Friday, March 15, 2013

You Wake To Know You ......Seethe!!

We come from distance great,
to deliver messages sent,
the Universe does shout,
as we come about.

Blindness grew through Ages,
the Ancient built such signs,
Humanity has dumbed this down,
stating, "It's not sound."

The enlightened mind resting,
leaves Life to Trace a Find,
the angles become the bracing,
for All that are not bound.

As Centuries have passed,
the "Ages" so do last,
encircling the globe,
announcing darkness know!

In the Writings still entombed,
the Chiseler's evidence stating doom,
saddened many to mark for You,
there is a way to get through.

The Conscious Mind must Wake,
a collective by design,
mapping out what must be found,
a posture to tackle bind!!

In Rote you may just know,
a natural law in such times,
when teaching invokes death,
kills based on imminent threat.  

The Voice has witnessed this,
as apologies persist,
but to take a life to save a life,
is a twisted fit.

A Gathering of the Mute,
in places which impute,
the belief is in the listing,
Resistance seems the Misting.

Enlightenment will pass,
the need to know reaches Wrath,
the Mind withholds the Path,
a Conscious Note of Hate.

a place of Peace your lost,
in Sake of need you want,
in Blast of wrong you're right,
the plight enhances blind.

You're Out-of-Time,
the rule in rote,
declares the Ages End.

No balance in this measure,
it will add-up to Sin.

Although you've turned your back,
to the Old and Ancients fact,
the Signs of Times,
will Speak with Lines,
the ones you will wait in.

The Shame that should show,
is the Blame in which You throw,
the fault is there imposed,
upon the roads of known.

The Words in the Verse,
the spoken of shown,
casts aside what is bliss,
in-spite You are blown.

In the Eyes which do see,
the Moor's of such kneed,
it is sung in more than reads,
by design and not a plead.

The Circle than complete,
the Hour-Glass breaks,
the Tumbler sounds,
a ride with no seat!!

The importance of Issue,
draws close to the days,
when Ignorance was used,
to excuse thus engaged.

Lacking the Skills,
to Listen to drilled,
You dug into History,
and dismissed the Mystery.

Do not turn to another,
reflection is in self,
review of your well,
may deepen the Tell.

Denial of History,
the Ages of Sign,
the Golden, the Silver, the Bronze to remind,
that Iron is Hot and darkens this plot.

A Play to Release,
the Stars which will be,
a guide to deliver,
more sages than me.

In rote I have written,
in memory of told,
that doubt will reveal,
the pages of Old!! 

There Is A Day of Done!!

It will come,
in the action of the setting Sun.

The Moon will be a fleeting sign,
to a strange and new shrine.

In the open vein,
of a Universal Reign,
the Galaxy will explain,
the mathematics in plain.

Observing the shining horizon,
will lend credence to this find.

An incredible sight,
to deliver in one night,
an absolute fight.

Raise no hand,
release the knitting of fist,
take heed to Nature's Read,
learn that the evidence must come as fact.

Dismiss nothing,
engage delight of Wealth in Mind,
Sake in body, Peace in Soul,
Revelry of Old!!

May Earth know Her bloom,
may Man appreciate Her stand,
may Love find a hand,
may Enjoyment play an active part upon Her Land.

Stars twinkle in this night sky of wrinkle,
the movement of this place,
will not harm but create Post Haste!!

The melody of the gentle breeze,
a spacial release for need,
binds the matter to be.

After arrival,
so much to see,
the Sea will envelope,
as lives take No-Heed!!

This rivalry of things,
developed in mention,
to merely bring tension,

A working order,
of no surprise,
out-stretched arms,
bend like knees!!

The prowess of speech to deliver lies,
twists-of-tongues don't realize,
that the best has yet to come!!

A mountainous move,
to receive not take,
is the Lake which is left,
in this Void of accept.

The Truth makes evident this Dark Design,
a Life of incredible becomes resigned.

The Voice of the Rain,
puddles the mud,
Fire you beg,
shapes this Place!!

There are Books of Tells,
Ancients speak,
through Tombs displays of different ways.

To be of kindness,
issue respect,
Centuries behind Us,
guide these days.

The recent develops,
Lines like Plays,
Action becomes Cut,
as distractions well-up.

To sort the Valleys Plumage,
to weed out the hate,
makes a path of wonder,
if it's not to late.

The cobblestone while laid to only roam,
identifies the spoken lies,
a pebble in your shoe.

The Halls of Time do Echo,
a reverent tone of line,
the cave of the buried mind.

The spectrum of a rainbow,
examples the pot of gold,
the Slide which does enable,
this lurid, slippery slope.

The blasting chord of dynamite,
lit for deplore,
explosions become record.

The pain that the Sun does issue,
She bursts at Her hems,
She spins in such direction,
makes evident Man-kinds sin.

Indifference sets indecision,
a plan it seems a gift,
but faith in such lacking-innocence,
makes evident this rift.

A bomb of no destruction,
leaves Cities with no life,
no evidence of mortal bodies,
only Buildings showing Time.

The emptiness is palpable,
the Air still good to breathe,
but lacking lungs to breathe it in,
disturbs Fright to See!!

The rounding of this Treasure,
 a sphere in which We bleed,
upsets no Men of Measure,
revealing Cause for Need!!

The Cipher of Existence,
are Secrets that do Keep,
no confusing lies,
the Mathematics will show reap.

It originates in a Mystic,
the Magic of it's Guise,
the Blind becomes Self-Evident,
the Mission is the Prize.

Reward will further Stories,
the Miffed will invoke Death,
the Bill to realize,
there is substantial debt.

A Script of Device,
plants seeds to grow no peril,
the harvest is the barrel,
the Words become the Wine.

Drunk You are to Lives so Far,
the Dead become the Light,
a sobriety of been,
it almost seems a Sin!!

When Death no longer comes,
you're shackled to the sum,
the total of 'All' lived lives,
the reason Why you run!!

Work becomes no-man,
a Spirit You possess,
the Rest which You invoke,
no-longer are there tests.

The Number of which will Add,
Subtracts more than a Crown,
the Value is the Plight,
the Cry will have No-Sound!!

The Bang of Natures Rite,
equals a personal fight,
the switch of each horizon,
no battle for the light.