Thursday, May 2, 2013

"The Day is Now"

Liquid will separate,
just like Oil and Vinegar.

Time to grow up! 

We may go wrong.
no more dressing,
strip off the gauze and let the healing begin.

Me and You will not play with life and death.

No more cat and mouse.

Dogs, Horses and People,
all good beings equals wisdom.


Life equals the beginning of a Time, a Place, a Space,
and all I see that is good in my minds eye,
 equals celebration.

Happiness forever and a day,
the day is new!!

The Support of Truth Posted on Facebook

Thank you Gordon, your support means more than you could know.

Gordon Stafford posted to Karen A. Placek via my Facebook Page.  
I've started reading your blogs and I believe you. I saw many financial statements and was privy to everything. Of course all the money was ill gotten, no one even had jobs. The trick was keeping the phony church income to about a million a year, almost all profit. The Brady kids never rode and Polo in the Park was straight to the pocket. Staying under the radar and claiming the entire operation a church was clever, would you believe they only needed one arm's length member. I forget his name, but tell me he isn't a wierdo. Tal y Tara lost money but was a front for donations. I know, I opened the mail, plus helped hustle the patrons. A standard hustle was 500 bux and people actually thought they were helping the poor. We brought in a bus load from Oakland and got 5 grand ons day. We sure ate well, beautiful salmon being a regular item at a table of ten and only I worked that day.

  • Gordon Stafford Gosh, I wrote this back in November and am re - reading it. Yes, every word is true, and so much more, it is shocking what I know. One part of me doesn't like displaying family laundry or dis respecting Melba Meakin and the Meakins, my son's grandparents. But if Karen can get some solace or closure, I will tell the truth about these monstrous people. There are so many nasty people in the world, why would I pick on my inlaws? However, they really have a shocking amount of evil going on and enjoy hurting people for a sport. If I hadn't seen it first hand, I wouldn't believe it. They seem to embrace Satin

  • The Secret of the Universe is Choice. Thank you for speaking, I really appreciate what you have shared. If you wish to share anything further it will be welcomed and greatly appreciated. Thank you again, Karen