Sunday, December 14, 2014

No Frizz

To Date the tempo of Time in the scheduled court is next vibrant to first parters,
Ocean is a grand bake of salt it rinses the scenery with pumps that circulate sand,
Moving about the world a bottle delivery on score is the show-up on distant shores,
Finding a piece in the riddle of such envelope will tend to brought a gain to tides,
Particular charts fling upon the core a system of operation that dial to land.

Hardily freight is ferried with excitement the weight or to heavy sinks on tabulations theoretic,
Until the sea shrinks leaving brick Salts as castaway speak,
Treasures of ships once in the float do not rise but become exposed to draw backs.

Sheets under the water in maintenance by corrosion are in condition of depth touch air,
At the dry in exclamation a lake of fresh starch is often brittle unless gently barned,
Stable made to bark a Petrified Forestry is Ancient by sandy coverage to the shank,
Yet birds hour wild in the bough of grace that growth of smalls to the reef of an Opener.

Marvel the wave with a breeze dehydrators dehydrat conversational menu,
Shallow with fish out of pond to Trout in rivers upstream,
Route the bear grounds with Grizzly a source to season in the red of rows,
Clause to take pause in life as the rushing floss is teeth to shark bites,
Ankle to lead in riding the Ages throughout our history the lessons on relationship to Teak,
Tiles of 'hey lo' to the falling star.

Twilight is both Beautiful for the cliff of Nature and telling of the shower of course,
Spanking the verse tack on the words is playing marbles with planetary bars,
A-wash with goods finish to the shine the gallop across a Marching Field battle sharps,
Learning as the crowds stick the paste of a stuck manufactures repetitive factions to swell,
Tot found a gravel in deed no more reality was the cold of the cement slab icing me.

In turn that separation from self to stop stair body was quick in shire yet slow in scout,
As rent to flesh in blood flowing bones this energy of exact to since the same without a mirror,
The ride of bounce in structure was self in self to take stock in self on floor of self still.

The tax of cabby on the vehicle of halt Had a grim look at lung in rent,
Startled to sepia in grave stern the academy of eyes worked the frame as I stood,
Not lost nor sound rather reality of ground the chill only left for it cot ended an alarm.

Sift equals timber a bed forms the raise in acceptation,
As the precept to a rule is the blinking loosed by the sitter at whipped,
To not have chosen such exit to knowing the entry is as if to explain the leather sailed to talk,
In brusk to case a greater face sat to chapel the response as furious to ranch,
Yet on the balance a return was not inevitable but action of reaction touching branch at reached.

Startled abruptiveness is arson in life as the belief of no belief is in itself passion of belief,
The doubt of Put tells Alleviate that bother is indeed the Castor of starry filled,
A crown within the simple is corrosion shall the receipt be frozen to thought,
Fires snap that crackle snaps lit with snapping a nose to spite the face that is landed for scents,
To negative the stay with squelch is the turn of the deeply seated to the complete stop at cropped.

Taller than done at action of leap the eyes perceive the calculations as mathematical to age,
In set on the chalkline of a port The Mind brings forward the actual of remind, the picture,
In absolute these impossibles proven by science do not mimic dish but expel the system at quarry leads,
Many a body story to rounds on the shaft at chimney route to roots foot with a bound,
Sentence with expression can often vibe a bounce with coloring books by shapes and tooks,
Whether the design by worth lines in direction or drawing Arithmetic by diamond,
The inspired shore the call to exact as the litter on the flush of the ocean to a repeated shores dial.

The ocean patterns great ports via tides on her trust,
Too familiar of the same landing lane is not determined but finally understood as the captioned,
The amount of timely Multiplies question but does not discount the actual of the journey to trips,
In the partitions of brainwaves today people carve out the nature that balances these reals performance calling trashed,
Yet Human Beings example that nothing is trash for we Smalls are serendipity recycled not,
We are real person first Handers in experience of rounds that Flight of Death in live.

Therefore our dreams, our walk, our very tempo of expression will bright the role to realities toll,
Not cast down the fax that cycled a split of span in a fraction of the second to the first of the stand,
No counter of rebellious condemnation of the death to tax our heads to our bodies by laid,
The global force that needs the proof should party the experience if that is the shell for such scoop,
For as the beach that holds the collection of the toys goodies and insurrections You must see it to believe it,

The totality is the changer, Word of mouth is the range, And the active is a remainder of a fact,
to untangle the snarl with a comb is NOT the brush.