Monday, June 1, 2015


Knew to that Workers Sound Pro-Versed this is the Ample to Muscle an Oyster,
the grit in the Bearings is Sand.

That directive Measures the Cents to Stand nor Call as that is A Viking Nose,
compass to Thee Self and Rinse to a Say but the Tongue of grasp is a Stay!!

Travel to that Near and Gallant the brae for a Donkey is not A Mule but Interestingly yule Quit Hoarse,
yet on the Atlas the Map Other Marks to Directions ON Deck the Course of Magic in a Brad!!

Seer to the Gauge on Instant know That Horse is A throat latch for the Bridle on the bits,
cheek Pieces knows band that figure Eight to drop,
Crown Piece is All sew the Brow Band of the Dose,
reins on the Brain or that Strange Western way,
for Rawhide is Additional to this or to That a Waves back!!

Hot Headed level Footed the Hoof on the Bucks,
why that is a Rogue no Not really its a sort of queer,
the difference in the Gate is a Squirrel on the Corn,
arena the Deer and Antlers are a Great Tell,
Fore that is my big brother Eddie in the Still!!

He is a Mover and a Quaker in that I laugh the shaker,
ask Knots on the Compass the Shipping of the Yak,
heard to the detail Mixers for the Mail,
no chaos to be Fear it is the graph to stand The frame.

Gosh is the darn to Sewn for the bier,
Sun is a bright dime to Warm the lands Milk,
cows are in the pasture No 'cause their also in the barns,
for the Farmer growth Is Almanac to Vice the Seasons lo!!

Journey on the Grid is like Tron above the Frack,
drills are in a Common stein but liberty is Choice,
intense is theses days to bark the good Ole Oak,
however My Grandfather was All dear Ka Mill Yun!!

The Eats Upon the Citadel that Done Jinn is Commerce Stan,
for on the Ribbon of the Yell its known to spell a Dungeon Bell!!

Digs are Cool the Swell is good thats All the verb on Gree,
drop a letter add a Consonant and What do You have Win a knew Slam!!

That is a Rabbit for the M&Ms go Grand,
James Blunt is a Guitar graeae & that makes it Shoul,
an Ear is on the listen Too important from the Syn,
seer'ly is a brief to File and riding is a Start!!

Yours truly LOVES to do the Bounce a grid work be Found,
quest Up on this Standard as that is a Require,
the Pole is a Jumpers Scene to Oxers that go Wild lie,
that Much begins this Three Day Cork 'cause Cross Country is a Vador!!

Best enhance to touch and Dance a little on the Bigger Love,
embrace this Stock as I have Now a little special Cat to spell,
His Name is Big hello or Big Hell Owe or Big A Lo [reduced to simple Spelling of course:)] No not really its More Understanding by The Doors!!

moonbowAudio Pronunciation
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1. a rainbow caused by the refraction and reflection of light from the moon.
A few die-hard photographers have timed their visit to Yosemite Falls so they can catch a glimpse of a rare phenomenon: a rainbow at night, emerging from the mist. It's called amoonbow, and you can only see it a few times a year.
-- Sasha Khokha, "At 150, Yosemite's Roots Go Deep," KQED, June 27, 2014
Moonbow entered English in the late 1800s and is a blend of moon and rainbow.

Going Clear


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Not to be confused with skolion.
Scholia (singular scholium or scholion, from Ancient Greekσχόλιον, "comment, interpretation") are grammatical, critical, or explanatory comments, either original or extracted from pre-existing commentaries, which are inserted on the margin of the manuscript of an ancient author, as glosses. One who writes scholia is a scholiast. The earliest attested use of the word dates to the 1st century BC.[1]


Ancient scholia are important sources of information about many aspects of the ancient world, especially ancient literary history. The earliest scholia, usually anonymous, date to the 5th or 4th century BC (such as the "a" scholia on the Iliad). The practice of compiling scholia continued to late Byzantine times, outstanding examples being ArchbishopEustathius' massive commentaries to Homer in the 12th century and the scholia recentiora of Thomas Magister and Demetrius Triclinius in the 14th.
Scholia were altered by successive copyists and owners of the manuscript, and in some cases, increased to such an extent that there was no longer room for them in the margin, and it became necessary to make them into a separate work. At first, they were taken from one commentary only, subsequently from several. This is indicated by the repetition of the lemma ("headword"), or by the use of such phrases as "or thus", "alternatively", "according to some", to introduce different explanations, or by the explicit quotation of different sources.

Important sets of scholia[edit]

The most important are those on the Homeric Iliad, especially those found in the 10th-century manuscripts discovered by Villoison in 1781 in the Biblioteca Marciana in Venice (see further Venetus AHomeric scholarship). The scholia on HesiodPindarSophoclesAristophanes and Apollonius Rhodius are also extremely important. In Latin, the most important are those of Servius on Virgil, of Acro and Porphyrio on Horace, and of Donatus on Terence.

List of ancient commentaries[edit]

Some ancient scholia are of sufficient quality and importance to be labelled "commentaries" instead. The existence of a commercial translation is often used to distinguish between "scholia" and "commentaries". The following is a chronological list of ancient commentaries written defined as those for which commercial translations have been made:



[skoh-lee-uh m] 
nounplural scholia 
 [skoh-lee-uh(Show IPA)
Often, scholia.
  1. an explanatory note or comment.
  2. an ancient annotation upon a passage in a Greek or Latin text.
a note added to illustrate or amplify, as in a mathematical work.
Origin of scholium

10th & Clue Mint

Didst the sow Were of the We're ship be Came to Stile on that Inch of the Filed,
a Wrasp for the Grate A platter on the Stile in that the Guard for Speak,
as Ease is of Officially Scamper a Dial to Cruise the Freeze slate in Barn A coaled,
fizz Ole to Skate ice from the Sting be is a Brew Haw haw to Rice on the Beaned.

Clatter to Scat the Shield of the Prized on Course is James Blunt fact Touch fact!!

Span the Ages to Times on the Scale sing with a Sleeve & cry the Bellow blazed,
as Specific as a Call on the phone in the Stay my Telephone just wrote my Number on the cage,
for the Ringer rang my Hard line to I picked Up the Call and Caller I.D. was I.

IN past on the Bell this Impossible would have Come but that Sing would have been Busy,
not clear to the road of an Answer on the Pose a Stature of I calling I in the Tied.

This comfortable strange is a Purr feather to Know that remotely I sleep the Call to I,
by Ways of the Air Dimes a Phone Numbers breezed to dial Operator that is I in my Sleeve,
what a Favorable signage to the Weirds of the Screen making Wonder sheet to staple the Tool.

Hammer the Nail on the Head as the Eyelash will so run Tiers to stage that Blunt is Still Summed.

At Tool belt to the Sky a Cloud of the Hi basic is as Back to tracks that Armor of a Sly,
wink a little blink that Tree and blanket Smoke to Spring,
the Well is deep a Pill owed farmed Touching is the Copper posture to shoulder Live at sighed,
cream of Spinach dock of Died inside In Form A shunned Founders on the Ki!!

Strap a Saddle to that Cinch and bucket till the Oats get Cod liver Oil,
in the Hot of water stip. Mark the revelations Lure,
bait & bit Turn hun Knee cute Shine to spat Chu la la la la la la la la.

The Gift of A Child, The Curse Of A Life

Until People find Strength In 'Themselves', they will not find Strength in One another.  The fact of such simplicity lies directly in the sight of Each and Every Man daring to Walk in this World today.  For it is not The Fault on or Of any one thing that is bringing to a close the open-Minds of Men, but merely the lack of fault, in Understanding that One thing may be.  Presently the Constant attention to the Abuse of Drugs is Foremost at Hand.  Many Persons are being Judged, jailed and Like Wise persecuted for the Use Thereof.  As a Simple and a the Same time, most complicated result, we have a society Willingly in an Endless and extremely disruptive Turning of the Fate's of One another.

Moreover the Question to Ask or As the persons in Charge love to Give or Quote is, 'You are An addict' or 'Are You an addict' 'of What,' they Then Continue on into there Well-rehearsed Verse of What it May be.

In Actuality this Is not even the Problem, People are Not addicts of the Drug Itself, They are An addict of the Sight it Allows them to See.  Much Like a Movie In the Cinema, this Must be Viewed as a Movie of the Mind.  Using this as a Standard Analogy You would Possibly begin to See that a cure for this Perceived disease on Its Present course is Certainly Unobtainable, as Well it should be, For the Present Approach to Understanding is Only Ignorant minds declaring Aloud their Own lack of Insight: Into the Human Soul, Mind and Heart Itself.

Until it is Realized that the Yearning of Such drugs, and Drugs really, comes from the lack of Something in One's diet.  Now a Diet may be Considered To be One of Healthy eating, however the Consideration of such Thinking Must include but Not be Limited to Including the Diet of the Soul, the Mind, the Spirit, the Supernatural, the Unnatural, Metaphysical, Biophysical etc.  Such deficiencies In Any of these Listed areas Would most Naturally cause A minds Reaction to fill that Void.

The Most interesting Conclusion of My own thought is that All I can Come Up with as 'A diet deficiency' All leads straight back to Internal Sight.  The Eye Within so to speak, our ability to Know without knowing, or the Confidence In Oneself to Announce readily the Belief of Self, giving One Purchase within.

The House of Scholium

.........a quatum understanding of the Deis - Siente

Lend Purchase to the Immortal Soul before You offer Up Innocence as the Tranquility of Your life.  The simple Sale of An offspring to Obtain that Which should be Kept Unobtainable, broke the Laws of the Lands Unknown to Man.  The Reckless appeal Of Human kind Into the Courts of The Lords of the Dark Kind Caused a Riff in the Tides, Changed the laws to the Divine, into rules of the darkest Underlords.  

In the Breaking of the laws that reach down Into the Midst of the Ones better Not Named, are the actual's Upon Which This small Life was Thrown.

Tenderness Not Known but Found, Protection Not had but Delivered, Knowledge Seen but Not Understood, sent back not a Small life, but rather A Child of the guild of Deis-Siente Itself.

The Tones which Drive the Self-Purchase of Such a Soul less Creature Straightened the View And the depth of Sight.  Upon Such Value Was placed A gift of Guise Onto the Small one, the Defilement of Such A soulFul site Was Transgressed By the Fool hearty and ill-Tongued foulness Of man.

Discernment Ruled in Such Accord.

The Reckless Argue later in life Will be determined And Known Well-Deep to the Ancient Ones of the Unnamed.  Delivering the Time between Hence for the Reivival of Such age in Wisdom and Understanding of the Deis-Siente Actual to Converse With Itself, deis seite nonce.


I dream of death, for he desires Me.
I finally found depth of soul,
I found the Well so deep the depth,
it Pours.

A Pool of Gold,
the blue,
the Warmth,
the home I miss so Much.

Death dreams of Me.


Originally Written On or In the Months Spent in a Six Week hold in the Year of 2009,
yours truly,
Karen Anastasia Placek