Friday, May 9, 2014

Person To Place To Think

Our ability to communicate,
is broken as introductions are dismissed as remiss.

There in lies the conversational death,
verbal noise now left to breath,
a sound is made to distressed.

The subtlety to objectively listen,
is lost as the feat replaces quicken.

Approaching times of no require needed,
enhances eyes to downward draw,
the screen of the branded hand.

Lost to conversation,
the hurry in the answer,
makes thinking before the question is board.

Thus be known to cut short the tone,
as know time wanted,
excused for more importance,
presence is now passed.

To broaden horizons of Thoughts idea's,
the investment comes to the work of summing.

Sense is crumbling as natural gifts coming,
'cause the exercise requires,
the audience admires.

Needle points to hay stacks,
the baling of take backs,
the grace of the patience,
to enjoy the process of,
the Industry of Thought.

The Mind will waste a way,
delivery will pay,
for computations made,
opinions now become,
the faster sending pun.

Kinder words to stop perverse,
bring attention to the ring,
of insulting persons firing stings,
to satisfy an inner cry,
a mirror to You or I?

The positive to negative,
the aspect of returned,
makes evident that silence,
is simply known as learn.

Although the adage old,
the advised did come to know,
should responses hold to formalize the mold,
than reflection Sees the better is the deeds.


Supersedence Shown Shocking Bones

Tangible Bites to Mind base,
a sample of the ride,
the Read so quickly brings the Feed,
to liken Self to treed.

Caught by know Surprising felt,
the words are ample mere to belt,
vocals to the audible swell,
rhythm to the drums of well.....

The factor of an Actual,
released with sealed openings,
in midst of said a ready lead,
aiming Bow the Cupio!!

Arrows tipped with hugging spoke,
engagement keeps to only wrote,
reality feels the pierce of broke,
rogues are horses wild to Folk.

Heave the width to heavy breathe,
swiftly growth tightens lope,
the bare of back is seen to path,
chest of muscle steels craft.

Producers of such Music loved,
a digital mix in what is bliss,
enhancing Verbs not old Quotes,
Reviews do show the tired cope.

So sorry that the Whom of spread,
has lost in found of only dead,
adventure is the life that says,
you are a Man in need of said.

Higher Grounds Ascension Mounts,
brighter than you've shone,
greetings invite the salutation,
 of the Knight I've known.

The rocket shots to the Moon's Lot,
the park is knot a Stay,
'cause the Astrolabical has flown the Kite,
and in the Role the string is sight!!

Speed Of Thought City Blocks

A Bit of Information to pass,
whilst I write the flowing versed,
the punch of keys a natural need,
to hit publish a Conscious speed.

Upon the Post hitting View,
the interest peeks the question who,
knows this Blog better than whom,
could link the worth to path in due.

As the Stats add to News,
my Google Profile is so used,
to the person that is fast,
their so quick the verse seems locked.

Relation from one to the other,
how on Earth you know to walk,
encouragement readily received,
even I fall from the leads.

Kind of strange how close relate,
past in written present in sake,
a lurid type to attach the sight,
almost as the sense gets light.

The flash of bulbs sometimes screw,
their are others that do to prove,
that cruelty has been in life a trend,
eventual time those names will lend.

To understand this comprehend,
the links I forward are done in blinks,
some are funny make me laugh,
others are heavy knocking back.

Favorite writes personal tights,
I'll keep so close most won't see.
as numbers ramp for each a key,
the eventual will out this Keep.

Naturals ride a horse with most,
good seat kind hands and Minds that host,
to thoughts that sync with beasts of drink,
the connection is or can offer the best of think.

To engage in dismal stings,
beware of the broader Net that rings,
the click to favorites or the push to hurt,
recorded values are measured courts.

Witness fact from proper math,
people know these words exact,
either learning at every turn,
or becoming my next known horror.

To advise the avid nigh,
I could not know the Posts so high,
although I've seen the interest theme,
come together as anonymity deems.

Not my push nor my swipe,
the ample shown in past as sewn,
comes from whom I do not phone,
amazing feat to me at least,
connections are incredibly faced.