Monday, August 20, 2012

A Universal Blast, Ignitition

The closeness of proximity in this Universe is heating the center of a Galactical Force within my center that is the production of a review on how you may lay me in the warmth of the Sun. starlight see's,

the blush of the Moon rises the Stars in dimensions unknown to implode with desire to be seen as expressive energy  to feel in my stead the fierce explosion of a dream.

As the Oceans Wave prepares for the Rogue to raise in you the heights of desire as to overwhelm your mind with thoughts in like.

I breathe in your score.

Within the base of the existence of this Planet,
Earth notes the measure for such record of balance to offset the heat of such erotic exchange.

Challenging Mother Nature in infinity.

A thought singular to you fires the match within my core to rise to occasion of now.

My Essence has become a melting point to register my want.
I stroll upon the sands of time to know the beat of my heart races at your notes.
Madness is excused and sensual lust carries this might.

The delicate flavor of an ever-lasting play, encourages my fancy.
The fluttering of the depths that I have fallen just dreaming upon you in reframe, overcomes me.
The shiver of reality has bitten, I wake.

A Twin Soul's plight,
to know flight.

Guilded Entry

I had a Journey too!!

A place you cannot undo,
Mother Earth is True.

So should you know the things,
to Tell?
Would you say?

"I do?"

A question not of Marriage.
Between what you may not think.

I drive between the lines.
No fool!
For the Laws of Man dictate.

What is this Syne of?

Is it a Race?
Or, to set a pace?

A Time in Space?

Regardless of the answer,
it's yours to do the dance for!!

So, take your time,
and mind your place,
for you should not inhabit mine,
'cause it is all yours. 


I'll react without much thought,
for I was never bought,
"I was taught."

I set my Time,
I set my Pace,
so I may experience this place.

With peaceful rivalry,
not enraged reaction of what is,
'cause lies are on your face.

And, all you Testify,
is not of any taste.

Stop Yourself!!

Before you step-on Sage,
be wise and know your age.

For older Souls than I,
may watch to See your inner eye,
and know you are disgraced.


Writing the Wrongs
Should you carry on this way,
you will be caught before you're gone.

For, should you have been before,
than, you fell before you came.

"An Independent Mind, Knot Logic"

By Karen Anastasia Placek

Nature at Play

Towards the thrifty Moon.

I witness!
It spares no room.
Exactness for its every space,
is done in the detail of total grace.

As the Sun peaks over the Horizon.
I watch to seek a vantage.

How does a giant ball of fire,
ever birth itself from below?

In-between the Sun & the Moon,
the Sky receives some air for breath.

Instructions all UN-writ!
In Rote it seems they go.

Only to follow,
for sake.