Wednesday, October 5, 2011

999 or 666: A Blunt Post is, "A Mirrored Reflection," Sees!

Six, Six, Six and/or Nine, Nine, Nine in reverse!

The rumble of the motor bikes,
it gives this girl some rest.
I would fall fast asleep
upon my shoulder home.

I love the road, it calls the wheels,
that hugs the Biker, right?
The smell of leather, the taste of flare,
a quicker way, do dare!

Peaceful rain, the Ocean clears,
professionals own the road.
So, slip and slide or crashing show,
no worries, I know, no fear.

I go for walks, I bounce around,
I saw the black thing square.
A dirty glare for all of them,
that run me off this road.

I thought the sidewalks safe?

When I tumble, if I go;
before my time or date.
I blame the many, in record:
I'm hated, so I wait.

My heart is good, I gave away
at Three I thought it wise.
My Soul was sold and I did sigh,
my Guide was then so dead.

How do you do the things to who?
If you suffer some.
A worse life, I, am afraid,
I win the race, not tight.

I dashed, I paused, I sat, I sought.
My Mother said "You bought."
With support of church and sort,
possession was my way?

You have been cursed,
so don't rehearse,
666 is your stay.

I didn't know,
that this was so,
get back before I blow.

Now that I am not the beast,
I heard my son say clear!
I'm not confused, just been used,
and Love is on the way.

What to do with all of you,
a number you do need.
For eyes are mirrors, reflect the thought,
it's queer but rather good.
The odd idea came from me,
but Ed said he'd approve.

So if your bad, it writes the Runes,
of 666 in all but doom.
'Cause what I see is true.
A 999 from not behind,
a flip in time to make what's mine,
the 666 I knew.

In the End, what is sin,
is good by know mistake.
So, nature etched inside your eyes
the liberty you seek.


A Prison holds,
the Bars were sold,
to Death to free his friends.
To say, "Thank you,"
He gave a clue,
that way you'll always no!

A Poetic Seers Deed to thee,
is innocence from below.
Court Closed.


It is I, Hi!!

The Death of Justice; The Light of Truth: Hammering the Guillotine of Time.

While Death doth sleep,
where does thou go?
To the mattresses,
of Prisons Row?

Guilt or Innocence,
this land does Lie!
Condemning Men with judgments then,
years do pass, a century may end,
just to find you're called again.

D.N.A., a brand new thing, a play of R.N.A.?
Upon the Chess Board of this life,
the dice are thrown straight threw.
In thread barren lint?
A single strand.... of silk?

Should it prove it wasn't you,
your years of outcast, through?
To return to freedom stare,
a jail bird becomes your due.
An easy prey to pity too,
I'll tell you from the grave.

Darkness wanes, while Death is out.
He suffers much the same.
As fate may have and destiny dictates,
a problem plagues the few.

Intolerance and fear of truth that's sought,
falsehood found it's way.
The courts pronounce,
a sentence sound,
yet, let the guilt walk free.

Where are the ones, I see inside,
a minds eye does give sight.
To all the ones, who know whats right,
a girl who swam all night,
that's me!

For Men it's more
than I adore,
for in the World's more.
Such sentence served, though undeserved,
will be what does uproar!

For into night: Go not to Light!
A blinding, womanly plot.
They want you dead and in their bed,
at least your safe from this.
The youth that's here will not drink beer,
injustice is to tall.

But, we will fight and do it all
until you feel near.
Upon that day when fear doth leap,
for Women or the Fool.
We might be scared,
we may not scream
in silent humble chord.

The guarantee of so much more,
we hold your spot it's true.
With Death Court Closed,
the Gavel slams
and Guillotines ring clear.

That's weird.

One mistake, makes the lands courts wrong,
a jury of your peers.
So while you're in and we are out,
keep faith in facts; We swim!

Drowning in the site of phlegm,
it's gross, I do agree.
Ignorance is known to them,
and idiots I hate.

Although we hang ourselves so well,
the Monkey Bars are fear.
For if they give, I'm sure they won't,
we will land in tear :(

Will you let go, to guide your Soul,
you will, you every might?
In Afterlife or dreams at night, when you go to sleep:
Please, dear Sir, dream of me,
I'm scared and I am free.

A Sage from the present to the past,
I call my Twin Soul too.
Will you look for him at night and testify my say?
I'm nearly through, eternity seems overdue,
I'm tired of missing you.
Split my Soul, so I can go, I'll miss you when I'm old.

Thank you.

The Want, the Why and the Where! In pieces.....shattering Souls of Old: Are you lost or found?

I walked a mountain to see a safe,
arranged, thought out, a place to be.
Disaster strikes, warnings nigh,
contagions seem so NEAR!!!?

You watch, I listen, alarms are weak.
When Mother Nature speaks,
I silence all I "Know" to do.

Platinum goes on sale.

Silently I move away,
towards, Falls and banks, I crawl.
Trudging through, I can't explain,
a mouse trap snare, undo!

Continue on, in-spite of talk,
out loud I hear myself.

This all seems endless,
I quit without a rank.

I flip and flop,
to know my shoes,
a tennis player hits?

Upon what's won but lost for you,
Venus closes in.

The anger urges me straight, threw,
an Ice Cream? beautiful girl!

The shock of words, not grateful, heard.
By more than just the....; Phew.

Onward, forward, how 'bout you?

The Clouds make faces too!!

I saw a Fox, a Goose, a bridge
and then I skipped in fear.

God forbid, you speak of Times,
or talk yourself on through.

For do not help,
in night, mid air, you'll hear.

Lost your Will?
Inhibition too?

I cannot sleep,
can You?

My eyes don't shut,
their glued on this, a Gorilla, is it mist?
Striking over, coming ten,
do you know their mend?

I would say, Extinction speaks
so loudly: Deafening.
I will Duck, and, you can Goose,
while we go plant ourselves.
Missed my chair, but I will share,
"Do your parents swell?"

Tears will cry, wept they will.
All about this time.
What's for you? Whipper; Who?
I didn't do these things.

I do walk and sure they talk.
Of girls and boys that drop.
Suicide, a brand new rate, a measure.
No home, no food, no stop.

Evolution knows our way,
the children don't deny.
A choice for you, a way for us.
Remove all that you trust.

For Man is good and I can't scream,
in troubles of the night.
I am told, "Shut your lore!"
In a whistle of this score.

Abandon them that will not win,
nature bands the young.
The Crows are black, the Sparrows small,
like me, like her, I deed.

To Mother Nature, calm and true,
The Moon, he calls a new.
I choose to live, so, I can see
that Spielberg is so too.

Right, not wrong,
but may you see,
like her, I know the speech.

Articulate and language born,
beguile, English speaks.
The Brits maintain, for lack of sewn,
they ship to us tonight.

The strength of Rome, a Satan's Priest,
the Pope he rarely says,
"Don't panic World, we are police of the Spiritual and Unique."

All of Congregants above
relieve, relief your pain.
I see your bleed and dying need,
in this I do believe.

Translation of the bible freaks,
I wonder what they know?
Not so much, I fear, I thought;
The Catholic Priests are HOT!!

In this I must so tenderly agree,
with my new and age old friends.
For Quinn said, "Wait," and Gere says, "Run,"
Hollywood was in the gear.
Doth park this Martin, Steve he is, a trill, a mill;
No game!

For if by Will or movie rights,
the Planet Closers cheer, Hooray!
Then Johno looks for sisters three,
and Lauren says, "I'm here."

Oh Dear, my mom has left for me,
an older one to know.
So, sweet Kathleen and to close Beck,
repair your rivalry.
I sway.

Not for me, I say to you,
my Mother speaks the truth.
But, just in case, Lauren interjects,
again, my best friend on the move.

A Kati here, a Morgan there,
Wenzel neighs retreat.
It's all about the Palace tout,
for ponies and horses, so dear.

It's clear.

The Taj Majal

An Embrace of World Ignorance: Mother Nature Implores!!

Communication made hard not good,
do not disturb what's 'round.
A foreign place that seems so real,
an infant raised embrace.

Shock of strength, her age doth wane.
A Doctor she does need.
Do you bury or do you smoke?
Sunk from deep within.

Rounding corner, behind closed door,
a gentle, scary view!
One eyed man: Tall like you,
a ghost like white at night.

Giving way in threatening means;
He walks towards wrong young girl.
I turn to sight a hall with more,
I hit a common being.

Turning yet once more the light,
a bright and blinding path.
No! No! "He screams," in hands appeal,
fell backwards in dismay.

Running rage of backwards Sage,
I see the sight of You.
I follow all to sleepless fall
to recognize the view.

Squishing human bodies for the comfort of the stuff.
Padding mattresses with Seers Poems,
"What the fuck are you?"
Why?  Too!
I saw it in a dream.

Miniature, trapped by hate, by Man? or is it more?
Where lies this place that I do see?
Small containers, Isolation?  One and singular in spot.
Waiting for gifts from heaven,
know its just a strange , weird chute.

A physician reaches for your head, saying, "Who are you?"
Quickly leaving, out I go; to the trees, the Redwoods sway.
An Ocean delights in just one wave,
a Tidal Pool display.

The Bridge won't cross, a Golden Gate,
the waters through this point.
A swamping of this rocky place,
over the top, I one!

Searching, looking for Nature's Child,
she screams, "I'm over here."
I see you sweets, the Sycamore,
breezing Wind my way.

Hold still, don't move, I freeze myself.
Mother Nature speaks the truth,
a gentle, soft, embracing hug she says with  lots of love,
 "I will come to you!!"
Do not speak, this language lost,
to Eternity and Time?
Will you say, once again,
"The grass, the grain is mute."

A whisper of my nature speaks,
"Let go, don't hold to this!"

The spin of green, the shock of lean;
the fat just must not go.
A little extra, pads the way.
Forcing hands of Old.

Poetic Seers ring whats true,
to falsify the test.
Passing only to barely miss,
this miniaturized Hell with You.

The Forests sing, a National Hymn,
"People seem behind."
"Is it Heaven or is it here?"
a celestial battle cry.

Your business not: I plea to thee,
"Back off this disagree."
Not only is it overhead
but, nothing to do with your be!

Mere Human Beings, Humanity and maybe people too.
You shove concern in Godly turns,
your invasion of whats not yours.
I think not, Nature screams again,
"Creation is my friend, destroy what walks upright on two;
and make it seem relieved."

This fight, this spat, between what is,
remarks your vicious sight.
Become not blind and have no mind
if all you do is from a screw
to sport or hurt the few.

For when you close your eyes at Eve,
a third lid opens too.
I will see through, don't confuse,
she sleeps so soundly, Lew!

My dear friend Moon, from distant Stars,
the one I see you two.
Please repair and run from there,
for Elenin is threw.