Wednesday, September 4, 2013

In The Speech Of A Shroud The Prequel is Loud


The Cave of no Ream,
visions were new,
the prequel to do,
the result,
 was the sight of how to get through,
a terrible pursuit.

The book read results,
folded from scroll,
made to be rolled,
not turned to hear,
for this scripted fear.

The form of the Verse,
often rehearsed,
to spy on the lives,
the Sublime in so Vied.

The treasure of lines,
a systematic exist,
to be observed in silence,
the riddle of timing,
Set the Script to Assigning!!

From memory alone,
a natural atone,
the silence of slant,
exposed the aspect of subject,
the Imprisoned Cell,
the cindered mortar of a Creative felled.

The plough of the mirth,
pushed aside as absurd,
realized and faced Earth,
the blood of a royal lead,
colored Red this bad Deed.

A Leud Pursuit

Advantaged thoughts of immediate brought,
the Words of the Verse,
read aloud invoked curse,
a diabolical reversed.

The flood of perversity,
pictures of stand,
molded complete,
a radical move created the Deed!!

The Memory Removed,
an introduction of new,
the Art of Reading revealed,
the deal was sealed.


Never touched,
the Book was the Lot,
removed from being sought,
found by whom plots,
and delivered what's brought.

Disgraced and unmoved,
the Real was loosed,
began an attraction and gave a viewed traction,
the loss of the weapon,
in a singular Letting.


The Ancients raised the protection of saved,
an emergence of would fight in just should,
an Evil Recite!!

The power of seethe,
broke free to full-fill Be,
the Energy of Lead,
no longer disagreed,
now knew the Divine Seed.

The chill of the cold,
no shoulder to hold,
invited the Roll,
now booked in a fold,
the scream of the Frill,
made Whole the expense,
of what had been told.

The Sip of the Drink,
sought for great Think,
had been drunk in full,
no sip did delight,
the drips found to trite.

The Course of the Driven,
ate while the living,
called for the bidding,
their Skin valued stretch,
to etch-out whats guessed.

No testify did survive,
the Red now spoke like,
the Place came to Life!!

The Cake was baked Thrice

The clambering woke,
no yoke to hold spoke,
the chains were so strong,
the clank is now proud,
a sight of whom found,
Hell is Around!!

The Case of this Law,
was read aloud to succeed,
all was let go in one single note,
translated in rote,
to wrap around bloat.

The ignorant pleaded,
put back this release,
the value not measured,
empowered more pleasure.

Fear of Percussion,
the dine of just rushing,
made evident the evil,
was really just People.

The failed succession,
a grave repercussion,
Humanity lost,
as Clerics knew cost.

The instruct now Old,
the Mystic to late to intervene on this Vista,
took the Scrolled Book to Mind,
absorbed for Ryhmn.

Advancing in Silence,
in isolation of Caved,
a very old story, told of visions that changed.

His words straightened plight,
placed laws to just right,
this Man was so drained,
a Mystic showed Vain.

With each exchange of a supernatural range,
he brought Level to Balanced,
with the words and not talent,
but follow and manage,
in a Life full of Challenge. 

This Man had a Vantage,
a place to review,
he is older than knew,
accepted his truth and communicated Route,
for people to choose the path of astute.

Know Belief

The Places I've been,
the Journey of Life trends,
the excitement of a Memory lends,
the tragedy of breath.

The Pain, the Pleasure, the Wrath, the Math,
as life adds to Time,
 a difficult track.

I See the forward motion as passed,
the subtraction puts us in,
the Moment of Vow!!

The Present Tow

The Life I had before this began,
a lovely refrain to farther a Past Lane.

One of gentle repose,
a Place and a Home,
the Land of Begin,
 the Treasure that has always been.

Guarded from the disaster to come,
I filled my time with beautiful rides,
 in a Galaxy grand!!

My elemental mount,
a Horse with a Course,
never lost and so trained,
in the flight of ordained,
creative design and especially kind,
for the Wild to Find.

Amazingly these Memories seep through to share,
not all beings are the same,
from Out there,
the sum of the Ware.

The nectar in total is a division of state,
the approach of dark days,
 the grave made a play,
a shackled display,
 the sounds became Signs,
to leave it behind.

The fright was so felt,
as it passed without dealt,
hiding on roads of the trading in posed,
the Winds carried me so far from my need,
and now I just roam in the human loan.

The breeze that was so blowing,
moved me like towing,
until the smoke cleared,
to land in this veer.

The Start of an End of a Battle to Win,
belief also tends to theme I was sent.
to stand for new friends,
in a moment of mend.

Grasping Spake

The shiver of fright,
the fear of a plight,
the angled light of the darkest sight,
the Red is Right,
the weapon of a knight.

The Song of very old!!

Remembrance haunts the Path of Told,
the bid ignites,
 furthered Rites.

An Ancient Road guides this Fight,
when Independence roots to Might,
the Curse becomes Appealing.

Loss is gained with fact,
the War beguiled from the Battle behind a Past hazing,
the Guilty become the sound of already done.

The victory of the Test,
out lasts the History of made,
the Colour of the Magnitude is Trade!!

Upon such a directive,
misery is costing and leads to,
the denial of blame.

The answer disregards the balance of every question asked,
the Summit over-looks a distant start of planned,
discounts the News as not being a dead move.

Enhanced the Lives,
to see the marred as Set at Par,
the Present moment of very Dark.

Memory triggered by Music in View,
the Booth is removed,
the Traveler unravels a greater Truth.

The Proof is Scarce increasing the blare,
to announce the looting sign of, 
built by design.

The Planned derailment of an Historic Day,
stopped Time to Last,
inordinate and fast.

The slow rise to the value of cost,
censured the loss to review.

In distance of a Copper-Hue,
the Call of a Tell was Grave,
the Sight of what's to come,
scared the straight to new.

The forward thought,
Continue brought,
the Mind filled with Sights of Horrors,
the Words poured as Sentences unwind.

The Warning not Heeded,
seeded only a further demise,
the quickness tried but when it sighed,
Defense became Realized.

The Whole of a Continual Tune,
a stand to old views to get through.

The Training so Coursed,
the Lane became Drift,
the Low Rise to Call returned,
the Collective tipped.

Packing-in the Ones whom Tomb,
freed by desperate News to move,
the Game parked a Stay.

The I's in Lot,
fought to Wake,
breaking each Rule applying the Law of Due.

Broke through as the Ties began to Erupt,
the Globe that touched,
banked the suit.

Grasping at,
not all escape this plan of damned,
the Roll of this Stun halts the Run.

The Empire of Our varied Start,
identified an Agnate state in Place,
the worry of the Human Race.