Saturday, May 31, 2014

Which Was Out Incarnate or Shout

Cut the slice to bigger time think,
I purposely emailed the Dali Lama in blink,
the I of the difference spoke of such deed,
announcing I'm Here in these United entry of Be's.

Quickly response from whom did not taunt,
just wrote he is to sick and dying of font,
funny thing on the way to the market,
I say the Dali Lama just last month in the Pontiff.

Of Course it was California City by the Bay,
but hey who's to Call these Places of Stay,
however it's done the Dali Lama set spun,
for in a Live Interview he announced that he's done.

I laughed so hard when Gail Meyers inquired,
sexual desire? a chortle from admire,
in the Mind it is no Crime to desire,
I giggled 'cause it seemed such a match in the fire.

Tribute to Honesty the second email sent,
long before that mention two paragraph lent,
I gasped at the choke of my empty response,
I thought for sure I was Free from this entire can't be!!

Great to the Factors of 'Round about speeds,
the Cause is the difference in obvious it's read,
on the chance I could meet this one before he does pass,
maybe some Person will hang up the Ask.

Not 'cause I want nor do I need,
breathing without seems so simply a ski,
but some formal training for what this Brain Sees,
might be of Interest for the resting of Humanity,
especially in the light of flipping the breathe.

Cool Dude!!

The Cut Out So To Speak

Written on the heels of 'Pass the Crown Again"
I state the value in the Title of this Win,
for I may have not been given Choice,
but I measure these decides every Day.

Clap to the thunder in these lightening Rays,
the gift I gave was my children today,
a Purpose, A Purchase, A Well Seated Stay,
the burps are just hiccups that speak with a tray.

Served with absolute no design,
just riddles, poems or stanza's that rhyme.

The triggering pulls from the passing hooray,
the downs of my life in the mail the other day,
the burden of proof doesn't need much in say,
I see before in after of stray.

Fiddle to Pan he is what in these lands,
the whistle, the blower, the people of hands?,
rifled for money taken for credit,
the charge is the rights that have forsaken in planned.

An Opera of Sordid Affairs stills these Cans,
shields of wealth in the Mind of it's bland,
spice to the Cosmic carry in Scan,
gregarious in ample to evident strand,
Life It Self said I am Well.

Tell of the Mystic in burials stacks,
verb to the vital it's much more than facts,
built to the structure of Men from way back,
the Path not of Rubble but Granite in Cast.

Muse to the Oracle in Venice or Eves,
spoof to the greats of Apple and leads,
atop was the cherry that never did pop,
the meat fill piroshki Cinderella is chill.

A glass pair of eye ware,
a slipper to speak,
visions of calculated upping the Feat,
computers that made Haight look to seek,
the Answer my Friend is, 
blowing in the Wind. 

The Ninth Justice Blink Twice

James Blunt 7/3/12
I heard this Song, one on Earth.
It became famous upon this Turf.

A Military and Ready plainly,
stopped a Third War to come,
then ran-off to become,
a Member of a Band of Monkeys,
playing calliope's and Strumming....

Whilst this Life of What did Rate,
his Fame of War, Dissipate!

A Question should or could arise,
but one look at pictures to realize,
lost so far from his Quest,
best to describe as "He's not, He's less"

Onward, Forward to Degree,
pushed out of Country for "Why, Me?"
board he was of 'Thirty Songs In'
Ten at a Time recorded when,
he did in Bathrooms to begin.

I used to Hope, listen well,
seemed as if I knew him Too!!

Then as the Years rolled on by,
I think I might have been '05,
and my Life began to "Bye"
I realized, He's caught in fame
not in wealth, he has his Vain.

Changing looks to see what Fits,
stories writtin, Fans insane
gave way to Paths of Dame.

Satisfied "I'll be your Man"
off to Reno a road-trip from
San Francisco, Men did come.

Asked a question of he I speak
'does a Twin Soul feel, Meek?'

I watched to see the reaction of,
education brought "No Love"
pushed away, I would assume
flew to Australia seemed like Doom.

Since this Time of 04/11, 2000 that is,
all I see is downward He,
a spiral out of his control!

I used to wonder or should say think,
my Life took a terrible "Beep"
however in all that I may go through,
at least I'm not a Man that knew.

Confronted with truth, he ran away,
out of Country, out he'll stay.

Not a Ten Foot Pole to Reach,
for America, He did Breach.

Sung of Meaning, wrote of Meaning,
put to the Test, he fell from leaning
upon a "I don't know' fell from grabs
and smoked this Last, Sobriety Hit!

He was not that Fast.

Insults, pointed fingers Groupies more says,
"I'll sleep on a single board"
I do believe when he sings
but Songs are Late & other things.

Broke my heart, if I had one to hurt,
he surely halved.

Now, he's off, purging from mistakes he's made,
they see him come I post the Stories
try to support
for should he be my Twin Soul too,
I'd hate to be his Example of
how to treat a very old Love.

So, on this Blog that I began,
in 2008 I knew from then,
courage waned when Reality bit,
I held my tongue and courage he
not I, for Me did fall
a terrible blow, not to me ego
but to the Show.

Of Hope, of Bold, a Shot at Truth
for I believed in what is He.

I stayed from an age of Eight or hate
that a Boy who matched my rate
would search this World in vain
I wait!

A long while from that Age of....well,
you may not know, I do though
a Cinderella Story show
does not exist, this proved it so.

Never did I wonder then,
when I was a child, or way back then
that when I grew or came to know
old dreams were just archaic shows.

Humanity has gone to far I think,
removed the things that make it so
to imagine one that here for you,
Now You must be Up to this.

Screw a Hundred dozen for
the Sake of Knowing You can pour
not a health or kindly View
but so You may be what's He.

Stating such things of ill
allowing sights to say their will
about the one they worship still
its best to know, he's past my show.

I kept myself clean to be
what might be needed to believe
that a dream of Twin Soul desire
was not just imagined
but the Real Thing.

Sometimes I cry a terrible

My tone is low and I do ground
myself with Nature to be
closer with what makes me true.

In this lesson, of life, it's old
I thought we came together so
We could have the strength
of One another & not just Drink.

But, Party-On is what I see
witness of what is not love.

I know now I am alone
not just here but in such Zone
for Belief is Innocent
or should at least try to be
open and not judgmental of
what is Different or what did Fell.

Life on Earth is so, so, short, I Plea
to no one for I'll take a Knee
my own will work for I shall be
acceptant of his failure: SEE?

A Duck, A Penguin, Nature
does Teach

A Mate for Life is Natural, Nice
Mankind, Humanity, Human Beings
have destroyed the beauty of.

I do willingly chose Life 'cause
not with another but in Honor of
my Twin Soul fell all because
of Twisted Messages & lack of love.

No matter what each Man decides
their are a few that turn aside
for in the respect of what could
have been
I'll live my life & example when.

I did, don't take my Life
not for Reasons but for wrath
stolen from a place I was
I now know, I'm Free to Be
Live what's left of life

Watch the Sun and rising Moon
not to ever worry for You.

For as My Twin ages with,
not the Ages, but with math
closer, nearer to death he'll be
just as he sang, it came for me.

Passed over I was for I did wait
but Death does not wait and wait
so Dear Friend or Ruin of mine
this is the entirety of Your Times.

So I wage upon the Wars of what
will be Battles to keep (me up)
above the disappointment of, a child
I was who stayed because
I did not want You to search for
find me not and die of rot/wrought

To wonder what or where
but know I bought
death was better than wait 'till drop.

You may laugh at this I know
I was Taught and Not by Man
I came with Knowledge
I arrived a Sage
as a Seer, I do believe.

So, generally or as a collective
of People, Beings or humans to be
rob the dreams of children

Watch as the rise of suicide shoots up
You will get what Death erupts.

Who would want to live on Earth?
where Dreams are dashed
and Girls are bought

Now believe or don't, just know
that those of us who showed
all agree on on thing

This is a Place to say "I threw"
believing in what I knew
what I was taught
and why I came too.

Disgrace will befall All of Those
who turned away, did not compose
more than a Musical Tune

Just like Pan, You need no Land.

The dog & pony Show


            7/3/12                   ,                                                                                                           -                                                      \'            ....                                                      ,                                                                                                                              \"\'      ,      \'      \" ,                                                \",      ?\"                         \'            \'                                                                               ,                                                !!                                                                         \'05,                               \"\"       ,      \'                               ,                                                           ,                                                 \"\'                  \"                         -             ,                                                       \'                        ,      ?\'                                                \"      \"       ,                                                                         04/11,      2000                                                                        !                                                                        \"\"                                                       \'                                          ,                              ,            \'                                                ,                              ,                                    ,                                     \"      \'      \'                                     ,                                    ,                              , \"\'                              \"                                                        &                        ,                                               ,      \'      ,                        \'                                                                                                              \'                                                                         ,                                          2008                                                                                          ,                                           ,                                                ,            ,                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ....                  ,                                                  ,                                                                        ,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             \'                                                                                                              ,      \'                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ,            ,      \'                                                                                       &                  ,      -                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ,      ,      ,                                    \'                                                                                :            ,            ,                                            ,       ,      ,                                                                   \'                                                                                       &                                                                                                                                  \'                        &                  ,      \'                                                                                            ,      \'                         \'                                                                                                                         ,                   ,                        \'                        ,