Monday, February 17, 2014

Intercom Self

It is inevitable to say goodbye in this life and I am grateful for knowing whomever I have been fortunate enough to meet in person.  Whatever life ends up being about, it certainly isn't about living, it's about surviving long to know that this is a temporary stay to determine our next move.  We all die as it is so eloquently put by the World.  We all return to our source or our origin or wherever you think it is you are from or going to, how that measures up with the statement 'we all die' I don't know because that seems to be a twisted fit in this weird reality of existence.  The only magic about 'life itself' is that it ends.  I happen to believe in 'The Continue' not an everlasting damnation for sins I never committed.  I believe that we are accountable and therefore responsible for our actions or lack thereof.  Should a person chose not to believe that lives do not go around/incarnate/reincarnate somehow than that is their prerogative.  However for those of us that believe in so much more we do not appreciate being called a heretic or a fool.

A World Engagement....

Close your eyes not your minds.
Open not to what you know but to what you can't.
The further you pass from reality of what is,
the farther you go from the belief that you will need to see the inevitable.

Faith alone will not absolve you of your sins.  The "Sin Board" keeps all the tracks of each and every one of your personal infractions.  There is no God that presents or defends your life in this after-World you speak of so readily. There is no opportunity to throw yourself on the mercy of the court, asking for repentance of your sins, either or whether those sins have been committed here on Earth or there in the below, or Hell as you know.

The measure of your account on your own personal "Sin Board" is why I worry for Mankind and why I know that without question, with certainty, there is much trouble for Humanity to be had after death.

This is not a "Hit or Miss," date.  Your date with Death and your arrival into the Hereafter will be kept upon the time of its call.  There is nothing that you can do to alter or protect yourself from this extremely hard core fact of which I speak so frankly of. 

There are no bright lights, no tunnels to decide to walk through, that would be just the beginning of a death in this life explaining your forward motion towards what will be in actuality. The people you propose come to walk to your aid, your relatives that speak with no delight of this place are guiding you into a blinding light, don't be a fool.

These people, whom are dead, should cause you horror not comfort anymore, for my advice is to not speak to the dead at anytime during or after your life.  It is the sufferers of "Near Death Experiences" that tout of walking into the light, but take note that they are back here and did not accomplish such a feat there. 

A word to the wise, a word of caution, a word of my observance, I am being only considerate and am trying to be not only attuned but to show compassion for the idea that we all may not be from here: Here being the same place. I say this plainly to you and yours, in the case that a relative, friend, acquaintance, parent or any other entity should try to walk you into or try to walk you into the light; Do Not Go!

You are being encouraged and sometimes it sounds forced to walk into something called "The Light" directly after you have just experienced your death.  It seems an awful lot of decisions to be made so quickly, especially while you are still trying to digest what has just happened in what you thought was life.  The problem is or the way that i see it, "Aren't you still alive?"  I do not like the hurried approach that I hear of people speak of after their Near Death Experiences, I get very uncomfortable with all the pushing.

In my experience as a child, I did not see a light, let alone a tunnel to be sucked into the vortex of, while waiting for my decision on whether of not I was dead. In fact, no one person showed for me until the Demons came to comfort my crying soul. I find comfort in Demons and Spirits as long as I do not see them in full light, for in full light they are terrifying to me.  However, the choice was easy from that point forward, I would rather be with any Demon or Spirit, even Satan himself, than to take the hand of a dead person trying to lead me into a tunnel saying "Walk into the light", I  will never walk into what is blinding and I cannot see where or what I am walking into, that is Hell to me.

For in death, I found Life and in this confusion nature has insisted that the truth of my story be told.  This is my story and this is my life. I did not have one or two of these experiences with what you fear, but I have had a lifetime with whom I have grown to love.  The ones who cared, when all of you turned your back and feared when you looked upon my face. I will support and stay with what I know, rather than to acknowledge that there are now dead men and women walking this Earth with no Soul, no Heart and no care to the Welfare of anyone but themselves.

Originally posted on 11/10/11

The Human Race Has A Finish Line

To admit the future in passed, I continue to walk the math.  It all adds-up to exact, the nightmare of the Seen, I return to write out a new path.  With no more ability than the gifts that I have, life imagines a different outcome so that I will not be stuck in humanity and their fast track to destruction.

To be a forward thinker, to maintain independence, to balance this life with other lives not yet lived, I balance this existence with only myself as a friend.  The reason for expression has only been a feeble attempt to offset future events.  The witness to my life has been I.  What I have learned is priceless and will be a guide in my future experiences, my future life.

The past has been something that just happened and cannot be changed, ever. And in dealing with what took place I have reached a new understanding, a new state of being understood by the only one that it is important to be understood by, myself.

These simple notions have stopped me from turning in my sheets at night., They have stopped me from making the same mistakes again and again, life after life.  In my country not many believe that we have been before, very few believe we will move on.  The majority believe in Heaven or Hell, good and evil, god and War.  Society at large points the finger at anything different and screams heretic, kill her!! Of course this is all while going to church, and advertising forgiveness for a fee.

We should be free to do as we please without having to get down on our knees for popular belief.  This cannot be good for 'life itself' if all my country does is scapegoat other parts of the World or people for that matter for not being in agreement with the dictated belief.  It is religious totalitarianism.  I am told all the time that Muslims, Arabs, Russians, Buddhists are the devils in living form and that if I only understood the damage that they did and have done and are going to do than I would not write anything at all about difference. I would take the side of my Country  and condemn the Pagan as it says to do in the Bible and kill the non-believer before they destroy us.

If we have to pay a fee to be forgiven, if we have to get down on our knees to know liberty, if we have to kill to obtain peace, if we have to be forced into certain beliefs in order to live without being judged than life is not free but a prison to me.

As I too have been scapegoated, I feel strongly when the fingers are being pointed and guns fired or bombs are dropped and Countries are destroyed out of fear of what may be there and yet never seems to be found. The aftermath of the destruction that I have seen in my lifetime lends me to believe that the most persecuted are the most misrepresented and are usually killed for absolutely nothing other than their standing in or for what is different.

If we were all one in the same, if music really did change beliefs instead of just offering hope, if life is meant to indeed be free, than why are we paying with our lives each and every day when we say, get up off your knees and try seeing that we are all human beings.  Why not shake their hands, try meeting in person just to see if you would like to know a life and not kill one that is merely fighting back because all you have done is attack in response to only what you have been told.  First it was the ......., than it was the......and in the end it really just came down to the fact that no one meets anymore because it ends up being too much work to see 'eye to eye' and 'face to face' the result is extinction via erased.

Take Stock

I met someone on the beach the other day.  We were walking towards one another, confirming my own path I looked up and our eyes locked we both stopped and stared at each other. The recognition froze time in its place.  I turned to walk-on and in the pause I thought to myself I know this person.  Looking up to confirm my intuition I found that they had done the same as I.  Turning my head to the side to look yet again..

I said "I know you."
The reply, "Yea, I know you too."
I said, "I am not sure from where though."
the reply, "Maybe another life."
I said, "oh, you must be right."

We both laughed and went about our way, a strange rapport in an instant.  There was no Silver Screen between us, no musical lyrics that reminded us of something, just two people randomly passing one another in life itself, an extremely sobering moment.  Some of us have been here before and are not ashamed or embarrassed to say it when we recognize a person.  I am glad that it happened the way that it did, it made me feel as if I was not as alone in this very ugly World.

It was not the familiar smile, nor the time it took to utter a few words back in forth, no, it was the warmth of the person themselves, the recognition of another life was so strong it was as if the Centuries hugged us.

Oddly we both said, "See you in the next one!!" and went about our way.

Cheers to the beauty of life because long before we ever came to this god forsaken earth you were you and I was I.  Did you know that when you were born?  or was all of that torn out of your thoughts by what is rammed down our throats every day...we all die.