Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Preferable Mentions

The personification of a Singular Realm,
the distinction provides division.

Belief versed,
innocent equals in read.

Provisions apply to riddle the Mind,
the rattling of shared thinking,
shaking-out trust,
pointing lie to spare!!

Grasp not a filled falsehood,
brand never,
the empty chalice full.

The Bishop's sent the Priest in shop,
the purported Moth,
a Butterfly still.

Place upon the stream,
a paddle with a theme,
a Motto in design of wound,
the spindle of know thread.

Choice evokes the turbulence,
destruction creations mold, 
the break?

Physical control to exist,
 without a mortal face,
the sights of time and place.

Flavored Case ~ Fingered Prints

Quiet whales see restore,
swimming dynamics offers tread!!

Channeled locks the bolt of a noisy vain,
system bounces,
off the brain.

The sound of chatter,
echoes same,
screeching arrears of total strain!!

Not all language spoken tongue,
communication offers,
the auditioned sooth.

Lost at read,
followed price,
scare replaced,
seated in a level pace.

Edged with Sod,
growing props,
now the Wind blows with Plot!!

Lagoons are Valleys of Mountains cog,
stoked collections problem solved;
Vacuum swept.

Look to Real,
smudges saved,
the canvas lives in Plato's day.

Etching-out a fabled stay,
to believe would only be,
the scariest event in history.

A sort of Courting,
now? Null & Voiding,
erasing what may have made,
entry to a better way.


The best of last is to have known,
 the Cast of the Scenarios stoned.

Running Credits to Ancient Past,
the egg-shell cracks with only laugh,
the theory of an unknown pact,
the World so frightened,
it hits exact.

Hot Wire Shocks

The Star that's Blue,
shines-On in open skies,
Karmic Reply.

The brilliant light,
the Fire shines,
Across the Black dimensions,
much like I.

To wound a Mind with words unkind,
deliver verse without a Hearst,
leaves an empty void in thoughts of noise,
the Static of,
is touched these days.

A negative tone of only drone,
the spoken 'Sentence' required repentance,
but instead?,
the 'I's' seek,
no deliverance!!

To Walk-A-Run,
the quest of shunned,
the 'I' in 'Me' rehearsed the Deed,
for in this life of keys,
 I felt a Lead!!

To know that songs do belong,
a C.D. plan brings on what's strong,
a sort of man,
whom 'no's' those wrongs,
makes 'Just a Living'
simply mused what's giving?

Encased the Moon,
residential bloom,

the Tree of Life is Why,
The Continue?,
is win!!

Public Transportation, People-Talked, Discipline Rocks

The leather worn,
the boots adorned,
the tap of the beat,
the rhythm repeat.

Soak-In between the Scene,
a singular Being,
a Man and a Play!!

To strum the instrument,
to move delight,
the stroke of the One,
whom discovers this.....come!!

Down into the depth of Found,
I sort the Do's,
Yes Sir, know Sir, Three-bags Full!!


You make the swells,
an Ocean of need,
across the Pond a Steed,
a mount to be between the knees,
the Quiver of the Arrowed lead.

To ride the breeze with a moment of read,
I gallop-in whilst home.

The Exposed, the Levity,
the Fact of what he's done,
awakes the Rite to State a Way,
the Twin Flame Souls Preordain.

The Moon resides,
the Sun says Hi,
the Stars shine brightly to guide.

A Galaxy, a Planets lake,
the Universe of a Dimensions Twin!!

Should I go before the rest,
than template soul that split for whole.

Recover what was best,
to show a Life;
Long Test.

No score to even,
no dump to place,
a higher state,
a given-rate,
the History of?,
bye no mistake!!

At an End of World sin,
the blend or melt of a Twin,
Fires the Flames,
fanning nothing more and nothing less than Ascend.

In the while of the Means,
a testimony exists to bare witness,
to watch the hit-list as Win is turned to distance.

A god of War strikes exact,
the Mark of dark and lurid core,
identity will hold for whom pulls the Thor!!

The stanza of Humanity should be,
said too.

The principal part,
a natural law of abide,
is not only broken it's saw.

Resistance Counts,
the 'roll' of fall,
the Dice do gamble,
the Cards?,
'Our' cut.

Denied for?,
being alive.

The Game is to Call,
out the Maul,
make known through the Verse,
intent of a small.

Ventures to crawl, to walk, too stand!!,
to go from this planned demise,
 of the biblical yoke,
that Religion planned.

To be a joke is so much better than being damned as a debtor.