Sunday, September 6, 2015

A Bottle Brunch

A Penny a Word for the dime slot Post on the literation of speak It an Off-shot to the swirling,
the special truth that miles on the vast in the tubs of Human brain to deck the clique to bell sting,
ouch went the tom on the thumb of the Finger on the snail in the trail of the be bark Coop,
at that is the lease of the language to Billboards on the Tile of shells and Teak,
the birch would smooth the chip as Scrolling to an At dusk,
the hour said Smile on the charter of Now as Whom is the breakage that Anchored the harp!!

To feel the breathe of Heat on exposure the Camera with a lens of Cork,
the bottle in the paper of the liquids lather to shirt a Fiber on the threads of Silk torn Webs,
squint with a Hatter top the table while the Card is a joker with the Potted plant shed row,
these Opus!!

Heave to a Key in the Panama treated to Canal,
a brick for the Runner and a Block fork for The Chew,
spits choke Sea air Uh León with Oils range of deed Touching brushes,
a taste to Know that a Tweet is the dust of Corpus Christie by ways of Candylands lane,
chutes & Ladders ankles the climb to a total,
the cent bank on a porch of land.

To imagine that the breadth of glue is paste part ladle scoop on meed is ore in tack,
sheep to Wool the mammoth with a Tusk perfuming musk`T,
the Skunk starring the Cat with a Take,
it reads like the dock torn the Whole in beltch grands Rank,
captain branch drinking the language Game a rein!!

Wage dice gambling gave Gifting with prose stringing Can,
dealers History to wheel,
inks grasp Rock pocket in the jeans along with a couple of eggs scratch,
feeling War is the daisy to a Poets luck,
the kitten in that would day to the job with a side kick of liver!!

Play the sight eyes in night adjustment comes with The Blind,
that Hide of keen to Opus returns,
Vintage Fire a Tip of the frisk sitting milk and factory Butter!!

Flowers on the Rose dipping rein to barter a method dusting the Shelves of brain with dancing memory,
grade bliss vista opening the Minds operation talking the found,
west is the Horses change of Mush to free riding favorite smile,
in happy Hounds the Howling Moon with a view of skirting Earth a Casper on Scooby Doo's sigh.

The spin on record showing the planet Marrow at an Equitations style,
over Hill to bunking back in the Piece by piece Feather chore required for the Life list of Go!!

To that is the never crate box escape,
nigh is the Heed to warmer Hot!!

Fun in the Sun at the expense of snot Noise that Humanity drew as a Laughter,
great gossip with that bit of H to Oh!!  

Playing Crust sure is the Volcano of the Theme yet whom barks Bakers Clay these dates,
nobody believes that any reed travels the bells of March skaters,
not a person says look a barn dance at the heed of store speaking like a ring,
mapping the stars like an Egyptian on vacation in the mid Time blues stringin'  Jazz juke!!

Shaped just like the Port flying the Carriage of a Old Ancients park,
back in the daze before the future got the come in the fright I bellowed as the chimney smoked loot,
money in the would finding conversation on the screen touching a Good Night,
the Canners on a Jar of Wax paper Scissors!!

Fabulous chase with no Make on the i.d. in delve,
quests on the floor just shooting the breeze,
a Hummingbird in an Old McDonalds sign counting Hamburgers,
a gargle for the Alphabets raise Ur's edge!!

Clippty clop the Albatross,
crack that boiling waters prelude to a Boiling pot of Frogs leaping Lizards at deviled,
sat Tin with a long fellow as the door to ample Universal global flute wiring Violins,
as Pan ran to lid the Kettle steam I heard the boa constrict or in a Twining teas Lock-Its stand,
these are the days of Thunder with a Crews in the fuss,
the dialers soup Creative loop a Potatoes pie with An envelope From Roots!!

Memories Of The World On Crews

Oh stretch that Time of Formula forth, 
the Ring of a Taste that collects the Quantity of 'just love' !!

How the tremble basis my sides in the hugging of Ages in the said,
the boundary of Earth has brought to Touch the tears of Treasure,
oh how the be to Soar on the Stature of the Winds air Roars,
the Ocean is My Might and the rising tide my shipping Glenn,
a truth of the Norse on the Vikings lead to the Compass of a blue Rings!!

The stream of a goal to pass the daze with tremendous Momentum,
on that squeak-off Greece is so Strong,
dictation with games on the thumb gone Pong with Pinging,
round that is the beautiful Being on energies Wheel,
a procession of the sun in delight on a Warm stride of the Summers on real!!

Hovering nothing to envelope the Joy of places like Egypt on the sing,
the Gates to known by experience,
reality of traveling the outer lights to disguise this journey of byes',
a nautical Pandora on the lease is a bearing of a Navigator too preen.

Flutes of whistling a founding Tune to writing the sheets as a Schooner's ka boom,
that monopoly of dice to the casting of snake eyes how Apple in its Theme,
trades that shout the Show of global shoe,
a purse the ribbon and that ancient Oat with a Bucket of choose,
the Tree, the Shade and a Titan's verse to bring the Waters into sat Turns burst.

That In deed of Annapolis to saying the venture is Virtue,
choice to a landscape of Creative designing the Sourced as a Stand,
marble as a dollop to the Carvers ladle of a chiseled light,
the amazement that Words hour come to the Worth of an Ancients signature to Piece,
the riddle in a block of rube.

Imagine theater as this Simple Notion,
a parrot learned to speak but Wise is the Choice of language in or On repeat,
I talk a Tell A font on The Keep,
it is as at Kind of a serious Star in dibs,
as to Mach the Human being on a Dry Creek,
at the flashing Flood of Price be lined,
the Whiz in a Alice of Wonder Land Times!!

Rub Burr Duck Ease

Note a sharp on the Plato of the strike to a Key piano & Grand banks of the Niles land,
in port touch the rise on the arm of the stood to evident the Track a base sound to play with Numbers Hi,
at the plantation of the Fires leap the flame sheets to say Beautiful the ash of remainders on laptops Daisy,
be door of no read the hill is the laugh to got no chore to the room of clout on the core.

Anchored to that pro lateral Move is the Arm strong to dive the division to state of Canned,
inching the nothing to another sat at the barracuda's come in a dimple song,
'I'll take everything' grant the stone a saying with the Kind cuddle of sat disgraced,
from the mid of a parking Lots on this blog I counter the grasp to Wonder bread,
that staple of corn talking the Rye as a book to grass Hay baled with Twine not burned as an effigy,
this importances me to know that presents is the Sound not of echo stitch to not become familiar with a sterling!!

Trippings of journey on a Clippers yacht to have sung with a compass as a rein barrels spot,
plus to the minus is the composition in and of itself,
the Universe gathers to score ducks on the way station for Waters speak with geese,
the Swan courses the change from feather to say that grey Whale is blue to the sand dial of times,
a multiplication tax at a vast be Union of rather that a knew.

Speaking those bloody sheets by this shipping lines cause is bring rate not censure,
as stipulation is of Affinité in French plate an Infinite to Eternity it letters a bridge bottles cork,
the message not In a bottleneck but on the Eddie would score the board an Atlas in pore,
that stripe is night in the Zebra of a life,
crossing the galaxy at the shores to life at the Interstate I-5 for demonstrations driven,
no park on the ease came now its a Moment run of ink on ink Can.

To apron Kings on the read torn divisive stature of joke born is Shed my floor,
leaf car ports a Ivanhoe to detail the pen of ability to the Cock tale hours Meese.

Tuck that hemming way Value to giant Copper Penny with a Minutes dime,
the saucer of spy the unidentified to a serenity  of chill moats Pull parties 'Cry',
eden`s garden with a once before and spread the who's on top to a gander of Covers,
curtain Callers take the bough teach the Snake by the coiling,
thirst drink to the dust trough of an Eggs albatross.

Picture 'negative' film on the Roll as a trend to the Camera`s eye in Sock it,
an apple is the fruit of  'all' evil & Twilights the 'Snake' as Its person,
however the Theme tree is of Question to the birch of a Parrots marrow,
feather for the history write touches bone Butt demonstrates the Skin as clothing with a Slab.

The Mortician of the Raking infectious Dead to Living Croppers as Thawing zombies on Benz,
be 'M' double Ewe on the state of a Fenced fencing Event forming the Sword of lathe at daggers rinse!!

Bee Hives to Comb the honey and the grown have Had deep Vines to Wine in a barrel of Sting,
thus the singer of a measure to walking all the More's captioned a lettuce of Caesar lend Ur,
this town to Town city on the Scribe of the skinny Marks the chattel asking good & Plenty the Cod price,
for dollar Value to the giant Value is values Giant on the Wide castle of Moated designs to Mud penned,
the Paddock of the roles Royce be reined Art to barn cleat by Weights and Pleasures,
that Barn on the Compass to change the Stable to accommodate the Arena through liquid Paper,
the Interest on the Actuality is of only Scope,
as the bit to those Cheek Pieces are Indicative of the Tuned its Sole for the Waltz of the tolled.

The Fifth Context A ° Of Quantum Contextuality

Sing with the blade of grass that sharps the tune to a day on the ray of sun at the shining,
in that is the Maze of a Hedge harps design as the gut is in the tell on the Cats luck,
on balance in the breeze is a compass that navigates the Signals to turn the still at Voice,
a word to a prose of cropped to account for the wheat that has been baled to wire the seed is Timely,
on process in the mill of thought is the depth to a waters route to spring the naturals latch at the part,
as taking the chill in a lifetime of raft it is the Fall on the shades of Trees to prosperity in the smiled.

An trust to the sweet dial of Seasons on the Winter bring is in the Frost off Humanity for shouldered,
people park the setting as the lake and that forge as the base in the instrument of treat steam,
a volcano is the rock of below talking the trows of molten earth at the skeleton of reviews,
on an Island the palace of Fine art is the Ocean of detail that ships with station at Ports,
retrieval of a worth is rare to know at cost on Price of the tunnel vision that Mankind has virtue`d,
the picture of frame by frame to scream the send with a bitter sell on debt to touch spell is oddly cent,
that money belt on the cogs of Thebes to courts of the world on the clover at a Fibers weave!!

Silk to thread the stitch to a Skull with the bones that grave the Yards as Stockholm's groaned,
shed the daytimers to conversation on the Speech is ever in the lasting of the letters on beach,
sand brings to each Human Being a fragment of the Particle information of Millions that died,
as the Vapor of the stream courses the out of earth to steep the kettle of Countries Reins it jets,
to towers of language over the Thousand of Years that included the dance to the Caves door path!!

Now at the favorite style of Whom is the beat and Whom is the Tie what is the how of the rinsed,
the other on the Map is of a treasure to rack the slam dunk to fund the grains on the soaking drains,
in that thickest grape to the skin of the tattered Scrolls the state of creation Barks,
that is the Red Sea on the demonstration of Tack as salve and the salts as the left of that Pillar,
to accomplish the shipping trues to Fax the over  schedule is parked on a float of sync at cleats,
the sewn darts to tell of the invitation and halts at the exposed photo graphed to dial a Sun.

Hark the feather of the flying Eagle raises to the Wonder of the ace in the trees Nest,
so swaddled in with the comfort of branches that reach the bed to enhance the theme of sigh,
as that is a natural on the reef of a simple play to ample the Plains with a Buffalo's leap,
to eternal on the infinite demands that the conscience is of spelling out the language to creek,
that channel on the swift that has road to a know the Mountain is the elephants echo on base keys.

Oh for the wisdom of Ancients in such a tile of the grout on ride,
a sprig to the bloom of thought that trained the Ages in history,
that Fell Origin of the cadence from Pony to horse on this Mule I must be,
for the difficult speak is the Marsh that logs to a more's paddle,
how is that possible as the shim to the level worked to bring that field a Pharaohs tech neet,
the cup of a special placed to not chill the drink with the glaciers ice melting to raise the lands lathe.

From that distant shallow of wade to that prime that took and ran a path of brae,
the knickers of panting a sow to find the balance at the shoe on a barefoot approach to a start,
I miss the comprehension of the simple talks that gave reason to the tough bringing little a send,
dancing the storage on my mind the barn is the full with what is a stables scene,
at that the lesson of give is to silents on the found and that just makes the fountain of ink skill at the carriage,
the ground of hugging comfortable is this Minuet on the Sonnets dream.

Ars est celare artem

Water to the palace of a garden hose is in the ability to know the Faucet at the extra valve,
attach the spout to accommodate the adjustment for the purse of struck as wink the length,
extension of the long garden as prose with the subject sync will be of frame to wild with Trimming,
as the flower beds that product bulbs for reason of the hotter spake seeds are in the Hours raise,
drought can often be a find to know that it is time to sound a particular type to year of Date a fig.

*Stow Lake, the largest of the man made lakes in Golden Gate Park, surrounds the prominent Strawberry Hill, now an island with an electrically pumped waterfall.
Completed in 1893, Stow Lake is considered a landscaping masterpiece.

The branch of the Maple is friendly birch to Silver lakes that Park to setting Lunch,
a good time to enjoy the words that fountain with a sill as the Window or the perch!!

A Koi Pond is great with small bridges for surrounding land a miniature sigh to sake,
the avenue of City choice will often tender whats complete to benefit the toil of a simple steady rows,
at planting Season spring be known but Fall is also Autumns said to engage the falling leaves,
the beauty of the changing scores of mountains on the chase of Miles a sing to Novembers jazz & blues.

Miniature San Francisco If you missed the model train exhibit, Golden Gate Express Garden Railway, at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park

The turn Table of chose to see that all the year is set to State the forest and the Glenn be breeze,
in preparation plan the daily found of tool the hand as dirt does need to air rate,
a kind of soil to frost of snail will speak with Trails as that is why Manure cures in straw,
the bedding quilts to warm the roots all while rain is coming to a drop of what is Hi.

***Refugee camp in Golden Gate Park near Haight Ashbury, 1906

Shall the ground be level with not
Tiers to consider steer then pots can be understood by a Green House`d,
the glass reflects the Winter hours to show the out of season done that further on the bloom,
expression of the speak of lilacs with a daisy fact is caring hand with attraction for the sooth,
like frozen Tundra ice in cube will block the igloo with what seems oddly out of pharaoh.

The desert is with dry sands yet in parts of the world the Cactus does not show,
a Flash Flood shocks only those that do not no the Rivers bed as Tents are often amplified,
the fork in that rushing rise is dangerous as realized for witness any river on the grands of canyons done.

The Floating Faucet, Believe it or Not!!  Pier 39

Wild lumber lashed to smashed all together that`s a fact the scare of swim is best to know that it suffers pools,
the broader Wave will cycle this and that is evident to risk in watch the wrist on tell a graph of planting,
compare the map to gardens lack missing more is shores of lawn and that is just a mowing sod,
from send to know the succulent is a tasty treat for deer and that just leads to jumping of the fences.

Queen Wilhelmina Tulip Garden at the western end of Golden Gate Park.

So as the loft is being storm that is the hinge of year in been the thing about repeaters lived Ancient life a now,
where lift became the digging out snowing fell and froze the stick snapping at the base,
yet should the trim be of the sharp upon the learn of Opera start the Trees did grow back wealth,
a stronger crop with beautiful rungs that put the fountains on to speak with grace and wonder,
dig nip ease the cover of the lid to see that bedding is the straw of fabric not of clover that is a key.

Rainbow Falls  is located on John Kennedy Drive near the Rose Garden and across from Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California. It named for the colored lights that originally framed the falls at their dedication in 1930, this is the second of two artificial waterfall systems created in Golden Gate Park (the other being Huntington Falls in Stow Lake). Water is pumped from nearby Lloyd Lake, and circulated by the cobblestone stream adjacent to JFK Drive.

Natures invitation to the changing planted places importance on the punting of singing a Canal,
should the creek be ready flow or is the water hose controlled like at the Golden Gate Park a waterfall to stream,
the toe would witness fact to face and that switch to Off the On while seated with the passing by,
riding Freckles or driving car the Man made cyclone fence was strange to Wow yet it is like Pier 39 at how,
the Museum with that funny spout that has the Tube inside Out the line for making method in say operate.

Stow Lake is considered a landscaping masterpiece.