Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Walk upon the ground that has no playing field.

I level the walk for the balance you need.

Listen to what I see!

Ride the wild into the place where you cannot stand,

a fortnight of fright.

Join me to be at home again.


I place upon the back of Time,

 the heavy load of my mind.

Come, be what I am.

Deliver your doubt to the emptiness.

Filling this bottomless well,

traveling to Hell.

Fear inhabit no one.

Allowance of a journey to self, be stealth,

reliant on what cannot be found, I frown.

Hear my silence,

it can be deafening in the quiet scene,

of navigating this dream.

I look into the past of my life,

I have no name.

No marker, no claim, 

to this world or what it has done.

Edit me out of this place of pain

Oh Agony, be my friend!

Sought out since the begin,

knowing only that I must shine again.

The Dark Lords have the laws,

depicting only one way.

The text is draining,

the translation exhausts the listener.

Lost is the language, gone are the Scrolls.

Blunt will you be my guide?

My authority? of what it is missing?

My soul, my life, my liberty.

The Tightening of the undergarments of man,

is strangling his loins.  

Entangled with the sexual desire of the wrong kind.

Relieve the mounting pressure to know my twin.

Know my anxiousness for no sin.

I will not give in.

I'll be lost in this place with no guide,

my immortal soul it's been........contracted again.

Where does it end?

Lift the plans off the only given map,

seeking out what can't be sought,

believe in what's been.

Deliver yourself to the Dragoness Lair,

it is a snap, a tap, a dare.

Settling into amazement,

I am, but cannot be.  A Seer, it is me.

I War for the freedom of all Man.

Souls are shattered in a design of none,

dining on the delectable one.

Don't run, journey on.

For in a single spark of fear,

you will see your name cast out here.

War against the odds to gain what you are not,

gifted with the wisdom of the darkest knight.

Ill repute, the price of illness and rot.

Lacking what has been dissolved, live.

Moving from the madness of ignorance

into the resistance of enlightenment?

I tire to see what you say is not there.

Building back what I have lost,

I go to find my match of another kind.

So far gone.

No heart is needed when your soul has been taken.

Empty your emotional rack of response

I have grown into what will be,

only a robot of me.

I don't leave you behind.

I am void of life in a deathless stare,

I speak of this record to a living chore.

My silence in account of what I am,


See what cannot be heard.

Do not be dumb to what you cannot explain.

Blinded by doubt?


Loneliness is my friend in this battle of disregard.

Teaching tolerance for difference,

fill not the soul of man,

for your gift of life to him is missing.

A Soul

Voided by his peers,

I question, I wonder.

Testifying only to the emptiness and pain.


Intolerance to me?

I have a gift to see with clarity.

Judging me?

Your prison of religion offends all I am,

a critical review of all of you.

A traveler you must be.

Are you beginning to see everything differently?