Monday, January 7, 2013

Benevolence, Know, I Knew, "It's True"

To 'Remind' myself of 'Times' I'm not, I remember.  I abandoned this place with the "I" in Me.

A thought.

Can Not Take, the Strife, the Hate, so I left, I walked a Lot.  Never minding this Journey, a shot to Places that...

You'd pay to see,

I am sure: I was curious, it was my cure.

I was Four upon my Stay. I got lost and to this day, I know that none of them were You.

I found "New Views," like 'Old School' belief in teaching.  Training and 'Not Blaming.'  

As I Found Myself, without You, I stayed True to Me, a wealth of more, I never did snore.  The Reasons,
for the words you pour, Me, Myself and I, do not abhor, it is just such a Chore!  An Ignition, to Recognition,

upon my return to this plane, Ten Years, had passed, My-Self was Wrath, the Me, in I was Confused,
a try,
Integration a Lie?

I tried to refuse however Training in Depths, Dimensions true.  More, a Type of Understanding, loosed.  At Fourteen, still in the Past I realized, Time had lapsed.  But, I was still, Trashed.

In Open Forum never changing, Years had made Worse, and recognition of what sounds perverse,
my Mother said,

"OH!! Look She's back"

I Thought: "Oh, Wow, that's bad."  To think upon these fragments of Moments Past, I Shake with Anger,
I never laugh, all because my Age did Last.

Relieved I was to realize, this absence did not take Height.  An interesting plight which I did not fight.  I knew now that they had Insight, into what was missing, the "Me" in "My-Self."  Strangely, I made this Association;

In just Four Years, an Odd Coincidence, (I think not) I'd be Eighteen, 'a legal-split' from that House, this was it, I will persist.

Aware of this Loss of Time, they knew, I new, for myself, dimensions crossed, little cost, to Me at least,
to venture out and feel released.

I'll bet, my Family, does truly rue!!

These odd days, you can't UN-do.  Today's Date, Yesterdays News, I feel Present, how 'bout You?  How do You rate the Math it Takes, to understand I'm stuck at Four.

Death is a Door, I do not abhor, simply put, it is just "A Chore."  March You're Due, march you will, losing Choice, gaining "Bill," to express you're Self, not Me, 'cause I was lost, and for My-Self, I do see their Plan.

"Do You 'See'?"

Stare You won't, glazed eyes of shown, New Belief, Yours do Roam.  Wild Lies, you will Profess, in the Presence of what is Next!

To bad that not 'A Person' Sees, for this does increase your Needs, making possible this Claim of Mine....

'The Impossible, is the Possible, just Waiting to Happen." too.

To Shutter of the Ends you'll meet, don't worry so much, it is a Feat.  Although you never shut-up, 'cause what you Preach is only a reach.  You know, I Know, at least for Myself, that the Testimony to the Words you Bleed, otherwise known as Christianity, has no-given source to lean, or Origin to spot.

It is just a Plot to Destroy and give License to any One Individual, with a malignant motivation, to Lie, to Loot, to Rape You of, Independent Thought, a progression if sought.

I have Listened, I have Learned, I did stop!! In this, I turned away from what was, 'A Life' I guess.



I was Used and as I do not Speak, I write inStead.  I Draft my Prose to remind, to alert, my Given Mind,
that in 'Lost Time', I learned, I was, I am, I'm Knot and, I will be again despite this cruel begin.  I was fine, not blind, not deaf, and now, not Mute.

I guess there is more, rating Age with a door, stinging verse, this is 'no-stage' of resist. Just a time, a given Sage, to Telltale's of 'What is, What was,' "Lost in Age!"

Do not Over-Tax your Own thinking, I see so many blinking as Comprehension taxes your Retention of difference, not Rote.

To Expand,
Character in Thought,
takes no imagination.

Liken to Litigation, a reason of amazing 'vs' dull, dazed and repeatedly "Hazed," because you are progressing, while Most are Addressing, what has already been written, not what should be Said or Done,
in advance of.... I Shun not to run, I have already begun an assault upon the brutality of All that has Happened so I may achieve what "I 'See'," and what, "I 'Know'."

In Order to grow in the understanding of, My-Self, as 'to-be' Wise and with "Apparent Ties," and not placate Malicious Lies. A Must!!

To Advantage a Trust, so I may be, "The Me, I was born to Be."

I am only the Evidence of All the Ones, You Wiped-OUT.  Who have not agreed or Whom stood as a Pagan like I.

In a World that is 'Meant to Be' I Seethe and open the Door to Diversity, not Perversity.

However, History proves and in this the World will lose it's Innocence to nothing more than you knew.


Insight to the Age of Sage

You Read, I'll Right, then "I'll read what I write," to know "My Plight,"  you're Fright!