Monday, October 21, 2013

The Rivalry of 'Blue On Blue'

When two souls join back together,
after learning each lesson,
and/or after experiencing,
seeing and understanding every one of those lessons,
and/or experiences,
it will be Time to Know.

Knowing that Some will be forever lost,
the cost each of you willingly acknowledges,
it is the price to cure this disease,
this Apathy plaguing Humanity.

Those of you that become lost,
you will be cherished,
each and every one of you,
our eternal view.

As a protection,
the inoculation from this disease,
to impress and stamp urgency on your soul,
one shall be immortal,
the other invincible.

It will be written at the beginning,
your journey perilous,
the vision,

You will not know,
which stamp you receive,
but this imprint shows like Stead,
it will be a homing vice,
if the other becomes not nice.

Because this illness has know preference,
the victim stamps with all but better,
the ink that stamped your first encounter,
shall be interchangeable between your lover.

This ensures an 'Apathetic Law'
if it is contracted by one and 'Saw'
you will not be drug down by ties,
instead your decision,
the Abide of Rite.

Difficult Choices

The best and quickest map to thee,
to the other before they bleed,
the journey perilous, 
many will be,
very sick and lie to lead.

Know Return 

The source of Cause,
the 'Why' it's done,
may be known,
it will be Rote.

On that Note,
the means of whom,
will fall victim or explain this summed.


This journey that you have chose,
to embark will give us so.

With that knowledge we can create,
not a cure,
for that is take.

To know that when this is a contract,
some will try and sum due sigh.

However the Lies will continue,
to pass-on a strange and known menu,
either the Mind will know or unknowingly censure,
the math adds up to subtract the digger.

I am knot certain how this work,
knowing naturally seems Berserk!

This disease of apathy reads,
it is contracted much like a deed.

You either destroy or create goodreads,
this seems the only central lead.

A 'Carry' or what's known as 'Throw'
is the strength and conviction rows.

Each of you have a matched soul,
but a Twin will be so Old.

A Guide

A Twin Soul Require,
as the Fire ignites,
the Flame to Rite begins to Sight.

Those of you that lose your match,
be protected from a further hurt,
you will continue this journey of,
the same agenda,
it shows no love.

The loss in such will be just that,
overwhelming and in such,
you'll know I'm roaming.

It will be felt amongst this now, 
in this case of memory erase,
pain will taste,
your journey?

Post Haste

It will begin when you remember,
all that's said will be a cinder.
Draw the strength to Continue,
towards the phase of a knew member.

You will know,
this has been,
one last effort,
to Be or have Been. 

Look around,
remember the power,
that surround of all found.

As long as you are able,
there will be stable.

Know the battle has not ended,
you will leap,
next task?


Know the 'signs'
reminders hold Vessels.

To draw strength,
remind your soul,
the heart of all is the being told.

Remember it will take only take,
one matched set of souls to brake.

The Bitter End

This Disease of Apathy,
know 'matter' what,
progression's better.

It has infected,
humanity subjected,
the souls that this knowledge subjective.

This disease,
it's being spread,
you will be amongst.......,
it's dread!!


Empowerment comes with no tether,
for by the 'other' you'll know.


This will be,
the beginning of an end,
this illness is,
up and running,
it is bringing mankind to a junction,
extinction Sees and it is burning.

The hurt will be an unfamiliar lead,
it's not known but shows a Rudder.

All of this,
that's been spake,
know and draw there's no mistake.

Comfort found the knowledge sound,
that this will be,
the fall for Deed.

The Few of Us,
will find a trust,
the cure to bust is in the lust.

The first two Twinned will know the cure,
is not to win but feel absurd.

At that moment,
will such win?,
for this battle is against the blend.

Eternal death for each a View,
I have no Soul,
how 'bout You?

The cure will be a typed vaccine,
that enables a Man to See.

The next step,
through Time and Read,
you'll be at risk of an unknown dish.


That is 'Why'
this has all been,
without the sin.

The purity of a matched Twin,
sets the pace of souls that race.

It is our best defense and yet,
we still could wreck,
the risk is test.

Should you know the truth,
please don't spew what is uncouth, 
your soul will also come to due,
soon enough I will too.

The biggest threat,
your memories,
the power and sight will remain like Sees,
but you will be,
filled with sickness,
because what you've done is mired with stunned.

The actual,
the impact is known,
for each of us will hear the Tone,
it will be up to you,
to decide or choose 'who's who'
What to do?

Compassion should be a guide,
an empathic natural ride,
the sight of one that knows you too,
your own soul,
 circles 'Blue on Blue' 

Using Knowledge, Power and Sight,
to destroy I'm guessing 'Might'
only weakens but does cause fright,
if recognized will deploy a given Rite.

Know Hesitation

Only at that moment will,
you be filled with tact until,
the wisdom to act becomes.....

'The Frill'