Tuesday, August 16, 2016

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know that in this text the teak is on the Jade of Ancient Rasp,
touch the hoofs of the galloping thing to the vocals of just a mountain long,
the sigh of Wares!!

What is the cue to say that tack is in the Barn,
that harness of the Officer on the scene,
is it really overlooked by Humanity and the Soot??,
is ashes in the bare.role to that chart on the Watts??,
there in the light of the street is the question to the beat on the key to Hello??,
or is the people fill.lip with a hide on the fallow of chin chin.knee bling??

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is the catch to that the hiccup or the shambles that history grew to a wrong??,
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is the nice a country French in a measure??,
should the fowl.lo beak.keen to winced??,
where is the verse to the shallows??

Stride on with more's code??,
is the drive down the owl.lee to harbor,
that pier of curtain touching the chord??.

Shiver the sheep to whom is the deer,
antelope and giraffe to elephant back??.

Across the Plains of the U.S.A. it is the merit of what on the Times of Ages to clock the punch,
schedule factor on the chorus of snowing in the rock.keys??,
than is the fir.row the Redwoods to clatter,
is the ban.tour a ruler of what is an Inch to a yard on the grave stile of shards,
shall the owe.ill rig??.

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through whiz.dumb or is the shouts of gossip in the quiet of the back tar.zen lined??,
sitting the pickle to say that the state is the shive ole on once upon the frame,
is that this in the vs??,
where is the multiple of reason owning that pew??,
church is the religion to prey.eh's a platter of tiers to toss the freeze and engage the seal.ole.duh.

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branch is the fathom of level list.sting??,
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choose.sing to verb a Noun on the out of E!.Raze.Sirs for the in Convenient??.

Cheese and Crackers Wine with a lime and Vodka for Rose,
is the ice in the glass so clear that the clink of that is the liqueur of the American Indian on ramp.pit??,
should the ditch be to the fee.ole.duh to that doubt of what is a steer??,
this is not the ship.ping shoes of lace.cyst with mist.stir.read,
it is the honest of the do tee that cups of anchor said that life is link.kin.

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a mind that the brain said in kind,
a horse to that agreed,
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a mark to ounce a shot glass to as the scene,
hour to the minuet is the opera of symphony yet the words are shovels and sheer.duh,
width the turmoil to the age of the country by hand,
than on the barbed wire alone asking the cattle what is the fence,
the good to a nature of the rein in the flood??