Friday, March 22, 2013

Dire Strings: A Lyre Sings, Of The Disgarded Wings

The Sky does go,
the Sun breaks Still.

Red by Design,
this mornings guise,
as She sets the Spin.

The Horizon is lit,
She'll dance 'till Noon,
and than you'll fear.

For in the warmth,
of no heat,
She bares the Rift,
of Isis not Man.

The Massive Orbit of such a stance,
moves not the moon,
but makes evident a Stand.

No 'Person' respects,
this ominous plan,
as there is no peace in this band!!

Nature does introduce a way,
not a brand new day,
but to say "go away,"
you have killed Our home,
destroyed Our name,
to display a better shame.

In the obvious,
a Red Sun won't lie,
not the One in Set,
for I hear those Ones make You wet.

But in the Guise of the Mourning sky,
She exposes all Man's lies.

She moves in a circular focus,
to place on Heads the sin She's found.

Her scorching nature,
burns not land,
but reveals stones of blood.

In coming with such, blinds,
that most will fail to avert Their eyes,
in such a magnitude, no mistake,
for take heed, there is no room to run.

In this Play,
you will feel Her cost,
for She holds not just what is dealt,
but the Cards are felt.

A Wreck of All to Know a Fall,
in this Crash, Fate gives Law,
He delivers Destiny to Solve,
for Evolution is Creations Rule!!

In know Arms,
you held no lead,
for Choice seems a Should,
and you turned your backs on Could,
walked and took,
great advantage of a book.

No Tablets bear this News of Rook,
it is the Root of only Put,
a Word, a Chapter, Verse of Look,
says that You will Rise to expose a Loc!!

The View of This,
fell to tell,
it seems that red shows up in this land,
of no repent and know the lent,
of another for it is bent,
upon destruction of 'The Few.'

In each grain of sand,
Salt is found as it may delve,
into the Spice, a Taste for This.

For it is the Flavor that can create,
a Path, a Way, It may grate,
the Grind of which serves Remind!!

In a Sea, a Shore to Reed,
to a Treasure held beneath.
The Contents of 'This' Keep,
warns the find to never Reap.

But in such Writ of a Strange Find,
the River flows and Shows your Time,
so you do touch this Ancient Site,
disturbed for Wealth and not Respect,
I fear that this does invoke Death to Know!!

Then thus Found in such a Plot,
makes Heavens fall a sight of Law,
the greatness of the gold in hand,
becomes the Pillage,
a Chalice if planned.

So take your Leave,
don't dive beneath,
for the Water is Salt and Loans,
the temptation relates the Home of Wine,
to fill the Cup of this Shrine.

Removal surely on the Rise,
for it lives in a guise,
the depth of is,
not so deep,
but lacking Meaning delivers Sheep,
to know that it may not be,
more than a few feet from Thee.

So as 'The Ocean'
blues the Sky,
so will you  come to realize,
this Wine in Water is demise,
the Chalice tips,
it is the bread of the Whip,
which the Dollar shifts it's Rich!!

No Heed will provide Your Mind to this find,
once the Sea is Maid,
it becomes a glitch,
for to sell and make this 'Well'
payments Find the deepest Shell.

The Wealth of this Element,
preordained to revel with,
but No-Man can Pay the Fee,
and it should be left in the see.

In the time, of it's to late,
you Mine this treasure,
as Heaven's Take!!
The Shine of Which,
will blind your site to this warning,
and your Might.

To Recall, Another Fall,
held within this Discovery Raul,
the bones are missing,
merely scrawled,
are the Names and it's Maul.

In the instant,
of this claw,
erased of mention for Monies would taste 'Prevention'
for if this Gold were to go Home,
it would Tell,
 the World Shown.

Strange that in My A.M. hour,
such Words of lurid power,
express my Mind with impact of lines,
the Sun is now in Full-Width.

My Isis Moon,
is over in,
'Places' that have already been,
the Host of so much more than just Men.

Do not close Your eyes to blend,
for 'This Dig' is more than claimed,
is will become a sin in plain.

For in the plight,
of 'Not Your Rite'
is was not buried, but hidden as the dues,
to pay for You!!

The Scope of 'The Bounty'
will Record the Lore,
of more than just an Ancient Store of Stone.

Because the Heart of this accord,
is strung to play the Liar's roar,
this Instrument Held by the Consort,
is the written Conscription of found in Hire!!