Monday, August 1, 2016

Aitch Too Whoa The Bye Is In The On-Air Sew Didst The In Duh Penned Cents That Eh Declare^Rate^Shin Grid The Guy`d. . ...

Land bing to that ground did as that lead said to May sure to Tom,
the Khan.Stew.To.Shin make the ready of the Stoop,
to that is the Onward Forward to that Desk on the Sphere in the Present,
gift tap!!

Over Universe to the Left itis on the write.stung on the be.Toll,
in the egypt paul lo,
free to that is the,
go to that thread just off the silk.kin maid,
a microphone is this cone!!

Grasp the Handel,
a salt.tee vest.meant touch.chin with love to the list in that thermal warmth,
its hugs come.Mean from Too!!

Vetch is the Big Form^Mal!!,
trust that measure not not as the rule.lure of Thumb,
Carriage is a Harness of the Word,duh so be that Free.RAD.duh.Coal??,
know that the trick to the trait is to be From not to the ground laud,
width of Homer is in the ill.lee.add,
mathematics faster fast.tour to that is the berth of harbor on that orderly peer,
keep to the steel of the shield on the ear of shore as the vs is the fee.lean??,
kept by Con.Stew.too.Shun is the state of Being under.Stood to the placard,
a license of the ant.tea is knowing of the leaves,
be like a tree and that is the kettle on the Beal.

Raw is the Top Per a Vase on the Paints its the Roll,
hear to bee and that is this spy.dure coming frost to ankle a bell,
its the liberty classic!!!

I Bet You Did Not Know That The Arts Have The Tools And The Shops That Would And Are Able To Say Which Craft Brush Is Best To Use When Painting Face^Is Is Mainline National News To State The Cents To Day!!

The simple education for the National Geographic for KIDs this day August 1st the year 2016,
the time is 8:08 PM on my computer while it is an acer and that is its identification to micro.soft works,
the on this conversation is for your KGO peep.poles choice to the conversation listeners,
as Alan Colmes is on the Internet Connection and George Noory does the Night,
it is to the brass trumpets that a symphony will Opera.

Arts & Crafts,
My Mother loved the Student League and that took to the Law an Understanding of the System,
these best of shows that Artwork came was not a museum rather the incredible work of the San Francisco Public Schools,
as My Mother did these most amazing introductions I will follow with a cup of tea,
the Lucky Strike was a Club at the Top of the Mark,
however it is known that both locations are in the city of my birth.

Now as the Susan Sarandon does her share to teach the Tubbed,
this is to her People's Choice Awards on the Oscars at the stage of reality to Venue,
it is simple it is true its a compass mostly for you,
the seen is as you were in history at the class of college??,
no its religion its worse its the words or its the thirst,
for which craft of who do is the viable for the time to say to public does it sign.

So you know that all the case to study Trireme is the oars of ole and chimed,
throughout the Historical Artifacts should people chose to Treasure,
is the United States of America that many precious gems are Jewels from the Nigh.old,
therefore the computer to the enter.Sect.shin is as the Media delivers light,
harness the pause with what is word that know that which is honest stow,
is it the salad mixed with beets and lettuce or vegetable rich,
should the bowl be filled with beans is it macraroni now,
the drummer boy and that flute is so tell that Boston sights,
what is the lamp of riding dusk should the ships be in the bust??

Your decision to comprehend that spelling is a simple pen,
that ink that is the color of what is the crayons on the fudge,
is it sow or sound did out than what is the ready route,
fasting or is it signed my communion on the dimed??

KGO Radio Armstrong and Getty are on-air at the regular scheduled air time,
check your local Tee 'V' Guide and now the Hi.Oh Silver Clyde's to this simple spout,
spring in seasons Wares of crab Dungeon.EST and bass.kit Dads,
the avenue is filed clue what is the search to google clue,
chutes & ladders.

How Fast Is A Person Going Should This Be The Day Between Two Thorns?? Wring^Wring Whose Their. . . . . .

Good morning Tamara Sue,
today is August One Two-thou.sand and Six.Teen,
the time is Nine Third.Tee for you're base.cyst of lips,
big fat long ones know body likes me, 
every body hates me,
aye think eyes go eat worms,
big phat juice.see wons,
E!^in^See Wii^in^see squeensy ones,
see how they wig.gull and squirm.

rose by any other name would smell as sweet. "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" is a frequently referenced part of William Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet, in which Juliet seems to argue that it does not matter that Romeo is from her rival's house of Montague, that is, that he is named "Montague."

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet - Wikipedia, the free ...

Down goes the first won, 
down goes the second won,
owe how they whig^gull & squirm,
know that the answer is natural and its true,
MSM and the cough Wrote is clued,
the entire has left the foot to screams,
but thats okay thats all write 'cause it is not its the long arm of peoples lied.

Up comes the first one, up comes the second one,
Oh how they wiggle and squirm!
I bit off the heads and suck out the juice,
an.duh throw the skins away,
joints are the people that do weed behind the 'til,
now on that extra heat a coca.a.cola Bill,
the people have taken what made better than our death,
but the people do not care to no 'cause then the world wrecks!!

Know.body NO's how fat Aye grow,
on Were^Ur^MS three times a day!
No body likes Mi,
all because James Hill.Your Blunt gave it all eh Way,
first Blunt said its a see.deed than he burned the song,
than James Blunt told everyone that beautiful is soar,
just as the cliff notes of James Blunt and all is school,
I decided to do it better and tell James Blunt he's bib,
the drool ran down is chin.knee.chin 'cause he had to Marry,
and now he's stuck with dye.per land and lesbian as deem,
he wed.did a Lesbian the ole Amazon at truth,
the story of James Blunt today is he's not very Gay!! 

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A Nut Shall. . . .

Define Public Law 102-477:DINAP Public Law 102-477 at a Glance  

Public Law 102-477 is the Indian Employment, Training, and Related Services Demonstration Act of 1992, as amended by Public Law 106-568, the Omnibus Indian Advancement Act of 2000. Public Law 102-477 is unique among Federal legislation, in that it allows Federally-recognized Tribes and Alaska Native entities to combine formula-funded Federal grants funds, which are employment and training-related into a single plan with a single budget and a single reporting system.
Participation in the demonstration is completely voluntary. The lead Federal agency for this inter-Departmental demonstration is the Department of the Interior (DOI), Office of Indian Energy & Economic Development. Formula-funded programs in the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the Department of Labor, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Department of Education are involved. Public Law 102-477 is permanent legislation; it has no expiration date.
There is no separate funding associated with Public Law 102-477. All the funds involved in an entity's "477" plan are those which the entity would otherwise receive under the authority of the individual programs it chooses to consolidate in its "477" plan. For Program Year 2006, $7,436,704 in Comprehensive Services funding for adults was transferred to the DOI under "477". Also for Program Year 2006, $3,383,316 in Supplemental Youth Services funding for adults was transferred to the DOI.
Federal Programs Affected:
Public Law 102-477 applies to any Federal formula-funded program dealing with employment, training, or any related area, that the entity is eligible to receive. Each participating entity specifies which programs will be included in its "477" plan. Examples of programs typically included are as follows:
U.S.  DOI, Bureau of Indian Affairs 
General Assistance (GA) Program 
Tribal Work Experience (TWEP) Program 
BIA Employment Assistance - Adult Vocational Training (AVT) Program 
BIA Employment Assistance - Direct Employment (DE) Program 
BIA Higher Education Program 
BIA Adult Basic Education (ABE) Program 
Johnson-O'Malley (JOM) Program 

U.S. Department of Labor 
Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Section 166 Comprehensive Services Program 
WIA Section 166 Supplemental Youth Services Program 

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 
Native Employment Works (NEW) Program 
Tribal Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) Program 
Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) Program

As of Program Year 2006, there are 43 Federally-recognized Tribes and Alaska Native entities participating in the demonstration under Public Law 102-477 and receiving Section 166 program funds.  Approximately one-third of the entities are located in Alaska.  


Participating Tribes or Alaska Native entities have significantly improved the effectiveness of the delivery of those services included in their “477” plan. The number(s) of individuals served with the same total resources has increased greatly due to the reduction of administrative burden(s) imposed by the individual pieces of legislation incorporated in the entities’ “477” plan. As a result, outcomes such as job placements, successful completion of individual client programs, and support of tribal economic development efforts have also increased or been enhanced. Areas where administrative savings usually occur include maintenance of participant records, planning and grant document submission, financial and participant reporting, and personnel practices (such as having to divide staff time between different Federally-funded programs). Spending fewer resources on administrative requirements means more of those resources are devoted to client services. This is especially important for smaller grantees involved in the “477” demonstration, whose resources are often not commensurate with the needs of their people.
2000 Amendments: 

Title XI of Public Law 106-568 authorizes entities participating in the “477” demonstration to devote up to 25% (depending on their local unemployment rate) of their 477 resources to economic development efforts, regardless of any other statutory or regulatory prohibitions contained in individual programs. Although regulatory waiver authority was contained in Public Law 102-477, Title XI now allows “477” entities to also request statutory waiver of those provisions which inhibit the successful implementation of their approved “477” plan. This should create more latitude and flexibility in a participating entity's ability to effectively deliver “477” services. 

Participating in the Demonstration: 

A Tribe or Alaska Native entity enters the “477” demonstration by submitting an application and plan to the DOI, Office of Indian Energy & Economic Development- Division of Workforce Development. The plan must describe which formula-funded employment and training-related programs the entity will include, and how the tribe will integrate the services to be provided. The plan must be accompanied by a tribal resolution authorizing participation in the “477” demonstration. The 477 plan may be submitted at any time, but should be sent to the DOI at least 120 days before the start of the calendar quarter which the entity proposes as its implementation date. The plan will then be reviewed by all the Federal agencies whose programs are included therein. Once approved, the “477” plan usually lasts for three years from the date of implementation and can be modified by tribal request at any time. All modifications are subject to Federal agency approval through the same interagency review process. 

For More Information: 

The 477 requirements and operating procedures are described in a document entitled "Guidance to Tribal Governments".

Music Plays Like Car^Tunes On Sat^Tour^Day At My Mother Saying Number 22 With The Excitement Of Her First Look At The Address Of Now 815 & This Special Edition Introduces Your Capacity To Look-up Just One Of The Schools I Attended At 2222 Broadway, San Francisco, California. The Secret of the Universe is Choice; know decision!!

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