Saturday, August 16, 2014


Seat a cinch the West of saddled the stanchion hull to shall whilst the cold brings on the warm of Sun,
the Moon in rate has had a plate to know the Man on rig in come,
walking Feat with a Keep in Dungeon on the 'How of Scrolls' are resting for the Lung,
in such the aspect knows the tongue as the speech does Sing the done upon the asked of spun.

In breadth of clears the system lear 'A Professor' of the creed in deed a long, long, long, long a go,
in midst of written the often smitten did rattle of a site for fun,
in pouring over never levered for the gear of Zero rung,
the bell of Towering to a Theme in lettered the posts were always strung,
connection makes sense to Whom would be familiar from that Year a Streak!!

Change the words with pictures verse the peace between is knowing read,
balance this with moving laugh a over lead still does do deed,
an infinite round to sticking the found to stages that make a better Best in the duck,
to Goose from it gander than that would lander the allow was for a Singular lark,
luck to the palm of a hand in the band never will I turn the Address of the touch.

In existence to provide a Voice with a side the beginning of spanking began,
the bend to the Over a top on the Shoulder was making the difference in say taking Side,
a plop with a work although it's bizarre the least of the Maker is the stride of the shaker,
in thus the reply to a simple good ride is the Journey between is filled with lingers that bing,
phones come as cells in the dial of laid to announce the order of a casting of danced.

As Hell is the World of which this would feet the Earth above now is Heaven in know,
clouds in the sky are the liberty night where the colors of rhythms do Show in a toe,
please do not discount what is sound for the Speak of the Microphone is a Loud.

Balls Of The Feet Stretch

Take a Photo know the snap in a shot of the freeze second back in to the print of the negative on roll,
the collect of normal 24 to 36 in an old timey Real film Canon would be filled with excitement on the drop,
for upon the sent the thought was to the Wonder of the state of leading to be Scene in large,
however the 3 Day turn about for exposure gave Pause to listen the Watch in the clears.

Treasured are the Times of Ages in these Maps as the Album in kept are the date a logged,
in today as Yesterday or the year in an After the belong is mirror to the aspect of the do in,
place to trade of traits that grew through challenge of whether the Kodak would measure,
a pleasure in the stand of a 4x5 land from see to shining hold the length to unfold.

A big warm hug on a race in the paced addressing the funny sakes to a facial of stance,
formalized ranks the stage of a dance grounds to a picture in Apple of the lance.

Spearing the slice often will dip for peanut and butter is the pieces of tip,
the candy of eyes holds especially noise journey Acoustics with the quiet of coy,
crafting the development of many in lined even dipped trails to suffer the still,
ink verses Printer stompers to speak carve the performance as the Curtain does draw.

The Dish Connection

Change afoot to the door handler special in the belief Troll a bridged in the dart of a whirled,
base cast water to the Falls of the pool pounce in the ream of a crave to do ink raced,
by the dialect of Language to the Tell grove wreath arms to hug or wrestle for the rinsed,
in either of or the Vase of the staff in a directive of connect corrective to in Action of strolled!!

Burke coursed by the Standard of the pole vault to a Set in degree of a communicate rates,
the breadth from address in sent receipt knows of a bangle the Charming of brace in a lean key,
how in the brow of content the climb to a Fenced in the pasture of a barb the scratch reveal,
record Vinyl to a Needling verb for on the table stir turned the platter is scatter.

Teach thy self to honor the reason sync Wisdom not denial of entry,
grass to the Range in the fodder of the Oat is the Forrest seen in The Thick,
dive example as the break interrupt issued by the hard wire phone of House Trade,
in thus the hold button also performs as the secondary System certain to Mute Caller ski.

Shorts to pants in the belt of looped a buckle basement as the Stagger of romance tone,
in the Copper of a sample the Thread perks a bean to chop the cuts in the grind of a keen,
brought about by the empty to return full in the place of a stopper the date of a say,
the scoot of the Calendar to improve or dismay is the hit publish Save in A Draft for close.

Yes remarks the writer in the sense of the spake for each of every worth as a bay,
the spoof of a Letter to the Post at hand the alphabet used in the various of stoop,
porch the decisive in with the new Que bird that flew into the Window of room,
hitting the pane in a bit of a shock just knocked the do sat on the railing than sit said Fact!!

With the back ground to Innocence describing a Proof the Shed of a label to the days counted back,
mark off the chalkboard as the fix on the track a bright to a Lighter in a bic of the clause,
dinner at sticker the cushion of trace salt is more peppered with butter duck twiced,
scrubbing the floor with comfort of Lored the caption of great strength will Figure the stored.

Sugar Lips

Morning has broken a Dove in a Tree bough on the fly through to hello for the possum in true,
a stride to the wonder of the skunk in the Thunder a coffee in tea`cup spoke piece to the breezed,
in a state of the flight to second round twice a beautiful play in the reality of say a dream for the scoot,
on a neat from a ready put plate to the ink a bring in the ladder for a speak on the stoop.

Chance to a free~flow of Ab-lib in soup thee brew of a brow brain verse goes to the Croup,
bastion craft Venture the sentence of loop not for the lean Style more of the shrew,
as laughter is indicative a defining of I the mix in the batter is the reason I bye.

Rather The Keep is a Clean in a scrub from the Tub of a Steam to thus treasure in sing,
cosmic in Orion the belt of the Ream is not bound for wisdom rather the Theme,
ringing a dial is no more of less trail,
to rafter a Voice talk is the Naturals Wild!!

Stack~up the shelves to Know that the book has brought the Numerical forward with looked,
to the depths of the difference a Variety in Note sing of a phone whilst the Night saw the tone,
character Opera to a black musical came in the obvious connection it ran like a Say,
tremendous verbiage to counting up same ask never to be the Feather in rain!!

The burble was credit bouncing a brain to Cycle on in with a Language of rein,
shock to the Audienced brought more of the Same as the Roles were not bellies a Chortle did stain!!

Windows scene doors the walls of Construct to the Sets of the Make`up marking the fret,
oh well was the conversation as interprets said sub. creeking the church valve a pay or the rub!!

Polish that lantern sway to the boon hold for the dime it's the Quarter of soon,
trip on the Star I just know that it's truth,
chalk`in that board the Curtain of leud!!

Now do not speech for the Verbal is reached transliteration is bore fun get the T.V.,
the hour is have the right of slot important detail is the Screen of the Wrought,
coming to measure in if it's a pleasure to meet in the ever of on in the after.

Door Beauty Shocks

Awed I am by the Prowess of Nature the scene of a nappier on the unexpected view of opening front,
for there at the door of my own cruise to out the place 'A Skunk' in the middle of a dinner snacking,
in the utter blurb I shout that skunks are the Mightest of louds as the belly roars the please comes out,
don't spray me I love you foremost you are the bestest of Friends in the wilds of been today in real Thought!!

There to my funniest side the move was a trot down the path of a sigh,
the swagger in gentle a Tail held pose not for defense but a flag in hello!!

The waddle the walk the color of Talk I busted my laughter as Mouse was a crowd,
in the fright of the may the cute ran the way & what a delight for the pre-evening light,
so evident to the conversations of WHO in a singer of songs did a strange get along!!

So here on the free ab-libbing to stay I turned to realize that the bowl was a pause,
I grabbed a hand~full of food for the bowl to fill the balance for his Majesty the King!!

Off to the Shower for a warming of bones the chill is the nip of the air on the stone,
deep penetrating the heat in Steam liken the spa of my old knew in home,
as I was in chuckling of my close near mist the phone to Curious did he return for the chips??

Bounding out of the stream as a streak towel wrapping me I crept over to see spy,
the light I thought I'd flip on the stop in the moment of action I Halted for traction!!

What if the shot not had in a go decided he be my new now best friend,
remembering the clamber of his waddling loft my idea was a history I have with these Tops.

So many times at Barns in my life the Horses with munching their hay in a toss,
sounding of the chewing to the smell that it gave I would rest my head on a bale of hay.

As Cats are a usual Stabling lead the mice are a terrible in getting in Feed,
the Oats and the Barley alfalfa cubes well,
the sweeter the treat the bigger the Tell!!

Ask nothing by dear why feral friend in the Trade for kitty gets food for the drive in a Way,
time will pass and the cats will Meow than the Vet comes to shock them with Wow,
of course in the meanwhile safety is laid foremost the caution is a definite say,
as most common these Wonders show up in`a`day the drop-off is normal the Car speeds away.

Weeks will pass friends are afraid but give it Time and meow has a Name!!

Returning to story of the wrapped towel display,
that would be me if you forgot where I came,
now I spied out the window near door of the shade,
under light was distributed a brand NEW AMAZE!!

I slowly opened the door for a look to watch the closer I almost did shook,
with Mouse in my arms for his eyes were to Charm,
a Possum was chowing on the feed from Alarmed.

This whiff of air blew across our nose as Mouse did not show I define`ingly chose,
"what is that smell did the Possum win Rose!!" I laughed at the goner for the possum had won,
there he was with the most handsome of face whiskers and bristles just as calm as plained Earth.

A sparkle advise to the Possum in rise a Skunk for horizon and the Scout in observe,
for Mouse in my arms and Nero at lurch the balance of lives in a Fourth second danced.