Thursday, November 8, 2012

Why Are People Sold On Revelations and an Apocolyse As Our Only Option? We Are in The Continue, Not The End of Times

I See ourselves in the Depth of Times.
Each person grasping for any understanding stating,
"This is not the end!"

I say, "It is The Continue!!"

Yet, so many wish for only an Apocalypse.
Almost as if the Christian would rather have this horrid destructive means to an end,
than be wrong and have it turn out to be,
A Begin.

An absence in this belief,
a declaration that Traditions are wrong,
do not seem to be voiced very often throughout Time.

Instead of holding on to a fragment of Hope,
an idea of difference,
Christians beat you down with words that claim you are an Anti-Christ.

Stupidity rings between their ears,
should they think that a Man,
will return to be damned by the Human Race yet again.

Why not look for change that doesn't include a persons Crucifiction to establish a Faith.
Christians would rather blow us all to Hell,
than to even entertain this fact.

Be aware of the Fundamentalist,
they are in truth only here to advantage themselves.
They are not frightened of Hell,
because they deliver it to you everyday through their Ministry.

Our lives show us The Ages.
In the bloom of our existence,
we witness our ability to grow.

To be accountable and to be given the opportunity to do so,
is a gift to each and every Human Being today.
Instead of turning away or exposing that Deaf Ear to pain,
be wise and know that in this thought you will feel a gain,
not a loss.

There is more than just ourselves to understand,
we must accept what has happened to make society at such odds.

As such a junction,
when all you see is hurt,
I am grateful for my worth.
To know, to be confident that we Continue,
brings solace into my very Being.

I must confess,
my trip to this place has not been worth the trouble it has taken to survive it.
To be exposed to so much negativity, to experience so much abuse and manipulation,
 to be raped, in body, in mind and in soul,
I can say that I am truly sorry for whom I have known throughout my life,
I pity who you must be and certainly who you will and have become,
ignoramuses at best.

In hindsight, I wish I had been chosen for a different Universal Journey.
As there is no faith in such a thought, I speak frankly because nobody cares anyway.

However, this has been a path that has been chosen for me,
I must respect the powers that are greater than myself, 
they are more knowing and I believe that they do know best,
when it comes to this type of decision about ones life.

For that reason,
I must then Teach myself as I go,
for I have not had a whole lot of instructions given to me from this World,
unless you count how to destroy other people.

Faith in the next World has guided me and protects me from further harm,
I must believe that something has looked out for me,
I simply am not that good to have been able to survive this nightmare alone.

I appreciate that the choices that have been made for me in my life are for the betterment of yours.
Because my life has been shattered by the actions of so many,
that all I can do is to stand and trust that there must be a message of some sort in it that I need to convey.

I cannot believe this has all been for naught.
But, so be it, 
if that proves to be true!!

Good Luck, 'cause Life is Tough