Thursday, August 23, 2012

To Be Singled Out To Join In A Union Of...

... the power of Two,
overcomes Everyone.

Know your lost and without cause.

Inhabit your width of depth
 with no more than
 the emptiness 
that you have crept into my life with.

Solidly out.
I shout.

In only a singular understanding of self,
look into the reflection of what you shall think upon.

A Mirror?
Reflection Sours upon sight.

The curdling of rancid thought,
delivers Narcissist tonight.

And in such an entry, I say,
"Break the mirror, not the person."

Nightmares infect my every night.
The speech of such, wakes me:  Abrupt.
Caught in the middle of both,
I battle.

Speaking for right,
fighting all night.
Rest is a fit-full stage of;

I'm Up!!

Grateful for everything.
It is in the grandeur of the every moment that we find our reframe.
To simply know and to accept,
it's just the way it goes.


Sadly spoken.

The Biting Respond To A Thunderous Call

Frightened by the continual thought of more;
I balk at such a chore.

Reliance on the Never-Ending?
I Cry at Choice: 

Then Why!?!

Health of Mind?
To Speak of, writings unrehearsed.
I dread my own mind's thought.

Simple ramblings,
 in short, the rumbling process,
of the Mindful Conscious hitting the very next gear.

I Shift,
into Writ!

Next Lives,
Past Times,
present finds of...!

It Circles to complete form.

Blessed or Cursed?
I have never actually known.

I play to ready form.
 To receive the Mind's Process of; 

the answer to, the question of,
the Status-Que.
An interest peeked in a single stroll.

How about You?

To eek out the curiosity in the Total of Life,
I believe I may have been blessed:


The rapid rate to assimilate;
Cursed I say I am.

For What?
A Sage, A Seer, I AM!

What is this Jealousy?
I no not the Truth of such present Gifts.
Plagued by the Burden of Proof.

Do I say?
or Invite?
My Plight in this Life.

Is this, could this be:

The Ying
The Yang,

of Mindful Type?

...not the yester of any Year.
Future or Past.

The massive expression is only but the Currents of my thought.
  The Tides of my Mind in moments of liberated play...
  ..of a musical whim on display.

A Thought of Regard

Rhythm to the falling rain.
Drop! Rise! Drop, Drop!!

As you begin to come,
to a way of thought,
then know...B.D.S.M. is..

Tightly knit.
I'm in.

Catch the Rafter in Mist.
The sweat of the heat inside my mind:


A Hip, Rock, Tilt, to sway.
Taught to Lull.

I bind myself to bold,
to grow in body of Roll.

Adhere yourself to the stride of measure.
In sense,
count to Five:  Dimensional Plot!


A Zen-full State,
to tilt the skew on you.

I take too.

Deep in the divide, 
I Mind.

Precious are the ways of few,
whom wish to ............ You.

In Age I spy.
I found The Begin.

Rail me to the Joker's Wild?

A Test not of a Child.
Play Hard?

The caliber of game,
will "Set the Scene."

I will be the piece,
Granite Past;
I employ.

In Rest, See no Eternity
Immortal flow.

Knot for Team?

For there is no "I" in..,
nor me:

Just Meet

Radical Reasoning

I languished in the Eye of Time.
Lashing myself to third sight.
A gifted kind, winds.

The ticking seconds;  Applauds me.

As the Hands turn my very being,
I beg a cursed threat.
To lend my pause from Humanity.

With a gentle, teasing breeze,
I ask,
"Why Me."
 I am neither lost, nor without Home.

A Well-Oiled respond.
An Emerald sense,
a Garnet now,
"You must meet like."

To Chime?

To ring, to shine.

A Device?

A Man.

To inseminate?

No, to build a trust just for you.

..and possibly a Band too?
I choke to know.

A plausible thought to turn into Plot.

To Waltz with Wonder

A Life with a driven purpose,
begins long before you ever land here.

Look to the incredible and know you are.

To be a Natural Wonder;
I ponder.

Amazing sights to see!!

To humble myself in the sight of....
"I am nothing;  So far yet to go."

Not difficult at all?

I plod,
onward, forward, HALT!!!

To have this most fortunate rear-view glance,
an instant romance.
Of Men, of Dance, of Song, of Earth.

The second in every moment shocks.
I birds-eye look,
I'm awed.

For in "All Time,"
I'll speak of this place.
Of the wonderment not regarded.
 Life in a full and blooming display.

An erotic draw of Ecstasy.

Rise Forth my common friend.
For in "The End" you shall discover the chance for,
"A New Begin"


and I promise you, this lease on life, the saying of.....
(could have)
can be, a contract.

Don't forget to read the small print.