Monday, May 19, 2014


The Trader is lost in Ink,
the Posts so Visited the Rest makes drink.

The Mule so Packing,
the Horse is Skilled,
the take backs will never dill,
the whole of the Siren Ring!!

Ridden on the Track for Speed,
the Race is likely that I See,
the Natural of the Future be,
for it's so said,
 the Elemental of Bed.

The Sing of the Breezing wisp,
the bearings of the Nightingale,
to the Ferry Men that must have been,
the Keepers of the Coins.

Creation designed by firing kind,
to flames of burning desirous lines,
to burrow within the Sage of Lend,
that Reason brings the Wise to Nine.

The Clam that Speak,
the open leak,
the Oyster knows the Pearl.

The work of the ages,
sanding the made lives,
walking the froth on the better beach,
the footprints are the wash of the Four Hoof think.

And While The Worlds Based

Resting upon the bathe,
the shower rained to sprang,
up from the hours in the towers,
the column created began the Nower.

The Waterfalls dried as Water fly,
the force of torrent ran,
a creek to read the River bled,
the color of,
the dynamite brewed.

A chord to metric stand of Spruce, 
the Birch Tree opened Air.

To bough the branch of whirl soothed,
the plain was written bow,
an arrow shot from Cupid brought,
the Cupio I new!!

Advancing Times to knowing Shrines,
the capture was the clearing Vines,
the Grapes of Theme bring every Thing,
to standing-up to sing!!

Xing the Crossing to the Curb,
the Bit of Chance a Choosing Ring,
golden plates in platinum rates,
the turn-style record tabled gates.

In the be of Memory,
a threshold held to deed,
the speed of thought was natural lot,
a hand held saw it sew.

Ignited by the flaming knock,
a Door in growth showed no retort,
and callers made it foe.

Each to every formal Note,
a music tune did row the boat,
a shipping News in gallop wrote,
the Interview was albeit stoked,
the truth began to soak.

A Sun-Dial spake on the Moon's Sake,
the Crescent shown by no mistake,
the walk to foot the Print was play,
the Check-Mate wore no disguise,
as followed just did realize,
that happenstance clarified,
their many roads to zoned. 

Full Bites Amazing Lights

The stream of letters residing lines,
all capitals show the cert,
the speed of which know define,
the understanding still is timed.

A Mind is able to absorb in Sign,
the furrow seems to be a Telling,
in whist the value darts to ply,
the hold I keep to my Mind's fy.

To question asked in set of past,
a fortnight hold to blink with bold,
wisdom spoke from bit of mouth,
the choice of mine was hold its facts.

The dig for information fact,
my brain did suffer from verbal attack,
the Want to Know insisted That,
as I relaxed and just sat back.

Formal division to felt the subtract,
would have been extracted smack,
to Up another and Down the cack,
more used towards adults that sand exacts.

Drifts in Nature do reason move,
still in volume maintaining leud,
responsive action to mass in faction,
no worry be failed the note held shale.

The paints in cans now put in span,
the room made perfect fit for cram,
to prevent the written sent to shine,
to be taken out of line.

Acceptance of such release,
depended on the test of see,
would this be so differently,
that the header's of pictures read.

Yes the answer came so fast,
I'm now a Dancer that states stand back,
for with such naturals able must,
consider means that words can crust.

To not partake for particular sake,
I merely say that Some have nape,
in comprehension for no more torn,
the gain is knowing the truth of holding,
to wait for guidance not just bowling.

>Led Vine See For Excerpt Thus Had N..... 


The Stream Within The Line To Circle Infinity S pined

Sent from the Source to show of a Course,
the trip was exhausting to lend a great strength,
ignored for the difference of exposing the brink,
the locks were not broken the key was the drink.

Bottomed to low in amply so known,
to look for the reason of such exposed bone,
the marrow of streaming from what is not shown,
for in the Past lending the loan became droned.

Example to present the careful consider,
that many have spoken and been laid in the hither,
to seek with the silent approach of just lot,
the park was a stay for the watch beget Talk.

Round in a global quiet of walk,
in only the Mind of the third it was shock,
the counter did nothing but wrote without blocks,
in more of the said it showed only sped.

No fear became reading the written in do,
a bit of strange spooking but followed on true,
the weight of the baster in now buttered bread,
such countenance enamored the County of fed.

Questions of morning to statements of learned,
the Moon answered best in the evening of rest,
formed to protect the signal of vest,
the conduit received without any test.

The education not had included arrears,
so naturally being the grip of the years,
ridden with grace to ensure a good race,
the dreams became wishes that reality did face.

Griffin in Nature a Unicorn of Case,
the lives in the lived performance of shive,
the letters did add extremely to fast,
the answer was given in question did ask.

No note to the former 'cause I did not know,
and I love to question to hear the voice show,
the lips as the move tell in a do,
is this the truth of the real of due.

Backed up to corner the Wild was seen,
approach with out doubt but oddly it's proud,
as if the known stature was pleased with the tree,
the roots were so deep it almost said neat.

No potting for field the hoe aired it well,
the rows were the crops of stanza's in lots,
a disc of the preambled watered the gear,
the heard made the set of the zero in gear.

The spin of the circle in line of a steer,
made counting infinite to absolute lear,
great thinking advised than came the near,
the times Versed Bahut and the Ve pointed clear,
to the U of the A in the E of the key.

The Times In A Take

Time quantum dance to 'round the next lance,
the sword of the stone is set in the bone,
lies are the meeting that sees in the tone,
existence exists to Life in the comb.

Itself to a measure of no guilty pleasure,
to take flight on the past as a thrill or to last,
the lyrics explode to a Feat and the sold,
tripping would cause the feeble to cold.

Travel the vary in interesting View,
in back there is seating only for true,
to skate on thin ice or to fall straight on through,
the pull of it's proper laces up do.

Brittle to breaking from tenders of taking,
the words that developed before the time making,
brought sight to the obvious of seeing before,
the event of the actual in going to War.

A white Sun does rise above the Bay lies,
I stare not at it 'cause the blind is in guise,
the length in so far has been longer than star,
knowing that Moon's are the basis of charred.

Crossed legs at the ankles of men in a cot,
resting or anxious because they've been sought,
preparing for girth in working a lot,
the oldest technique is a beautiful long.

The Crater that's Seen from Earth and it's Means,
the focus of able in Sight of a fable,
the Set ran away with the forked in a day,
the little old tale lives on in a trail.

To know that you've seen the bits of the team,
as a theme in approach the stare is to coach,
the vast of the years spent in silence no joke,
the company of the two friends in love.

Verbal the voice it's shocking in noise,
the touch is also a tad in know such,
to gentle the Wild and not break the Rogue,
for these are the reasons the words simply flow.

Ever so slowly the danger is go,
gifts of the magnitude the Scene of the find,
recorded each movement as symphonic ally Nine.

Richness became the Eleven in spine,
a new observation that numbers do Prime,
the Name of the actions said now that it's lined,
better to tell than to fall prey to the say.