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All The Lost Soles

So ground this earth of people on muds that dirt the slate to clay palaces on the stoop of life,
as the at Set is determined by the grades of the jest than the world inks the stats with sticks,
tree stoned to spindle the thread.

Creative branch to this value on the slight Opera lights,
choirs Coral a rockers stature with the lull a by sting,
in trippers to Falls the origin of the ankles spring.

Beacons House to tribe the Foundation of the Save,
for ships in the Storms of Humanity have graves,
tombs to slabs Cold deaths with gunned bred,
the Answer is not the Saucer to the spills.

Once Upon a done the dead are in the sound,
thrifty to the echo it is With the cope that bares,
missing dg I gave to the reception of range,
a Man that sang to a girl on the shed.

Razors slop to the chained swim I dance to the Worth a still,
breathe the slumber or Waltz the Mills,
for in the Woven the fleece either Warm or fever sweats.

To envelope the desire to afford the steeper dial I crawl you a Note,
in the said to the had dg belled me a Care without the demise of stoked,
at that hug I was towarded to James Blunt as the canter Posted the exacts to Stead.

Heady are the syncs as the lost hugs embrace the forward hiccups with a fashion to being,
a set of arms that did not dead land my brain to bastard status as the sling,
no it was a lullaby to the silence of the pain within my desk to mankinds breast.

Simply I station a bearing for the shower in the Public lavatories that cinch Tub death,
find the part of your Tell and encounter the Bread with understanding a San Francisco leadership scene,
the Top Hats and Handsome typed me an actual factor,
how to be 'Just Love' in the real of a daily sing,
that patience and vocal ring from dg gave me the ears to see and the eyes to listen to that Every bring.

Blues & Lullabies by dg

When the Flow Goes

The flow of that stream trickles down so thin,
                life's summer heat takes its toll
The flow of that dream, it goes on its own though,
                   like smoke through that window
                                                       And you and the coyotes did sing your songs
                                         for love and home, and on the roam
                                                         Even when the wind did howl across the plains
                          or when the night was calm
Oh the town sits so still on the river banks
                     when the boats don't come down
and that whippoorwill still sounds so blue
         in the silence all around.

Those honky-tonk nights soon lost their glow
                  except for the beat and the tune
It became a fright for you to keep up
                  you'd rather howl--at the moon
                                                           You can't believe you've become a rebel again
                        from friends and family
                                                              you still look for that light, to rise like the dawn
                                           down the road, to keep you company

Townes, we needed you, here on the earth
                                                    here on this earth, with your songs and your strings
Here's to all the hearts, of songs and rhymes
                                            known or unknown, who were born just to sing*

Your mind still runs like a road at midnight
            and that truck driving man,
hauling his load to everywhere,
              all alone, all across the land
                           And when your melodies
                                     start coming back on you
                                 such a comfort, sad and blue
                                                          And the grace you have known, is ever untold
                            that keeps, and covers you.

dg ink
Recorded at Trickle Creek Studios
Garberville, California
copyright Don Garrett
*Contains musical elements from If I Needed You written by Townes Van Zandt, published by JTVZ Music (ASCAP), Katie Belle Music (ASCAP), and Will Van Zandt Publishing (ASAAP)/Administered by Bug.

My Juke Box Sole

In the step by step fashion of the World on the crush,
of a frost on the chilly Wilds I speak Tell.

As the funny of a stood On the done outed Waist is in the course,
of a Standard of transmission sew belled.

At the ring of the Answer to the rinse of the Towers a theme has come to be,
in the Language of letter head to the found of balers Wine,
ask not of the chance to gander without The Swan Sun,
as James Blunt is the Electrical current that doors the Tide.

To the timely on the Hour,
of skit Time foundation,
does quick the bind with drills that Rise a write.

Too taste the tongue in the corker of message,
as that is the pen Sill of a life on the Part of a crawl.

Inch the fax to Whom has not strength to venture the Sun in a Raised,
for even the equal bee hops a Sanction to the deep divide on Shoes.

Mud Cakes Cow pies those Road Apples on the rides,
saddle the fraction to a Trail of Jumps in the sound of grounds; I rumped a View to the Scenery.

As to eyes that say a terrible before the After of the action,
of the delve is all daisy chained to the Beautiful release on a Landing of the Moon,
these rocket Ship parlor Rooms breathe a Knights tether.

Rifled to the Primer of the suggestion to Nautical be lined,
I invest in the Patience of a Vlasic by Named,
that sorting of Ying & Yang,
on the coffee in the Tee Up for the supper of Mazed.

Chase lounge with a Hi Stepper,
for the Introduction quacks to the Chirp on the swing of littles Quirk,
for without the Lord for Whom the bell soared there is no berth to beg a Question.

Towards thee Say caption on the Sky News,
of stride as the Plains of Feat,
ankle addition to Top Hats on the skeet: I wonder.....

A combination on the Sayer at the believed in the Now,
a threshold to bearings of no longer lost in translation,
Top Gun & Broke Back Mountain,
the cents to Copper on the Wire of talkers that perfumed the explanation for a stickier Cleaned.

Blues & Lullabies by dg

Blues of Heaven

I have sung this song, Lord, all my life
It just keeps on a'rolling though all the love and strife
When I get to my long home--it's gonna sound just right

These are the blues of heaven from Texas to St Lou
And all around this world of green and blue
And though the sun might go down--
                            you can still hear these old sweet blues

I'm gonna' run like a stallion, and sing like a dove
The blues in my heart, and strength from above
And when you sign my name,-- sign it "Just Love"

Feel like a burst of sun coming through the clouds
I pray everyday I don't get so proud
And let my flesh and my eyes--lose this old dark shroud

Got no mind to ramble, just to go somewhere
Everything I need you know is right here
The next time I move just might be--through the air

dg ink
copyrighted Don Garrett

Gain Gauss Khan Tracks

On the fountain of the day to the scene in my head saw a particular place in the face,
as the steam of the I land of a dimension touch the rain as the journey of the class,
an Ancient say to the lathe on the stone inks a course to the Mine that pennies a breadth,
to position on the grant it a schedule to the Placard of the Shingle a seals of glued,
to bank that as hidden in the depth of always forest the World an Apple on the basket of dimes.

To be of the Trees on the carpet of Humanity to breeze a Shag is to short scout the find,
a wrinkle in aspect with the stellar on the enter Galactic Coal chill,
buckets to Touch the coins in the books of a Ream on the slumber.

Diggins to what this World has done with Treasure gears me a Cradle to rock the jig,
dancing on the dips to watch the Muslim Priests smash and destroy,
I creek the Ewe a sleeve to the Sphinx on a good Old Cry!!

Foot by best to spank the Chest on the list of length Stars sync on the vernaculars reads,
measure to Damper on the Chimney affair as the ships on the frost stirred to a scare,
speaking of the dune on a Apex of the sheen is to Frozen on the Teak and at the base of the knows.

Mappers to sing the Tunnel of locked is a Jump raiser to the Hare`d,
short grub to Glowing turns At cycle of the Ferns,
green dallop of the drip of Ink to screen that with an Eclectic script,
owe from the World and its destruction to the guides that proper a Cream.

Milking Cows with Nursery Rhymes to activate the Mind in memory of the Firm,
landing on the Planet at the Equator of the Hots on with the March to he sphere of these Plots!!

Change by Change the Meant of the learn hats to the Crop as The Hand some to Understood,
comprehend a tagger on a difference of Sinew to the saddle of the tone Wilderness in plateau's,
on Straddle the Comprehension in the lid of a strange the See begets the Tack!!

Oh well to the slide on a special Ace in the Games of Black jack to Jokers filed,
know purchase Wood value to the Paper Trees on the type Writers lodge,
be score to the Fancy paddle to believe the brain is of a Sand all!!

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