Thursday, April 18, 2013

Blackened Arts Candled Start

In my youth I was silenced,
a circumstantial grave.

As a young adult,
I thought I could forget,
maybe best a certain rest.

At a Mid-Point,
I lived in FEAR!!

I did hear,
and I had not even 'Said' what I have spelled out here.

Honesty, "A trust."

Lies become truth in the words spoken; Heard!!

I find the opposite to be,
for me,
represents what to do.

Looking at the maternal lead,
I was young probably still in need,
but this is a simple plead.

I halted Myself,
in this I was never stealth,
I have resisted their strange Plot,
I will make my stand,

Learned my first lesson in life,
in this thought I stood to never be bought,
in this, "It's best,"
do not take a life to increase Sight.

My Decide,
"they" do not jest!!

With the view of my family true,
I was small and told my Use,
stared at what said I'd die,
a precursor to my life.

Thought to myself,
it's You or I?

For in my young 'Book of Mind'
I did a simple find;

"I will do the absolute opposite of everything I see, to protect me."

I believe that to take a life to save a life,
is not a path at any time,
and most certainly is a deviant sign,
of nothing more than what was rhymed,
my 'Use' my 'Bind'!!

Should believed maintain a kill without a death,
than it is not for me to be what you said,
you were a Shill at best.

A proper thought,
of do not join regardless of fraught,
a stand made evident despite remand,
a birth to make bold.

To be beat down in any 'round,
to force participation in such a sorted art,
to deliver to another a new start,
without respect to the value of innocence in birth,
will issue a particular strife upon this Earth.

Therefore acceptance did put forth a resist,
my Soul was purchased,
bought for fact,
to seal that.

So in "Against" of "Accept"
a given threat without doubt or taken as bet,
I went against their given throne of G_d,
I chose best,
in opposite I will rest,
paternal blessed.

I would rather know "No good"
than to be willing to propagate should,
my birth is not your Hood.

To take a life in any form,
is the destruction of what was innocent,
and the delivery of what will be wise,
in action and in life.

Your Hoodoo Hell,
in this you do persist,
is still killing in the switch.

Trading places in a mortal exist,
represents a mind's darkest twist,
not to find but to know the Shill,
as this delivery to this place,
my birth, my race, my use in this life,
was only to end by them taking my place.

Never did I think I could witness this Rite,
before the night that it was made too late for me to right,
an extremely sorted plight.

Fate has made this date of interest,
more than difficult to explain,
to even begin a defense would be their win,
so I wait.

In a twist of this same strange fate,
I watched this movie,
unknowing of the plot,
I was shocked to witness,
as this act is truly sought.

Words cannot express in Verse,
the terror placed upon my life for "It's" Use.

Belief would have never sufficed any person,
for to disadvantage such an act,
I chose a silent path until I saw what created this Wrath.

A 'Practice' of such a disgust,
makes this Film a must,
in seeing there is believing,
what I was made to understand,
is my 'Use' in this Land.

When I heard what I thought absurd,
I said,

"What I am for?"

They me told once again,

in silence, I wept.