Monday, August 12, 2013

A Knight To Exact A Bow Is Smokin'

The rotation of a sexual plural,
the axis of,
completes in print,
sealing sent.

Pondering upon an equal whole,
being set_zero,
I can feel the roll.

A numerical value,
to measure circumference,
a natural occurrence,
the countdown adds up!!

The spin of blend,
a dual point,
 of a decimal trend.

The Writ of Equation,
no divide can cause, 
a bridged interpretation.

Time has a balance,
in thought of this pause,
I feel the math,
done too exact.

Symmetrically drawn,
the Pawn sees the dawn,
the beauty is echoed,
the call is so strong.

Developed in difference,
notes are the same,
words are the names,
letters do change.

A Prism thought,
the block is so based,
the added number,
increases the state.

To deliver,
A Place, A Trace,
"A Date!"

The Language of Trade,
is simply to say,
"I love you forever, You're the Man and I play!!"

A Plan with a path,
the stand is just trust,
the Fate of Milena,
I feel, I must.

The streaming between,
calculates regime,
better and better,
your debtor is me.

So simply redeemed,
I state,
"You're a dream."

As singing is listening,
I hear without fear,
'cause all that you do,
enhances you Dear.

You are so magnetic,
the Stars even Cheer!!