Monday, May 6, 2013

Birthday Message From My Mother

On my birthday this year my Mother called me. It was a bit of a surprise because I have been ostracized from the Family for so long.  She wanted to read to me a passage out of the King James Version of the Bible.  She said that this was her gift to me.

Before she began to read the passage below, I interjected and said, "Thanks for having me....I think."  I am not certain if she heard me as she just seemed to roll into reading this chapter and verse.

I am not certain what it was supposed to mean to me.  She insisted that this did apply to my life.  I just allowed her to speak freely because there is still a small part of me that likes to believe that there could be some healing between us. To date I have been completely wrong about this, so I decided to post my birthday message and ask your opinion.

I would like to be grateful for the time she took to make the call, however it always seems there is an ulterior motive.  I was wondering what the underlying reason for the call was, or, why she chose to read this particular Verse, it eludes me.

Maybe after reading what she read to me you will see the relevance, because in truth it seemed a bit hurtful not healing in it's meaning that she implied to me.  She asked me to read the entire chapter by myself and that it would heal me in my life.  Growing-up I was always told that I was the Sacrificial Lamb, so I did not know exactly how to take or to receive her gift to me.

I have bolded what she read to me on the phone.

Please feel free to share your insight because after reading it myself I am unsure what exactly to make of it.  It seemed a strange gift to receive from one's mother on your birthday, but maybe it's not in this case. I don't really know.

Revelation Chapter 21