Monday, May 2, 2016

How Spits Are Maid or On Planet, Made!!!

People Have Be Come The Corporate World And That Has Brought The People At Large On Corked To Blow A Spin: Survival of The Fit Test blame Till the Rub and Soap that Boxes Rudder till the Conception blinds Whom?? The very people that are doing the shank to the Ramble of Scrabbling the Actual Spit.

The Tire on a Ore a Calls land is the When^Kneeing of what is a leg,
that bow to the air row of place Fear on the down and Rise for the Supt.,
to engage the altitude of Convention rally E!'ing the Converse goes to bank keened!!

Provide the awe dee bent to over a shore,
parade that back brain to charge that Feed,
the parade would Fork mankind would Spoon and the Quarry would say its a toil^Ole^d.

"Old English fær, faru 'travelling, a journey or expedition', faran 'to travel', also 'get on (well or badly'), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch varen and German fahren 'to travel', Old Norse ferja 'ferry boat', also to ford. Sense 1 of the noun stems from an earlier meaning 'a journey for which a price is paid'."

To due the Vat for the Oil in boil,
to Toad the Frog as the Water Mists soil,
that shirt tails morph to Corpse of the grain,
switch Knuckle and Pitch??.

Language is not missing piece in the throws,
pro Test tin is broke to Coy in's and may,
this than says due as said says,
than the apron string is strung by the Duck??.

Feather in Aunk an Ancient be lei,
is the flour of oath to knowing the Fare,
people continue to backbend a salt,
the somer is spelling an Up side Down ralt!!!

A faer in tricks to Serve the Trib,
that bow^oats ran^blimmed to goats of stall,
should the price be pay^Ud,
the shore will torque to ice and lights.

As the scenes go to living wage is the wreath of lay Ubduh,
is the person that will not say to the private in dust tree of such a scab that pretend is gift,
why than is the government response to what the independent mush chops??,
is it that shouldering of responsibility to mirrorly blame for the call up??,
is that division on Y missing the U to scrabble the core pour rate shins to not theirs??

To grip the reach by bossing the government to do what is traveling habits,
is to say the ton knoll got an echo to the hall paid of doll lure treads on laced rice for meads.

What is City Haul,
where is the Account to the Primus of a President or C.O.O.,
how has the govern Mint become response central to your neighbor that commerce's the same barber or salon,
why is the travel to grocery such a disconnect to the Church service that language skips Gummed,
why is it that the Office of Government is to declare what People should say to the Boss,
why is it that people can go to eat or fellow a Movie seat buy seat but can't say I know you and . . . .