Monday, May 26, 2014

Leather Rites

Eight years Out to eighty-eight in a spout,
the pour of line to a circle in infinity is,
888 A Bout signs showing belief is loud.

The mathematical digital frame in a brain,
the skit to the skipping of words in no blame,
signals the Mind that the muscle of train,
comes in to the boots of leather in pane.

Spur to the strap of heeled in reins,
buckles to let the twist not remain,
simply on top of the mounting of horse,
saddled for grips in forceful courts.

Trips are not jumps to banks that drop through,
for in the course of country it's do,
the eminent bet to set of the skew,
is shrimping the Nets of already spooned.

Handle the beast with more in release,
the Rogue does do best when kept to the test,
communication in silent rapport works for hoarse,
it's all between the legs of course.

Stature to built by design I know fine,
kept to the denims of a particular kind,
showing the you in the City type move,
not in indifference protection is phew.

So bound yourselves to lurid tells,
with nothing only the bending in bells,
the clang of the after before d a clapping,
sharp to the Coats and Tails of laughing.

Product the kind to a rouge in a spine,
cruelty is never the back of a prime,
face to face structure is doves with a pine,
swooning to character not the World in a Vine.

Thorns to the Crowns of hater's and sounds,
that selling of hatred to bracket the downed,
I will not ascribe to such terrors in stares found,
'cause I do know some things need to be proud,
in flesh and bone not buried beneath in a 6ft deep.

Born And Bred

.....the cryptic speech develops leads,
shaving studs is sheen,
the glisten to the pot of gold,
a ribbon to a spree.

To color would be to paint stores,
the select is Natures way to door,
taught to home the evident shore,
be reads of lunch time lore.

The blocks to ready built for speed,
a balance measured in before,
sat a curb in outdoors,
the fair of whom I still adores.

Ramps to laddered spoof of shown,
the houses of the pools to known,
no fear does inhabit zone,
the thrifty safe the keep.

As forward thinking formula blinking,
the Live of Steady shows,
not the passing of the stats,
but questions answered fact for fact.

Leather boots that do not tap,
the venue is in the wrap,
of rapports to flags that fly,
the simple and the trued.

The World News envelopes Coups,
all over places fall to stews,
a brewing in the cups of proves,
the evident is clear.

Know gender must perform the bust,
in such the said is left to cusp,
a venture threw d for I don't spoke,
'cause Cars have wheels too.

The bitter in the braiding tale,
makes interest to the whale,
but shark teeth shed for better lead,
and trust does know it's fed.

The Coaling Spruik

The Constellation of the Tell,
a scorpion begins.

The Tail rails the Racked in Nailed,
a whole within the bead.

She'll shoot straight through without,
the guidance or the Lead,
for life is stressed to opened Nest,
to Site the overt has held.

The splendor of no Master Sir,
delivery selects to kept,
information "I's"
the battle of begun.

To trees the birds do chirp to dee,
the speech does go to heard,
flocks of lane the Wilds know,
preparing in for already snowed.

The ignorant whom stupidly,
believe the writes are total,
regret the Days to Come in rays,
silence teaches  to place the thumb,
within the fritz of hold.

Spreads will empty to full Till,
the balance of the bread,
if left single Stag goes deaf and mute does start the come.

In split of seconds, minutes from,
the Hour of the Bathe to brung,
a latter shows and no ones's home,
the take-off is the spear.

Destined instance reflects to Mirror,
the scarcity of shining back,
the eyes will now read mere.

Doors to other - side of Earth will slam the Gavel down,
to the Man that did not warn the Veer......

No Hand Stops

The scribe of script in repute,
a hand to thrust the sin,
Verse of Old changed in been,
the growth in habit lends.

The Chapter of Twenty-two knot spoke,
a write is easy trend.

The Words befall to State of Men,
a counter to an cross at X,
the roll to be filled in,
with worth of Why the spin.

The isolation darkens minds,
whom placed in such retreat,
to further negate the obvious,
increases lines to them.

The Cart halved from a Sailing sea,
the Earth will breathe a Churn,
a torch so held Olympics felt,
the Games of Lies will End!!

To sync a Pens to Crowded blends,
the privacy is clear,
deeply seated to ride the force,
a spark does liberate send.

A Width of Moore to Bog the Shore,
from beneath the bones do drool,
a Censure to the Dill to dust,
preserved for Now to Come!!

A Mound of Louds to Rock of Black,
the touch considered astute,
although the trouble settles booth,
the limp due to tore.

An illness with mouths that Lip,
the gag to each a tongue,
a split not in the Jaw of Den,
the blend will make it Well.

To search with Mouse a traps a Vice,
the snap of chills in den.

The bars to stood the chest in vest,
time behooves the whip.

Tipped with clues the Mid in Night,
examples most but holds the lows,
for See to much without the touch,
humans than so boo!!

Stolen life to slaving Lots,
the cuts break to red,
a bleed in vein the muscle kind,
to work the out in in.

Trouble begets the skin to be,
bothered by invisible need,
goose bumps to swanning trades,
the safe to float a dawning.

Rose Wilds

The Sharks begin to chum,
a Great White has a lung,
so I ask,
where did the Ocean hail from?

The seas were the settle of Creations eyes,
there were byes to spacial clears,
the Mass of Deeply blasts,
the Ore of explosive Herds,
the Meteor to spurned,
shot straights to blasting love,
to sing away the pain in future come,
the Anchor of her Mind pores of last,
in the boom of wrath,
brought simple tears to fill a Crevasse in this end of settling bloom.

The view becomes the Past?

Seek not the leading trash,
the air is filled with what was scene,
an empty fulled to the brim,
spilt-over to eye-brow men,
the setting of the Sun thru the Mooning of such stung.

The Air is Stiff with Stagnated Fill?

Oxygen is filtered too,
the Sake of the Brine was to sure the Spores,
a taxing in the symptom,
the 'Why' the forward Clay,
secrets held by forced reprieve,
creative speed has thought through you,
the delivery of the chance to chose has been the loss of whom you Sub,
the canker that Mans refused,
will be shed with rows of truth.

Should example be a hand in this Show of regard for Life?

The birth of such record with Nets that do not kill,
but are used to teach the Beast,
 that lives out there are rare,
and in need of a lesson,
 to move their wares,
 to shores that invite more to Flee.

What has the apathy done to Peer?

The out-stretch Mail in desperate Freed,
the One whom Sung,
sang to Clause,
the Sight of scarce to extreme Wits rare,
enticed the flight to seed the prime.

To electric Verbs in such he heard,
the wait is not the wanted low,
kept a way stays the class,
moved by tempers Hell will speak.

Repdigit 88 Key

I spy with my little (eyes) aye,
'tis their tale full (of) spoke for Whale,
the Krill of filter to Feed the Hide.

Swimming beast, in great the Feats,
survival is the Met with Pods of Hail.

Beaching Calls to shores of All,
the some of Family in a Haul,
upon these sands of times to Set,
there is destruction in Ocean Lets.

Pushed to back the Animal tacks,
a task with fen see the bends,
stay to hold the vigil bold,
for our feat you're walking bowl.

Singing songs now replicate,
the noise in Water drove the Aughter,
to Speak on you're be had,
lessons in the Dad!!

Rib the write to open plight,
the freeways buzz with drills at night,
our head does ache, the Mass in Shake,
sonic calls in all are stake.

The Gulls are Signs fly in deep Lands,
no more fish it's garbage canned.

Look to pair with you know who,
the message lies within the due.

Grits of sandy rocks please speak,
my feet are bar my toes did deep,
the fighting Waves don't ever sleep,
is the Roll of Tether Keep?

Heading Toll will be the Pole,
was so told in bitter cold,
to the swim in swept by trims,
whom did come to answer Kin?

A Fortnight passed than two swam,
up the Alley of Baying lend,
into the River it was akin,
banging Pots and Pans at penned.

Now don't think twice the Quest is Win,
Men can't contact Society deepened,
you are alive but 'it' to them,
just like the Trippings of this Sin.

Why do values slip to hinge,
speaks of then shuns to been,
almost nearly spinning Time,
to reply with not a try.

Language captures Songs release,
vocals enunciate tunes do breeze,
Minds can bleed with Knowing ski,
but Lips have made this a Plea.

How do I communicate Hi,
if all the People continually lie?

Remember seeing that funny view?
How far down than gulped with You?
the most of Sum delivers dues,
it is the rare that uniques in You!! 

Famous Openings ~ One Liners

Two Lives Up in a Guillotine Swell,
a virtual reality by those that crafted a Witch spell,
to know that it is neither of us that fell,
the platter informs the rigor tells.

First the work is chattered lurk,
Second the two joint separate spurt,
Third is the luckiest Number,
in this their Words find plunder.

Known to Bloodlines hold the both,
stood in values the other boasts,
go the Mark of Tattoo's Coast,
Fantasy Island had a Host.

The Plane a Plane the Voiced in most,
walked with stature reminds this toast,
no champagne a basement soaked,
whilst I was out in left hand turn,
I did land with similar same learn.

Patiently I stared the stood,
like a dream but of resulted hood,
suffocation brings things to,
these points of whether are not should.

Horror begets the jumps I've lept,
in said spun the time was young,
couldn't watch the rape to spot,
in the height I cornered shot.

Could not wait the breadth of do,
thought to turn the timber through,
landed in a place like threw.

Men of Stature, Men of Work,
back and forth to record the lurk,
steady to be still while theirs,
finally speaking it was chores.

Bridges of Times Taught with Dimes.

Bombs Bursting In Aired

In the Midst two Storms,
I have a Hall Pass to walk outside,
smell the weather enjoy the bide,
said hello to sir in space,
said 'thanks' for staying  place.

Up and down the staircase,
ran to the top to realize that I left on third floor guise,
picked up my rock and piece of tie,
ran back down to go a ride.

Asked the question while tail combed,
stuttered over the words in formed,
stared at whom said it's a dorm,
sadness fell as I looked to tell,
and realized not not one person did not not know the whale.

Tiger Tops Bail

Ready made in ordered fay,
I no to this run-a-day,
by descriptors to the drips tore,
faster, slower the tick of locks door.

Should the World just ignore,
the whether stills for aesop score,
the script be writ to speak with lips,
the vocal to locality tunes the stick,
not to beat but to pick it up.

Clever Hide until the Guy arrives,
he brings with him a bit to sum,
these distractions breath with tongues,
the chapter of the quell is done.

In larger pictured island stun,
the after in before of sung,
'cause danger screamed and proof was mean,
to stave off death this Man saved life,
all within the two-pent price. 

Cause developed worry lights,
the head with shoulders that made nice,
returned to favor out of spice,
rumor had it he stopped the Vice.

The Wisdom To Brave The Telling

I went on a walk to gain some insight,
my mind stood in fright,
so my legs moved with fright.

The echo of calls,
the fear filled the void,
battled the brush,
it hid my plight.

I sat to take a breath,
evaluate do,
in spite of my run,
decision was stun!!

In-spite of my thought, 
I knew it'd be wrought,
on to the top,
the Mountain just said.

Hold to my Trees,
push-on with all-might,
the harm that befalls,
will come in a Night.

The steep of the climb,
became harder not fun,
I fell to my knees,
rested amongst trees.

In a decide to return to reside,
I turned to go down,
traveled to bound.

A Mist or a Fog,
white in the Dark,
I kept to my Path and fell in it's take.

Choking, my eyes burned,
I sat in such shock,
my heart beat raced,
I felt so displaced.

The more I tried,
the more blurred my sight in real,
my stomach did ache,
my Head was in a swirl.

Took a look to understand,
my Mind was in Tow,
the more that I stared,
I found,
 I could not deny the reality was their show.

When you are alone anything can bone.

Nature Speaks Too

To Monopoly The Gaming Board,
cross the middle the bank does Thor,
in the Task of rounding pass,
stop collect the Mass is basked.

Hot the Dice in thrown to Tice,
up the ante? it would be my dandy,
rounding World in opened sandy,
the beet of the pulp is the turned-up spoke.

Speech stinging fleets of reaming claimed,
today is the day I feel the prey,
in my veins I root to more,
stand for lives in living dies.

To not be the anonymous flee,
I strut to spread the word of bled.

In worth of done the arms should hug,
not sell to the biggest dubbed,
for in such places the eats are grubs,
known particularly for lancing loved,
the power is the share of cubbed.

Get out of Jail a card to deck,
pull the Lot and it will bet,
that Cheater Cheats life of doved,
'cause we all know that in Tic-Tac-Toe,
it's the teeny tinny mighty bow,
that aims to charge the Knight with Know!!

As Cupio is a pea in a pod of Poe,
loving movies as a blow,
so many to chose from I'll just say note,
row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream of Moat,
to the Circle of the Float,
the deck of reason has now spoke.

Coats of Arms in a Toke

Lightning Striking Blew Smoke Spake In The Time of Pass the Plate

Inn of the ink flying the pen,
writing the clause of out in the send,
back to the over before the begin,
ending the cowards of dastardly doors.

Flung through the Net the Poet is more,
for you knotted friends should wish for the pore,
to link up this R.I.P. of you've been a tip,
to Wares of the Dungeons in What's for the Whips!!

Closely shrugged by whom I will know,
balance this worth with value of grow,
sync to within the tower of sewn,
the Feat is not Managed,
the breadth is a San of stitch.

Francisco a Name taken from came,
buried with treasures to uprooted for combs,
stand upon the basic of known,
wearing gowns of white is a State of a loaned.

Keepers of the Dead will be Lead,
mind I due for you a flavor full pine,
the box of sweet in bitter of line.

Thru the wisp of the wheat a sickle will seed,
by weed out the found in only a sound,
of what is so reamed the clever of speed,
a tonal require so deep it's desired,
to make the difference in Dungeon's of Sired.


Uncorked Sparks Abort, Abort, To the 'Morrow In The Nower Rib Retorts!!

Now to serve the said for place of Tup,
on an Island in a cut,
sense would space the growth of luck,
for it's Time to no their Lined.

Heads-up Affair the simple show,
picture this without a Bow,
still the arrow with tips of so,
count the quivered and I said Crow!!

Out to Moon in the Case,
upper lip is stiff to taste,
especially for this English maced,
brought up in a Crucible's Fate.

Decimal sound to the back grounds,
spilling vents to harm the nouns,
I'll claim Man you stain Dam,
with the Curse of all I crammed.

Put forth your messenger of texting fell,
to the Tell of Open kell,
however consider the flame of  twin,
he is the aim of all that's been.

You sacked with live in exacts,
you put upon the ears a drawn,
you jeered, you laughed, you let it wrong,
to the present I state the tack,
above your head and I strike tapped.

How dare you blare this blinding stare,
to have forced such ill-repair,
but for earth the moon is care,
for if left to me it's dare.

To the speed of the Horses lead,
round the bend to the switch of tend,
relief with stretching out to end,
NO!! it's just the Studs in the works of Spudding.

Deeply Corked Changeable Weather Permitting For Best Footing to Heading games,
doubled back to very same exacts,
Name In Fact, trouble Tacks-Up to When its Ruff, Ruff.


Steeple Chases

As brake the legs to always stay,
in the middle of the neigh,
up with bucks to land in came,
wilds are the hands of same.

Taught by wiser beasts of game,
ancient bleeds in games of reads,
the cellular ride in the tie,
to the Bones in fact of dye.

Creative designed in each a kind,
'round & 'round the voice of nigh,
all to gallop the open lies,
banks of difference to three stride bye!!

In the take-off the spot is clear,
balanced seat is all but dear,
for should you muster the wrong typed gear,
the fall becomes the dumping steer.

To the Wire the Flag is heard,
photo-finish is nothing burned,
bulbs that flash to show the dash,
so fast, so quick, it's steady last.

Than the burst of heavy hards,
through the lanes of horses are,
left to right to center par,
just before you let go the star,
checks and balances shortened stirrups,
straps of leather cropped insurgence,
feel the stride increase the bye,
now the mud is in your eye.

Numbered Rides

Origin Sports Were War Dures

In wake of Knight I ride the Sky of,
the Rogue is loosed by the spoken tongue.

Charged to lancing fare at X,
it marks the Center of the talks,
a Salute to Courts of large,
cantered at the A brought trot,
across diagonal it's a spot.

To K the after of the stride,
collections bit to leather high,
no rear to battle-up the C,
for it's in the stride of read,
dressage is a key!!

Letters Show the Amply Scene,
down the long-side to the deem,
walking in relaxing speed,
to the buckle it's a theme.

Gather contact feel the Bit,
it's a snaffle in a curb,
the chain not worn 'cause I'm a part,
of the Novice in an Olympic start!!

F the forward legs to ask,
in the bend of required task,
as the corner much to catch,
it's a short to the back.

Next a gate of three-side blast,
count it down as horse does fast,
sometimes bucking turns-a-'bout,
never halt the 5,4,3,2,1, go shouts!!

Impulsion pulls the a breast,
speed is nothing to formal test,
cadence does require meter,
stop-watch worn ticks the speaker.

Jumps are built from telephone stacks,
dirt is grazed by tractors facts,
hills in slopping water packs,
exhilaration is all the knacks.

Timing rhythm practiced tack,
5 minute walk to 10 exacts,
breath to lung with only brung,
careful with the runs of spun,
Roads & Tracks Our Three-Day Come!!

Know recovery stands to feed,
over-night and in the steed,
bridled cleaning saddle team,
it's the Pony Club of Means,
a Rallied Life with extreme in Keeps.

To the Stadium Jumping a Sing,
similar to never being same,
each Rider looks to be,
not the knock down but the lead,
by never touching a fence that's held,
by to cup's that Standards tell.

Still on time no push to fined,
to fast, to slow, it's in the flow,
steady as you are told,
by the Trainer or Worse the Steward,
like a death you know a Lug!!

The way they stand with absolute plan,
the hands of authority and I's of can,
know blinders wares of those that gain,
to announce I'm still in the game!!

Score a Zero perfection plays,
looks just like a lept-a-Calmer came,
top Hats off to stabled panes,
the amaze is how you do.

The Talent Scouts Over-Seas

A National Exploitation turns to a Global Exportation,
the wire of the Morse Trades,
so behind it Fronts these came,
to the Phonics of the Say,
in speech a triton spake!!

Forked be for the Blunt was tore,
to grace I'm not this Lord of Ray,
mere to such a gentleman,
he is a Sir of this Mastered case!!

Gripping tales to wrench this pail,
the bucket handle to make be rail,
regardlessly I'm wit to breezed,
'cause this Nation thought it coup,
denied it bye denial scoop!!

To the Ice Cream Wars invade,
50 Shades of Purple plays,
fry to deeply chilled at Fair,
I like cinnamon,
drew and squared.

Stance to Women or Give in twitch,
either way I am a niche,
batter jelly to peanuts rave,
the Elephant is the I for day!!

Que the Vast a Dish to Serve,
not with dazed or filth absurd,
that is voiced with the pricking Apple,
 of womanly which imposing switch,
to fingers that enact.

Stick a needle in the hey,
I'll just say to Ireland play,
high a top the Farmer plopped,
me to work the feed for stock.

Oh yes I can replied the Hand,
to balance the Ever so growing dan,
back and forth the sway of stacked,
as if the teach had a rack.

Xing the learn in every spurn,
know credits go to Men of Berm-a-frost, 
the Hammer, the Clever, the Wisely Stones,
I chisel no more than what is bones,
are you familiar with these doors??
of course you are you made the ....

A doll that is craft of slot,
candled for the wicking lot,
do not discount the Moon in Shot,
for in the pun I speak to taught.

Deep to Width of Knowing Wrought,
a natural sordid deed I'm not,
for in the right of left for croft,
I hold the mantle to fire it's Hot!!

Luke to warning chills are brier,
the patch of a thorny habits attire,
down the yellow brick road of Shire,
the courage Crowed of Cause to liars.

The loan Wolf is a knowing traveled,
long in saber tigress sharps,
the clause to dig the deep lead out,
from the bury of your shout,
simply spoken I'm OUT&About.

Can't wait for the Movie louds!!