Friday, May 23, 2014

Quick Release Knots

I write to understand myself,
to offer reason for life,
not be buried by hatred.

I write to understand I'm not alone,
to offer a hand to hold,
not be buried by all that's said.

I write on the off-chance,
that Life is about Standing,
not being Subject.

I write to explore my understanding,
to realize I have one,
independent and strong!!

I write to comprehend.

Rite Of Penned

The Sun about the Moon displays,
she shining for the other side,
the bay reflects the echoing,
as Stars preview demise.

A Planet Far,
a balanced place,
the red in black of planned,
scores a future plan,
identity is can.

The Moon did say Glacier Bay,
you've melted in what's Been,
the crashing roar,
the tears of Core,
you're gone before you' need ve when?

Pleading Ocean pours Invite,
the rising tide of man,
the lake of filled becomes the pipe,
the Creek in Rivered ran.

A Mountain high Erodes upon the lowering of it's Might,
the core of Nature while at home,
destroyed by human Kite.

As the Sun spun the Earth,
her neighbors asked her,
why do you die,
where is the try to save you from disease?

As Cosmic Pour,
a molten store,
the Earth responded like.

The Isis Moon does hide from View,
when Sun does move the light.

I watched and thought,
it's something that I'm doing.

A warning to the next Mass Host,
don't make a planet turf,
Human Beings will land upon and Walk upon your Face.

An Ever-Lasting Trace.

Lost In Total Translation

Shock!! Horror!! Fright!! Leap!!
What! Where! Wait.

I have lost my Being in a Realm unseen,
directly by myself,
I walk the fact of rhyme.

The rhythm beats,
to complete,
but Mortal Body is in Exist,
separated above,
I stand to stare at no Glove.

Ice Cream melts,
coffee can't hold,
walking 'round,
what a state,
of being.

No dead, so Alive,
why does this understanding become Me,
I pounce while Out-,
About, to know that I'm not Found.

Odd Idea?

Not really,
A State of Comprehending Being.

Step-Out ~ Meta Facts,
to be exact and on track,
a sort of hidden degree,
in compression of a Lean.

No imagination needed,
if Ancient learning began Teaching,
the level of being,
would inhabit reason.

Practice, Practice, Practice,
becomes second nature.

When Is Thinking

Nothing Interested had Crossed my Mind,
life just presented and it was not fine.

Another Sunday Morning where Screaming announced,
that church would soon begin.

Getting dressed and getting ready,
for the Seven Hour Service,
comfort was a joke.

After eating toast,
off to the Car to be,
driven to 'the Building'
as it was so eloquently shown.

I'd think about Dave and how he would be today,
what would he tell me about his week,
he was a lover of Baseball.

Never did he go without,
that AM/FM hand-held Radio,
the antenna stuck straight-up,
and we'd listen to it play.

I wondered why he'd vomit,
when he saw my Mom,
what Thoughts would pass through his Mind.

He told me he saw a Monster and it frightened him,
this what was passing,
through my Mind as we whizzed down the Street.

Driven To Express

The Riddle of the Written,
tightly knit in formed,
the ease of read,
the listen of such bourne.

Difficulties telling,
in Long Verse of a Write,
the terror of what's not said,
a mindful way to bale Site.

The View of Reading Story,
a shortened worth of word,
as aspect of the shredded,
makes whole in open forum heard.

One sentence life had offered,
silent torture brought,
the sample of the pail
the burning brought-on thought.

No vein of obstruction,
no why to what or where,
just accepting plenty,
the page of only swear square.

The interest driven purpose,
relief upon each Post,
no longer carry forward,
with knowledge of perverse.

Mind Control of Past,
the body 'members 'til,
the Live becomes the Living,
amongst this given tale.

Pleasure driven passes,
enjoy the horror of swept,
no changes make the written,
a guest in watch the Show.

Looking Back

Defining Life with Dice,
a throw to hear the price,
a total riddle's penny,
add's to poet's rights.

Bringing merely Verse,
stanza with a Comma,
the Words in What of Font,
a Tale or a Want?

Pressured first with Instance,
thoughts knew only noises,
as I cast upon the Pad,
the power develops a Stag.

Wild and Unbroken,
a rogue in reads of seek,
the honesty in truthful read,
the Sake of many Leads!!

Mapping chronological Reverse,
I often fill with Terms,
a spoken note or Posted soak.

Bathing in the Warmth,
relief presents idea,
not every wish is represented in the capture of the sentence,
so many more are actionable stores.

To know life has many Doors,
the Avenue of,
I won't Tell,
will You!!

'cause it's Hell!!!!???


To chance the speak duely loud,
the decide will prove the course,
a lagan in simply complex,
the right is left to Store.

Drink fulled with able Sync,
vibration to a sense,
Acts of Too the Actual,
I hold to Pad the Truth.

A See of Venue boothed,
the deck afloat with who,
needs a building structured,
to ride the waves of leud.

A Tidal in a Rogue,
the bedding yet to steam,
a shaking of the grand it,
sprinkles lives to roar.

Voice with know opinions,
learn to ask the question,
the type is key to locks,
a threshold with a Dock!!

Zip VI

Pieces that will Puzzle,
the picture in a riddle,
scrabbled in the minds,
the hand of site today.

Measurement of subjects,
connective speaks to search,
the individual steams,
to concrete a way.

Life of torn exploded,
granules of keeps in lores,
important moment scores,
the board Monopoly tied.

Bounce to Rhythm Written,
a Prose to Girth the Bite,
it's in the transliteration,
coming through the Herd.

Cows are great for Milking,
after Calf is born,
also make the stakes,
counter with the Lead.

Birthed in Ordered Usage,
develops furthered life,
removal in the process,
takes the bred to lane.

Burke a Creation,
expressed in single born,
Questions to the Sky,
are clouds the empty form?

Storming Water Rain,
a dam does hold the gush,
should Hoover not have Built,
than Man would not be Felt.

To Aspect  All that's Done,
would say the overflow runs,
much like with a Lake,
the River is it's Lung.

Zip V

Pipe the Line to Aspic,
the lift to the intent,
up to down the birding,
a Falcon with a Grind!!

With the Physical removed,
body language neats,
good or bad to equal rad,
leaves upside downward spin to had,
the hand to whatever it's been.

Screaming All Caps letters,
makes points a period bleed,
now whom is being proper,
within the left of seed.

To have 'know' assumptions,
creates such furthered talk,
the gossip now becomes,
words to throw back Rocks!!

Stoning in the LOCS.

Zip IV

Crashing amongst a daily tore,
the physical shows with pictures for,
a portrait of what Words are Door,
you can't stop the hinged deplore.

Sticky Mess to Invest,
collections so many rest,
written facts burned for Cats
the Clause know heard as Lives are Turned.

Brightly starks a Squire remarks,
the Sword a Dagger to Arm the Part,
sewn to buckle the snap a climb,
mountains came to valley rain.

Courts of Destiny record these Fights,
walking text of different tights,
whom shall be exampled Night?,
the darkness of these recites??

The Clack


Asphalt brains in maid to order,
results from applicated veins,
swipe the finger push the key,
directions counter naturally seen.

Back to Basic of Done in Over,
first the Key on Top the Boulder,
in second placed a connective Tip,
put the Method in the lip.

Insert a Knock upon the Thought,
lost connect to remotely dipped,
stronger pursed weak in versed,
know voice to mechanics,
the charactered work!!

At based of cotton,
the swab with stick,
do you choke or nibble tricked,
a Carrot in an Apple sick.

Zip II

Discounting News to Understood,
leaves comprehensiveness to the fine,
with absorption left to write,
a balance developed lights.

The Head upon the Shoulders,
a frame of bodily staff,
the Feat in Resolution,
a belly to a past Pass.

Put to text the worth,
sent across to gurt,
the Mind of Whom You Earth.

With a destination thought,
the Energy inside the Line,
attachments at received,
pour to open read.

Responsive Act in hit Exact,
the pleasure does not miss,
in security of the Net,
the phish sews to the spilling!!

Reactions often lack,
appropriate offers knot,
condemned for firing response,
attention is to the Fact.

To defend a needed,
harsh to bite the sacked,
propose to the different,
opening is a insistence.

No longer can things wait,
for an eye to eye hand shake,
instant now requires,
ability to be a Wire.

Eclectics send a Message,
Actions show Response,
Attitude holds to Structure,
memory is a sconced. 

Zip I

The quibble of the dastardly fool,
a bathing in  the passing contemplate,
the ginger of the wasabi,
a favor of enhancement,
not to distraction of a set path.

Release your compulsions,
brace the thought with a structure,
complicate the question with why,
not the answer of done.

The Wrinkle in Time a Paper,
from whence a Tree provide,
the growth already complete,
the roots are left in thought...

..watering to wrought?,
Reality to Dust.

Rise forward my common friend,
the Mind a natural library,
provided to entice,
a personal find,
engagement has been disconnect,
the firing sparks sharding,
razored apart by the Text of all ready taught.

Clasping no device,
swipe nothing,
enter a porting to unique,

Challenge a process made to take,
calm relax with said in fact,
alive with incredible knacks.

Knock twice never lack,
the earth is the grounds for such a plaque!!

Shield your Insignia upon you're Life,
stand with confidence,
the wisdom to try,
reason in the lies,
search the spite.

Problems in a mathematical lane
still is a line,
equals and divisions,
additions to subtractions,
now letters to hash the tags,
purposeful for what?

Words read to You!!

The Gatlin Zips Type

The evidence of conversation,
relief of introductions,
to work the common thought,
into a burst of knot.

Availability of a Query,
the group of a Mind or Scene,
ability to express,
the open understanding,
 comprehensive in the end.

Personal view,
the news unobstructed,
a Face to Face Interpretation,
allowed the complete of,
not all dead.

To shut down an Interest,
to displace a person,
isolation by force,
the ever talk in read.

Person's Eyes,
the whites of say,
not all fear,
the give in a day.

A time to sit,
with Sun remit,
a warmth of a smiling Sky.

The Voice of Heard,
allowed absurd,
to speak on Opened do.

Just An Hour or Two in Total,
the clock that all so play,
in such a hurry,
few will stop,
allow full brought to hear.

Worry from,
long past done,
the Oar of Person was,
a way to forward journey Past,
to find the reason of.

People run at such quick speed,
forgotten moments need,
idea of theory,
a Being in Leary,
the said delivered subbed.

The Valve measured in burned Treasure,
the Kind that opened Stunned,
the Listen produces say,
so cut-off by society's plots,
the venue of great censure,
will prove to be a lock.

The key thrown Way,
to look and found,
not all die with difference sound.

The tone of vocal digitized streams,
the broken links of what,
provide a Site with no a might,
is based on greater rears.

Able written with wiser finds,
can base a working drone,
Robots Respond by keeping-On,
no miss in targets sought,
exist may bring on caught.

A riddled poem or Sonnets home,
the Mind of Prose inside of posed,
the written kind of dose,
a certain type of hose.

With sight of predisposed,
to seek another peek,
not destroy the 'Being'