Monday, October 26, 2015

The Field Of What Knotz

I have watched the To each Hymn own more's on These Now a days,
towards Daisy charged to Naples on the Crutch of Egypt for a Freezer Bright,
in that the moth is of Anut and the Cadence on the Scene,
long in the trip on the Journey across the Solar Moons to displaced on Sake,
futures owner Ship is the tell of Ships on the Canals in the stuck Burst sting A Brushers peek,
so at the Base structure of Persons Crowds it is In Truth the language of Alpha bets on The games!!

Treat this note shun to the diggers that port Only exit to Enter spiders on Web,
in that surrey of the passing plaster A billets Gallop to know,
not by Just not by How not by Vice not by Bull but simply the Take of reason to Wise Dom!!

Buckle your lives in with a Map on equals lop ears on the dough burr men Tops,
frost on the door bells rinse,
a Tax on that is the letter Addressed,
in process is the Milky Way on a Can deed posture,
written in Complicate to pea^off the Matter in basic BDSM branch,
an art Tick call of phone to bean the jar of Spelling to sphinx Trout on the creeking litter,
bring the mow hawk,
fly that to the deep banks of grand Yank keys at As tack ole,
trim that Christmas tin Sole to silver and Camera,
at clip and Voice oven Bake the Count tee to a Club of Media on Ancients in Now.

So on that evident in the Greek found,
say to the Sculpture Muse see stone to catch the Stocked fish on real ledge In's of Core fighters,
tristan at the fire Felt on the answer Trees in the route and rub burrs fork,
cure with the drink of Ankle boot said Easy stiff fitters Its looking to the Glass of steiner,
in branch on the National Broadcasting Networks fishing is a Tank Ponds Stack,
famine on Teak rice snows dinner to Spice the pumping Savage,
owe Well my dark Hour on the Minuet of life,
it is only Time I herd thrice!!

Cliff Notes ~ Is This On The Record or Off The Record be Cause I Am All Ways On Record. Write Coup Per An^Duh^Syn

The treat on the language of the deal on The View is a typed file to The Worlds bra of Nip pulls,
as in direct pass to forward Thwarted as the back of Basis on the Axis of said shows Masque care awe,
so Sum how on the Audience is sing Up a stair and bus Ticket to Bumps achieve 20/20 and . . . .

well that is really my beef off the enter vein bisque,
the stew on this tingle is like Christmas for Jade,
pretty shiney Etcetera shank,
watching the move ease like Serenity ranked,
one plan It for curtains the Won on the thank,
such Borscht on the Pick ole yet Specific on Preying.

bust the Nut shell the Card than put to feather the lend of a set Typer to krill Whales ah Mot,
shaping the lingo with Set-Ups on Aude dee oh,
than at the Mission no Impossible go,
like Monopoly on studio to record Clickers Cleat,
shell the lesson to build on the frame,
all envelope to simple this grain,
originals go treasure And the Media go's crane,
the public says Pew bic Hare and the fetch Says go dare,
for the Ore ridge knolls state is a Mountains ballet.

Manipulation on the Air Walk is ask Indicative timed as each of that Barb a Raw's watering to Shine,
messaging trip to journal on RIP the blank Prose to defining Prescript shun,
swallows of the lathe on tongues Wagging the bow Sir to arm the Punch of A jingle Scene lunch,
sew in Stead on the thread Is stictch of the skull banking the deposit on grabs of the head,
 in sole of ribbons on jogging the loud.

As within my grown I have laid Witness to ankle skipping the Learn from that stomach Clip,
readers Digest on the equipment of local Tell a Vision under the Pretense of an Education,
as sentence to the bricks and mortar typical Ratings Channel on National Networks fries,
the Population of Gossip Box shoot the bead like a Pearling of cramp.

Monthly shoes to sword the box It is the dancing of the rinse with Soap and clay,
mud dried house with straw torch grands,
on any caliber of subject that draws the picture for climbed!!

As the drink is of Minds to cheese News on the chain,
a lesson on Mail derived,
the Post office to special that stamp and pack Age to scope.

Flute brushes Etching division to Plates of license,
know different brings leather to flys,
saddles & Bridles bits to Pieces the Crown cheek Knows band,
a Coptic barn tack In from Stable which will scrub Down the Miss^shin with Say bull,
is it the Glycerin sheen or Cast Steal of scrub, 
thus Inside Edition a letter torn Rise,
that steep of brains for the rot to sing Glide.

In Ma more real the walk to the stagger delivered touching the skid Row a Peel,
the challenge of clock to that spot on the pull was Coffee on building Not a crematory spam,
as car deal of body to sole the thick out What is the garbage And recycled for Clout,
should the broth show Sewage to serve Dinner out Than the hand did speak to ring the leave Sieve.

Oranges not apples Juice or the Sauced,
did the bowl skin with cuts list of trout,
ladder on years to the exact bigs on a stout,
the Public just throws Catch to the trays.

So as the dream of just last night dealt,
state of serving both Silverware as chilled,
the railroad of Train to freight on the Teas,
cups And the Cast to provide timely in keels.

Now put Powder Rooms to the jello conversation to stall the case,
a minor representation of listen to glade,
toy lets of paper that wipe to step grass,
what is on barcode but the sealed of brass,
Polished with sample Speech on a tack,
visual be shingle to the times on the did,
may each of your per dones in gauge a evident truth,
that once in a berth the Skiff is Owned too.

So be it the skids or the Slip the Drink or the shingle,
clogs on that Rice or as The Field,
just say M&M's dock And pier that Write to key,
Harps are beans to this Gift on my prose,
for in the gather in the Collect meet is rejected to farther a Bose,
no lie from the date to keep it all steep,
for why's is the soaker on Electrical rein.