Monday, November 17, 2014

Operation Paper Clip

Barn the World a Winter Coat to the Tall Tails of the origin of worth in Work of language on owed,
that thirst for reclamation of Institution locked in the Values of role Misers that range a puffed stoke,
smoking the timbers in & urn of logs that Moor trade with shambles to trap the Tongue expressed.

Ripped from the heart of the shale forth the Might of a shirt with an actual reality to the Chest,
as Pandora opened many a year to the long, long, long, long, A Go!!

Trappers in the snarl of growling words with the snapper on the Fish in cod fresh Water sumps,
pumped by no variable without the cell phone app. to sort the locale to the search of the apply,
downs are the entry fleets with Ships on the sale of gone to the dogs barking a fail.

Crowding in formal audience to tramp the Spaghetti at the meal of dine on the Alley cats,
a fence with a Walker is the stretch of nothing as the trot along venue with stomach plains,
of course with Hash Tags that At Mark in Reveal is certain to the Chapter record backwards tends,
in variations skip with a Hotel on the lip California is a Fair 'L' to text the Spelling no dash.

As a cruise amongst the Charge is brought by not the partner for that is a deputy song file,
ask the singer of the grains in the ruins of Chaucer for that the Note to slow the grope,
calling a tune in Stewball while stall could not describe the farm in Clydesdale harnessed Cow,
a bull to the Thoroughbred with a Saddle to tighten is the Steeple on no chase just strongs.

Arms wick hugs as the Clapping distracts to the were beats talking Horse with dance a sleep,
snoring the bridle as blinders with a Nose band on the Cheek sheets that I am A Teller in The Force,
this is War on modern cable to sent ground the breakage of hair as brushing rather than Conditioner,
shampoo with Zest to groom Bo knowing Frisco at Freckles with a true Buck while At Sold,
shoe the Horse barefoot a Norse than naturally the ride is a sound that broke out to Halt.

A test in Humanity on the Ranch of The Grands of canyons to climb The Falls of Cavers in dealt,
like the spelunker that versions the Tight Fit in levi whistling Pan in the creek of golds methodology,
a creek can know the base sediment as the role to the locale of the truth in held by settled,
however on debt to Karmic Crime in no interest to subject further a Pardon is The Must by proxy lust.

These days of Innocence to The Believed wills 'The Continue' as an asset to The Ices sheeting's,
a notable process in negotiations lost to the Ages in leaves on the Autumn of spring in New (s),
scheduled by delivery in The Order of mastered by trained in the Art of solid redemption,
there is and can not be a question as the solved has both Answered and in such gift Crowed divide!!

Hour In Vee

Car Keen

Shall 'The Standard' of transmission Tale the Cosmic in deliverance of stars on the graphs,
than upon the knowledge it is the score of the Completes in sending the deed filled met,
for the hand breaking Square to shoulder grabbed Cold chilled to the Field of dough,
that is the Parent Company of the corporation on Tassel of the robe barter of the Sing a`long,
in Viced to the test of the branch on denial is the Vernacular cruise to set the Comb to speak!!

Knots to the Fault lines is the speed or the depth in the both as translation with Whatevers,
trace that Tract of England Isles with the Irish Eyes smiling in the Vast borders of the between,
well gosh the Darn to that barn from the cobblestone Status in the role of the Hunt Scenes talent,
born to brush for the Gates of the thorn are mere to the Wreath of the Winners Circuit on gloss,
the Shan't to the arbor in gave took Receipt as The Voice in the X-Factory twisting the Agony spent.

Not aye said the Flight of task birthed left to stir the burner for the Frames of the riding allowance,
as Teach to the Teller in the professional logic based on the Sociological degree in Captain Tree,
branching with the bow to the kneel`ed interjections is True Task touched with a biscuit on the bump.

A Camel in the Hump Jockey as the gallop to the post is as revealing as the photo on sided Hill,
crammed with Pun Talk as drop balls is not the factor on genson as the bottoms UP dialed rotor!!

Changers on Rolls in the Vehicle of Armor to the glove compartment button down pushing Inward,
steering wheels with natural gas petals to flutter about the Flounder on the Scot Paper Towels in Tissue,
a guest bathroom with a Cycle Shower of star plight to Dawn the barrow while betting the games!!

Olympic intervention tastes the squabble over Payment to witness the Testimony of laud in case,
point Touch the eye brow with mirror of the sweat being striped by the Towel stroking sleeve,
those nasal passages form Nostril flares that bearing sewn with an Ancient Type of said bowl,
paint that to the Horse on the barber of the Cuts take that to the Train of prepare for the ruts,
a sent to the ocean of the Waving sprays a refreshing with know shackles just hobbled by the shaved.

Cabbage on the pickle with a bit added Nickel tossing a penny with a Shovel to the damper,
in Tank on scribe know track to dish in vibe as the brilliance is mustard on the side,
seeds that plenty with THAN the planted floss to Only provide the Scientific Proof of bone,
shallow is the Minds Speaking with every ability to monopolize on remotes that Bank odds.

Truer to Classic in the Baldwin of Chopin is the Mozart of the Da Vinci in drawing Monday,
a calendar with The Year to the Day of the Skate as U-tube with a Video on the fear of Tuesday,
charging Wednesday with a Salon to breakfast the dinner at Flour on the mowings songed,
working it out only on Thursday to shore Friday on the Saturday of every single Sunday in Dong,
which is the Week of the Month to the decade of The Century chalking a Thousand to already Won!!

That is Watchers for the Voyage in and of the Understanding of the most simple gift of bodies sole,
namely 'The Guts' to spell it On the Trails of no smoke for a Fire is in Itself Life!!

Point Dot Period

One Word Out Of 1,025,109.8 in the English Language On Deck Is A Full~House

Scramble with that radar shack to the toll of looking sat for ink the Minuet,
on the choir of the Chorus in the Topper of a Forest I still the cheese to speak a seat,
as to that bearings of the clues a time in check the double rate on language vs percent in use,
thine chamber from the sent is chained to the odds at odd in lane`d trust freeze Way chords.

On tend in sea of the Wart the liquid of the Frog in sport to Toad the bench a tool,
clever is spools of Thread on satchel of the Strings sung to tackle dust,
garb of Clothing cloak of yarn bought the parent inch a sound on sewn tangling,
a certain instruction of the Math in the barter added UP down the spout of swallowed!!

Trimming Squire on a tap of the syrup Watching knack as the technique scene packed,
baggage claim with buckled lace first the Farmer than the course of pails of the Coach in port,
curls baled to the Wire information makes a Sire in the Stallion Stations of the turned,
spun to wrap the embrace of fact at purple Mountain Theatre.

So pulled the curtain back to View the Stage of the awkward slap to nerve myself in track,
burr the shoulder Sweatshirt found as the waist of tied the sound with legs to walk a landing,
handed served the platters loud freezing chills the goose bump rain to know familiar groundings,
talk a Mile on that grain in Plow of Cosmic outer saying to show the parts of reign.

As the World negates to taste dosed with Crude by no misplaced the cart of dinosaurs in date,
crumbled no not real shake the Fore Heads on the Comets race with delivery to the Case,
met that branch to reach the Face for with the letter to The Fates a Muse in chamber stayed,
trued and steady as the growth in Habit of the enhanced ride a Horse to avenue Arena bride.

Charter Fare with expression dare as the Groom of egg puff chair is Set at torn the swiveled,
yanking settle to the sleigh in the Harness I state lark tack is on the joined in start,
to aisle of the inland breadth performance deafness is the Monk as elbow pumped the start,
like exact to extract in the Swagger sitting back to Tell that story of the Tale a Needle in the Aye!!

Sewn with stitch to sides of laugh as I will accept the prize of Clatter to the factorial Math,
add subtract in born on grasp a Tunnel with lifting strife to breathe a swing in lulling theme,
less the change in turning strain The Dock is ports of dimensions plane on sledding,
ski across no rails lost for the Bannister gamed the cost at the Poster on the tossed A Way!!


Rabbit Ears Adjustment With Know Human Contact

Template well the droplets soled to the burrow of that fold on actual computer done,
to style with a list in hit thus remind is The World to Tit that shadow of the Founded,
by basic in the Moon C.D. to dust Jacket of the finders feed to tack the each at bit,
burp this entry as Application to the scout of Whom is tribe in the very Stone.

To out at desked the pen of lamp it is the green by chain Pulled bide,
a house that Centers decks with leaps on the Window back to be,
once the Story Shelf on brought CIA in Antons whelp,
a counter with the dungeon sat walking in was done to Fact!!

F.B.I trooped black Suite worn down the basement dinner Roared,
parking stats to sucking thumb on the Table elbows lung,
no question to the Answered pea for the Pod is on the deed,
know belief of each Hits dawn telling pardon for the tongue.

Camera over with a Screen is the remote View a bring,
via Sat tasked to scope with the Written by it's lope,
in the Truth of ration slone Prop this gander to the bone,
feeds that Oat to Catch the Rye on the Gibson movie Hi!!

Filming all while written spoons,
swallow treasured Goods in grown,
now to Video on the lead does not the Eddy show a Keep on a Course in sighed,
note Full Well as my brother Tells to the knock of Conductive Hell,
these are not sparks at tired Release is the bark of ruff a Flyer,

Bulletins on the News ignored playing singles to chomp the doors,
crinkle foil saran the wrap as the bundle is a Tap,
of the foot to walk the Mile on track born the ride is dial,
as easy as the Three to One in at base of dockers Fun.

Port trust Theory not bothered baste butter is the best in Taste,
speaking as Those Agents beep to ignitions on the Feat,
creed to doctrine the 60's seat Won for Mountain and branch the skeet.

Computers on the Apple sit to what in exact as bringers dip,
is it the Star by Name in court or could it would it be the store,
on such Ship the boaters Stow on a lake in Ole tanks rode,
like the Stables Freckles showed for the posting dates it Sewn.

Coincidence matrix fenced with the Happenstance to sents,
scribble postcards to the Know on the hippie in the flow,
barefoot golden Showers scent as the paper is a Vent,
just exact to drawers of Track speech is on the Railed stacks.

But that's alright to Pose the passed puts the factor straight Up mat,
wiping faces just like slack with a Whipper Wills on craft,
march the skill talent bath Once the washer now it's lat,
one Shingle at Won time is the Roof of made designed,
moreover Tree for 815 is and Was the Street of Means in learning of the deeds!!

Initial Plate

An Answer Sheet To Scored

The State of Journey per the place as the trip bearings considered the Template of travel,
in multiplications of total bringing TODAY to the Fire in the Flame as the Elemental Corks,
in the bottle of Writ on the body type of Language formal touch the Card of destiny at The Fates,
in particulars of The Mind a remembered status with a Handle on the Throttle on LEARNED,
for as the brands begin in the Start NEW the brandish of Technology spurs the Horse as More,
for not only has the descript been in The Inform it has brought to Tune the Answer pursed Cropped.

By Ways and/ore Paths the scream of a Cliff Top Guy is troubled with courser of the Factors,
as Mi Mi Mi in the verbal The Continue shows countenance taught to beat to that rhythm not choke,
for Smoke is the burning rubber of this screeching key to the flowing digits slamming down these groats

Introduce Yourselves to the Satellites of the Perform for in the bakers Mile it is no Inch it is Metrics,
on these barrels of the Horse Eared aspect to delivery per Invitation as the Marriage of the divorce,
so sake All my debts to Curtain Plays on the bark of the Sphere in Place as the Mints,
coined to the Heard as singular to the measure of the Thread of Life Itself on barn.

Stall that is in Groom of the bride tank of the trace in the branch of the loggers snored,
jump the Time to the Ages in the built by the Nature in the explosive design of Creations skirt,
to Trouble any least is the less of the Greater born to Evolve at the Dawn of the Taurus Snake,
on the Coil of That strike it is The Continue I deck the dive to Vault on the guilt of any Past life in Junk.

Ship that slow to the China Wall of standing hike tackles to Talk Tibetan on the base Himalayans Shawl,
so itch your bones with the Skin atop the marrow of the Colds in This Worlds no's to trek reality,
former in the Seat now the Dali Lama has retired as a Full Whole break from the Technical sat,
this bean of the Completes has been Lead to the Confucius as Buddha Tack in the Imperials breathe.

Chain the Worlds hobbles with that beet root as the Turn-Up greets Infinity as the Omega belting,
trample nothing Account the Sky with the Earth on her Finals in the Volcanic Stile of no Quit,
for Entry to application of the Wares to guide the Surround per a Tele or Cell portion phones is As,
in the seen perking News counter to the belly of this beast in a global Snored for the Fodder leaps.

Grant it with Orion on the Graph of the flight of never Albatrossed at the boats Canoe but core,
as the Tree is in the Coffee of the bookings to the Grind of the cut not the Chopper shredded,
dust the Mop off with the Water that Proves H2O as the too in the bucket of the Subject,
no removal requires a death to the Sun in the Face of the denial of this While,
as the flour in the bakers Hand is the dough on the Rise in the Sunshine Perth of oh laid.

Concrete the Terms of that Terra to the Firm of links that Card the desk of Approved by left,
in the Rites of of the Pact at the Twin Flame lap is the Fire in the Muster of the basic of graft,
to text only the Vitals as the Pulse of the eye production on the Shoulders of The Blunt in bass,
as reel to the Spinner inking the Dolphin as the Fen in the breach of the letter loom to Spoolings.

Orca that teach tell sped to the Whale of the book at the beach of shores in the slap Seal sound,
look to the Watchers in the Cave on the Grand of Canyons or the Highest Mountain the Keys,
in the varied On Walls of Chi a Tee with The Bridge increased by the Computer of brings,
string the lather to the lathe in the Shingle spurring the score to the Text Tiles of Set at RA!!

Picture Language^Life Savers

Venue the vent to the journey of the Audit on and Upon the leaving Animal Scenes,
as the percentage is of not question rather the arguments of exact I Tack,
as the fudge in the spin of Whom is What at the base of calculation there is death,
yet as Tech to the formal of the dictation of gross profit once more the Board Table seat.

Match the new reports as the stipulations of 900 in page to chapter this brain as desk,
holes in the binder are a Three tie Same to the spear of the Nail in the Shots of the Set,
as the Sun is to need in the Moon of grant deed for as the World glows so does this Horror!!

Crisis is not handed on the Silver Platter of the less charge the Salts to tablet and pepper with jilt,
shakers on the grid discuss the done as the Sheets of the froze hour on the guns,
glacier Bay for freeze in say is reflection not of stunned from Envelope to shift it's Zero on the clear.

Now at Track corporation Vinyl the tables no longer needle for the Backwards reverse of play,
in Stead on the shoulders of the Center in the signs a laser shouting measure texting spake came,
another Correlation to dab on the dollar Court tell the pyramid with the Sphinx doubled Scryer,
showing as the Skaters corn the Plaque on Y`er's should such a task be Abbreviation ask blast!!

Again the master Junk is the shipping of the freight smaller change with biggest rakes in gone,
lines aligned with Belts on Ore are in the Minute Notes of the Cosmic design to Croppers dime,
circles core the Time put it in the Framers hands that Genesis is Exodus on Revelations Signal boost!!

Bark barrels with Awl in chisel pore Scopes brushed the equalizing debts to Remember the Frets!!,
remainders are the patents left Rites as the Camp of the Fires in the Flame on the Tights,
society just jams these Peanut buttered Tasks as the jiffy of the Name Brand by labeled in the slights,
armor with the Mind of chains a Shackled biting Kites whist the Strings are staring All right into the Face.

Market Lay Fresh Pro Deuce 

Know Trace Evidence

Balance the forward Futures with this Tride Understanding in the bounce of the stew standing,
on back to pass the flip of the actionable life on basic learn Approach the heights of Sign,
Humans discount the Nature of The Continue while being captured by the same Exact,
in doubt the Thought of Candles Wind storming the seat at Pew in altercation of denial Accept.

Bring the satter to the Stool of the lives in the what surprise even I know the Keep at Car,
change a Word designation as Route to vehicle in World on thread than troops Naturalize,
in duck coordination the feather to the key Notes in digiting it said in the loud of audible outs,
in state of what by People has on one hand trounced and the other parted to the Confessional.

Plate trait with Ancient Pact why than the precision is more than drum it remains as Fax to dumb,
desk tracer shot to precision of Portal in the chutes of smoke as the flutter of the paper Pads,
striking the ash in the commerce of Snow to the check as a revolutionary Mark in Act,
a job come full twist with cell phones rich application & Computers on the lap!!

Half the bellow of turf shaking flights to Question a third passing sanction an eighth counter bell,
no matter my feeble shanking the Sum of All done adds more equivalent to set at Zero than total,
division for conquer is Math to elbow the arithmetic on Metric Scales of music in sheet spends,
whereby path of inks Tile on Caves showing borns at Skate yet how do the Numbers con seat.

Branches Outer with corks true to Made in respects of not form Achieved,
advantage to The Player on the spice of Dice in that talk of the domino,
counting Matching lines turns Clicks noise lie Silence square or Told oblongs,
sharp turns trade accurate with locks in built.

Design this little with gift of Tier in removing Time as an obstacle and sub-contracting the Stood,
purple with the lily on the Lilac of salt to Flour a butter in basting the flow rising not corn,
in the recipe of only on Acorn the planted tree with root to leaf task waters pitch fertilizing meat,
peel the shell at the collection is sand in the bowl of the Paste for the Nutella of the jars branded.

Visit a Winery with the barrel of The Troughs speaking Whiskey steaming beer extractions,
what must be in the hence of settle on the silt to gum shoe with Knowledge as a clear liter,
yet on the Atlas of the broth torn Cools hots heat range tremendous on the Vine or ingredient,
test a Canons Bell to lead the ball for the fuse is dynamites chalker on the lighter of the line set.

Gunpowder in the bag of caption streaming the distance between the seat of composition and,
at designation of the explosive taste for the desire in the result of the Hand drink Mail sent,
knot the Net in string bump over with a Web spinning slights than Moot point to conceal the bake,
now add the body Mind sole and what do You have butt a great escapade on Ice cubed Square.

The Melt Down