undenyable crime.  The sight of such a horror is a dark and grim reality in my life.  It is a horrid, ritualistic crime, committed by monterous human beings everywhere today.  Just as this 37 year old man explains his sudden realization of what is already here, I know that what I have seen and continue to see, also exists.  I see it plainly, much like he explains. What I have witnessed goes beyond seeing a simple or complex being.  It moves into a realm of what is unbelievable to me and in truth, I have always found it extremely frightening.  However, since I have found the video above I have decided to share what I also see plainly in front of me, The Shattering of Peoples Souls, by Soul Shatterers.  To date I have never heard anyone speak on the subject of how you are voided of your soul in the presence of a Malignant Narcissist.  The overwelming testimony to the fact that it is happening is sobering and this should cause you to stop and find solace in this written account of what I have seen since I was a child.

The Soul is the most fragile and tender part of our essence and continued life.  Without it, you have no guide to the afterlife. To travel to the beyond without such a breath of life within your being, is cold and will become the true death of yourself if you do not know what to do.