Friday, April 18, 2014

Hoarse On Coarse

Logue the carrot for the sheer,
whipped in writes to Role Out spice,
peppered grossed upon lives in roast,
the lance evasive game approach.

Bitter taste requires brine,
accounts are full an eddy Mind,
flowing flavored trims the scrud,
contagious times invited stein.

Lombard held the churning spell,
sourdough recites to Bow,
instant ground aims to crowd,
lease provides speed of spry.

Chart to person from sure start,
music played reduction scaled,
the creese turned dagged to ration Tale. 


A Quantum Ballet

Mere chance to luck or decisioned stay,
the guide in birthed a streaming sage,
discernment governs a triggered play,
enhancing chills to swanning trades.

Movement graces pressure cooks,
is it Goose or person took,
down the primed to wrote in stood,
mathematical charges adding would.

Ducking hits to view the stage,
the mass is venue on display,
nature values life as say,
humans kind Creation dimes.

Flight to known Cityscapes,
challenged rites left to take,
simple yet complexing state,
initialed by Proper pate. 

Know interpretation:

In The Winter Of A Bloom

As captioned secured to moment,
the day of interest boomed display.

Mention mazed Minds created a kind,
exact to the breath in grasping what's set. long ago.

I heard this tone deep and low,
the Music played an Orchestra plane.

The Universe viola known,
deeper sound a piano slowed.

The Full-Notes carried weight,
as if the Planets felt the take.

Movements tempo metric chord,
a feeling of I've been before.

The stereo of an echoed cry,
made me state;
"I know you....Why?"

So old this call from when I saw,
the galaxy in a stall.

The planets next the shift complete,
as if the change developed feet,
the birth of Self in complete.

The scroll rolled on a Fellow songed,
the Lyrics words the Sentence versed.

Like a Story yet unrehearsed,
being told in Life be bold,
the fire flickered flame in role.

The loss was felt in a palpable Tell,
the longing seemed to say;

"Pains the measure and guides the way."

Misery, lonely, searching in seek,
made me wonder producing Feat.

Truth so Told in simple lull,
all were lost and we're at home.

Discouraged by hate past looming day,
I felt the pinch as the Spark entrenched,
determined strength the worth in sync.