Saturday, March 19, 2011


Information all torn out!
Coming from, straightened shout!
Help you cry?
Silent Verse?
Hearing that which does not nurse?

Deep inside your little self?
Hiding? Begging for your tell?
Graceful rise in all that shall,
celebrate your liberty bell.

Gore Man don't: Stop this now!
Grace, note please, crackle, "Tau"!
Taunt this verse? Cross of Dau.
Make your mark, bend your bow.

Heavy words,
of this I pledge.
It's alright, and, it's just might:
a big fat wedge, it's in tight,
in your hedge, or, is it "Wed".
To you're dead, I'm not read.

Bet! Cha.!


Shattered Soul; Heed

Shattering your Soul?
Manipulating Old?
Feeling like you've been sold?

Words tore out,
what you tout,
is what this is simply all about!

Soul Shatterer!
Shattered soul?

Which are you when you're told?
One or the other?
You've been rolled.

Free from this 'cause you're bold?

Know this Rue.
Know this True.
Caught in Boo Hooing,
daunting question: Who is Who?

One or the other,
traps are set,
vice-grips strangle,
all your debt.

Confess your needs,
set your deeds,
Monsters leave in heavy heave.
This, I do actually believe.

Heed; this simple, real, seed.



Misunderstandings; Rampant gossip.
Which lie do you believe? Which do you toss?
Whomever is involved, spouts nothing, but they boss,
reasoning, venting, but, actually, denting you.

Person whom is, person will persist,
which one are you? Seven or Eight?,
will not stop, Inn Easy Drift,
  until that person does the R.I.P.!!!

Seems so simple, to complicate,
I just wanted to bake a cake,
icing goes on so slick and sweet, 
bummer, you trampled me with your feet.

Healing happens while in Defeat,
which one will be in relief?
Truth of Lies, will often be,
beginning with someones other belief.

Do not raise your Voice!
Do not show Disgrace!
March on in Absolute!
Knowing of the Truth!


Traffic busy,
cars whiz bye,
can you see, they have no eyes?

All Four one,
a tire flat,
then they stop and scream all day.

When? and Why?
How? or Where?
does not matter, tear for Tear.

Silent whistle,
noise does rank,
I don't know? What's in the Tank?

Fuel for Fire,
What must be? or Will they deem?

Get back!
Back on Track!
Race for Life, is not all signs.

Take it slow,
do it fast,
speeding, bleeding, keep it streaming.

(Speedometer; Miles per Hour?; Zero to Fifty?, or is it Sour?)



Quarter of my Life,
Dime to my sine,
Nickel to my tickle,
Penny to my shimmy.

Dollar for my smaller,
Five it I dive,
Ten if I win,
Twenty for my money.

Fifty for a jiffy,
A Hundred if I sundry,
A Thousand for my housing,
Addition for my Intuition. 


Windows roll down when it's time,
remove the glass if it breaks,
not so good if understood,
stand-up in my Place.

Look around, don't be found,
interrupting Town.
All is lost, when you boss,
each of us around.

Settle down,
do not frown,
I won a warm embrace,
so do not bound, do not sound.

All the Wells
deep, it smells,
of nothing, but, it dwells
everywhere it is a simple bell;


Erase Two

Braiding lines in triple time,
release the bounds of taste.
Experience the spacial place,
food does not replace.

Thoughtful write, wrought-full wrong.
Turns do retrace, 
return to me, frightened see?
The Universal Race.

Synapse; Light; Years of Rage.
I do not like this way.
Paint was in, now about,
streaming second base.

Structured thought,
rough in edge,
I'm getting better in my head.

Pencil sharp,
leaded pen,
black or white, red or blue.
Baiting hooks,
with knots and doom.

Oh wait; No eraser head.
All is well in ink and qwill,
go and right the wrongs in will,
better yet be not enraged
in wellness sight.
Just say "Right, I'm not uptight".


Rational is a well,
deep and full of reason.
What you say will often weight,
heavily and Old.

Let your thoughts be the dots,
that mark the hole and way,
if your wise, and, not to "Die",
you'll walk around the day.

Difficulties often shade
the work, that you forgave.
But, if you're not full of fraught,
you'll end with the Bay!

Blue, and Cold; Crisp and Clear.
Waves do travel high,
is the season to use reason,
free yourself right now.
Treason, is not the excuse,
to bind your thoughts today.

Liberty, Peace, will give you ease.
Freedom is not free,
high in price,
low in cost,
searching for disease?

Shed your fear,
it's "Dear".
It's the reason to be near,
rational is a very; very; deep: Fell!



On our way, to Hill and Dale,
the ball is in the (Heir) air.
How does one, open from,
what bats with only One!

Curious for my "Trust"?
They don't look in my eyes,
hugs are nice,
they do entice,
me to run away.

Longing for only more.
Why doth this bother me?
Questions from, only some,
they just won't go away.

Why and How?, What and When?,
Dependent of the Way.
Can't you sigh, or say "Oh, my!!".
For someone of the Day.



New Sun will be a Moon,
stars twinkle the celebration.
Black Matter, lays to waste,
lay back your mind,
in warm embrace.

Solace will not be,
it stings is disbelief.
Come in and find relief,
or, you will not have a Seer.

Seers are believers,
running, do not hide.
Look up, Look high.
It's in the Sky.

A marvel,
You and I.

Racing to the Universe,
light-years are our age.
So much time and so much space.
Anxious for a taste?

All of hers are everywhere, 
disguised in her under there,
hiding in the Mother, dare!
Natures way of growing hair.



Disease and rampant illness,
do you know that it's sorted?
Cleanliness, unimportant.
Mines made of nuclear I.

Tag your words,
construct your thoughts,
make them mind,
Knot Four Knot!!

Be aware of every Tot,
teaching wise can lead to truth.
Honesty will wash your brain,
bleach your fear with tragic mirror.

Break it wright?
Wrong the write?
Which is what:
how are you?

I will not:
Tidy straight:
put away.
My mind is just unique.



Track my life, knot my strife.
Wax my brain, not disdain.
Simple soul, I am not!!

Tied up tight, that's not right.
Execution of my thoughts,
delicate synapse a rule; arrive.
Cancer free, maybe not!

Each and every fire,
is streamed with much desire.
Learned with envy, and so flight,
I find it deep in the night.

Where do knots tie not right?
Cancer frayed from dirty brains.
Untie these or feel the Dame,
sickness comes from illness main.

All we know ("no") is no cure,
elusive fear of all this here,
warning all that minds will sear,
importance of what is near.


Open; Not

Specialty of mine;
may be in a bind.
It's not in such a twist,
I'm aloof with all of this.

I came with open heart,
I landed as a tart,
No one ever,
believes I will sever.

A place of repute,
became ill, I want to puke.
Told I'd be safe,
found I was just taped.

Recorded all their words,
wrote down what are lies,
know thought before my sighs,
do this with open eyes!!



Uncertainty breeds reason.
Our longing; lasting season.
We do have for our treason,
a beast of absolute teasin'.

Beware, be wise, bee not,
a sting, is not a whip.
My words are that; 
a loaded gun, will shun.

Step here, step there, step-stare.
Eyes will often snare,
it's not the trap, it's there.
A person of a rare.

Wild in belief,
life in what I see,
free in all my trees,
dominated by beneath.

No collar, No chain, No stake,
know absolute mistake.
No shame,
know muse,
know oracle belief.

A "Seer", not an "Elf".



Acute contact I often back,
memories of all of that,
a plague of natural, do not act.
What was, what is, has no tact.

A far and distant want I lack,
future is an awful rat.
Don't tell, don't leave, don't I believe.
Truth in my eyes is very ease.

Don't go to fast, don't go to mast,
stand still, stand will, stand right,
stand Till.
Know sail, know apt, know roe and bow.
Piercing arrows and quill will sew,
be wise, bee sting, believe in me.

I love what is best you see,
Four me, fore you, for all you need,
I close my doors, rail my roars,
the trains will blow, the car will floor.

Faster, Faster, there is DEPLORE!



The daily inventory I will take,
is often for my sake.
I just go slow, so I will know,
what is mine and must go.

I slowly wake and often quake,
my checklist skates until my stake,
I choose to do, I choose to take,
I will be, I will bake.

I cook my thoughts, I sort my rots,
make sure I 'm fresh,
with daily trots.
Importance lies in all my lots.

My mind, my store, won't make 
you snore.
A steady stock; Holds my door.



Beauty today is grace on the 'morrow.
Love yesterday was not had.
Timely noise will always be,
amazing thought can always see.

Too much of anything is never enough.
Too little of everything I'll never know.
Two voices sing, Glorious news,
paper print of all the dues.

Fantastic choice is best to us.
Incredible minds are rarely found.
It cannot be a happenstance,
it's rarely, barely, just by chance.

Cards of wonder, card of Spare;
Cards of splendor, card of Dare;
Cards of some, card of Their;
Cards of snare, card will Tear;

Bells will ring, in the a.m. sing.
Tones will be; in life they bing.
Notes will play; in steady day.
Beauty is the Grace of May.



Creation is amazing,
marvel is a wonderful,
dreaming a comfortable 
way to escape this life.

Luckily, I'm invincible,
I am not an edible,
chocolate candy,
mud pie,
ice cream,
whipped top!
I'm the cherry on the.....

Pop, Pop, Pop.



When life has no end,
life did not begin.

No love known,
No love in,
just the pain,
just the thumb,
I sucked it,
'till I was Ten.

I miss the comfort,
I want the sum,
of all of this,
I am not dumb,
I may not speak,
I may not teach,
I'm just a girl,
not a leach.

Sorry, that won't appeal.
Sorry, I will not kneel.
Sorry, I'm not a seal.
Sorry, I don't want a deal.


Where do we see; where do we here?
The ears are cut; the jaws stuck!
People do sometimes erupt,
youth did have a calming tongue.
Of course, I think I run!

Tempter good; Anger bad.
Which is one not to have?
I have biting words,
manipulation stays,
do I need to be afraid?

I am not these, on my old needs,
can I take that?
or will I be tat, Four, tat?
Answer Me!! Want to bat?
Easy their.

Always waiting, sometimes shaking,
can't undo what things you dew,
I love flowers, it's like a shower,
sunshine, moon light, star hours,
brilliant, nicely saying "spicy".



Crisp, delicate, fragile, kind,
in early birth of searing sith,
at last, the droplets shaping tears,
plants and flowers do not fear.

Softly rolling, dropping, wets:
All the heaviness to life; shift,

Harness vows, and gruesome growth,
you see this match in wretched wrought.
Where is the mess? Where is the spot?
Come to herewith, come to the shot.

Where are all the birthing tots?
I don't "NO"!!
Know space to rot?
Compost well and do not tell.

This Inn is no Hotel.



Mornings favor clean and calm,
the birds will chipper cheer,
some days are full of bliss and woe.
Mornings Glory takes this though.

Breathing in the fresh sprig air,
green in flavor, clean in heir.
Soaking up the dew of nigh,
steaming through those stormy nites.

Loving, leaving, liking knot,
get up and try to think a lot,
close not your eyes, open shut.
It's deeming, streaming from your gut.

Cherish moments, full days,
having this may blow away.
Hugs and kisses this I "No",
coffee pots of thee I go.

Lungs fill and empty,
rhythm slow, morning breath,
please, "don't go".
Beauty is like the snow,
white with purity, ice like glow.
Some just do not know.



Flowers smell the fragrance heir,
a ballet above the garden stage.
Lily horns while deep grass abides.

A pond of Koi lies nearby,
swimming on the shores of mud.

Raccoons fishing for some blood,
oak trees shadow the littered Earth,
valleys pity surge!

A Manzanita bark peeled, 
a beautiful remark revealed.

Musical wind will blow,
across the ground and open show.

A natural talent of glorious light,
crossing over gentle night.

 Orchids, bamboo shoots and fern,
waving, dancing, curtsy stern.

Bach and Beethoven arrive,
skies, clouds and symphony rise!

Piano keys of lily pads,
Harpsichord is under Dads,
ducks with web like feet.

Pigeon toed birds with flute like beak.

Salmon eggs our caviar,
to bad they will not star,
evolution is cut so short,
a masterpiece not played a sort.

Extinction a quiet abort,
it's history with no retort.



Independence, dot,
I do not talk a lot.

I'm like a Bot,
with answer made,
it does not take a thought.

Happy, Sad, I am not,
I'm stuck in abstract walk.
Inside of me with what I taught,
a well planned design,
of Industry, not Time.

It takes much work,
to be a lurk,
deep within yourself.

Quiet and serene,
alleviates any scene.

My body stays,
my mind doth stray,
my heart is tidally put away.

Emotions sway,
on entry Inn,
I sleep myself, 
with ready stealth.



Meditate, don't be late,
I'm crying on the solace moon.
Time to change,
to rearrange,
my mind and all I doubt.

Drift away,
place I stay,
acknowledge that I'm there to play.
Knots are tied,
Minds did lie,
my thought erupts today.

Distant lands inside myself,
Reels of movies past.
Such pain of horror,
terror and sore,
a conscious move I do absorb.

Stay in this place,
relish the face,
no disgrace, 
I'm amazed.

My mind is soft,
my thought is rock,
my music playing is just called talk.



I remember him, bald and daunting.
He used to talk, not much,
always wanting,
under control, "NO!"
Obsessed with Sex, maybe.
I remember the fighting.

Come in and sit,
don't resist,
will you be my daddy Sir?
Sort of sad,
chanced on glad,
do you know my sully Sir?
 I miss her, I miss him,
kindly wring my wristing. (reesting)

Mother mean,
brother seen, 
sister talked about redeem.

Let me out!
Let me in!
He is mine, I know no sin.



Do you know who to get through?
or is it how to get you?
Which way is the way?
If I say "today"?

Questioned, Answers, Equals Good.
Do you know what you should?
Is this a good way to cut wood?
Splinters seem to enter here.
Peoples words will break apart,
shatter you with no depart.
It's like a piercing dart.

Seems like they set out;
To rip, and tear, you about!
The shards displayed our words,
our tapes, play CD's and watch
it threw, words don't play when
aimed at you.

Blows of dreams; bullets knot,
my brother did this a lot.
He was sickened in this place,
sometimes I just can't erase.


Like Africa

Heat has no degree,
the Lions park in pride.
The Zebras stripe Four you at night,
the Wilder beast are not so right.
Hippos are so uptight,
Crocodiles bite. 

Leopards have no lair,
Jaguars are in the air,
Giraffes are tall and dare.
Elephants for their snare,
birds are in despair.
Flights are canceled, Strife.

Look around in troubled Town.
Aids is running free,
Children Hurt,
Men repute,
the youth rebuke.

Rebellious puke,
help is nigh.
I often cry,
their just like you and I.



Destruction rampant in my head,
they prayed that I'd be dead.
Sacrifice in exercise,
prayed that I'd hit my head.
Women gathered in circle round,
chanting stuff to hit the ruff.

Seance rode this little tuff,
chances are it's pretty rough.
Scuffle Four my horse was tough,
God did see this mystery.

Scrupulous in design,
I met my fate of Auld Lang Syne.

Pulling trousers in the dine,
I sat up straight and said, "You're Mine!"

Shock and horror filled the face,
men of honor, fell, disgrace,
lifted not, did not haste,
lovely chapter of this I taste.

Books will open, sentence "Life"!
Looked around I did stripe,
no more strife, just a knife,
cutting into all my sight.

Soul is free, Mind is tall,
walking small and talking ball.

Funny things of big foot rings,
camping, sailing and swimming Saul.

I was at the Timber Maul.



Shut my hurt, open my jerk,
slight of hand, of this I burp.
Taste of yuck, in gross berserk!
Mouth full of words, always coming.

Close my terror, close my rare.
Sit down upon this easy chair.
I need no grace I have taste,
it's all so much disgrace of me.

Shame I feel
Shame I kneel
Shame I heal
None of teal

Crying eyes, crying sun
Moon disguise, solar run
Live in distant fear of nighs
Help me now I've got no thighs.

Royal blue, ringing ears
Beaten, threw, of tempted years
Speak of this and you will tear
End is on and in top shear.

Hold my hand, I'm often near
My soul and heart are in arrears
Feet are torn, body cheers
The ones who did are not here.



Somewhere, someplace, sometime, somehow.
Daily preys upon my now,
turn your face but just don't bow
to disgrace, I'll have a cow.

Self-Resistance, show me, Pow!
Hurt like Hell, it was no towel.
Keep it up, I am not a chow.
Turn your cheek, fore I am sow.

My nose bleeds, ready shall?
My back side beat, ready pal?
You aren't a friend, belt, rowel?
Bend down and touch, I'm not a sow.

Bring it on, I am here now.
I am bent from all this, shall?
A narrow grave and here we gave,
a night of blistery wounds; I shave.

Red, blue, purple, green stripes upon this scene.
My body hurts from buckles loose,
my skin is ripped from all this, Goose.
I don't want to scream and loose
my soul, my heart when I chose.



Where does the city sleep?
Don't recall the murders deep.
My brother cleared but kept it deep.
Where did the noise go? I can't creep.

I scream, I yell, I feel so, bleep!
Help me, get this off of me,
it's wet, it's cold, it's red and deep.
What the fuck has happened, She?

Terror abides, fear now drives,
the running color of red in tides.
No end, no sin, no counting thief.
What the fuck is under me?

Why do I get stuck into?
Why can't I rely on you?
You lie, and cry, and then you die.
I need to see without this sty.



Beauty dies when words fail.
Lifes disguise of what is frail.
Fight so hard, I was not stale.
Memories fleeting, does not prevail.

I'm a girl or lurid tale.
My singing song of my lifes trail.
Scary black and dark in dale,
I'm just a woman on distant rail.

Trains grow nigh and so I bail.
Planes fly in present grail.
Nights were long and scared my scale,
of length in time to empty pail.

Where does this run, it's like the Qwail.
Low to the ground and hits the nail.
Heads will grow until you Yale.
Then it will be pass or fail.

(Instantly, I am a snail)



Feeding gray walls,
matching black:
Waiting tables,
please get back,
hoods and robes.

Drapery hung:

Ties and chords:

Organs play:

Pipes display:
women naked.

Breast at play:
men absurd.

Attention stay:
children lurked, 
I'm not a stray!!



Sunshine, Liberty, Gracious, Might
Light-Years of streaming tight
Get back or this won't be right
Ability to change all my site.

Rubbing down the aches and pains
Spinal cords that have no names
Blank reviews of horrid shame
Get up you fool, you are to blame.

Massage your hands into your minds
Close your fists and make them mind.
Bend your knees, it may take time
Roast your coals, my feet will shine.

Amazing revelation comes
Sometimes I'm not so dumb
Actually I like to gum
Reality hits, aren't you chum?



Some people have power problems.
They come at you with issue.
You see there eyes are full.
You stop to get a tissue.

My hurt comes from refrain.
My hurt comes with my name.
My hurt comes with disdain.
My hurt comes with all days.

Huge and aching,
always breaking,
I cannot stop the taking.
It's like I'm always shaking.

Looking towards the past,
gazing makes me laugh,
no matter which it is,
I am just not that.

Roaring from my stacks,
terrified with my knacks,
heavy down pour of this tack,
laden upon my single back.



When you close your eyes,
when you wish to sigh,
when you wish to lie,
when you wish to die,
do not look at I.

Where did you get that thought?
Where did you get that taught?
Where did you do that, bought?
Where did you say you fraught?
Do not look at me, I rot.

Why do you say those things?
Why do you do those dreams?
Why do you get those teams?
Why do you see that steam?
Do not look at me, I'm mean.

How do you say "thank you?"
How do you fill the blanks?
How do you see those tanks?
How do you build those banks?
Do not look at me, I run on empty.



My power lies in self-review,
my nights reflect this thought.
Do, you, can you, not surf through?
The Ocean of my Sees.

I am frightful of my Tot,
she lies from deep within.
No untruth does she speak,
just naps from deep, not Ten.

I often wonder why she sleeps,
it seems to be the place,
resting from all the creeps,
that come up in her place.

My mind is like a steel trap.
Existing only to do that.
The little one who hides inside,
speaks truths, in lies she rides.

Confusion, up and down,
what seems right is wrong for me.
What seems bad I write.
One day soon I hope to seek
a playmate not a lie inside.

Just wait, 'cause I won't die,
and then I won't live a lie.
I will no longer reside inside.
I might come out to see,
a brand new birth of me.



The magic of relief; exist in my eyes,
I do not howl or cry.
For any given home,
I just seem to do,
all that is wise,
an Owl is a hoot
if you do not toot!!

Silence is my balance,
disguise is my cloak,
a closet full of jokes,
something that I hate,
I listen to you when I'm down,
but, mostly when I drown.

It has been a long and wild ride.
Let me OFF! Get me Down, Please?
Do you not know I have a disease?
It's called, "I want to Survive".

Do you see, see it in my eyes?
Hard to believe; but truth is.
I love someone on this place,
I am just trying to say "hello".



I was a girl, I was a twirl,
I was not something new.
They took my hair and shaved me there
and held me over Two.
I get scared, I get bared,
I cannot reach my Two.

Why does this just haunt me?
Why do I fill with fear?
Why do they enter me?
Why can't I figure this out?
Why did they break me?
Why did it come out?

"All the Goo"
"All the Sue"
She just won't stop,
"Will You?"

She hurt me on the inside.
She hurt me on the out.
She hurt me with the side by side.
She hurt me with her clout.